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Vince McMahon’s assertion that the XFL’s relaunch would have no impact on his day-to-day WWE role was one of the biggest talking points to emerge from January 25th’s press conference, but the Chairman is already going back on his word.

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince is currently undergoing the process of transferring certain WWE powers to others, with Triple H the main benefactor.

‘The Game’ has already taken over 205 Live’s operations, with McMahon stepping aside. On top of this, Vince is currently assembling a team to assist Triple H in running NXT, which is why Impact Wrestling’s Jeremy Borash was recently brought into the company. Dave Meltzer notes that Vince has also spoken to other individuals with a view to taking a bigger role, but doesn’t mention any specifics.

This doesn’t mean that McMahon is stepping away entirely, but he is looking to ensure key positions are covered when the XFL’s rebirth finally comes to fruition.

The only surprise here is the timescale, as while Triple H was pinpointed as Vince’s preferred heir a long time ago, the Chairman had shown no signs of ceding power. McMahon will still hold authority going forward, but it sounds like big changes are on the way.


Vince McMahon’s pitch to Tim Tebow did not appear to get the former Heisman Trophy winner’s attention.

Despite McMahon mentioning Tebow by name during his introductory press conference for the XFL, the quarterback-turned-baseball player has not considered joining the upstart league that aims to begin by 2020.

“To be honest, I really haven’t given it any thought,” Tebow told Andrew Astleford of SEC Country on Wednesday. “I’ve got too many important things going on, and I’m getting ready for spring training in slightly over a week.”

“Honestly, it’s the beginning of 2018. And they’re talking about that in 2020. I’ve got a lot of life in front of me before that even happens. So I’m not even going to worry about it.”

Tebow was one of nine minor leaguers in the New York Mets system to be invited to train with the major-league players. He has not played football since a stint in the Philadelphia Eagles‘ training camp in 2015.

A day almost everyone thought would never come is upon us, as WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced Thursday he will be bringing back the XFL.

The league, which folded after one season in 2001, will return for the 2020 season with the schedule kicking off in late January or early February.

As was the case with the previous incarnation of the XFL, there will be eight teams in the league with 40-man rosters playing a 10-game schedule. The playoff structure will be the top four teams in the league facing off in the semifinals with the winners meeting for the championship.

During his press conference, McMahon failed to delve too deeply into details about the new league. There have been no discussions as to what cities will hold franchises, but McMahon admitted he wants to play the games in existing football stadiums.

The original XFL was a joint venture between the WWE and NBC, with many of the broadcasters for the games doubling as WWE personalities. This version will feature no such thing, as McMahon was clear there would be no talent crossover between the two promotions, and he is not currently seeking to partner with any major broadcast networks.

McMahon stressed there will be numerous differences between the XFL and the NFL but didn’t specify as to what those would be. The 72-year-old did admit he wants game times much closer to two hours in length compared to the average NFL contest which is at the three-hour mark.

In terms of players to fill the rosters, McMahon did say the “quality of human being is as important as (the quality of) player” and that players without a criminal past would be the ones targeted. He specifically mentioned former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow when discussing the type of player that would be welcomed in the league.

McMahon will continue in his role as WWE CEO and Chairman and will not hold an outwardly public position in the new XFL. That is a stark contrast from the previous incarnation, which saw the famous executive front and center at many contests.