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It’s sounding like plans are being talked about for an “All 2” and even an “All 3,” according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. As noted, a big chunk of the Bullet Club have contracts ending at the end of the year and that needs to sort itself out first before planning for more events can really take place.

Thanks to the longer weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day have been looked at as potential future dates, but with Memorial Day that wouldn’t be much time from the ROH/NJPW show at Madison Square Garden on April 6. The turnaround may be too quick for the similar fan base who is already headed to that MSG show.

Possible locations for future shows are Chicago and Southern California.

After last month’s “All In” came to a close, Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes gave some parting words to the live crowd, which included a tease about having an “All In 2.”

During the post-show speeches, Rhodes got on the mic and said, “I know when you make a bet, sometime you go double or nothing.”

In a more recent NWA video, Rhodes talked a bit about if there would would be another show.

“There is a question of whether we do it again,” Rhodes said. “And the best answer I can give you is, it could have been a great night of matches at Chicago, sure, that’s all it could have been. But it felt like more, it felt like a revolution. Revolutions aren’t just one night.”


Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE recently made an attempt to sign Adam ‘Hangman’ Page, only for the ROH and NJPW star to turn them down in favour of sticking with the Bullet Club.

According to Meltzer, various sources reported Page would be willing to head to Stamford only if the full group is alongside him. It seems to be a case of not now, but eventually.

Page’s refusal to sign up with the Performance Centre formed the basis of this week’s episode of ‘Being The Elite’, during which he received a gift from a single H, bearing a note reading: “If you want to be an assassin, you have to be cerebral.”

Six time ROH tag champion Page has been a part of the Bullet Club since joining New Japan in 2016. When the group underwent its protracted ‘Civil War’, he was the only man to fully support Cody’s bid for leadership. It’s no wonder he received such a prominent position on ALL IN, where he eventually prevailed in a brutal street-fight opposite Joey Janela.

At the historical All In pay-per-view which occurred on September 1, Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal had the opportunity to face the winner of the Zero Hour over-budget battle royal. Flip Gordon ended up winning the battle royal. and competed against Lethal for the title on the main card. Before the match, Lethal came out to his Black Machismo gimmick, being accompanied by the brother of Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo.

Lethal was able to defeat Gordon, and celebrated with Poffo following the match. Backstage, Alicia Atout was able to interview Lethal and Poffo, the “Brothers from Another Mother,” and both shared how much this night meant to them.

“My brother died 2,661 days ago, and I’ve never felt close to him as much as seeing [Jay Lethal] in action,” said Poffo. “He brings Macho Madness to all these people. And, you know, we’re all from Downers Grove, Illinois, so it meant something very special. Thank you to [Jay Lethal and Alicia Atout] for making me feel so young.”

Following Poffo’s expressions, Lethal was also thankful of the experience, and had some interesting remarks to say about WWE.

“Today is something extremely special,” said Lethal. “There is history being made today. Today is the All In show, and today is proof that the WWE, like Cody said, does not own professional wrestling. There is an arena full of people, 10,000 plus, who came out to see some of the best performers in the world. And I can think back to kindergarten and first grade when my teacher asked me, ‘Jay, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I didn’t want to be something, I wanted to be someone. That particular person happened to be my idol, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Your brother (pointing to Lanny). So, to fast forward now and looking exactly what I’m doing, I mean, the inner child in me is smiling so hard because I’m living my dream.”

Lethal also revealed that he came to the ring wearing an official jacket worn by Randy Savage, and not many people were aware of that. He added that this moment, along with being accompanied by “The Genius”, is a dream come true for him.

Although Chris Jericho had previously claimed that he’d never work a non-WWE show in America out of respect for Vince McMahon, the 47-year-old has now changed his tune.

‘Y2J’ appeared at ALL IN, where he disguised himself as Pentagon Jr. to ambush Kenny Omega, and now has his sights set on another landmark non-WWE show: Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s upcoming G1 Supercard (6 April 2019) at Madison Square Garden.

Per the man himself on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Jericho is open to all possibilities as a free agent. He didn’t confirm anything, but said there’s a chance he’ll work the G1 Supercard, provided his schedule allows it.

2018 has seen the former WWE Champion take his career into his own hands. He wrestled Omega at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January, then took Tetsuya Naito’s IWGP Intercontinental Title a few months later. Up next is his Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager cruise (27-31 October), then, surely, a New Japan return.

It’s hard to imagine Vince McMahon being best pleased at this, particularly as the G1 Supercard takes place over WrestleMania weekend, though his control over Jericho is now non-existent.

Tenille Dashwood spoke with the Illawarra Mercury about working outside of WWE, what WWE did for her career, and the opportunities women are now getting in pro wrestling. Here are some of the highlights:

Being involved in the current women’s boom in wrestling:

“It’s taken a long time to get there, but women’s wrestling is really having a boom right now. It’s everything – it’s the production of the shows, it’s having opportunities for the women, and the women delivering on those opportunities. I’ve been fortunate enough to main event a number of the shows that I’ve been on since I started the independents at the beginning of this year. That’s a huge opportunity for me, and somewhere I can showcase just how much I love wrestling, and how fortunate I am to be in this position.”

Working for WWE:

“Wrestling for WWE has definitely helped me a lot to get me to this platform where I’m able to do that, to be as busy as I am and travel the world. I’m very lucky to have that, and lucky to have the fan-base I have. But wrestling is very popular again right now. The talent that’s out there, and the production that the independent companies are putting into their shows is just bringing more and more fans in worldwide. So I think as a whole we’re all putting in that effort, and bringing a better product for the fans worldwide.”

How she’s enjoyed her career after WWE:

“Awesome … I’ve probably been busier than I was before. It’s been a really fun journey so far, and I feel energized and alive again for my career with wrestling.”

Dashwood also discussed wrestling back on the Australian indie circuit. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


Former Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor women’s wrestler Taeler Hendrix was recently interviewed by GO Pro Wrestling to discuss her current endeavors. Hendrix stated that she is honored to be known as a person who helps start women’s divisions, since she was instrumental in both the Women of Honor, and currently the women’s division of the National Pro Wrestling League. Hendrix says that she was also the first woman to be a part of the TNA Gut Check competition.

When asked when fans are going to see her in WWE, Hendrix gave a very definitive answer.

“Never,” said Hendrix. Never. “I am with National Pro Wrestling League and I am very happy. I found a home for myself, I found a brand that I can believe in, and I can help revolutionize. And, honestly, not many women can they’re there for the starting of a division. And this just isn’t any division, let’s be clear. This isn’t just an independent. This is a TV program. This is a revolutionary program. How many women are going to be able to say that?”

While Hendrix does not plan on signing with WWE, she wishes them the best, but is content with her current status as a women’s competitor for NPWL.

“I wish the WWE best, but I know where my home’s at, I know where my heart’s at, and I go where I’m really appreciated,” Hendrix said. “I go where I’m gonna see the most potential for myself. For all of my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations. Have I had opportunities with the WWE? Yes. Have I had opportunities with TNA, Ring of Honor? Yes. I’ve done, in this business, almost everything I’ve ever wanted to do to some level, in some way, shape, or form. So, I think that’s really cool for the little girl in me that watched it growing up to be able to say.”

Hendrix credits the feud between Trish Stratus and Victoria as the feud that sparked her interest to become a wrestler, and also credits Sherri Martel, Velvet McIntyre, and the Ultimate Warrior as strong personalities that continued her interest while doing research by watching old wrestling videos.


In news that will irritate Vince McMahon more than a short wrestler sneezing all over his face, the G1 SuperCard co-promoted by Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling has sold out Madison Square Garden, with zero matches announced, in well under an hour of the tickets going on general sale.

This is a major deal. WWE hasn’t sold out its spiritual home in years.

One might point to the hub of wrestling activity that is ‘Mania Weekend as the primary driver of sales – that is, after all, why the specific date of April 6, 2019 was chosen – but it’s hard to envisage that this is something some 18,000 fans have decided to just “do” “while they are there”. This is genuine, uplifting history, and the ardent wrestling fans want to be a part of it. This won’t damage WWE one iota, beyond a bruise to the ego – the TakeOver event on the same night will doubtlessly sell out also – but this should, in theory, force WWE to up their own game. Or just throw Fox money at talent with no motivation to promote them with conviction. One or the other.

Cody tweeted the following in response to the news – the show itself was an encouraged response to the smash success of his ALL IN venture – “I am the game now”.

And, since G1 SuperCard is guaranteed to sell more tickets than TakeOver at the Barclays Center, he may have a point.