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We noted earlier how RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey recently spoke with TMZ and called The Bella Twins a “bunch of untrustworthy b—–s” when discussing her upcoming WWE Evolution title defense against Nikki Bella. Rousey also referred to the twins as “Do Nothing Bellas” on social media, a reference to her “Do Nothing b—–s” line.

Nikki fired back on Instagram today, which was also covered by TMZ. Nikki called Rousey the “Do Nothing b—h” and bragged on her pro wrestling career.

Nikki wrote, “In response to your post @rondarousey You may think I’m a “DNB” but that’s because you been here for what maybe 20 RAW’s? I’ve been here for almost 12 years. Since day one I have wanted change for the women at WWE. This “DNB” has been in the ring with Victoria, Natalya, Krissy Vaine, Shantelle Malawski, Taryn Terrell, Brooke Adams, Michelle McCool, Layla, Vickie Guerrero, Melina, Mickie James, Maria, Katie Lea, Jillian Hall, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Candice Michelle, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Awesome Kong, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie, Jojo, Summer Rae, Kaitlyn, Tamina, AJ Lee, Paige, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Riott Squad and more. I defended a championship for 301 days. I have executive produced and starred in two reality shows, one about women’s wrestling, while on the road wrestling. I even broke my neck for this business. So if you want to talk about a “DNB” look at yourself, because in this Evolution of women’s wrestling, you’re the “DNB” #bellalution #evolution”


This week’s WWE Raw saw the company execute what looked like a double-turn, as Bobby Lashley brutally destroyed Kevin Owens after defeating the former Universal Champion in singles competition.

A prolonged, focused assault on KO’s leg drew jeers from all corners of the arena, and it was supposedly done as a means of writing Owens off television due to a legitimate problem with the knee. According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he could now be set to miss up to eight months of action.

The write-up states that although WWE won’t know the true extent of Owens’ ailments until the knee is “opened up,” it’s hoped that only a minor procedure will be required, which would cut his recovery time down to four months. This won’t be determined until next week, however, and a longer absence is a distinct possibility.

Owens has reportedly been dealing with these issues for a while. He can walk and work, but as Meltzer notes, wrestlers are notoriously hard-nosed when it comes to such problems, and they often get worse with time. Let’s hope for successful surgery, and that KO’s recovery time doesn’t last the best part of a year.

In recent weeks, the feud between SmackDown Live women’s champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair has been given the top billing on Tuesday nights. Flair was recently a guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and discussed the rivalry.

Arguably the best feud the SmackDown Live women’s division has ever seen, Flair and Lynch have captivated the WWE Universe ever since Lynch turned on her best friend at SummerSlam. Flair said it’s been a while since she has been involved in a significant rivalry and she is enjoying every bit of it.

“Anytime you can find yourself in a meaningful storyline you run with it. It’s the first time in a while for me that—I have been in so many great storylines but I think the fans are really sinking their teeth in this one and see how far you can take it,” Flair said. “It is exciting; it feels fresh and new. Even though Becky Lynch and I have had the opportunity to wrestle each other, this time the dynamic is different, which makes it even more exciting.”

With Lynch as the heel for the first time in her career on the main roster, this iteration of the feud is different from previous ones. Lynch and Flair are real-life best friends, so Flair believes their familiarity with one another has only helped their on-screen storyline.

“Becky Lynch and I came up through NXT together, so in terms of how we view how things should be in the ring and psychology and I know what she does well and she knows what I do well because we have talked about it in the car so no, I think it makes for a better overall presentation,” Flair said.

Despite playing the babyface, Flair has consistently been booed by audiences throughout this feud. It’s less about a dislike for her, and more about a devotion to cheering for Lynch. Flair said she doesn’t mind the negative reaction because it is better than no reaction at all.

“Honestly, if I wasn’t getting a reaction then there would be a problem,” she said. “Whether I am getting cheered or booed you are here to make the audience react and that is how I look at it. I don’t look at it as a negative. I look at it as the fans are invested in the story.”

Flair was also asked about her feud being compared to the rivalry between The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. She humbly accepted the compliment, but noted the comparisons are a result of the chemistry she shares with Lynch.

“One, it is flattering to be, I guess. People talk about this being one of the greatest feuds of all time. That is very flattering but I don’t know, I mean, I guess, yeah. I don’t want to sit here and say that I don’t see myself as The Rock, but I don’t see myself as Steve Austin,” she said. “I do think that the fan reaction that we are getting maybe that is why people are saying that because of these two dominant stars are going at it and the chemistry, and the attitude and the presence is why they are saying that.”

WWE SmackDown General Manager Paige recently spoke with TV Insider. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Pitching her Total Divas return as a part of her moving n a positive direction and a life rehabilitation:

“Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, any kind of abuse. With the tape coming out and everything else happening, I wanted to tell people everything. I wanted to also take ownership for my faults. I wanted to own up to things I did and say, ‘Yes, I did do that. It sucks. I made a mistake. Here is why you shouldn’t do this or that.’ It was a great season to do that kind of stuff. I got to go to this women’s shelter. It was really inspiring. I really love this season. I just wanted to get on there so people could hear my side of the story.”

Vince McMahon making her the GM of SmackDown:

“I actually pitched the idea, too. I knew a few months back that I pretty much wasn’t going to be wrestling anymore, so I was constantly pitching ideas of what I could do. Maybe I could manage someone and be the female Paul Heyman. I was constantly pitching. I think Vince [McMahon] already had the idea to make me general manager. That was his idea.

“…I’m just so happy. It was a rollercoaster of emotions over two days. WWE has been so fantastic. They still believed I should be doing something and gave me such a big role…Shane McMahon really helped me the first couple of weeks. Then he stepped down, so I could solidify my spot. I have been having so much fun. I love working with the girls and guys.”

Having chemistry with The Miz and R-Truth:

“Any time I have a promo with him, and I like R-Truth too, but I always have the best chemistry with Miz. We really don’t stay on script perfectly. We kind of bounce off each other…He is the one I paid attention to when it came to promos. He helped me so much along the way with backstage segments. He made it so easy that it was great.”

Bobby Lashley and Kevin Owens appeared to pull off a rare double last night as their Monday Night Raw opener ended with recent returnee Lashley and his increasingly obnoxious mouthpiece Lio Rush brutalising the outnumbered ‘Prizefighter’ after cruising to victory.

Rush antagonised Owens and the Chicago fans alike with his relentless “Lashley” chants on the house microphone, with Owens earning rising cheers for his comebacks. The pops peaked when the former Universal Champion dropped Bobby with a Stone Cold Stunner, but the subsequent kick out marked ‘KO’s last moment of magic in the match itself.

In something of a rarity in 2018, WWE actually used an angle to write an injured performer out of action. Owens is reportedly due to undergo minor surgery in the coming weeks, and were pinning his impending absence on Lashley’s ultra-aggressive post-match assault. He repeatedly smashed both of Owens’ legs off of the ring post as a chorus of boos reigned down from the typically loud Chicago crowd.

WWE landing in one of their domestic hotspots may have had something to do with why this week’s entire episode was unusually fiery.

The episode had already opened with Shawn Michaels and Triple H rubber-stamping the inevitable D-Generation-X/Brothers Of Destruction match for Crown Jewel, ahead of another Ronda Rousey & The Bellas/Riott Squad match that resulted in Nikki and Brie decimating the Raw Women’s Champion.

Elsewhere, Trish Stratus and a returning Lita set up a newly-enhanced Evolution match with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, Kurt Angle surprised Baron Corbin with an incognito entry into the Saudi Arabia supershow’s ‘World Cup’ and Dean Ambrose again left Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to question his loyalties following a Shield loss to The Dogs Of War in the main event.

Chicago’s rich history with WWE has been tainted in recent years thanks to the predictable attempts from the audience to take over events with “CM Punk” chants. It was encouraging that the company chose major angles instead of a Stephanie McMahon b*llocking to reinvigorate the site of the legendary Bret Hart/Steve Austin double turn and controversial WrestleMania 22 clash between the aforementioned Stratus and James.

At Super Show-Down, Melbourne’s own Buddy Murphy won his first-ever WWEsingles championship, as he defeated Cedric Alexander to become the Cruiserweight Champion. In 2015. Murphy won the NXT Tag Team Championship with Wesley Blake, and they retained it for over seven months before losing them to the Vaudevillians at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Murphy ended his team with Blake in early 2016, and spent nearly two years without a direction in NXT. Murphy made his 205 Live debut shortly before WrestleMania 34, with a much leaner look. Since then, he has been on a quest to become champion, previously falling short against Alexander. However, he is now champion, and he shared with Mirror Sport about his achievement.

During the interview, The Undertaker’s music commenced, and the crowd erupted. Murphy stated that the crowd was “pretty loud for [him] too.”

“Going through NXT and being lost in the dark, so to speak, not really having a direction or seeing a light at the end of the tunnel,” Murphy added. “[Super Show-Down] was the light at the end of the tunnel, and [it] doesn’t get much better than that.”

Following his Cruiserweight Championship win, Murphy shared his thoughts on the emotional moment on Instagram.

A long, long road! When I was on the verge of closing a chapter, I seeked out the light! Taking 1 opportunity, creating a second… to 70,000 people standing up, cheering for a guy as he lived out his dream! To all those people who said I would be back in Australia after 3 months of leaving for the USA… who’s laughing now! It doesn’t end here! #205live will be seen by the world! And people will realize where the Best of the Best are located on a Wednesday night!

As a result of his win at Super Show-Down, Murphy is the first Australian wrestler to ever win a singles title in WWE history.

Kurt Angle returned to the WWE last year, and was named the RAW General Manager. Since then, the former Olympic gold medallist became an honorary member of The Shield, and teamed up with Ronda Rousey earlier this year at WrestleMania.

Kurt recently took part in a Q&A session with his fans on Facebook, and answered a few of their questions. One fan asked Angle about Eddie Guerrero, and if they were good friends.

“Eddie and I were so close”, Kurt responded. “Like brothers. Some days we got along, other days we fought… literally! We had a fight once backstage 15 years ago. We always treated each other like brothers though.”

Kurt was also asked if Daniel Bryan was still his dream opponent in the company, and Angle responded that while he would love to face the former SmackDown Live General Manager, Kurt might not be Bryan’s dream opponent at this time.

“Daniel IS my dream match. To be honest, I’m not sure that I’m his dream match. It takes two to tango.”

Kurt also revealed what has been keeping him busy, now that he doesn’t appear on WWE programming.

“My hobbies are really cool. They’re my kids. Seriously, I play with them, feed them, take them to gymnastics and dance class, and pick them up from school. I honestly don’t have time for anything else, but I like that. They’re my life.”