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Source: Ring of Honor

Brandi Rhodes spoke with Ring of Honor on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Having more to prove in the ring as Cody Rhodes’ wife and initially being known as a ring announcer:

“I absolutely have more to prove than anybody who steps foot in that ring. I’ve had a target on my back since the second I opened my mouth and said that I want to do more. People these days don’t really like that. It’s kind of ‘stay in your role.’ I don’t have a role. I’m not very good at staying in my lane, and I’m not confined to any role or by any rules. So, naturally, there’s always going to be a target on my back. Everybody’s going to look for any mistake they can find whether it’s in the ring or outside the ring. My job is to stay focused on what I’m trying to do. There will be haters along the way and there will be fans along the way. I am definitely very aware that I’m somebody who’s always got a target on them.”

Cody’s initial reaction to Brandi wanting to wrestling:

“His reaction was, ‘I think you should absolutely go for it if this is what you want to do.’ He said I just need to put 100 percent into it because wrestling is one of those things that you can’t do 50 percent. He’s very much been focused on making sure I put forth the same effort I did at the beginning all the way through, making sure there’s no point at which I get lazy or overconfident or don’t want to go in and train. I doubt that will ever happen with me because I’ve always been a student of whatever sport I’m in, but it’s nice to have him there to keep me fully focused.”

Her first attempt at training to wrestle and ring announcing in WWE:

“I was at first, but then I wasn’t. Part of the reason I left the first time is because I was a little down-hearted that I wasn’t getting to wrestle, and I wasn’t getting to announce in a very big role either. After Cody and I got married, that’s when I decided I wanted to go back and I only want to do the wrestling. We tried, and that worked for a while, but then it ended up being a situation where it made the most sense to take the path they were familiar with first to ty to get to the path they were unfamiliar with. So I went back on the road to announce and get in front of them again so that they could think, ‘Oh, yeah, we remember Brandi, we like Brandi. Let’s think about her in these other roles.’ But it turned into, ‘We really like her in this role. We can’t see her in any other role. We don’t even want to hear it.’ So then it was like, ‘We don’t want her training because we can’t have her hurt herself and miss shows. And we don’t want her to mess her face up.’ But sometimes you just have to listen to your heart, and my heart was saying that I need to do more, I’m not happy with this. Life is short. I can’t just do a job I’m not happy with. I’m happy that I made the choice to branch out and take a bit of a risk.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.


Source: Pittsburgh City Paper

Mandy Leon spoke with Pittsburgh City Paper on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

What the Ring of Honor locker room is like:

“As far as the locker room goes, we’re mixing with the guys, so it’s Ring of Honor and Women of Honor, and the roster is really a family. I always say that. The talent in that locker room’s relationship is unlike anywhere you’re going to work in this business. When we come here, we’re brothers and sisters. We look out for each other. There’s no negative vibes, and you know that everyone has your back. Everybody is going to support you and is willing to help you and give each other feedback. The women are treated equal in that space, and that’s what’s so great about this roster in general. Even when we hate each other in the ring and are working each other, we still put that aside and support each other when anyone needs help. I don’t know how to describe it other than ‘amazing!'”

Her current favorites in wrestling:

“I enjoy all of the Women of Honor first and foremost. As for other companies, I had the honor of working her, Io Shirai of Stardom, she’s absolutely amazing. I also love Mayu [Iwatani], Kagetsu. They are all amazing and are some of my faves, and we got really close when I was in Japan working them, and it was amazing. WWE-wise, I think right now I’m just thoroughly enjoying all the independent wrestling women who are getting opportunities through the Mae Young Classic. A lot of them are friends, so it’s so cool to see all those faces come in. Main roster-wise, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, but I’m enjoying seeing the independent girls work their way up. But right now my obsession has been Joshi style wrestling.”

Goals for 2018:

“I want to travel a lot more, I want to get into the U.K. scene and go to Mexico, too. I’d like to do as much traveling as I can to really embrace an international name. I want to learn more and grow more, and I’m feeling more confident in the ring after my tour of Japan. I’d love to go back to Japan and see how the relationship with Stardom goes. I just want to travel more and enjoy life and soak up so much knowledge and grow. And a WOH belt would be pretty great too!”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Taeler Hendrix of SHIMMER joined the countless women in speaking out against sexual harassment. In an Instagram post this week, Hendrix admits that she too has been a victimized.

“In my life, I’ve met hundreds of women who have been body shamed, raped, sexually assaulted, &/or sexually harassed. I’m sad to say that I’m one of them. Since a young age I’ve been body shamed, drugged, assaulted & harassed.”

Hendrix, who has previously appeared in WWE and ROH, among other promotions, took to social media to bring to light her own struggles. Sharing a picture of herself and Slinky, she begins her post by informing her followers that her pet is also a registered Emotional Support Animal.

“Anyone that knows or follows me knows my puppy Slinky! What they may not know is that he’s my registered Emotional Support Animal! This rescue dog has rescued me. He’s helped me find my smile. He helps me feel protected. He’s been with me through the worst of things. He saw me through to the point in my life where I’d meet my future husband.”

Hendrix continues, standing up for not only herself, but for others who may not have yet found the courage to share their stories.

“We aren’t toys for your pleasure. WE DON’T Want IT & we certainly aren’t the create-a-player function in a video game. Measure us by our heart & gumption. We’re moms, daughters, sisters. I didn’t ask for my body! My body was God given & I’m pretty sure He didn’t give you permission to abuse his creations. I’ll NEVER be taken [advantage] of EVER again. I’m worth more than a paycheck, a job opportunity, etc…I’ll speak up for others who may think they can’t because at one point, I felt like I had no voice either.”

She ends her brave note with a powerful message to those who have also faced victimization.

“Believe that YOU matter. It’s not YOUR fault. It’s time for a change. Make a choice. Be a voice. #MeToo”


Anyone that knows or follows me knows my puppy Slinky! What they may not know is that he's my registered Emotional Support Animal! This rescue dog rescued me. He's helped me find my smile. He helps me feel protected. He's been with me through the worst of things. He saw me through to the point in my life where I'd meet my future husband. In my life, I've met hundreds of women who have been body shamed, raped, sexually assaulted, &/or sexually harassed. I'm sad to say that I'm one of them. Since a young age I've been body shamed, drugged, assaulted & harassed. My ESA Slinky helps me to smile & live every day & see the beauty in a life well lived knowing that I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it, it didn't matter what I looked like, what I wore, who I smile at, what I do for a living, what character I play on TV. None of that is an excuse for such revolting actions against myself, my colleagues, my sister's, my friends, my mentors… stop measuring us by our breast sizes, pants sizes, shoe sizes, ass sizes. We aren't toys for your pleasure. WE DON'T WANT IT & we certainly aren't the create a player function in a video game. Measure us by our heart & gumption. We're moms, daughters, sisters.. I didn't ask for my body! My body was God given & I'm pretty sure He didnt give you permission to abuse his creations. I'll NEVER be taken of EVER again. I'm worth more than a paycheck, job opportunity, etc… I'll speak up for others who may think they can't because at one point, I felt like I had no voice either. My husband & my puppy love me for me. Love pushes forward to a new day. Guts to come forward led to lost friends, jobs, & more. No regrets! Gumption to stand my ground. I've never gone back! Don't underestimate your power. Don't underestimate your voice. Don't underestimate the unconditional love of your emotional support animals. Thank you Slinkers, & to my husband Cory. You both fuel my smile & my positivity to stand tall & fight for a world I believe in. A Dachshund really does make a difference! Unconditional love/acceptance of yourself is an undeniable power. Believe that YOU matter. It's not YOUR fault. Its time for a change. Make a choice. Be a voice. #MeToo

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Source: Buffalo News

Cody Rhodes spoke with Buffalo News on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Leaving WWE as they hire more and more indie wrestlers:

“It’s definitely the road less traveled that I’m on, but there more people navigating it like I am. I could be totally wrong, but I feel a lot like I did in 1996 and ’97 as a fan, when my family’s business was getting ready to be the coolest thing. The next thing I know, I went from being the only wrestling fan in my class to having Nitro parties and the Monday Night War. I feel like we’re on the cusp of entering a really, unbelievably good era for our industry fans and competitors alike. Financially of course, but for fans, there’s variety. You can go onto New Japan World and there’s English commentary primed and ready. The Fite app is primed and ready for Ring of Honor. The WWE Network is primed and ready. It’s whatever you choose.”

Memories of his Battleground 2013 match with Goldust (and Dusty Rhodes at ringside):

“Going into it, I felt completely different than when I was coming out of it. There was a lot of high stress at the time. It was almost uncomfortable, because I was working really hard to garner my own spotlight and getting away from the family. But then, obviously, it became a magical moment. It’s a great learning experience when you’re busting it for 20 minutes, and then my dad just does the elbow. That was the thing that got the people to stand up for the remainder of the match. Grab an apple, because you’re going to school. It was really special, and looking back on it, it’s a tremendous memory. Our family looks at it as Dusty’s last stand. He could barely get up the steps, but on that night, it didn’t matter. There are so many great things about Buffalo, but honestly, that one will always jump to number one.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Daniel Bryan will return wrestle in 2018, according to his wife, Brie Bella.

In an interview with From The Top Rope Podcast, Brie revealed that her husband has been undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and has already had around 40 treatments across the USA. She also stated that, should he get the ago-ahead from doctors, she would be fully supportive of his return to wrestling, adding ‘This is your dream and passion. You have one life to live and I will never hold you back, because I love to wrestle and I would hate if someone told me you can’t do it. And if the WWE doesn’t allow it, then I said, go somewhere else.’

This is very interesting for fans of independent wrestling, as it raises the issue of where Bryan would likely go if WWE refused to allow him to wrestle under their banner. His contract, of course, expires in 2018. Ring of Honor would seem a frontrunner, with Daniel being a former champion and fan favourite there.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer noted that while Bryan wouldn’t likely make more money on the indies than he would in WWE, he’d certainly be able to come close with a lighter, hand-picked schedule. He also added that Bryan has never really been about the money, and the thought of having better matches with a wider variety of opponents would be very tempting.

Meltzer also noted Bryan’s in-ring return would likely dominate wrestling news in 2018.


It’s been one of the biggest rumours in wrestling for months but it now appears that former ROH Champion and Bullet Club member Adam Cole is officially on his way to WWE.

According to PWI Insider, a deal has been reached and Cole is set to debut in NXT with a view to create a new star for the brand.

Whilst there is no concrete plans for when or how Cole will debut in NXT, it’s reported that he is due to begin training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando later this week.

Cole was named Wrestling Observer Rookie of the Year in 2010 and rode that momentum to an unprecedented three ROH Championship reigns.

The Panama City Playboy was the subject of interest from numerous promotion including ROH, Impact Wrestling and WWE. After a short stint as one of the hottest free agents in wrestling, a decision has been made and Cole could be poised to become NXT’s next big star.

Rumors have already begun circulating that Cole could make an appearance at NXT’s upcoming Takeover Brooklyn III event. Even if he doesn’t, it appears that WWE crowds will soon be welcoming “Adam Cole Bay Bay!”


Cody Rhodes told FOX Sports that CM Punk’s infamous ‘Pipe Bomb Promo’ from the Summer of 2011 helped change the pro wrestling industry for good.

When asked about his recent success outside of the WWE bubble, Rhodes claimed it could be traced back to Punk’s words on the June 27, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw and said promotions like Ring Of Honor have directly benefitted from the exposure ever since.

Back in 2011, Punk mentioned ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling and even said hello to good friend Colt Cabana during his tirade. To Rhodes, that helped put ROH on the map to a whole new level of wrestling fans, ones who possibly didn’t even know the company existed beforehand.

As the current ROH World Champion, Cody has had sterling matches in other organisations like NJPW and WCPW (where he also reigned as WCPW Internet Champion) since leaving WWE. Now a free agent able to pick and choose his own dates, Rhodes believes Punk directly talking about ROH and the fact there are alternatives to WWE has opened up the wrestling world permanently.