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WWE RAW superstar Bobby Lashley spoke to The Big J Show on KRSQ Hot 101.9 in Billings, Montana this week to talk about his past with TNA and Bellator, and his current WWE feuds.

Lashley talked at length about one feud in particular that he thought was missing from his tenure at WWE: Brock Lesnar. Since his return to WWE in April of this year, WWE has teased fans with the possible match, although never delivered. When the host asked if Lashley was upset he wasn’t currently feuding with Lesnar, Lashley had some strong emotions on the subject.

“I wasn’t so much bummed, I was more pissed off,” Lashley admitted. “Ever since I came into WWE, there’s always been that comparison, and our paths have never crossed.”

Lashley went on to state he has had many conversations with Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s mic man, but has never had the important conversations with Lesnar that he wanted. Lashley admits it’s something he has wanted for some time, and thinks others want the same.

“I’m waiting for it to happen,” Lashley said. “I think so many other people are so also. It’s something that’s going to be electric, it’s something that… needs to happen.”

Lashley has been compared to Lesnar since he made the decision to sign with MMA promotion, Bellator. The 42-year-old professional wrestler left WWE in 2007 and went on to wrestle for TNA and other independent circuits while also turning to MMA and signing with Bellator, where he won 17 out of 19 bouts.

Likewise, Lesnar first signed with WWE in 2000, and left in 2004 after a contractual dispute. He joined the UFC in 2008 before leaving in 2011, although he returned to the promotion to defeat Mark Hunt in 2016, which was overturned to a no contest after Lesnar tested positive twice for a banned substance.

Given both superstars’ MMA pedigrees, the host asked Lashley if he would rather face Lesnar in a WWE ring or an MMA cage. Lashley made it clear he just wants to get his hands on Lesnar.

“To me, it really doesn’t matter. Either way, that’s a huge fight.”


Kevin Owens will make his WWE return as Paul Heyman’s next client, according to a rumour stemming from Barnburner’s Fired Up Podcast.

The former Universal Champion, who apparently quit on Monday Night RAW this week following a loss to Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship, is allegedly being lined up to be the next superstar that Paul Heyman represents.

Following Brock Lesnar’s departure from WWE in order to focus on a return to the octagon in the UFC, there has been much speculation on who would become Heyman’s next client.

Many suggested Ronda Rousey would be an ideal replacement for Brock, whilst Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns were also mentioned, but it’s easy to see how well Owens and Heyman would mesh as a duo.

Some may argue that someone with the promo skills of Owens doesn’t need the support of Heyman, but a return for the 34-year old as a ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ would instantly elevate his standing in the roster and perhaps even immediately return him to the Universal Championship picture.

It’s not known when Owens will return to RAW or even WWE, but a comeback with Heyman by his side would certainly get people talking about what’s next for the Prizefighter.

On the one year anniversary episode 52 of his Triple Threat Podcast, Shane Douglas was joined by his former “head-cheerleader” and valet, Francine.Francine and The Franchise reminisced about the glory days of ECW and their pairing which lasted from July 1996 all the way though Shane’s ECW departure in 1999. However, when discussing her brief WWE-ECW run in 2006 for the first time ever with Douglas, “The Queen of Extreme” revealed a strong desire to not just merely compete in swimsuit competitions as she attempted to express to management her desire to work. In the following excerpt, Francine recalls having a conversation with Vince McMahon regarding the lack of creative direction for her while working for WWE. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.


On asking for her release shortly after joining WWE:

“I can tell you something, when I was hired and I was in line to get a draw one evening and he (Vince McMahon) pulled me from line because earlier in the night I was talking to Johnny Ace in his office and I was crying and I was begging for my release. Johnny said they weren’t giving me my release and I was like Johnny please {because} you are not using me and I am not happy so he must have went to Vince. He pulled me from line and we start walking and he says, “You are a beautiful girl and beautiful girls are a dime a dozen, I have no idea what you can do.” I looked at Vince and I am not lying when I say this but I looked at Vince and I said, “Didn’t you buy our tape library?” He just looked at me as to say I didn’t watch it or I don’t watch it and I am then like well okay he has his crew that watch stuff and they report back and I was told that Shane McMahon was the big ECW (I don’t want to say mark) but fan and he loved ECW and that was Shane’s thing. He told his Dad who to hire and I know Tommy had a part in it too but for Vince to tell me, someone that he has hired that he has never saw my work? He didn’t know what I could do? I am thinking to myself just how on earth can I be standing under contract in this building right now? Period. It blew my mind.”

“I kept saying that I am willing to work but they had me doing bikini contests and I said I just want to work, I just want to work. I was told that I could do what I did for Paul (Heyman) so let me do what I did for Paul.”

WWE not using the ECW Originals under contract:

“I didn’t get it because everyone of us was willing to work just as hard as we did for Paul and everyone was just dumbfounded. We would literally just sit in catering and stare at each other and say that we wonder when we are getting released. That is what we said every week. It was brutal.”

“It’s traumatizing because you are thinking what am I doing wrong? Why aren’t they using me? I was never too {political} and I don’t politic behind the scenes and I never had to and you know as well as I do that Paul was so one-one-one and open and you could call him and he was easy to talk to and he was there for us. Vince was just totally different and not really approachable.”


Enes Kanter may have a future in professional wrestling.

During a Twitter Q&A session Tuesday, the New York Knicks center was asked if he would consider joining WWE once his basketball playing career is over.

“Yes, I do really consider joining the WWE,” Kanter said. “It’s my favorite sport after basketball and I’ve been watching it since I was in college and I love it. And of course, my favorite (WWE star) is Undertaker. It’s going to be awesome, but I think I’m too far away from that right now. Maybe in 10 years.”

If Kanter does decide to pursue a WWE career, he’ll have Paul Heyman in his corner. Heyman, the advocate for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, told TMZ Sports in February that he’s eyeing Kanter as a prospective client.

Ronda Rousey is looking to have Paul Heyman represent her in the WWE storylines, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It was noted that Rousey will likely not become a Paul Heyman Girl due to internal company politics as the pairing would not fit the big picture narrative on why Rousey was signed. The idea is for Rousey to be the babyface antagonist to Stephanie McMahon and Heyman’s role is seen as more of a heel, even though WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar ended up being a babyface with Heyman representing him, which was not how they intended for things to turn out. Some do feel that the WWE fan base will eventually turn on Rousey.

Rousey is also in WWE because the outside world will see her as the biggest star in the company, and because she’s had strong drawing power with female fans. The Observer noted that the limited data they have shows RAW viewership with men is way up when Rousey is on but female viewership is not.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Word going around backstage at Monday’s post-WrestleMania 34 edition of RAW in New Orleans is that Paul Heyman has signed a new deal with WWE, according to confirms the new contract and adds that Heyman has signed a short-term deal.

One source noted that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s new deal with WWE would have included just about everything he wants, including Heyman as his manager. There are no financial details available on Lesnar or Heyman’s new deals but we will keep you updated.

WWE confirmed on Monday that Lesnar has signed a new deal but there’s no word yet on how long it is for. Lesnar did not appear on the post-WrestleMania RAW but he has been announced to defend against Roman Reigns at the April 27th Greatest Royal Rumble event from Saudi Arabia, inside a Steel Cage.

Former ECW Heavyweight Champion Raven was recently a guest on Title Match Wrestling to discuss a number of topics regarding his career in WWE and ECW. Raven explained how he did not think too much of the Raven character, but it started to get over because he began to invest more time into it in order for it to look more genuine. Unfortunately, instead of art imitating life, life began to imitate art, and Raven started to head down a dark path because of embracing his character too much.

“I didn’t realize how personal it was gonna become, and then the character became so personal, so art imitated life, but then life started to imitate art when I started to become a bigger, you know, getting worse in drugs and alcohol,” said Raven. “Because, in some perverse way, I was trying to stay true to who I created, to Raven, even though Raven was based on me. So, art imitated life, but then life started to imitate art, and that’s when things went downhill.”

Raven feels that promotions creating a character for someone usually does not work well, with exceptions such as Big Boss Man and The Undertaker. It should be a part of who the person really is, because if the wrestler does not believe in his character, the fans will not. He added that wrestlers “are not casting agents.”

“It’s not like in Hollywood where they have people whose job it is to cast parts, but that is what happens. Like, they’ll come up with an idea and say, ‘we need a pirate. Let’s make this guy a pirate because he has a glass eye or something.’ And that’s how roles are cast in the wrestling business, but in the old days [of] the business, you became who you wanted to become, and if it sold, it sold, and if it didn’t sell, then you would go back to the drawing board, or you get out of the business, or went into construction or something.”

During his time in ECW, Raven became one of the most popular names in the company history, and was one of the pioneers of creating the large following that ECW had during its run. However, the original plans were much different, as Raven explained.

“The original idea was I was gonna come in for three months to get [Tommy] Dreamer over,” said Raven. “Paul E. [Heyman] didn’t realize what I was doing with the character. He thought I was going to do like a misfit grungy [character], but still a comedy character, because that’s all I’ve done before was chicken s**t heels. And that’s what he thought it was gonna be.

“But when he saw it wasn’t, that’s when the wheels started turning, and I told Paul E. before we even moved forward [and] even realized that’s what it was, I said look, if you want me to get him over quick, we need to have a back story. Because, if we have a back story, there’s already an emotional investment tied in, we can skip three months of programming, we can just jump into the meat of the programming if there’s a back story. So I came up with the back story when he gave me Stevie [Richards].”

Raven also explained that Heyman added to the story that Dreamer never beat him, and it got to the point of that being the focus of the storyline. Both Raven and Dreamer lobbied to Heyman for Dreamer not to beat him before Raven left, but Raven does understand that Heyman was reasonable in not fully trusting that Raven was going to return for them to continue their storyline.

“He couldn’t know that I’d be back in two years, and he couldn’t count on that,” said Raven. “And he had to get his mileage out of me. I had to put Tommy over to finally give catharsis to the feud, but in hindsight, sure, we never should have done it. Me and Tommy both thought we never should have done it, but from Paul E.’s point of view, we absolutely had to do it. I totally see that.”