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Some consider NFL players protesting during the U.S. national anthem to be disrespectful, arguing that it’s a slight against those that serve in the military.

But for Michael Bennett – one of the league’s most outspoken players on social injustice – it’s a question of doing “the right thing,” regardless of the time or place.

“There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing,” Bennett said Thursday, according to Seahawks Wire’s Lindsey Wisniewski. “Regardless of where you’re at, when there’s a time to do the right thing, you do the right thing. No matter where we’re at in the world, cooking, doing whatever we’re doing at any time, it’s always the right time to do the right thing. There isn’t a place that you feel we shouldn’t do the right thing.”

The Seattle Seahawks‘ star defensive end pledged to sit for “The Star-Spangled Banner” for the entire 2017 season prior to President Donald Trump’s criticism of protesting players, which led to widespread demonstrations throughout the league in Week 3,

Bennett offered to sit down with the president to talk about his issues with protesters Monday, and the pass-rusher extended the same olive branch again.

“I just think that it has to be dialogue between the people who disagree with you and what you believe in to have a conversation about why did he say the certain things,” Bennett said. “To be able to have that dialogue is important, I hate to write him off and just have an opinion about him before you get a chance to have a conversation (with him). For me, it’s always about that.”

Bennett made headlines in early September when he revealed he’d been subject to police brutality in Las Vegas on Aug. 26. He alleged that an officer threatened to “blow (his) fucking head off” before ultimately releasing him. The Las Vegas police department referred to Bennett’s claims as “obvious false allegations.”

“Is there really a time that we shouldn’t be talking about equality?” Bennett said. “When is there not a time to talk about that? We find the time to talk about the Kardashians. We find the time to talk about fantasy football. But when do we find the time to talk about the realities of America, the realities of being a great human being and figuring out how do we make a better world for our kids.”



Michael Bennett‘s attorney believes the Las Vegas Police Department is trying to “smear” the name of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end.

Bennett revealed Wednesday that he was detained by police Aug. 26 and believes he was assaulted and racially profiled. The police department has since defended their actions and asked the NFL to investigate Bennett’s statements.

Oakland civil rights attorney John Burris responded Friday by calling for an independent agency to investigate the matter.

“Over the last several days, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and its union have begun a smear campaign aimed at demonizing and besmirching the character of Michael Bennett,” Burris wrote in a statement, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “This victim shaming is a common tactic used by police when they are caught violating a person’s rights.”

The NFL and NFLPA recently stated there was no grounds for the league to investigate Bennett.


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll backed his star defender Michael Bennett on Wednesday, after he alleged police in Las Vegas racially profiled and threatened to kill him in an incident Aug. 27.

“Michael Bennett unfortunately experienced a horrendous incident on August 27,” Carroll said in a statement posted online. “We are thankful he is safe, and we take this opportunity to say that we stand in support of him and anyone facing inequalities.

“What happened to Michael is a classic illustration of the reality of inequality demonstrated daily.”

Bennett revealed Wednesday morning he was viciously pinned to the ground and handcuffed by police after a series of gun shots went off near the area he was located. Bennett was in Las Vegas to take in the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

A video of the encounter obtained by TMZ showed Bennett pleading with one officer while another officer stood on a balcony above holding what appeared to be a handgun.

“I wasn’t doing nothing, man!” Bennett is heard shouting in the video “… I was here with my friends! They told us to get out, everybody ran!”

Carroll said he hopes the incident inspires everyone to stand for change when inequalities are brought to light.


Justin Britt‘s show of support for Seattle Seahawks teammate Michael Bennett during the national anthem Friday night did not go unappreciated.

After hearing Bennett’s call for a white player to join protest efforts, Britt said the comments led him to place a hand on the defensive end’s shoulder while he sat out the national anthem before Friday’s preseason game.

“I want to support him,” Britt said after the Seahawks’ win over the Minnesota Vikings, according to ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia. “I want to support what he stands for and his beliefs. I’m not foolish. I’m from Missouri. I get that things are different in that area than they are in some other areas. I’m not against what the flag means and veterans. My dad was in the Army. So I’m not putting any disrespect to them. I’m just trying to understand the issues, trying to educate myself more in that regard and showing support …

“I always tell kids: Don’t be a follower. Be the one they’re following. So whether it’s good or bad in some eyes, I feel like I’m just supporting my teammate, supporting why he’s doing it and his reasons, and trying to encourage others.”

Britt says that he talked to Bennett beforehand about showing support and is considering sitting out the anthem in the future. Bennett was moved and motivated by the gesture of his teammate.

“A very emotional moment to have that kind of solidarity from someone like Justin Britt, who’s a known leader in our locker room, who’s from a different part of America than me,” Bennett said. “But to be able to have that solidarity and to be able to have somebody who is behind me and know that it’s someone that I really trust, and to see him put everything on the line to support one of his teammates, I thought that was a very special moment.”


After an offseason when Richard Sherman was placed on the trade block, Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider has refuted the notion of a deteriorating relationship between the club and their star cornerback.

Sherman earned his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl nod, but his season was marred by controversy. He openly ripped into head coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for their playcalling during a Dec. 15 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. Sherman then threatened to revoke a reporter’s credential when he asked Sherman about the incident.

It didn’t stop there, however. In May, Sherman emerged as the central component of a bombshell story that alleged he’d thrown numerous tantrums since losing Super Bowl XLIX and hurled expletives at Russell Wilson in practice.

Sherman, Michael Bennett, and a handful of Seahawks denied the veracity of the story.

“We were never, ever in a bad place,” Schneider said on 710 ESPN Seattle, per Bob Condotta from the Seattle Times.

Both parties have moved on, focusing on the upcoming season, although recent history suggests Schneider may not be altogether truthful regarding Sherman.


Russell Wilson is one of the most transformative figures in the history of the Seattle Seahawks, and he’s looking to explore uncharted territory.

Wilson is entering his sixth season, but the three-time Pro Bowler believes he’s still in the early chapters of his career.

“I want to play 25 years,” Wilson told ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia repeatedly.

Since the AFL-NFL merger, no quarterback has come close to reaching the quarter-century career mark. The closest comparison of the modern era would be Brett Favre, who played 20 seasons before finally hanging up his cleats.

Wilson hasn’t missed a game through five seasons, fueling his belief in trying to accomplish the nearly impossible task at hand.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has stated repeatedly that he plans to play well into his 40s, and Wilson is certainly taking note of the reigning Super Bowl MVP’s resilience.

“Uh, yeah, I pay attention,” Wilson told “I’ll say that. I pay attention. Something that I’ve observed and seen. He’s a great example of longevity. He’s a great example of being able to be mobile – a different mobility, but you know what I mean. Being able to seem like he’s just getting better. That’s what I always want to be. That’s my focus.”

It’s difficult to forecast how Wilson will fare in the latter stages of his career, but for the time being, there’s little reason to dismiss his audacious goal.


Former Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green has been arrested in Wisconsin on allegations of child abuse, according to Paul Srubas of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Green was reportedly arrested at his home Sunday evening. As Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper notes, jail records show Green has been charged with child abuse-intentionally causing harm/cruelty toward child.

Green starred for the Packers from 2000-06, topping 1,000 yards rushing six times, and he remains the leading rusher in franchise history.

Green also played for the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans.