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According to sources speaking to PW Insider, Kurt Angle is said to be somewhat underwhelmed with WWE’s choice of opponent for his WrestleMania 35 retirement match. The Olympic Hero ‘named’ deposed Raw General Manager Baron Corbin as his end-of-career boss on this past Monday’s episode of Raw, though murmurings emerging from the dressing room suggest he was hoping for someone more high-profile.

At this stage – and despite Kurt’s wife making a since-deleted ‘fourth-wall breaking’ social media post lamenting the choice – it’s understood that Corbin has not been named as misdirection leading into a better opponent, and that the match named is the one expected to go ahead come 7 April.

Further muddying the picture is that WWE have gave their scriptwriters permission to mention dissatisfaction amongst their audience with the pairing as part of their coverage. Obviously, we’re still two weeks out from WrestleMania and the card is always subject to change, but for now, it’s looking like the End of Days for Angle’s end of days.


Since falling to Ronda Rousey at WWE Evolution, Nikki Bella has taken some time off from the ring to work on a variety of other projects.

Nikki hit the red carpet recently where she spoke with Reel Talker about now being part of the entertainment industry and her reaction to Daniel Bryan’s heel turn and new title.

“I love it because there is so much truth to it,” Nikki said of the new Daniel Bryan. “When a character has the foundation of truth of who you are, there is just so much passion and you get invested in the passion and get connected to it. Everything Bryan is saying is how he truly feels. Him changing the title, like what a heel thing to do. It’s hilarious.”

The Bellas don’t always get the credit they deserve for their contributions to the women’s revolution. But Nikki says she still feels proud at the levels that women’s wrestlers have reached and that helps validate the work that she put in.

“It’s like being a proud mom,” Nikki said of the current state of the women’s revolution. “You just watch with such pride and that’s what it makes me feel. All my hard work there meant something and made a change, and continues to make a change.”

Much like her ex, John Cena, Nikki continues to transition over into Hollywood and just being on red carpets like the one she was on gives her a dignified feeling that isn’t always there in a wrestling ring.

“I grew up being in love with the Hollywood starlets. Crossing over more to this world and doing this glam stuff, it gives me this Marilyn Monroe feel. It kinda makes me a little soft and I like it, gives me this grace,” stated Nikki.


WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was reportedly hoping for a more high-profiled opponent for his Farewell Match at WrestleMania 35, according to PWInsider. Angle announced on last night’s RAW that Baron Corbin will be his final opponent. The storyline was that Angle picked his own opponent, but that is just the storyline.

There’s been some speculation on last night’s announcement leading to a swerve with another opponent being announced, but that is not the case. Plans could always change between now and April 7, but the plan backstage at last night’s RAW was 100% to do Corbin vs. Angle at WrestleMania.

Angle noted in his post-RAW interview that he would have liked to face someone like AJ Styles, John Cena, Braun Strowman or WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe.


WrestleMania 35 host Alexa Bliss recently spoke with The Asbury Park Press and said she’s been adjusting well to her new non-wrestling role because it’s not much different from being in the ring.

“It’s a little bit of a change, but it’s pretty much the same kind of thing,” Bliss said. “We tell stories in the ring, out of the ring, and I’m able to do both now, which is nice. And it’s just more opportunity to be able to hone my craft and get better at what I do.”

Bliss also said her “Moment of Bliss” segments help advance the storylines on RAW.

“A lot of times, in the stories that we tell a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to speak their character, they just have to portray it in the ring,” Bliss said. “So being able to advance the storylines with talk show (segments) for other characters, plus add another dimension to my character, is a great opportunity.”

Regarding her in-ring future, Bliss did not rule out a return to regular in-ring competition.

“I’ve been doing live events,” she said. “It just depends on how I’m being used on ‘Raw’ that day. One day I’ll have a match and one day I’ll have a ‘Moment of Bliss,’ it just depends on what helps what story get across.”

Bliss is rarely used at WWE live events, despite her claim above. After being out for months due to concussion-related issues, she was cleared to return for the women’s Royal Rumble match in late January. She then worked a tag team match the next night on RAW, but she has been limited to the new role ever since. Bliss has been training in the ring at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, with indie veteran Mike Quackenbush, but it appears she is not 100% cleared for WWE action.


RAW Tag Team Champion Dash Wilder spoke with talkSPORT earlier this week and said there was “a lot of non-truth” being reported on The Revival asking for their WWE releases back in January. Wilder was asked if they requested their releases and about any truth behind the reports and the “#FTR” trademark that added to the speculation. Wilder did admit that he and Scott Dawsonwant more for the WWE tag team division, and more opportunities.

“I won’t touch on it too much, but I will say there is a lot of non-truth to that,” Wilder said. “The trademark was just something that we wanted because we want merchandise and T-shirt ideas and we want to make sure no other company can use it, because it’s not just a thing we have been using, obviously [laughs]. Other people have been using it and we wanted to make sure if we were to print t-shirts or like we have it on our gear now, we have the legal rights to it. Now it’s something we have the intellectual property of. We can have it on anything we want, if there is any more merchandise there shouldn’t be any more issues with that. We do want more for the tag team division, 100 per cent. We do want more opportunities and we were very vocal about that. But, like I said, there were a lot of things that were reported that weren’t accurate.”

Regarding improvements for the tag team division, Wilder was asked if he would like to see more of top singles Superstars working with tag teams, as people like The Rockand Chris Jericho did with The Hardy Boys and WWE Hall of Famers The Dudleys years ago. Wilder revealed that he and Dawson have been trying to make things like that happen more often.

“Without a doubt, I feel that way,” Wilder said. “It’s something we’ve actually been working on trying to make happen more often. We feel like there could be opportunities where myself and Dawson wrestle two other single stars like Finn Balor and, I don’t know… Seth Rollins, that would be great for us. If we could have a match with any two superstars that are in that light and are seen as main eventers, we could have some great matches with them. I would love to see that. Or if there was a six-man where we team up with Baron Corbin to take on The Shield – I would love to see them [WWE] mix it up a little bit more with guys from outside of our division so we’re not painted within ourselves, we’re not restricted to tag teams and we’re all throughout the show. I would 100 percent, without a doubt, love to have more of that.”

Wilder also revealed that they have been pitching a WrestleMania 35 match to WWE officials, that would see them defend their titles against Chad Gable and Bobby Roode in a 2 of 3 Falls match.

“Personally this year – I don’t know it’s possible or within reach but we’re going to do everything in our power make it – would be a match with Roode and Gable, two-out-of-three falls, for the tag team titles,” Wilder revealed. I feel like those guys have so much to offer as a tag team and they’ve only scratched the surface – especially on TV – compared to what they can do. I know what each guy is capable of individually and what they’re capable of as a team because we’ve wrestled them on live events all across the world at this point. We’ve had 40-minute matches, two-out-of-three falls matches, straight-up matches and I can’t say enough how much more they have to offer to this division and how great both guys are – as much as I love that we’ve beaten them [laughs]. I’d love to have a two-out-of-three falls match with them because the four of us will go out there, work harder than anybody else is going to work and we’ll give fans something to remember. That’s something we’re going to pitch for until the day is over. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, what’s going to go on but up until WrestleMania goes off the air we’ll be pitching that!”

GLENDALE, CA - FEBRUARY  18, 2015 - UFC bantamweight champion f

Ronda Rousey opened up candidly once again, as she usually does during her Ronda on the Road YouTube series. As noted, it was only a couple of weeks ago that Rousey unleashed an expletive-filled rant about how wrestling is “made up”.

During the most recent episode of her YouTube show, Rousey travels to Pittsburgh with her crew. As the camera rolls on, Rousey mentions how the previous video that ended up garnering national media attention would have likely resulted in any other WWE superstar getting fired if they pulled a similar stunt.

“I think they would have got fired [if they made a similar video], which might be one reason why maybe it’s a double standard that’s pissing people off. [Go get a medal and beat some women up for real], then you can say f–k,” Rousey said with a chuckle.

Toward the end of the video, a drowsy Ronda can be seen getting her makeup and hair taken care of after RAW has come to a conclusion in Pittsburgh. As she’s sitting and opening up to the camera, Rousey begins to express the admiration she has for her fellow “heel” characters in WWE, many of which she has been in rivalries with just weeks ago.

“Now that I’m a heel, I can be, like, openly profess my love to all the heels that I love. Here’s a list of some of the heels that I love: I love you, Liv Morgan, I love you, Sarah Logan, I love you, Ruby Riott, and I love you, Stephanie McMahon. Well, I can’t go down the whole list. I’ll probably ruin everything, and everyone’s all mad. ‘No, you’re not supposed to like people that you’re supposed to hate,’ Rousey mocked. ‘Eh, don’t like her photo. Okay? Thanks.'”

Ronda Rousey will be defending her WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35, taking place at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey on April 7, 2019.


It was confirmed on this weeks’ WWE RAW that the 6th Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place at WrestleMania 35.

Braun Strowman announced the match and revealed that he will be in it. Strowman previously won the Greatest Royal Rumble match in April 2018.

WrestleMania 35 takes place on April 7 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.