NHL: FEB 16 Ducks at Oilers

Connor McDavid has his eyes set on raising the bar.

Of course, McDavid’s bar has been considerably higher than his peers’ since he was granted Exceptional Player Status to enter the OHL at 15 years of age, but now 19 years old, the Edmonton Oilers phenom wants to ditch the “kid” narrative heading into his sophomore season.

“I just want to go in and have a good (training) camp and show everyone that I’m not some 18-year-old kid anymore,” McDavid told The Canadian Press.

McDavid endured a trying rookie campaign after a shoulder injury sidelined him for 37 games, but recorded 48 points in 45 contests when healthy. As one of the presumed leading candidates for the Oilers’ vacant captaincy, McDavid could be bearing larger expectations before even stepping foot on the ice, something he believes he’d be ready for.

“It would mean so much,” McDavid said. “It would definitely be an accomplishment that I would be the most proud of. But that’s still to be determined and I don’t want to talk about it too much or anything like that.”

The Oilers changed their identity this offseason, trading 2010 No. 1 pick Taylor Hall and acquiring Milan Lucic via free agency. Without revealing any personal goals, McDavid shared a glimpse of optimism heading into October.

“Definitely have high hopes for this year,” he said.

We’ll be watching, Connor. No pressure.


Jerry Jones isn’t pleased with his young running back’s decision-making.

As first reported by TMZ, first-round rookie Ezekiel Elliott was spotted in a Seattle marijuana dispensary Thursday afternoon before the Dallas Cowboys took on the Seahawks in a preseason game.

Sources told TMZ that Elliott wasn’t seen buying anything during his visit, adding that it’s common for tourists to browse such shops, but the Cowboys owner knows the perception isn’t ideal.

“It’s just not good,” Jones said after the game, according to David Moore of the Dallas News. “That’s a part of just really getting the big picture here.”

The fact that Elliott stopped to take pictures with fans all but confirms he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Putting himself in that situation, though, where questions will arise about the NFL’s strict drug policy, is concerning for the team.

“In general, while it may not be wrong, it’s just not good,” Jones added. “I don’t want to say anymore.”

Elliott racked up 48 yards on seven carries in his first preseason action.


Source: F4WOnline

Former WWE and WCW star Lance Storm was on Wrestling Observer Radio this week. During the episode, Storm discussed Finn Balor’s injury at WWE SummerSlam and noted that the reliance of “holy sh-t, oh my God!” moves are leading to a lot more injuries.

“When you’re throwing someone backwards at stuff who is partially obstructed… I’ve seen guys, if you come a little short, they bang their head on the barricade, too high you hit your back and fold yourself the wrong way,” Storm said.

Storm said that by watching the replays, it looked like Finn was coming up a little short and he reached back with his arm to take the top of the barricade to try to help catch himself, which led to the injury. Storm noted that both Finn and Rollins are good enough to have great matches without these kinds of high risk moves.

Storm noted that he wasn’t a fan of Rollins’ buckle bomb, and said that there is too small of a margin for error.

“When your moves have a high risk but the risk is on you, I don’t mind it as much,” Storm noted, citing Tommy Dreamer as an example of someone who took a lot of risks, but that he was always putting himself at risk. “But when you’re throwing guys backwards, the risk is all on him and I don’t like stuff like that. I didn’t like it when Sting took the buckle-bomb, and I don’t like it when other guys take the buckle bomb.”


Paige VanZant feels privileged to have opportunities outside of the Octagon, even if they come with unwelcome scrutiny.

The 22-year-old UFC strawweight will compete Saturday for the first time since December 2015. A large part of that inactivity was due to VanZant’s successful appearance as a runner-up on season 22 of “Dancing with the Stars.” Her performance did wonders for her mainstream profile, but it also raised questions about her dedication to MMA.

Vanzant doesn’t understand why a potential career change was such a hot topic when the issue wasn’t raised for other athletes on the show.

“I don’t know. That’s the weirdest thing for me too because I got so many questions on that,” VanZant told Damon Martin of FOX Sports. “So many people were thinking that I would just move to Hollywood. I didn’t see Antonio Brown all of a sudden having everybody like, ‘Oh, Antonio’s going to quit the NFL to become a professional dancer.’ They never questioned Antonio or Von (Miller).

“I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I look like I fit into that world better? I don’t know. But I belong in the fight world.”

In her last fight, VanZant was submitted by Rose Namajunas, the first loss of her UFC career. When the matchmakers asked if she’d be interested in a fight with Bec Rawlings in Vancouver on Aug. 27, VanZant jumped at the opportunity, even though it meant she had to bow out of a role in the upcoming film “Kickboxer: Retaliation.”

“It can be hard because you want to say yes to absolutely everything because there are great opportunities and you don’t want to pass anything up,” VanZant said. “At the same time, you have to find that balance and find your priorities at the time and I think that winds down to the team that I have telling me and using their wisdom on what I need to do and what I need to focus on.

“A lot of that has been Urijah (Faber), he just helps me out with absolutely everything. I ask him before I take any roles or how that could affect my fight camp and he helps me delegate.”

VanZant is currently No. 10 in the official strawweight rankings with a record of 3-1 in the UFC. Saturday will mark her fifth Octagon appearance, tied for second in the 115-pound division behind champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk (six).


The Kobe Bryant farewell tour from the NBA isn’t over just yet.

To honor his legendary career as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, council members will meet on Wednesday and declare Aug. 24 “Kobe Bryant Day” in the city.

“Among his astonishing list of accomplishments, Kobe Bryant’s 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers ranks No. 1 all-time for NBA players who played for a single franchise, and ‘Kobe Bryant Day’ is the City of Los Angeles’ way of thanking him for his single-minded dedication to excellence, the fans and the entire City and region of Los Angeles,” council member Jose Huizar said in anofficial statement.

“For 20 years, we were all the beneficiaries of Kobe’s incredible talent and legendary work ethic, and on 8-24 we’ll gather to say, ‘Thank you, Mamba.'”

The date pays tribute to the two numbers (8 and 24) the five-time champion donned during his tenure wearing gold and purple. It will also come one day after Bryant turns 38 years old.

“Kobe Bryant Day” will also acknowledge his charity work over the years, specifically what he and his wife, Vanessa, have done with the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, which is “dedicated to improving the lives of youth and families in need, and encouraging young people to stay active through sports.”

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Darryl Strawberry is doing his best to care for former New York Mets teammate Dwight “Doc” Gooden, but there’s growing concern, according to Strawberry, that Gooden is at risk due to a potential drug relapse.

“The condition Doc is in, it’s bad, it’s horrible. It’s like cocaine poison. I feel like I’ve got to get it out there because nobody else is doing anything to help him, and it might be the only way to stop him,” Strawberry told John Harper of the New York Daily News on Sunday.

Strawberry, who’s dealt with his own fair share of off-field struggles in the past, has been growing increasingly worried about Gooden after the two were scheduled to make a joint appearance last week, but Gooden didn’t show up.

It’s the second time Gooden canceled a public appearance in the past week, leading Strawberry to take initiative.

“He’s a complete junkie-addict,” Strawberry said. “I’ve been trying behind the scenes to talk to him and get him to go for help, but he won’t listen.

“I have to try something before he’s dead.”

Strawberry and Gooden, both former Mets first-round picks, won back-to-back Rookie of the Year honors in 1983 (Strawberry) and 1984 (Gooden). The pair battled addiction during and after their careers, which both players spoke about in the “Doc & Darryl” 30 for 30 film by ESPN, which aired last month.


The King sees nothing wrong with Kevin Durant‘s decision to join a 73-win team.

In fact, LeBron James applauded Durant’s move to join the Golden State Warriors in a recent interview with Business Insider.

“I think it’s all great for our league,” James said. “Our league is very competitive. It’s continued to grow, and Adam Silver has done a great job of picking up where David Stern started, so it’s pretty cool.”

Since announcing his move, Durant has been buried beneath an avalanche of criticism from those outside the league. Notable ex-players like Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley roundly dismissed Durant’s decision to chase a ring.

But James, like most of Durant’s contemporaries, sees nothing wrong with a player exercising his free agency and picking his employer as he sees fit.

And, of course, James would take no issue with Durant joining a superteam – James famously took his talents to South Beach six years ago to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Like Durant, James took a beating in the press for his decision at the time, but that strategy worked fantastically for James in the long run. He’s won three championships and cemented his legacy as one of the 10 greatest players of all time.

If Durant has his way, it’ll work out for him as well.


The Ottawa Senators announced Tuesday they will retire former captain Daniel Alfredsson‘s No. 11 before a Dec. 29 game next season against the Detroit Red Wings.

Alfredsson was selected by the newly formed Senators Player Honouring Committee and will join Frank Finnigan as just the second Senators player to have their number retired.

“Daniel is an iconic figure in the history of our franchise. We are very excited to announce that the Senators Player Honouring Committee has unanimously decided that as we embark on the Ottawa Senators 25th season in the NHL, this would be the perfect time to have Daniel’s number 11 raised to the rafters of Canadian Tire Centre,” Senators owner Eugene Melnyk said in a release. “Daniel has consistently demonstrated class and excellence throughout his NHL career so it is only fitting his jersey number be retired to hang alongside the number 8 of legendary Frank Finnigan.”

Alfredsson – who works as the Senators senior advisor of hockey operations – played 17 seasons with the Senators, captaining the club for 13 of them. His 426 goals, 682 assists, and 1,108 points all sit as Senators records.

The 43-year-old joined the Red Wings for the 2013-14 season where he contributed 18 goals and 49 points in 68 games.

On Dec. 4, 2014 Alfredsson signed a one-day contract with the Senators so he could formally retire as a member of the club the drafted him.


PWInsider is reporting that former WCW star Buff Bagwell has filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment, pertaining to royalties he feels he is owed as a result of content on the WWE Network.

The lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court of Connecticut, and WWE has until November 9th to file a motion to dismiss.

Bagwell’s suit claims that when he signed with WWE following the collapse of WCW in 2001 his new contract merged with his old. Bagwell claims that WWE is bound by the terms of this contract (signed in 2001) in regards to payment of royalties for pay-per-view events and home video content.

The suit goes on to claim that when Bagwell was released in 2001 the language in the agreement stated that WWE was buying out all the obligations of the contract with the exception of future royalties. WWE has faced similar lawsuits in the past from Stevie Ray, Eddie Gilbert and Doug Somers, but the difference here is is Bagwell’s claim of contractual obligation.

As of Wednesday WWE was yet to receive the lawsuit. Will they have the stuff to deal with tough Buff, or are things about to get rough?


Source: The Ric Flair Show

Recently on The Ric Flair Show, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels was a guest on the podcast for a two-part interview. Among other things, Michaels talked about whether he ever seriously considered leaving WWE in favor of WCW. Also, Michaels talked about the 2006 angle pitting Vince and Shane McMahon against Michaels and God.

On the subject of whether he was ever close to signing with WCW, Michaels indicated that he fantasized about the prospect of joining his friends in WCW; however, he was always under contract with WWE and he never really entertained the idea of leaving WWE.

“It’s one of those things where you talk about it [and] you fantasize about it, but really, legally and contractually, no. I mean, I could never go. It’s just one of those things where you can, in the theatre of your mind, you can fantasize about it, think about it, wonder what it would be like, but, ultimately, I think I’ve always felt like I was a WWE guy and I honestly didn’t want to be anywhere else and the only reason you’d ever go anywhere else is for money. As badly as everybody feels like I’m a sellout for one thing or another, I guess, ultimately, when it came to wrestling, I just wanted to wrestle where I want to wrestle. And something had to be bigger and more important than the money and for me, it was the time inside that ring.”

Michaels added that Vince McMahon told him that he would not enjoy any creative freedom if he left for WCW.

“Even when all the WCW stuff did come up and I asked him, ‘jeez, let me go’, he said point blank, he said, ‘you wouldn’t be happy down there’. He said, ‘Shawn, they wouldn’t let you be you’. He said, ‘you’d suffocate – you’d never make it’. But the thing is, that was the day when I realized, again, he gets me.”

With respect to the infamous storyline where The McMahons defeated Michaels and God, Michaels indicated that his focus has always been on the in-ring product. In this light, Michaels was fine with the storyline despite his strong religious beliefs.

“I thought that was funny. It was so over the top and so silly. I don’t know. It’s funny, years later, I can remember [Triple H], I think it’s not years – months or a year later – I remember Hunter coming to me and he goes, ‘dude, we didn’t think in a million years you’d do that’. He goes, ‘we really thought you would be all hurt and uptight about it’. I was like, ‘dude, what do I care? It’s silly.'” Michaels continued, “the part inside the ropes, the part where people decide if it’s a good match or a bad match, that’s the part that I take very, very, very, very, very seriously and that I respect the most. All the other stuff though is just, it’s just window-dressing and silliness. And so, none of that stuff bothers me. And so, I don’t know. It wasn’t the most intellectually stimulating angle or storyline that we’ve ever did at the WWE, but, look, we used my personal life – we’ve used a lot of guys’ personal lives or real wives and stuff like that to fill up a storyline – mine is no different. Again, I don’t know that it was, honestly, I don’t know that it was one of the best by any stretch of the imagination, but it also wasn’t one of the worst. It was just another in a run of many sort of over the top, maybe too overdone storylines in WWE lore.”


In an interview with 790 The Ticket in Miami, The Big Show has revealed that next year will be his last in the wrestling business.

The 44-year-old star told the hosts of the show he has been getting into great shape lately, and that he is training heavily for his match with Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania 33.

This comes as a bit of a surprise. Even though Show is well within the age of retirement, he always hinted that he had a bit more time in the business in past interviews. It’s great to see him getting into better shape, and hopefully he’ll be able to put over a couple stars on the young roster on the way out.

A match with Shaq has been rumored for years, and with it about to go down, Show may feel there’s nothing left for him to accomplish. Another run with a world title seems like a long shot at this point, so one last, big mainstream match for him is probably the right way to call it a career.

Here’s hoping to Show vs. Shaq going down better than Show vs. Akebono.


Georges St-Pierre has put the wheels in motion for his return to the UFC.

In an interview with Israel-based writer Ram Gilboa, St-Pierre said he’s to begin the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing process Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Fighters who’ve been out of commission have to undergo four months of testing in order to return to active competition. St-Pierre, who’s publicly voiced his disdain for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), said he wasn’t looking to be exempted from the process like Brock Lesnar was in his return at UFC 200.

“I don’t want to be an exception, because I was very outspoken about performance-enhancing drugs. It would be bad for my reputation if I would have an exemption – I don’t want to have a free pass, I want to be like everybody else. That’s why I’ll be starting the process Aug. 10.”

While the former welterweight king has yet to book a date for his return from a near three-year hiatus, he’s confident he’ll soon find an opponent now that he’s made the first step toward eligibility.

“I don’t have any fight yet, but it’s gonna happen now, because I’m getting tested, if I’m getting tested it’s for a reason.”

St-Pierre revealed he was offered a middleweight title fight with division champion Michael Bisping, but negotiations fell through around the time the UFC was sold. Now that Bisping is expected to face Dan Henderson at UFC 204, the would-be Superfight is unlikely.

“I could fight 155, 185-170 is where I’m comfortable, better, and it is better for me. I could make a Superfight, but I don’t (want) them to expect me to be fighting regularly at 185.”

Former opponent Nick Diaz’s name came up, with St-Pierre stating he’d gladly fight him again if fans got behind the idea. Diaz recently claimed he was drugged before their fight at UFC 158, but has yet to ask for a rematch.

“It seems to me to me like it’s Nick Diaz that is running for another shot at me. I wouldn’t mind, I’m not afraid of Nick Diaz, I’ll tell you. I am telling you right now: If it’s what the fans want to see, I’m in. I don’t care if it’s the first, or second, or third. If they want me to fight Nick Diaz it would be my pleasure. I don’t mind, I am not afraid of Nick Diaz, I beat him last time, and I’ll beat even worse, I’ll beat him way worse next time that I’ll fight him.”

As for the actual USADA testing protocol, “GSP” said “it’s getting better,” adding results are sometimes slow to be released. In the event of a failed test, St-Pierre suggested a monetary penalty, say a fighter’s purse, be added to the ensuing suspension.

“Because a training camp costs a lot of money. Mark Hunt, a lot of the guys when they’re fighting – like me for example, I spend money. You spend money to make money and that’s the idea of a training camp. When a fight gets cancelled because the other guy is cheating, there should be a penalty. The guys who(‘re) cheating should pay a purse not only because of the USADA but because of his opponent. Because the other guy spent a lot of money to get prepared – and time.

“I’m a very wealthy person now, but I remember the time I was not making a lot of money, it was hard. Whether is for PEDs or an injury, you lose a lot of money, and some guys don’t have the means. But if you have enough money to spend on performance-enhancing drugs – because this thing is not free, these things cost money – you should have enough money to pay your opponent if you got cut using it. To reimburse him.”

St-Pierre has not remained idle during his lengthy layoff. He said he’s been training the entire time, making a point to clarify he never officially retired.

“I didn’t retire. People have mistaken my break, I took a break from competition, it was because of mental problems, and because I was not agreeing with performance-enhancing drugs. I put the things on pause for a while, but I didn’t retire. I took a vacation. I put things on pause. That’s how I see it.”


Retired pitcher Roy Halladay has aspirations of becoming a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame, and if he ever were to receive the honor, he would enter wearing the cap of the Toronto Blue Jays.

“I’d go as a Blue Jay,” Halladay said Sunday during an anniversary celebration of some of Toronto’s best franchise players, according to the Toronto Star’s Mark Zwolinski.

“I wanted to retire here, too, just because I felt like this is the bulk of my career.”

Halladay spent the first 12 seasons of his career in Toronto, where he amassed an impressive 148-76 record with a 3.43 ERA, while living up to his workhorse title by tossing 2,046 2/3 innings.

He also won a Cy Young award in 2003 after 266 innings of work, so the Blue Jays recent decision to switch to a six-man starting rotation in order to preserve the arm of young right-hander Aaron Sanchez, isn’t one he thinks he could have accepted during his tenure.

“I would have really had a hard time with it,” Halladay explained to the Toronto Star’s Richard Griffin. “But that’s what all the guys in the four-man said (when MLB went to five). They’re like, ‘Man, these guys are soft.’

“If you have the kind of pitchers that (the Jays) do and a strong bullpen, it’s got to be beneficial. You’re saving arms. The guys are fresher every time they go out. It seems like so many more advantages. It’s probably more of a selfish thing to be able to want to pitch on a four-day or five-day. There’s times when you have a bad start and that would be hard to sit on for five days. That, for me, would be the tough part is having a short 2-3-4 inning start and then thinking, man, I have to wait this much longer to get out there again.”

Halladay pitched his last season in the bigs in 2013 with the Philadelphia Phillies, ending his career with a 203-105 mark accompanied by a 3.38 ERA and 67 complete games across 2,749 1/3 innings.

The 39-year-old will be eligible for the Hall of Fame for the first time in 2019.


Source: Forbes

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was recently interviewed by Forbes regarding the current WWE product. House Money Studios, Forbes’ wrestling contributors, asked the Hitman about the WWE’s creative and its writers, as well his thoughts on how they handled Cody Rhodes, among other things. See the full Forbes interview with Bret Hart by clicking here.

Bret Hart agreed with Cody Rhodes’ sentiments about WWE Creative and the writers. Bret thinks there is too much talking and everyone sounds the same.

“If you watch wrestling like I do, you watch for the wrestling. There’s so much talking. There’s some ‘twit’ back there with a pencil behind his ear writing down all these things for wrestlers to say.” Bret continued with his displeasure, “It all starts to sound the same” and “I switch channels as soon as I hear someone going into a big monologue.”

Bret criticized the writers creating of the Stardust gimmick. On the writers, “They are wrestling fans but they don’t understand wrestling. The only way they can understand wrestling is to be a wrestler and that’s not going to happen.” Bret later praised Cody Rhodes’ wrestling ability.

“Somebody writes down a bunch of lousy things for you to say and it comes across flat, it’s not your fault.”

Bret compared promos today to the past, where in his era you owned what you said. The current dialogue is not “from your own heart”, as Bret put it.

Bret said the writers give wrestlers a script during the day to remember and then a few hours before show time they change the entire thing.

“They come up to you at six and say it’s all changed. Here’s this, you gotta remember this now.”

Bret claimed he has seen guys like John Cena remember pages and pages of material. Bret doesn’t know how guys like Cena do it, claiming “it’s hard to do.”


He may be slightly biased, but Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett believes his boss, Jerry Jones, is worthy of a Hall of Fame bust on his first try.

With the Pro Football Hall of Fame contributor committee set to vote on the candidates for 2017’s ballot next week, Jones is one of the favorites to be selected.

“For me, he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer,” Garrett said, according to Clarence E. Hill of the Star-Telegram. “If you think about the impact he’s had on this league since 1989, it’s way above my pay grade but I know he’s had a huge impact in how we do TV contracts, how we market teams, I think he’s helped grow this league as much as any owner I know of. There’s no question the league is very different now than it was in 1989 and he’s been in the forefront of so many of these big changes, these big developments, this growth that we’ve had. I just think he’s done an amazing job.”

Jones has been one of the league’s most influential figures since he bought the Cowboys in 1989. He led the franchise to three Super Bowl titles in the 1990s and molded the Cowboys into the NFL’s most valuable team.

While Jones’ tyrannical approach to running his franchise has been met with criticism in recent times, mostly due to the Cowboys’ lack of success on the field, it’s likely Garrett’s prediction will come true.


The level of celebrity status that emerges from being one of the most talented and successful basketball players on the planet may be easier to handle in some parts of the country in comparison to others.

Kevin Durant must hope that’s the case after signing a two-year, $54.3-million contract with the already star-studded Golden State Warriors this summer. Part of his reasoning behind departing from the Oklahoma City Thunder reportedly had to do with his desire to have less of the spotlight on him while in the public eye.

Per ESPN’s Royce Young:

Durant always appeared to be the perfect fit with Oklahoma City, with his humble nature and down-home demeanor. But he also was drawn to a bigger city, not necessarily for the brighter lights, but for the ability to blend. In Oklahoma City, Durant carried a larger-than-life burden everywhere he went. He’d privately lamented to friends an inability to be in public.

It’s logical to believe the four-time NBA scoring champion would be less of an attraction in the Bay Area, as it’s the norm to see the rich and famous walking the streets in California as opposed to Oklahoma City, where Durant probably stood out like a 6-foot-9 sore thumb.

On the hardwood, Durant will be part of an All-Star quartet with back-to-back league MVP Stephen Curry, “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, hopefully avoiding the sort of debates over who the top guy is like he consistently dealt with alongside Russell Westbrook.

That dilemma could certainly arise with Curry, although Golden State’s offense should thrive over time with so many weapons who are willing to concede shots to win games and, hopefully, a world championship.


Last month, Stephanie McMahon announced on Raw that the cruiserweight division would be returning to WWE and would be the sole property of the Raw brand. She offered no other details, but now, PWInsider is confirming that along with the division, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship is also returning.

Reportedly, the company has commissioned a new title belt.

WWE first introduced the Light Heavyweight Title in 1997, but dropped it in 2001 after purchasing WCW and receiving the rights to that company’s Cruiserweight Title. Renamed the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, the belt became exclusive to Smackdown following the first WWE brand split in 2002. For the next five years, a host of stars under the 225-pound weight limit contested for and won the belt, including Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Tajiri, Juventud, and Gregory Helms. In 2007, Hornswoggle won the title and it was soon retired.

There was no further mention of cruiserweight-exclusive action in WWE until earlier this year, when the company unveiled the Cruiserweight Classic. The tournament, a 32-man affair composed of 205-pound-and-under talent from all over the world, has so far drawn rave reviews, leading to the upcoming resurrection of the division.

There has been no confirmation of when the title will return, but many speculate that it could be awarded to the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic, which will conclude on September 14.


The BC Lions are playing some exciting football this season, and on Saturday they’re going to introduce it to some new fans.

They may need to reintroduce themselves to their current fans, as they haven’t played a home game since July 7, but that’s another story.

The Lions are inviting 175 Syrian refugees to watch their game against Hamilton at BC Place, as guests of the club.

“Giving back to our community has long been the calling card of the BC Lions,” said Lions president and CEO Dennis Skulsky. “We have a great opportunity to bring an evening of new and uniquely Canadian experiences to the lives of people who have literally given all they have to come to Canada.”

Their guests will also get a chance to go on the field prior to the game, to help display a large Canadian flag during the national anthem.

Saturday’s game is also both wall of fame night and bobblehead night.

Jason Clermont and Cory Mantyka will be honoured, while linebacker Adam Bighill will have his likeness on a bobblehead for the first 5,000 fans.

The Lions (4-2) will play Hamilton (3-3) on Saturday, in an important game to keep pace in the West Division.


The Denver Broncos winning the Peyton Manning sweepstakes back in 2012 immediately brought an end to Tim Tebow‘s short run under center.

Taking advantage of the rare opportunity to land a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback as a free agent can certainly be chalked up as a no-brainer for Denver’s management team.

But had Manning not hit the open market after a long run with the Indianapolis Colts, general manager John Elway believes moving on from Tebowmania would have been much harder to sell to fans.

“Because Tebow had such a fan base behind him – there was probably only one guy that we could have replaced him with that people would understand,” Elway told Nicki Jhabvala of the Dever Post. “And that was Peyton Manning.”

Despite helping the Broncos end a five-year playoff drought and coming away with an impressive upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the opening round of the postseason, Elway and Co. likely never considered Tebow as a long-term solution.

The former college superstar completed just 46.5 percent of his passes for 1,729 yards, 12 touchdowns, and six interceptions across 14 appearances and 11 starts in 2011.

In the end, it couldn’t have worked out more favorably for the Broncos. Manning led the Broncos to playoff runs following each of his four seasons in Denver, including a Super Bowl 50 title that allowed him to walk off into the sunset earlier this year.

Tebow would go on to spend the 2012 season with the New York Jets before being unable to crack 53-man rosters with the New England Patriots andPhiladelphia Eagles in the years that followed.

He’s since made a successful transition to the broadcast booth, and interest in his services appears to have bottomed out. Given the apparent willingness to continue his pursuit of an NFL career, though, as well as the still-overpowering fan appeal, it would be no surprise to see him linked to quarterback openings for years to come.


Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is determined to lure the Washington Redskins to his home state.

McAuliffe said he’s in “very serious negotiations” for a new stadium that would bring the Redskins to Virginia.

“I view this as a Virginia team,” McAuliffe said Friday on ESPN 980, according to Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post. “I know they’re in Maryland right now. But a majority of the season ticket holders are Virginians, all the players live in Virginia, we have all of your (practice) facilities. … We’re in very serious negotiations, as I assume other jurisdictions are. Listen, we would love to have them.”

The lease at FedEx Field in Landover isn’t set to expire until 2027, but owner Dan Synder has already hired architects that have created potential designs for a new stadium, notes Steinberg.

McAuliffe said team president Bruce Allen told him at a meeting Thursday night that two-thirds of the franchise’s revenue comes from the residents of Virginia.

The governor emphasized that he’d only bring the Redskins to the state if it was fair on Virginia taxpayers, but said “if we can come up and be creative with a deal that works for everybody, then I think the team will be here.”

“I think there’s a lot of reasons why Dan (Snyder) and company want to bring them to Virginia, because of all the things I just mentioned,” McAuliffe said. “But what I always say is it’s got to make sense for the taxpayers of Virginia. We’ve got to negotiate a deal -my job as governor is to get economic activity – but you’ve also got to protect the taxpayer dollars. And we’ve got to be creative with this thing, so we’re protecting the taxpayers, it’s in the taxpayers’ best interests and it’s a win-win for the Redskins.”

Officials from D.C. and Maryland, where the Redskins have called home for past 19 seasons, have also communicated their interest in a new stadium.


Source: The Rack Radio Show Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer and the First Ever Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson joined the “Multi-Time Award Winning” The Rack to discuss a wide range of topics. In the nearly 15 minute interview, Pat discussed his reasoning for writing the book, the creation of the Royal Rumble, thoughts on the Brand Split, why Dolph Ziggler has potential to be a big star in WWE, the Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart Iron Man match and so much more. You can download and listen to the full interview by clicking here, they sent us these highlights:

What he was trying to get across when writing the book:

“In the book I was trying to get across not so much the wrestling, it was about being gay and coming out and having such a hard time all of these years trying to hide, it is not fair. Over the years word got out obviously, but I wanted to come out. I wanted to say it.”

His love for professional wrestling and working with Vince McMahon:

“The business, it is my live, I love it. It is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. That’s what I wanted to be when I was young and even now today, I give my point of view about a certain talent and I have a good point of view and they listen. I have good ideas and they listen. When you work with Vince McMahon for so many years you have to be creative, you have to come up with ideas and sometimes Vince and I would sometimes go and argue and debate on a certain subject. I wasn’t there to be a yes man, I gave my point of view and I stood on it.”

Creating the Royal Rumble:

“When I came up with the Royal Rumble, Vince (McMahon) thought it was a stupid idea. I said it’s not, it’s going to work, oh my god give me a break, he didn’t want to do it. It is now one of our the best pay per views we have every year. It is fun and the talent likes it.”

Fighting to bring talents back to WWE:

“Vince and I would work very hard at getting talent back. Some of these guys would get fired over the years. They were talented, but they would do stupid things. One of them was Shawn Michaels and Vince (McMahon) didn’t want to hear nothing about him, in fact he is dead, Shawn Michaels is not coming back. Once in awhile I would bring up his name. Shawn Michaels never called saying Pat could you get me in, he never called, I just wanted to convince Vince and then Shawn Michaels back. Another one was Bret Hart and another was Daniel Bryan. I fought for them. I didn’t tell them I did that for you, they found out on their own. I was fighting for these guys, everyone makes mistakes at one time or another, especially if you are talented. So most of these guys need advice, sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other and some of them get it.”

Creating a trophy for the winner of the Royal Rumble called the Pat Patterson Cup:

“I would like to have a cup like the Stanley Cup and put the name of each wrestler that won it in that year and the next year. It would be like a Stanley Cup and people would be fighting for that. I am going to try again (to get it created). Who ever wins the Royal Rumble you give them a trophy right there in the middle of the ring.”

Thoughts on the Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels Iron Man Match:

“The Iron Man match was a No-No. Vince (McMahon) didn’t want to do that at all. Forget it, two little guys for one hour, forget it, on a pay per view. I really convinced him. It took me a while but they did it. My god, it was so good. I was sitting in the audience, I wanted to feel the moment. I was actually crying because of how much I enjoyed that match. You don’t think those two kids were happy after, oh my god, it is something I will never forget.”

Who he sees with the biggest potential on the WWE Roster:

“Dolph Ziggler. Without a doubt. I see it big time. He has come a long way this kid. My point of view is if you got guys like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and all of these characters that are bigger than life, but those little guys, people love them. They are talented. That what makes feel that these can do nice things too.”

You can pick up a copy of Pat’s book, Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE, which will be available online and bookstores everywhere starting on August 9th. For more information about the book visit ECWPress.com.


The Oklahoma City Thunder are a one-man show featuring Russell Westbrook – but that’s only for the time being.

The Thunder are reportedly eyeing Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin, according to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Griffin has spent the entirety of his six-year career with the Clippers, but he’s slated to become a free agent in 2017. That’s when the Thunder plan to pounce on the OKC native who once starred for the Sooners.

Luring the 26-year-old away from the spotlight of Hollywood and back to his hometown could be difficult – especially since the Clippers can offer him more money than any other team.

But Griffin is coming off a rocky campaign with the Clippers where he played in just 35 games after suffering a torn quad – and later a broken hand on account of punching a team staffer.

There’s also tension between Griffin and Clippers point guard Chris Paul, Wojnarowski adds.

The Clippers have been saying all the right things recently. Head coach Doc Rivers squashed trade rumors naming the big man at the end of July, andlauded Griffin for his efforts in pitching Kevin Durant in free-agency meetings.

But this isn’t the first report of OKC’s interest in Griffin, and with Westbrook locked in for the near future, the Thunder have a superstar in place to chase the hometown kid.


Source: Talk Is Jericho

As noted, on episode 262 of Talk Is Jericho, WWE Superstar and Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho spoke with professional wrestling veteran Shane Helms. ‘Hurricane’ discussed his hatred for WWE composer Jim Johnston, and The Rock intentionally flubbing a pretaped segment on WWE Monday Night RAW.

Interestingly, the longest reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion of all time still holds a grudge over WWE composer Jim Johnston refusing to give him a songwriting credit for the Kung Fu Naki theme song, as he came up with the lyrics for the song and came up with the idea for the gimmick as well.

“I was riding with Adam [Copeland]. The Canadians all adopted me for whatever reason. It was either I was riding with [Jericho] or Adam and [Christian] mainly and Lance [Storm]. Adam and [Christian]. Both of those guys. And so, Adam’s driving and Funaki and maybe it was Taka [Michinoku]. I don’t know, but it’s [Edge] driving and some other people and I look over there and I just Mitch Hedberg style, like I do, ‘what if Funaki’s first name was Kung?’ and Adam about ran off the road laughing at that s–t, ‘Kung Funaki?’. And then I break out into that song, ‘everybody love Kung Fu Naki/that b—h be drinking saki/his body is short and stocky/he drives a Kawasaki’ and that was the whole song.”

Helms continued, “so anyway, when they did the song, I emailed Jim Johnston and said, ‘hey, I don’t know it you know this, but I actually wrote that song’. Yeah, it’s based on [the 1970s Kung Fu Fighting song], but the words, they still used my lyrics. Yeah, I wrote the lyrics, not the notes. And I was like, ‘I don’t want any money’. I mean, I don’t know how much money that song would have made anyway, but I just wanted to have that on the résumé, a little songwriting credit just for my own personal benefit that’ll be cool. He refused to do it. [Johnston] refused to acknowledge me: wouldn’t email me back, wouldn’t return my calls. And I’m talking about several calls and several emails. Especially in the music industry, as [Jericho] well knows, that’s a big no-no. If somebody writes the lyrics to the song, they get credit for that s–t. You can’t just decide not to give it to them. And I know it might seem minuscule to people listening, but I made that gimmick up. That was my s–t. My idea. And he completely refused to do it and I hate that motherf–ker to this day.”

During the podcast, Helms talked about his feud with The Rock in 2003. Helms remembered a time when The Rock kept messing up his lines for a pretape and realized that The Rock was doing it on purpose so that their segment would be live instead of pretaped.

“Rock did something on that pretape that was interesting to me and I never forgot. He kept blowing the pretape, like he kept flubbing his lines and s–t. And I was just going, ‘huh…’ and then one time, he kind of flubbed one and then he turned at me and gave me a slight wink. He kept breaking it on purpose, so we would have to do it live and now we don’t have to go 90 seconds. Now we can go as long as we want. But he can go as long as he wants. I’m the sidekick here! I remember that little wink like it was yesterday.”


Quebecor Inc.’s sports and entertainment division has a new boss, but the mandate remains the same – bring a NHL team back to Quebec City.

Pierre Dion, Quebecor president and CEO, is taking over the sports division with a continued focus on the success of the Videotron Centre and securing a NHL team as a tenant, the company announced Thursday.

Although the NHL passed on a recent Quebec City expansion application in favor of adding only Las Vegas, Dion said commissioner Gary Bettman recognizes “the quality of the arena, the solid foundation of the Quebec City economy, and (the) qualifications of Quebecor to run a successful team,” according to Vicky Fragasso-Marquis of the Canadian Press.

The 18,259-seat arena opened in 2015 and is the home of of the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL.


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes is demanding a Ronda Rousey fight, and she knows just the place to host it.

Speaking to the media in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nunes doubled down on comments she made last week about wanting to challenge Rousey. This time, she threw in the possibility of headlining the UFC’s upcoming Madison Square Garden card in November.

“That’s the fight that makes sense because Ronda was one of the best fighters of all time, and I’m the champion,” Nunes said, according to MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz. “I also made history for my country, and this is a fight that makes sense for that huge event, one of the biggest pay-per-views in the UFC.

“I will take my country with me, and she will be fighting in her country. I want this fight in New York. It will be historic.”

No fights have been booked yet for the UFC’s first-ever event in New York. Nunes knows a thing or two about closing out major shows. She defeated Miesha Tate in the main event of UFC 200 this past July to win the 135-pound title.

Even if Rousey is intent on coming back stronger following her first career loss at the hands of Holly Holm last November, Nunes isn’t worried about being added to her impressive hit list. The 28-year-old believes her own losses have prepared her for anything and that being the champion gives her a mental edge.

“She knows the power of having (the belt) at home, that’s why she doesn’t know if she (will return) or not,” Nunes said. “(The belt) gives you strength. That’s why Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo were champions for so long. Having this belt gives me extra strength.

“I’m hungry to fight Ronda now. It’s ‘The Lioness” Era now. Everything that happened has helped me. I will hold this belt with everything I have. I want to retire as champion, and I will make that happen.”


If the Golden State Warriors didn’t have their fair share of haters before, they certainly have them now.

With superstar forward Kevin Durant now a resident of the Bay Area, the Warriors have quickly earned the title of villain entering the 2016-17 campaign.

And while many around the league will root for the Warriors to fail, starting shooting guard Klay Thompson is more than ready for any animosity that may come Golden State’s way.

“The NBA season can get mundane; 82 games are so long and there can be some boredom,” Thompson told The Vertical’s Shams Charania. “Now, we can embrace being the hated team and getting everyone’s best, and adding some tension every night. It’ll be a fun experience going into arenas on the road, with opposing fans hating what we’ve built.”

Liked or not, Golden State will enter next season as the odds-on favorite to win the title – something Thompson and co. value more than the degree of admiration they receive from opposing fans.


Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Donte Moncrief is doing everything in his power to honor his former teammate Zurlon Tipton.

Tipton, who has spent the last two seasons with the Colts as a running back, died in June after accidentally shooting himself at a car dealership.

Moncrief, who had made plans to play pool with Tipton the day before his death, was deeply saddened to learn of his friend’s passing and decided to do what he could to help.

The Colts receiver has pledged to help Tipton’s daughter Zoe as if she was his own.

“That comes from being from the South,” Moncrief told ESPN’s Mike Wells. “Wanting to help people and always give back. Like my dad always says, it’s better to give than receive. I look at it as if she’s my daughter and I want to make sure she’s well taken care of. I know that’s something he would do for me.”

Moncrief, 22, remembers Tipton as a great friend and teammate who was an encouraging voice for the young receiver. He misses his companion, but still feels his presence at the Colts facility.

“In the meetings his seat was right in front of mine. He would say things like, ‘Look up, you’re shining like a light.’ We see those spots and me and (T.Y. Hilton) be like, ‘Man, wish Tip was still here,'” said Moncreif. “He’s still here watching over us.

“He’s joking, rapping, singing and walking around with his shirt off like he’s cut up. That’s just him. He’s keeping everything going.”


Brett Favre used to take 15 Vicodin pills in a single sitting, the soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback admitted in a recent interview that provided a chilling account of his addiction to painkillers.

Favre entered the NFL’s substance abuse program by his own volition in 1996 due to his Vicodin addiction.

The three-time NFL MVP discussed his experiences during an appearance on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” describing how he abused the painkiller during the middle of his career.

“I tell people all the time that I took 15 Vicodin ES at one time,” he said, according to CBS Sports’ Will Brinson. “And they’re like, ‘It didn’t knock you out?’ It did totally the opposite – I was up. And that’s kind of the way with addictions, too. What it’s supposed to do, it doesn’t. So when you take two pain pills, you’re knocked out and you don’t feel pain and you wake up, what, four, five, six hours later. I would be up just talking, I didn’t want to sleep. Until about 10 o’clock the next morning when we were in offensive meetings was about the only time I wanted to sleep. Not a good time to sleep! And I would doze off, leaning back into a coat rack in our quarterbacks’ meeting room.”

Favre didn’t think his teammates would notice his appetite for the painkiller, even though he was going through an average month’s supply in two days.

“A month’s prescription is 30 pills or whatever, depending what they prescribe to you, and I was going through that in two days,” Favre said. “So I was having to hustle. I’d ask this guy for pills and that guy for pills. After a while I was going back around pretty quickly. I was the last one to know, it’s one of those things. No one knows what’s going on.

“Like my wife says, everyone knew. But I thought no one knew.”

Favre quit cold turkey and flushed the remaining pills he had in the toilet.

“Any expert would tell you that’s not the way to wean yourself off. … That was the worst month, in terms of any kind of recovery, I ever went through. I shook every night, cold sweats, it was a constant battle.”

The 46-year-old will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August.


We haven’t seen a lot of Paige lately on TV, and it sounds like we may not see much of her in the future either.

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE insiders are reportedly “very worried” about her status in the company. There’s no further elaboration beyond that, but it sure doesn’t sound good.

She was split up recently from her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio in the draft, which is believed to be because they had a bit of heat together. It seems like it’s more on her end, as Del Rio remains on television.

Paige hasn’t competed on TV since June 27, and has been in less than two dozen televised matches all year. Not since her pay-per-view bout against Charlotte at TLC in December has she much of anything to do in storylines.

It seems like something is definitely going on with her and the company, as at one point, Paige was the focal point of the Women’s Division. Ever since the Divas Revolution began, though, she was pushed to the side, and now seems largely forgotten.

Hopefully things work out for her and WWE, as she’s still very young, and still very talented.


UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and challenger Dan Henderson have verbally agreed to a title fight at UFC 204, reports MMAFighting.com’s Ariel Helwani.

The fight is set to take place in Bisping’s hometown of Manchester, England on Oct. 8, and will begin at 5:00 a.m. local time to accommodate North American viewers.

It will be the second time the two square off, seven years after their first meeting at UFC 100, where Henderson (32-7) knocked out Bisping (29-7) with a second-round punch.

Bisping won the title from Luke Rockhold in June at UFC 199 with a surprise first-round knockout after accepting the fight on a little more than two weeks’ notice.

Henderson, who’s never held a UFC title since arriving in 2007, recently announced he’ll be “ready to mentally retire” after the bout with Bisping.

The two have had a rivalry dating back to before their UFC 100 match, when they battled as coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter” season nine.


Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes former 3x WWE Tag Team Champion, Barry Darsow AKA Demolition Smash. The full episode as well as the entire Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling catalog can be downloaded at this link.

Why is the “1980s” wrestling era still so popular amongst old-school fans?

“I think back in the 80s I’m not saying we cared more about wrestling but we treated it more like it was really a professional sport. You really protected the business and I think that was kind of a major part of it. When you try to protect the business you are better at it than when what you are now.”

What would the generation of wrestlers that Barry learned from think of today’s wrestling scene in 2016?

“Oh my God, they are probably rolling over in their graves and the guys who are still alive are probably losing their minds and want no part of it now. Not saying that now is bad it is just that it is so completely different it’s just not like professional wrestling anymore. The guys that are on TV right now with WWE orTNA they are phenomenal at what they do and with the whole wrestling profession changing and how it has evolved over the years, the bottom line it all gets back down to “wrestling”. If a guy is out there and can’t wrestle and all he does is high spots he is not going to get over like that a wrestler would. It all goes back to that old adage of come-on you have to know how to wrestle.”

How would Demolition from back in their prime work with the top stars of today?

“I think we could probably just after having a few matches with them and teach them exactly how to tell a story out there, I think we could tear the house down. I just don’t know if teams could keep up with us. With both Ivan and Nikita Koloff as well as with Bill (Eadie) the whole thing that we did was our endurance. We could wrestle hour matches and I don’t think that these guys could go a half hour without having their tongues hanging out and they would have to wait up for us and I am not saying that in a bad way because that is just how we were trained. When me and Ivan were together we wrestled the Rock and Roll Express in one day wrestled three-one hour long broadways. First wrestled an hour on TV on WTBS, we wrestled in Columbus Georgia and that night we wrestled an hour in the Omni. Who in the world wrestles three hours in one day?”

Being able to work with and learn from Ivan Koloff on a nightly basis:

“Ivan first of all is the greatest guy in the world when it comes to the wrestling business. Outside the business he truly is a great man. I thought that I really knew how to wrestle before I got to Crocket’s territory and when I hooked up with Ivan there were so many different things that I learned from Ivan that I never knew you could do and following him to me made me ten times better than what I was. Ivan was just incredible and is a true professional.”

How he was pitched Smash by Vince McMahon:

“The way it happened was when I quit Jim Crocket Promotions it was Earl Hebner who I was really good friends with that had called (his brother) David Hebner and who had also talked to Ricky Steamboat and both of those guys went to Vince and told him about me that I had just quit my job. It was Vince McMahon that called me about a week or so later and said that he would love to have me in his territory. Of course I jumped at the chance and they flew me in and I signed a non-dislosure agreement and he showed me exactly what I was going to do and that Bill Eadie was going to be my partner and the way I felt about that was that was the best partner I could ever have. It was a good move leaving Jimmy Crocket.”

“Vince said that he had been watching me for the last few years and liked how I looked and the fact that I was a power-lifter, strong and I learned how to work with Ivan. At that time not just anyone could go to New York. You had to have some pretty good experience to go up there and he liked the idea that I was in a smaller territory down South because nobody would recognize me up in the New York territory and when I came out the first time in the makeup nobody had a clue who I was. That kind of made it and when I signed the contract up there and he asked me if I would be partners with Bill and I told him how much I loved it and I hadn’t got the job yet until he (Vince) met with Bill again and he told Bill that I was looking good and I was excited about being there and if Bill would be partners with me and (thankfully) Bill said yes. That is how the team formed and it took a couple of weeks to happen because Bill was in Japan at the time when I signed my contract but I believe I would have had a job up there no matter what even if it wasn’t going to be with Demolition but I’m not exactly sure what that would have been. Once I was at my first TV show that I worked and we walked out of the dressing room, I realized I was the youngest guy in the territory at that point at probably about twenty-five years old. Think about it , you walk into a dressing room and here you see Hulk Hogan, Andre “The Giant”, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Paul Orndorff and you see these guys who have been the top guys in every territory they were ever in and they are the top guys in New York and all of a sudden Barry Darsow comes in, thank GOD I had Bill Eadie as my partner.”

Demolition holding the WWE tag belts for 478 days, the longest in company history (contrary to what they say today):

“It went really fast. We were very proud that we could hold them that long and for Vince McMahon to trust us with them was something that we must have done something for him or otherwise he would have taken them off of us. But it was pretty wild and we never thought that we would have them that long and it was actually exciting to get rid of them and go for them again because when you have them for so long you kind of want someone else to have them and go against them but overall it was pretty neat.”


The Jacksonville Jaguars all-time leading receiver Jimmy Smith will become the sixth member of the team’s “Pride of the Jaguars,” the team announced Tuesday.

Smith played 11 seasons for the Jaguars between 1995 and 2005, catching 862 passes for 12,287 yards and 75 touchdowns. He currently owns 11 team records despite retiring over 10 years ago.

“There is no question that Jimmy Smith was one of the best players to ever wear a Jaguars uniform,” said team owner Shad Khan. “His contributions in the early years were critical to the success the Jaguars enjoyed during that time. The fact that most of his records have stood for 10 years without being surpassed underscores what a great player he was. I wish I had personally seen Jimmy play more frequently but I am very happy that we will appropriately honor him at EverBank Field in December.”

Smith will be inducted at the Jaguars’ Week 14 game against the Minnesota Vikings, joining current members Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, Mark Brunell, and former owners Wayne and Delores Weaver.

“I am honored and humbled by this recognition, joining Tony and Fred and Mark and the Weavers in the Pride of the Jaguars,” Smith said, “I look forward to being there at EverBank Field. We had such great fun and I have wonderful memories of my time there, and I want to experience it once again with my teammates and the great Jaguars fans. This is a great honor.”


UFC senior vice president of public relations Dave Sholler says the promotion won’t fine Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones for their failed drug tests, according to MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi.

Both fighters can still be fined by the state athletic commission, and will face sanctions from the USADA, after reportedly both testing positive for the estrogen-blocking substance clomiphene.

Lesnar’s UFC 200 competitor, Mark Hunt, threatened to leave the promotion if he wasn’t awarded at least half of his opponent’s $2.5-million purse. If the Nevada Athletic Commission does sanction Lesnar, their bout would be deemed a no-contest, but Hunt likely wouldn’t receive any of the prize money.

Jones was informed of his positive test just days before his scheduled title fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.

Lesnar produced positive drug samples at both in-competition and out-of-competition tests.


With general manager George McPhee now in place, the Las Vegas NHL franchise is hard at work trying to nail down a name and color scheme.

While still nameless, the club has received a place-holder logo in the form of the NHL shield with the name “Las Vegas” underneath it, reports Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In the meantime, the club continues to negotiate with the NHL on possible names.

“We’re exchanging names and ideas with the NHL and they’ve come back with names for us,” Murray Craven – team owner Bill Foley’s hockey advisor – said. “They’ve been great to us, as has Adidas, who have some great ideas for uniform designs.

“But ultimately, it’s going to be Bill’s call what the name will be.”

While nothing has been decided, Craven noted the NHL wasn’t opposed to the proposed name “Silver Knights,” of which the club already owns the trademark.

“We met with the NHL recently (in Montana) and they haven’t gotten back to us yet,” Craven said.

Of course, in their search for a name, Craven admits they’ve received suggestions from outside parties, with some being on the more ridiculous side of things.

“Someone wanted $50,000 for the name ‘Desert Turtles,'” Craven said. “Somehow, I don’t see us calling ourselves the Las Vegas Desert Turtles.”

As Foley and co. alluded to earlier in the month, the biggest hurdle in the process has been trademarks and the need to avoid gambling references.

“You want a simple, classic design,” Craven said. “Toronto has that with the maple leaf. Detroit has that. Boston with the ‘B’. The Blackhawks. It’s very important you get the right look because it’s how people identify with your team.”

While the hunt continues, Craven said the team is hopeful to have the name, logo, and color scheme decided sometime in September.


WACO, Texas – A woman who said she was raped by two Oregon State football players and two other men in 1998 shared her story with the Baylor football team Monday.

Brenda Tracy’s talk with the Bears came two months after a 13-page report said Baylor failed to properly handle accusations of sexual assault, including some against former football players.

After hearing about Baylor’s case, Tracy had called for the NCAA to shut down the football program.

Tracy told ESPN Central Texas radio that Baylor football and basketball players were engaged and paying attention, and that she told them that they have an opportunity to exact real change and be an example to follow. She was invited to campus by Baylor acting head football coach Jim Grobe, who replaced Art Briles within days after the report from the Pepper Hamilton law firm.

”One thing I try to do is make this real for people. Look at me, I’m a human being, I could be your neighbor, I could be your mother, I could be the person behind you at the grocery store,” she said. ”But I spent all these years wanting to kill myself and hating myself because someone else took my body and I did not give it to them.”

Tracy said what she tries to do is put a ”face and a person and a human experience to rape.”

A month ago, Tracy shared her story with Nebraska’s team. The Cornhuskers are coached by Mike Riley, who was Oregon State’s coach in 1998.

The Associated Press generally doesn’t identify sexual assault victims, but Tracy has spoken publicly about her experience. She has met with NCAA officials and said she will be speaking to other college teams, with expectations that she will be contacted by more.

According to her Twitter profile, she is a ”Single mother, Registered Nurse, DV/SA Survivor turned Activist, Speaker, & Civilian Lobbyist. I believe one person can change the world…”

In a post on her Twitter account ((at)brendatracy24) after the talk, which was closed to the public, Tracy described Grobe as ”a good man with a good heart” while thanking Baylor for hosting her. She also thanked Baylor players who had tweeted her afterward, responding that she appreciated them and telling them to remember the pledge they made to each other.

Grobe told the AP before Tracy’s visit that he had spoken with Riley, who told him it was a hard thing to hear but educational.

”We’ve got a great group of guys here, not good guys, great guys, great kids that would never be involved in these kinds of situations, but I think educating the good kids is just as important as educating the edgy guys,” Grobe said earlier this month.

”The number one thing that I hope is that it brings home that these are real issues. It does pertain to you because you are your brother’s keeper. … It’s your responsibility to make sure that not only are you behaving well, but that your teammates are behaving well, and we can take care of each other.”

Tracy said she talked to good men and called them out, asking them what can they do ”and how can we change this together.”


Not content with passing the record for longest WWE Tag Team Championship reign of all time, current (two-time) champs The New Day revealed at Comic Con in San Diego yesterday that Booty-Os cereal are about to become a real, genuine thing.

Boxes of the cereal, which can seriously reduce one’s chance of being booty, will be available all over the United States of America in FYE stores from August 5th, with pre-sale beginning yesterday. And how much must one pay to ensure they ain’t booty? Just $12 (£9) per box.

When asked about the quality of the cereal, Big E. responded in predictably glowing terms, stating that ‘It’s a very real thing. The cereal actually tastes phenomenal. We just tried it a couple days ago. It’s real’.

Well, it isn’t as if he could say anything else is it? Whilst $12 is quite clearly over the odds for a cereal, Booty-Os are more of a gimmick than anything else. The New Day are frankly killing it on merchandise right now, and were reported to be the highest merchandise sellers over WrestleMania weekend.

The wait for CM Punk ice cream bars continues.


Recent NXT call-up Alexa Bliss, and Lana will soon be appearing in an issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine.

The two had photos taken at the WWE performance center in Orlando this past week. Past issues of the magazine have featured Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Eva Marie and The Bella Twins all appearing on the cover.

This will be great publicity for Alexa and Lana. Alexa especially will receive a nice boost, as she’s still largely unknown to non-hardcore fans. She recently left Blake and Murphy behind, and went at it alone on NXT. She impressed management enough to get called up to the main roster this week, giving SmackDown some more talent for their Women’s Division (which at the moment doesn’t have a title).

Lana could use all the positive publicity she can get, as she’s seen her role diminished greatly in WWE over the past year. She’s now exclusive to the Raw roster with her fiance Rusev. While she’s gone through a bit of training, we’ve still yet to see her compete in a singles match on television.

No word yet on the exact date of when their issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers will be out, but it’s likely to be soon.


The UFC will make its return to Portland on Oct. 1 with a Fight Night event after a seven-year absence from the city.

The event was announced following the UFC on FOX 20 prelims Saturday, and is set to air on FOX Sports 1.

No fights have been made official for the card, which will take place at the Moda Center, home of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

The last UFC event in Portland took place in August 2009, when Randy Couture headlined UFC 102 with a heavyweight bout against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

Chael Sonnen, who trains out of Oregon, recently confirmed that he’s undergoing drug-testing ahead of a potential return to the UFC.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

During the WWE draft on the first ever live edition of SmackDown, Brock Lesnar was drafted to RAW. However, it is interesting to note that Heyman wasn’t specifically mentioned to join Lesnar, while other managers/valets such as Lana and Maryse were mentioned when Rusev and Miz were drafted.

During Wednesday’s installment of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer mentioned that the reason Heyman’s name was not mentioned on air is because his WWE contract has expired, and both the parties haven’t reached an agreement yet to renew his contract. While both the sides can resolve their issues, nothing is certain at this point, which is why WWE decided not to bring him up when Brock Lesnar was drafted to RAW.


Former Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle and three-time Pro Bowler Darnell Dockett is expected to announce his retirement from the NFL on Monday, sources told Josh Weinfuss of ESPN.

The Cardinals announced Dockett, along with owner Michael Bidwell and head coach Bruce Arian, will hold a press conference Monday.

Dockett’s Cardinals career came to an end when he was released in February 2015, following a season lost to a torn ACL suffered in training camp.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Dockett to a two-year deal in March 2015, but cut him before the start of the season.

The 35-year-old will end his career with 40.5 sacks, seventh most in Cardinals history, three Pro Bowl appearances, and two All-Pro selections.

The former third-round pick was integral to the Arizona team that reached the Super Bowl in 2008. Dockett racked up three sacks in the game against thePittsburgh Steelers, tied for most in Super Bowl history.

Dockett’s uncensored and outspoken personality made him a fan favorite in Arizona.


A report indicating Zuffa, LLC has agreed to the sale of UFC is being shot down by a company spokesman.

“FloCombat.com’s report indicating that the UFC has been sold is false,” UFC vice president of public relations Dave Sholler said in a statement to Yahoo Sports. “We’ve communicated that to our staff members tonight via an internal memo.”

The report indicated the long-rumored sale of the top mixed martial arts company in the world had been completed for $4.2 billion to a group that includes William Morris Endeavor-IMG, the Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda, The Kraft Group, and Chinese investment company Tencent Holdings Limited.

Nothing has been finalized, which may be why the UFC is denying the report, preferring to wait until the deal is officially signed to let the public (and their employees) know about impending changes.

Sholler did not indicate anything further, and UFC President Dana White declined to comment, leaving open the possibility that the deal fell through or was never in place to begin with.

The UFC has consistently denied all reports regarding the sale to date.


While the Cleveland Cavaliers may be trying to end their city’s 52-year title drought Sunday, there’s no other way around it: the pressure is on the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

A record-setting 73-win juggernaut has suddenly looked less than human in the last two games, and the reigning two-time league MVP knows a lot of that’s on him.

“I need to play my best game of the year if not my career,” Stephen Curry told reporters Saturday, before adding a caveat.

“But that doesn’t mean a 50-point game though.”

Curry was ejected from the first game of his NBA career in Game 6, and the technical for tossing his mouth guard was his sixth foul anyways. It was a rare sight to see the league’s golden boy in foul trouble late in a crucial contest, and he stressed Saturday that he needs to avoid repeating that.

“All I can do is just stay out of foul trouble,” Curry said. “That’s the only thing I need to worry about”

Degrees of ‘worry’ depend on the person and circumstances involved, but despite his proclamation that he needs a great game, Curry said he doesn’t feel the pressure.

“I don’t feel any extra pressure, which is good. I just want to enjoy the moment.”

Curry shot a combined 16-of-41 in Games 5 and 6.


Source: News Item

News Item recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who was discussing the new WWE Network series Holy Foley that premieres in August. Below are a couple of highlights:

How involved he was with the writing and production of the show:

“There’s not a lot of writing, mostly setting up scenarios where we react more than act. I am actually enjoying it more than some of the acting experiences I have had. When my 15 year-old worried that the family vacation here might not be as much fun with a camera crew following us around every minute, I reminded him that a key thing to remember is that we are all getting paid to vacation this time.”

How the concept for the show evolved and if it was difficult to get Vince McMahon to greenlight it:

“It kind of came out of nowhere. Many opportunities don’t come to fruition for one reason or another. The pilot, or sizzle reel as they call it, was actually found by Vince and when he saw it, he loved it. We already have a core audience with the network and I have no doubt that if people give it a try, they will enjoy it.”


Peyton Manning’s ties to the state of Tennessee are well known.

In addition to attending the University of Tennessee, Manning has a house in Harrison and spoke Thursday at the Middle Tennessee Sports Awards. After discussing Volunteer football, Manning admitted he came close to finishing his NFL career with the Titans.

“I was pretty close,” Manning said when asked if he considered signing with the Titans.

The Titans made made it known they wanted Manning as their quarterback in 2012, but ultimately the Denver Broncos offered a more talented roster for Manning’s quest for another Super Bowl.

It’s interesting to note the Titans actually finished with a better record than the Broncos in 2011 and had running back Chris Johnson in his prime. Manning may have been able to shepherd that team to a Super Bowl victory instead of Denver.

Manning also shot down a rumor he’d help coach Tennessee’s quarterbacks.

“No, I will not be coaching quarterbacks at Tennessee, but I will be the biggest Vols fan this year,” Manning said.


The Philadelphia Flyers announced the passing of Stanley Cup winner Rick MacLeish on Tuesday. He was 66.

“With the passing of MacLeish, the Flyers have lost one of their legends,” team president Paul Holmgren said in a statement.

MacLeish spent the majority of his career with the Flyers, scoring 328 goals and adding 369 assists in 741 games with Philadelphia. He was a force on back-to-back Flyers teams that won the Stanley Cup in 1974 and 1975, scoring a combined 24 goals in 34 games over two playoff runs.

“Ricky was the most talented player the Flyers had during the 1970s,” Bobby Clarke said. “Life after hockey wasn’t fair to Ricky. He left us far too soon.”

MacLeish was inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame in 1990.

He’s survived by his wife Charlene, his daughters Danielle and Brianna, and his grandchildren.


Pete Rose is willing to stop gambling if it means MLB will recognize him for the Hall of Fame-level player he is.

A week before he’s set to be inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame, the “Hit King” said he’ll do whatever it takes to get back into baseball, according to Adam Flango from Cincinnati Magazine.

“Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it,” he said. “I’m in control. Just tell me. If you don’t want me to bet on baseball or anything else, just tell me.”

In August 1989, Rose was handed a lifetime ban from baseball by then-commissioner Bart Giamatti after he was found to have illegally gambled on baseball.

With new commissioner Rob Manfred at the helm, Rose might’ve had an opportunity for reinstatement following the Bud Selig era. But Manfred ultimately rejected Rose’s attempt to come back to baseball, and despite collecting the most hits in MLB history with 4256, he’s still ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

But Rose, an avid gambler on more than just baseball, said although he still risks his money for entertainment purposes, he does it all on the books.

“Here’s what you have to understand: I didn’t get in trouble for gambling,” he said. “I got in trouble for illegal gambling, which is a big difference. And like I said, I do no more illegal gambling. That’s the last thing in the world I’d ever do.

“I’ll never associate with a bookmaker again.”


Former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will not sue Al Jazeera America over a report that linked him to human growth hormone (HGH), according to Christine Brennan of USA TODAY Sports.

Al Jazeera ran a documentary titled “The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers” where Charlie Sly – a former intern at the Guyer Institute – alleged that Manning’s wife received HGH on her husband’s behalf, while the quarterback recovered from neck surgery in 2011. Manning vehemently denied the accusations on multiple occasions.

Although he retired after helping the Broncos win Super Bowl 50, the NFL reportedly will continue its investigation into the claims of HGH use.

Manning wasn’t the only player named in the documentary and NFL spokeman Joe Lockhart said the league will interview the named parties.

“It’s our expectation that we will interview the players involved over the next month or so,” Lockhart said to Brennan.


This past weekend, Summer Rae returned to in-ring action after nearly a month of inactivity, losing to Becky Lynch at a house show in Reading, Pennsylvania.

According to The Wrestling Observer, her absence was due to what was believed to be a concussion suffered on the European tour.

Summer Rae’s last match prior to her return came on April 23, when she teamed with Lana, Naomi, and Tamina in a losing effort against Alicia Fox, Eva Maria, Natalya, and Paige in Malaga, Spain.

There is no official word as to when Summer suffered the injury, but she wasn’t the only star to get hurt on the tour as WWE’s run of bad luck continued – Bray Wyatt suffered a calf injury on the tour’s opening show in Milan, Italy.

WWE has been reticent to release details regarding injuries lately, as the concussions suffered by both Summer Rae and Sasha Banks have gone unconfirmed by the company. The notable exception is Enzo Amore, who suffered a concussion of his own at Payback, but his injury occurred in so public a forum that WWE had no choice but to give fans details on his condition.

Summer also made her TV return this past week, losing to Natalya on Superstars and Paige on Main Event.


Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton is the NFL’s reigning MVP, but that doesn’t mean he’s peaked.

Head coach Ron Rivera said Wednesday during an interview on ESPN 730 AM, that Newton is just “scratching the surface” of his potential.

“He’s got an awful lot of room to grow,’” Rivera said, according to David Newton of ESPN. “He can really transcend this game in many different ways because of the way the game is played today.

“The game is played at an up tempo, it’s played from a spread offense, it’s played from the shotgun … the quarterbacks make the opportunity to whether run, throw or pass. I mean, he truly is a triple threat now.”

Newton put together the best season of his five-year NFL career, taking home the MVP trophy in a near-unanimous decision. His numbers were otherworldly; 3,837 passing yards, 35 passing touchdowns, 636 rushing yards, and 10 rushing touchdowns.

However, Rivera has a point about Newton still having areas of his game to work on.

Newton, as he has during his entire time in the NFL, struggled with accuracy last season. His 59.8 completion percentage was in line with his career average of 59.6 and was the 28th-best mark for qualified players.

“As he continues to learn and understand more and more about offensive and defensive plays, his decision-making is going to be even better,” Rivera said. “As long as he continues to stay healthy and keep getting better physically and work on his base fundamentals, I think the young man is going to get better.”

The idea of an improved version of 2015 Cam Newton is a frightening proposition for defenses around the league.


LeBron James may be a reigning champion and perhaps the best player in the game right now, but that doesn’t make him the best person to be cast in Michael Jordan’s role in a potential “Space Jam” sequel – at least not according to someone from the original film.

Muggsy Bogues was among the NBA players in the movie whose hoop skills were stolen by the Monstars. Asked Tuesday who he’d like the see in “Space Jam 2,” he went another route.

“I heard Michael say he would like to see Blake Griffin star as him, but I would’ve thought Kobe (Bryant) would kind of fit that mold more,” Bogues said in a video shared by the Charlotte Observer.

“And you gotta have Stephen (Curry) in some kind of way. It’s going to be hard to create that type of cast again.”

Bogues also raved about the job Jordan and the supporting cast did, as well as R. Kelly’s contribution to the soundtrack.

“I don’t know if they could top that,” he said.

Apparently, retired hoopers thinking their generation was the greatest applies off the court, too.


Don’t count out a 2016 comeback for Ronda Rousey.

The former women’s bantamweight champ has had preliminary talks with the UFC about possibly competing before the year is through according to Damon Martin, citing sources speaking to FOX Sports.

During an appearance on “UFC Unfiltered,” Dana White ruled Rousey out of UFC 205 in November, the promotion’s debut in New York City. Rousey underwent knee surgery in June, which was expected to keep her out of action until at least December.

“She’s definitely not fighting in New York,” White said. “I’m actually going to start building the New York card this week.”

Rousey has not competed since losing her UFC championship to Holly Holm last November. Should she decide to book a fight in December, there are several options, including a long-awaited return to Toronto on Dec. 10 and a year-end card in Las Vegas on Dec. 30.


John Tavares will soon be faced with the reality of change in the New York Islanders locker room after an offseason of notable roster moves.

Gone are forwards Frans Nielsen and Kyle Okposo, both of whom were valued teammates in the captain’s eyes.

“It hasn’t even really sunk in, maybe until you don’t see them at training camp or during the season, and that hasn’t happened yet,” Tavares told Arthur Staple of Newsday. “I don’t think people realize how much I lean on Kyle and Frans, as well as guys like Travis (Hamonic), Clutter (Cal Clutterbuck), Johnny Boychuk.

“Having those different perspectives is a huge help. And personally for me, you go through a lot of ups and downs and you’re trying to manage a lot of things. When you have people you can rely on, especially with those friendships I have with Kyle and Frans are deep.”

One of the veteran players brought in to fill the void left by the departure of Tavares’ alternate captains is winger Andrew Ladd, with whom he is already familiar and looking forward to adding to the locker room.

“I know Ladder a bit – he’s got a great family, he’s a leader and the two Cups he’s won, he’s been through a lot in his career,” Tavares said. “He’s someone to definitely really count on and will make a great impact in our room. Someone who’s been through it and succeeded will be great for our young guys. He’ll be someone I lean on in a lot of areas.”

Tavares himself can become an unrestricted free agent in 2018, with the opportunity to sign a contract extension as early as July 1, 2017. Ownership has made it quite clear they intend to lock him up as soon as possible, using some of the money saved by not re-signing Okposo and Nielsen to boost the star’s current team-friendly average annual valuation.


Dwight Gooden says he’s healthy and nowhere near his deathbed.

The former Cy Young winner went on record Monday to address comments from Darryl Strawberry, who said the 51-year-old was in “horrible” condition, claiming he was poisoned by cocaine and “a complete junkie-addict.”

“I am healthy,” Gooden said Monday on “The Joe Piscopo Show” on WNYM-AM, according to USA Today. “I do have a drug problem. I’ve been an addict most my life. I am an addict.

“I don’t hide from anything. Anything I’m doing wrong, I’ll be the first to tell you.”

After Gooden missed a scheduled interview Thursday, Strawberry said he feared drug issues from his past may once again be present, and said he was contacted by Gooden’s family, which was allegedly concerned about his well-being.

Dwight Gooden Jr. then released a statement Sunday on behalf of his family explaining his father’s condition was mainly emotional distress, resulting from recent family tragedy.

Gooden didn’t seem impressed by Strawberry’s actions, lashing out at his former teammate.

“The Darryl thing hurt me a lot,” he said. “I re-established a relationship with him. I gave him a lot of stuff. I never went to the press. I never said anything (negative) about him. I need to make better choices in picking friends.”

Gooden, who claimed last May he hasn’t touched drugs or alcohol since March of 2011, says he missed Thursday’s interview because of minor health issues.

“It definitely had nothing to do with drugs,” he said. “I’m fine.”

Gooden’s issues surrounding drugs and alcohol are well-documented, with the former Rookie of the Year and World Series champion once being imprisoned for a year because of actions stemming from substance abuse.