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Brock Lesnar will receive a whopping $500,000 per match under the terms of his new WWE contract, according to a report in Dirty Sheets.

Instead of renewing his previous deal, the reigning Universal Champion is said to have negotiated an image rights package similar to the one he has in place with UFC. This means the company will pay him on a per appearance basis, as well as for use of his likeness in merchandise.

The report states that Lesnar will receive $100,000 for every appearance on television, and some $500,000 when he competes on pay-per-view. This is in addition to a fixed amount of $500,000 per year for image rights, which is to be paid in four instalments of $125,000 each quarter.

To boot, the Beast Incarnate is expected to rake in somewhere between $5m and $10m if, as expected, he returns to the Octagon later this year for his first MMA bout since 2016. He is apparently keen on fighting the winner of Stipe Miocic versus Daniel Cormier in December.

All of that is to say that Paul Heyman’s client probably won’t be worrying about going into overdraft any time soon.


Ronda Rousey spoke to ESPN about her impressive WWE debut at WrestleMania last night. Below are a couple of highlights:

Her two losses in the UFC:

“It was me versus the world in an individual sport. I thought I would never say this, but I’m so happy I lost those fights [to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes] because it led me here. This is so worth it.

“Everything really does happen for a reason. I’m just so grateful. I thought I never would be [grateful] for [the losses], but time is a great teacher. I’m just really, really glad I gave it time instead of giving up and feeling it was the end of the world. There’s so many people who encounter tragedies who feel like the world and time won’t heal it. But all I can say to those people is: Just give it time, even if you think time can’t heal it. You never know what will happen and where it will lead you. Every missed opportunity is a blessing in disguise. I really believe it now.”

Owing WWE fans an apology:

“I owe the WWE universe an apology, because I thought they were going to boo me out of the building from day one. They really accepted me from day one. Hopefully, I satisfied a lot of skeptics tonight. I underestimated how kind the WWE universe would be. I thought any outsiders would be shunned. I was expecting to get shunned and to have to battle to be accepted. I worked my ass off to pay respect to what’s so important to them, and hopefully they saw that tonight. I’m just so grateful, man. I’m trying my best to deserve it.”

Rousey also discussed still supporting UFC fighters, how she celebrated after WrestleMania, WWE feeling familiar to her and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

UFC Flyweight Paige VanZant has rekindled her interest in joining WWE. After a dominating 7-2 record, VanZant has lost her last two MMA fights to Michelle Waterson and Jessica-Rose Clark, losing to Waterson in the first round via rear-naked choke. As a result, that made her current UFC record 4-3. VanZant has also become a pop culture celebrity, as she was a part of the Dancing with the Stars series in 2016. She finished the runner-up of the entire competition.

In 2016, FOX Sports confirmed that WWE reached out to VanZant to be involved at SummerSlam of that year. She also confirmed her interest during a 2016 interview with Sports Illustrated.

“We heard a little bit from them,” said VanZant. “They’re someone I’d love to partner with and work with, they’re a great organization. I’m a huge fan of WWE, and I definitely want to keep them close. Eventually, it’s still something I would love to do.”

VanZant also voiced her interest during a January 2018 interview with TMZ Sports, after rumors of Ronda Rousey appearing at the Royal Rumble.

“Yes. That is definitely something that I’m interested in,” said VanZant. “I love the WWE. I think that I would for sure be a good WWE Diva. We’ll see if that opportunity comes. I would definitely go for it, if they come knocking on my door, I’m taking it. I love WWE, I would love it. I have the personality for it. Yeah, when the time is right.”

VanZant has again shown interest to compete in the WWE, as she expressed during a recent interview while in London for UFC Fight Night 127.

“I’m a fighter first and foremost, but if the opportunity ever came knocking, I’m not one to turn opportunities down,” said VanZant, via MMA Junkie. “I think it’s an amazing organization, and I’d definitely love to work with them.”

Despite being 1-3 in the last four fights, with a two-fight losing streak, VanZant is confident that she can rebound and become a threat inside the Octagon once again. With WWE showing interest in signing VanZant, who turns 24 on March 26, she is keeping her options open for life outside of MMA, similar to Rousey.

Source: MMA Junkie

Ronda Rousey appeared on Ellen this morning to discuss her transition from the UFC to pro wrestling. During the interview, host Ellen DeGeneres asked Rousey to explain the differences between the two careers and why she made the change.

“WWE, I describe it as a live TV show about a wrestling tournament where everyone does their own stunts,” Rousey said. “It’s not fake fighting, it’s scripted. So when I got slapped across the face [by Stephanie McMahon on RAW], that was a real slap, there’s no real way to fake that.”

As for the major difference between WWE and the UFC, she said that WWE was like a team, while UFC and judo were individual efforts. She explained that everyone in WWE works together to make the show as great as possible.

Rousey noted that she’s been keeping her WWE career secret, and that she’s been training for awhile. She talked about her surprise appearance at The Royal Rumblein January, noting that she had to fly commercially from Columbia where her movie, Mile 22, is being filmed. She said that she put on sunglasses, a beanie and a hood and was surrounded by police, which made it appear like she had gotten busted for drugs.

When asked if she would eventually go back to the UFC, she said that she didn’t know and it would be like returning to the Olympics for judo.

“I’m just doing what I enjoy and WWE is what I enjoy right now,” Rousey said.

Rousey talked about teaming with Kurt Angle to face Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at WrestleMania 34. Rousey admitted that she’s nervous, but it’s not like she’s “Olympics nervous.” She noted that the worst thing that could happen is that she’ll look stupid, which isn’t so terrible.

“I can’t think of the last time I was so excited for anything, [where] I’m like really looking forward to it,” Rousey said.

Rousey finished the interview by revealing how she makes her trademark scowl. She said that her godfather taught her to look through her eyebrows, which is what she does.

Brock Lesnar’s name has been all over the internet since missing a pre-advertised Raw appearance on Monday night, and today’s Wrestling Observe Newsletter includes a big update on his future.

According to Dave Meltzer, sources close to the Universal Champion believe that he is UFC bound, and that his WrestleMania 34 main event against Roman Reigns could be his final WWE match.

The report also clarifies the circumstances surrounding the Raw situation. As per the write-up, Lesnar was set to travel to Anaheim for the show, but creative changed their minds at the 11th hour, meaning they had to rewrite a planned in-ring confrontation between him and Reigns.

To add further fuel to the fire, are reporting that Brock has already fulfilled his contractually obliged WWE dates, and is more interested in negotiating his next career move than “being a team player on his prior deal.”

Lesnar will be 41 this summer, and is still suspended by USADA after failing a drug test in June 2016, and dropping out of the testing pool soon after. This’ll leave him on the shelf for a few months if he does leave WWE, but it’s now or never for his MMA career.

Don’t call it a comeback – at least not yet.

Long-retired ex-UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell has repeatedly teased a return to the cage of late, and after being promptly voted off the latest season of “Celebrity Big Brother,” he told TMZ Sports on Monday he’s been training regularly in case the right opportunity arises.

“It’s still a possibility, for sure,” Liddell said. “So I didn’t want to get too far out of shape. I was in there boxing the whole time. There’s a lot of stuff that they didn’t show but I was just having a good time in there and staying in shape. I’m staying ready.”

As for who he’d like to square off with in a would-be comeback, the 48-year-old mentioned a pair of rivals and UFC alumni in Chael Sonnen and two-time conquest Tito Ortiz. Sonnen now competes under the Bellator banner, while Ortiz retired in January of last year.

“I’ve said it before in the news, Chael would be a good warm-up fight to get back into it. Tito would be great if he’d even consider fighting me. I hear he wouldn’t. He doesn’t want to fight me at all. He’ll fight other people but not me, of course.

“It depends on who they offer. I’m down for just about anything.”

Liddell claimed the UFC’s light heavyweight crown with a KO of Randy Couture in April 2005 and defended it four times. He hung up his gloves in late 2010 after suffering his third straight knockout loss in a dance with Rich Franklin at UFC 115.

The UFC has put the wheels in motion for its maiden voyages to Russia and Hawaii.

President Dana White confirmed as much Wednesday on “UFC Tonight,” revealing officials are ironing out a deal to visit the former location.

“Well, we’re going to both. The question is which one first. My whole team is over in London right now working on a Russia deal. They will come home with a deal in Russia,” White said.

“Which one will we fight in first? I don’t know, that remains to be seen, but obviously everybody’s on board to go work UFC Hawaii.”

The forays are little surprise, as the promotion boasts more than enough homegrown talent for cards in both locales.

White has shared his designs on invading Russia several times before, but only recently heeded Hawaii native and featherweight champion Max Holloway’s incessant campaign for a show in his home state. The UFC president previously cited the lack of a suitable venue for his reluctance to book an event in Hawaii, but appears to have come around. He did not attach a target date to either location.