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In news that will irritate Vince McMahon more than a short wrestler sneezing all over his face, the G1 SuperCard co-promoted by Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling has sold out Madison Square Garden, with zero matches announced, in well under an hour of the tickets going on general sale.

This is a major deal. WWE hasn’t sold out its spiritual home in years.

One might point to the hub of wrestling activity that is ‘Mania Weekend as the primary driver of sales – that is, after all, why the specific date of April 6, 2019 was chosen – but it’s hard to envisage that this is something some 18,000 fans have decided to just “do” “while they are there”. This is genuine, uplifting history, and the ardent wrestling fans want to be a part of it. This won’t damage WWE one iota, beyond a bruise to the ego – the TakeOver event on the same night will doubtlessly sell out also – but this should, in theory, force WWE to up their own game. Or just throw Fox money at talent with no motivation to promote them with conviction. One or the other.

Cody tweeted the following in response to the news – the show itself was an encouraged response to the smash success of his ALL IN venture – “I am the game now”.

And, since G1 SuperCard is guaranteed to sell more tickets than TakeOver at the Barclays Center, he may have a point.


Tenille Dashwood’s WWE release came out of nowhere for most fans. She was just coming off two good matches with Asuka and even though Tenille lost both encounters she was at least chosen to be Asuka’s first opponent on the main roster. Tenille Dashwood didn’t skip a beat and when her no-compete clause was up on January 27th she was off to the races in making a name for herself on her own.

Ring Of Honor was starting their Women Of Honor tournament at the time and Tenille Dashwood fell right into the bracketology. Although she didn’t win the tournament Dashwood certainly established herself as a totally different person from her WWE persona.

ROH is holding a huge Best In The World pay-per-view this Friday and Tenille Dashwood is excited to be a part of a star-studded eight-woman tag match. Tenille recently spoke on a media call where she went into several topics including the fact she could see Bayley in Women Of Honor as well. Then she discussed how important it was for her to distance herself from the comedic stigma Emma might have left on her.

“I definitely want to be taken seriously,” Tenille Dashwood said when I asked about distancing herself from Emma’s comedic persona. “I didn’t feel like I had something to prove if anything it was for myself. I wanted to wrestle. I wanted to enjoy wrestling again and to meet all my fans and have competitive matches and those were all goals I had for myself. So I definitely want to be taken seriously to show myself I could do it still and you know to give that back to the fans too.”

Tenille Dashwood is able to meet her fans, make her own schedule to a great extent, and have longer matches without restraint. She is also open to a new world of possibilities including intergender matches which Tenille also said she would have no problem participating in as well.

Former ROH star Taeler Hendrix recently made allegations saying her run in Ring Of Honor was sabotaged due to the fact she wouldn’t sleep with current-ROH World Champion Jay Lethal.

Hendrix replied to a fan standing up for Lethal’s accomplishments by saying, “the dude you’re standing up for is the same dude that told me because I didn’t sleep with him they sabotaged me and took me off TV. that being the all mighty Jay.”

She also said in a later social media post that her attorneys are working on this case at the moment. These allegations came out a week after Lethal started his second run as ROH World Champion.

Ring Of Honor released a statement to PW Torch on the matter. ROH said they are troubled to hear about these allegations and are taking the matter very seriously. They said appropriate action will be taken after they draw a conclusion following an investigation.

“We were troubled to hear the allegations that surfaced last night on Twitter. We take these matters very seriously and will be investigating this situation thoroughly, reviewing all evidence related to the matter. Ring of Honor strives to provide an environment and workplace where male and female wrestlers are free from any misconduct or abuse. We will take appropriate action upon the conclusion of our findings.”

Tenille Dashwood spoke to the Mirror on Bayley, differences between ROH and WWE, and finding new energy after her WWE release. Here are some of the highlights:

Who from WWE she wants to see in Ring of Honor:

“It’s hard to name just one. [Laughs] But if I had to pick I’d say Bayley and I’ll explain why. She is one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardworking women I have come across in this business. Her and I are very close, we lived together at one point throughout NXT and still to this day, I admire her so much for the hard work she constantly puts in, the new ideas she has, the drive she has to never settle and always want more and those are all feelings I have within as well. If there’s anyone I could go out there and kill it with in a Ring of Honor ring that would be Bayley.”

Life after WWE:

“It’s amazing. I guess you could say I’ve found this new found energy in life and in wrestling. All of a sudden, all of these ideas started flowing through my head again. I wanted to try new things, I had ideas for things that I had done in the past and I watched people, I saw their styles, new things came to me and I’ve integrated that into my matches. All of a sudden, I just had this almost like new passion and energy. Excitement was there because I had the realization of having matches that weren’t always TV matches, that weren’t always strict on timelines or storylines and more so focused on the wrestling, different opponents I hadn’t worked before and a lot of one-on-one matches. I’m able to get out there and wrestle for longer periods of time. It was like a whole new thing I hadn’t done really in years.”

How ROH differs from WWE:

“To be honest I will say this, I have an amazing following and my fans are really loyal. There are definitely my critics out there, but for the most part my fans and the comments I get online are all pretty positive, so I really appreciate all of that. A lot of what I did and the responses I was getting once I started with Ring of Honor was that, they’re so happy to see me finally wrestle and that they’re seeing me do things that they never knew I could do, I seem to be so much better, I have more freedom for all these things.

This isn’t taking a shot at WWE at all, because I learned so much there and that has given me the platform to do what I do. So I’m so appreciative of that. I feel like obviously the difference is that, there are strict times and strict storylines like I said and that’s just how it is in WWE. So now in Ring of Honor, that has allowed me to do things I haven’t done before, they haven’t seen before. It’s just a different environment. I’m excited to explore that side of things now and like I said it’s like a new energy and excitement I have for wrestling.”

Dashwood also discussed wanting to win the ROH WOH Championship. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

The Minnesota Vikings will induct the late Dennis Green into their Ring of Honor Sept. 23 at halftime versus the Buffalo Bills, the club announced.

Green served as head coach of the Vikings from 1992-01, guiding the team to four division titles and eight playoff appearances.

“Dennis Green’s impact on the Minnesota Vikings, and really the entire NFL, is still felt to this day,” Vikings president Mark Wilf said in a statement. “In addition to being widely regarded as one of the NFL’s top coaches, Denny was also known as a great mentor and leader by all who had the fortune of being in his presence. We’re extremely honored to forever memorialize Denny and his family in the Vikings Ring of Honor and we’re looking forward to the induction in September.”

Green died July 21, 2016 at the age of 67 due to complications from cardiac arrest. Many of his former players have since spoken about the impact Green had on their lives, including Randy Moss.

Tenille Dashwood recently spoke with Scott Fishman for TV Insider; you can read a few highlights below:

Tenille Dashwood comments on her current run with Ring Of Honor: 

“I feel revived and alive again with wrestling. I started this because I love wrestling. Back when I was younger in Australia, I wanted to be a wrestler and loved what I did with WWE.

“It’s completely different now. It’s not five minutes on TV where I’m asked to do such and such. It’s having competitive singles matches every night. There are different opponents every night. I’m meeting new people and improving my own skills every time by working with different people in the ring. It got me going again.”

Tenille reveals advice Cody Rhodes has given her: 

“We talked about how to go about things and make sure I enjoy it and taking advantage of the opportunities I have now. Just to do the things I haven’t been able to do in years.

With WWE you don’t always get to do things the way you like to do them, so now he said to remember that I’m in control and can do things my way. To be doing things for a reason and to wrestle around the world. And not to do it for job, but to do it because you love and enjoy it and travel and meet people and wrestle. It was to remember all that.”

Dashwood comments on The IIconics’ Smackdown debut: 

“I kind of knew it was coming, but I told them not to tell me if it’s happening because I wanted to be in the moment. I called Peyton out. I called her a liar. I said, ‘You’re not at home right now.’ She was like, ‘Oops you got me.’ I said, ‘No, don’t tell me!’ I have been friends with those girls for years.

“I just talked to the girls yesterday. They are on the European tour right now. We always catch up. We stay in contact. They come over my house, and we go into the hot tub. We’re good friends. I’m so excited for them. Seeing them really warms my heart doing what they love. I know what it feels like to have those big moments and that feeling. So, I’m happy for them.”

Tenille Dashwood is best known for her time in WWE where she competed under the ring name Emma. Her WWE career is most remembered for her potential never being utilized properly. She spoke to Lance Storm on his Killing The Townpodcast about the ups and downs she experienced.

One of the biggest disappointments of Dashwood’s WWE career was the failed “Emmalina” character. When she was coming back from an injury the WWE attempted to change her her gimmick from a tough, hard-nosed wrestler into more of a model-type character. But those plans were scrapped and she returned to her original character when the company determined the Emmalina gimmick wasn’t working. Dashwood said the gimmick never fit her at all.

“I wish I had more to say [regarding the character]. I don’t know, I guess there was an idea to it and then they kind of realized along the way that it wasn’t for me at all. I am not a Diva,” Dashwood said. “I am not like that at all, and I just want to wrestle so I think they realized that along the way and said that let’s just have her become Emma, to be herself and be able to bring that back around.”

Dashwood said she was always satisfied with her original character. She said she identified with it more because it matched her real-life personality.

“I’m comfortable doing [Emma],” she said. “In real life I am a bit of a smart-ass, a bit sarcastic, I like to have fun and joke around, but I also love to wrestle, so I believe it was a combination of everything and it just came out in that character; just move out of the way and let me wrestle.”

After being released by the WWE in November, Dashwood has begun taking independent booking and will start working for different promotions. She also recently debuted in Ring Of Honor on Feb. 9, where she will compete in the company’s tournament to crown the inaugural ROH Women’s Champion. Dashwood said she appreciates how much interest she has garnered on the independent circuit.

“I’ve been real lucky. A ton of emails came in and just been getting so much support; it’s been really amazing,” she said. “I’m excited because coming off the Women’s Revolution and everything being such a great time for women empowerment, yeah so the schedule is booked crazy solid, basically how far ahead people book shows. I’m going to able to travel down everywhere; in America, some overseas tour, in Canada and finally be able to meet all of my fans on the independent scene, it’s going to be awesome.”

Dashwood will compete under her real name while she’s on the independent circuit. Even though she’s excited, she admitted she’s a bit nervous to return to that scene.

“That is what is making me so nervous because it’s been literally about 6 years since I have worked on the independent circuit,” she said. “There is that freedom now of being in control and not worrying about time on the TV and limitations and characters, storylines as much; just being able to go out there to wrestle and enjoy it.”

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