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Charlotte Flair appeared on an episode of A Moment of Bliss during last night’s episode of SmackDown, and she used the platform to deliver a huge challenge to the brand’s Women’s Champion Bayley.

The Queen told the champ that she would restore the prestige of her belt when she beats her at Clash of the Champions. Understanding the implication, Bayley accepted, promising to finally do everybody in attendance a favour and shut Charlotte’s mouth.

The SmackDown Women’s title match is now the second championship contest confirmed for WWE’s next pay-per-view. The New Day are already scheduled to face off against The Revival for the SmackDown Tag Team straps.

The final of the revived King of the Ring tournament has also been tentatively penciled in for the event.

Clash of Champions – which skipped 2018 – takes place on 15 September from Charlotte, NC’s Spectrum Center.

Braun Strowman spoke with Inside the Ropes this past weekend. During the interview, he discussed how excited he was to see his former Wyatt Family leader Bray Wyatt debut as “The Fiend,” and how brilliant he is when he is able to receive creative control. 

“Oh man, Bray Wyatt, his mind is like no one else’s,” Strowman said. “The things he’s capable of thinking of and coming up with. Everything is his idea, all this Firefly Fun House, everything. It’s great to have Bray back, especially in the locker room for morale and everything with the guys. He is one of our top stars, he’s one of the locker room leaders, and he’s one of my best friends.” 

“The Fiend” made his in ring debut against Finn Balor at SummerSlam. His haunting persona is considered to be one of the best comebacks of any wrestler in a long time.

In addition to talking about “The Fiend,” Strowman discussed his relationship with Wyatt off-screen.

“He just had his first son, and I’ve been honored to be the godfather of his first son,” Strowman said joyfully. “We’re close. Bray is one of my best friends and it’s good to have him back.”

Going back to his original thoughts about “The Fiend” character, Strowman said that he, like all the other wrestlers and fans, is thrilled to see where this “Fiend” character leads and what storylines he’ll be involved in in the future.

“I love seeing what he’s doing,” Strowman stated. “This ‘Fiend’ character is getting me excited as a fan watching, but it’s also getting me, Braun excited, because I know one day that’s going to be a money match.”

When asked if he could see himself teaming up with “The Fiend”, Strowman noted that their paths will cross someday.

“You never know,” Strowman answered. “We could either team, or we could fight friend or foe. We’re going to get it one of these days.”

This afternoon WWE star Mike Kannelis did a Q&A on Twitter. The 205 Live star answered questions about if he and Maria would ever do a reality show, if he missed The Kingdom, 205 Live, and if he would change his WWE name to Mike Bennett. 

When asked if he would ever do a reality tv series with Maria, Mike responded, “Sure. Why not.” He was then asked about if 205 Live should be incorporated with NXT, which he answered, “I think it’s strong enough to stand on its own. Just needs more exposure. The show is must-see literally every week.” 

One user asked about Mike Kannelis’ days in Ring of Honor as a member of The Kingdom. Kannelis answered, “Every day,” to the question if he missed the group.

Mike also answered a fan question about if he would change back to Bennett in WWE, he revealed, “I honestly don’t think about it. A name is a name.”

Trish Stratus posted tonight on Instagram about her SummerSlam match with Charlotte and how it ended up not being a comeback match, but her passing the torch to Charlotte.

Stratus thanked the current roster of women who allowed her to dip her toes into their current waters. She also wrote that it was an honor and a privilege to step into the ring with Charlotte. 

She ended her post with, “And now I get to sit back and watch my girls continue (tagged #smackdownlive) to take the women’s division to new heights.” 

Her full post said, “One week ago I stepped into the ring for what at first was my comeback match… but slowly realized was my farewell match, a passing of the proverbial torch if you will. It was an honor and a privilege to step into the ring with @charlottewwe, one of the very best of her era, a total pro. Feeling immense gratitude to the current roster of woman who allowed me to dip my toes into their current waters. In the beginning of my career, I set out to knock down the preconceived notion of what a female could do in this male-oriented business and the current roster of ladies represent everything we dreamed of. If we laid the platform, you all have built a friggin skyscraper and we all couldn’t be prouder! And now I get to sit back and watch my girls (tagged #smackdownlive) continue to take the women’s division to new heights…”

WWE SmackDown Superstar Sonya Deville recently spoke with Parade and talked about how pro wrestling has empowered her as a woman and as a lesbian.

Deville responded and said sports in general have made her who she is today. She also credited WWE for giving her a platform where she can spread her message and share her story. Deville recalled coming out on WWE Tough Enough years ago, and said she wasn’t ready to tell her truth just yet.

“Being a lifelong athlete, I am a firm believer that I am who I am today because of sports,” Deville said. “Not only did it give me structure and a solid foundation, but it gave me a sense of failure and how to overcome failure. In sports, you deal with disappointment often, but it’s how you handle it and come back from it that shapes you. All these lessons are transferable to life and have really helped me with the adversities I’ve had to deal with in life.

“Being a part of the WWE, I am blessed to have a platform both on social media and TV, with that platform I am able to spread my message and share my story. Four years ago, I wasn’t even openly gay, then I came out on national TV on WWE’s Tough Enough. Although it caught me off guard and I wasn’t by any means prepared to tell the world my truth, the fact that it was public made me almost have to face my truth. The last four years since then has been a forever evolving journey of self-acceptance and now also helping others realize it’s okay to be whoever you are, and to love whomever you love.”

Regarding that confidence, Deville was asked how other woman can achieve the level she’s at.

“I have a theory that confidence comes from self-worth,” Deville said. “I think no matter what your job title or role in life is, it’s important to just take pride in what you do and do it well. Even prior to WWE, when I was bartending and training MMA, I always had a sense of fulfillment because although not my dream job, I took pride in being the best bartender I could be. I look at my career now with the WWE the exact same way. At the end of the day, if you paid for the food on your table and the roof over your head, it’s a great feeling. That’s what makes me feel confident.”

Deville also talked about what it feels like in the ring and what emotions she experiences while she’s wrestling for WWE.

“It’s a rush—the lights, the crowd, the intensity,” Deville said. “That feeling is what drives me every day to wake up to be bigger and better then I was yesterday. Adrenaline is definitely one of the main emotions I feel before and during a match, but also thrill, and enjoyment. I love every minute of being inside that squared circle.”

NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm spoke to Alicia Atout from AMBY Interviews about how surreal being champion is and how she sometimes thinks the title is just a replica belt. Storm won the title back in January at NXT UKTakeOver: Blackpool by defeating Rhea Ripley. 

“Still doesn’t feel real, like it’s really, really weird,” Storm explained. “I’ll see my championship belt and I’ll just assume it’s one of the replica’s I had when I was growing up. I’m like ‘Oh no, this is real,’ and I’ll go look at it. It’s crazy, It’ll never sink in.” 

The NXT UK Women’s Champion also shared what her pet peeve is and called herself the most annoying person she knows.

“I have so many which you know, I don’t have the right to have any pet peeves because I’m the most annoying person I know,” Storm said. “Anyone that tries to cut the queue, I stop and look at them.”

WWE look set to announce NXT’s move to a live, two-hour show on the USA Network every Wednesday night. This should be a positive time for the company as they move towards a new Wednesday Night War, but it sounds like they may have already upset FOX, who’ll start airing SmackDown on Fridays from 4 October.

Per Dave Meltzer on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, “FOX thought they were getting the Wednesday Show on FS1” and aren’t best pleased with Vince McMahon and WWE as a result.

Meltzer goes on, noting that FOX planned on replacing their lost UFC programming with WWE content and had already told affiliates they were getting NXT, calling themselves “the WWE station.” Now, USA is “the WWE station” with Raw, Miz and Mrs., Steve Austin’s new show, and NXT, and WWE’s newest network have seemingly been blindsided.

Recent months have brought rumours of all kinds of new WWE content on FOX, with a Renee Young-hosted studio show previously pegged for the Wednesday night slot. Now, it looks like FOX will have to make do with SmackDown.

A hint of cynicism should be applied here, as always, but potentially upsetting his new benefactors doesn’t sound like Vince McMahon’s smartest move.