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Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley’s friendship seemingly came out of nowhere, with the 205 Live high-flyer first appearing in a brief hype-up segment last week, before indulging in a spot of verbal sparring with Elias on his new ally’s behalf on the 17 September episode.

It’s a surprising development, as ‘The Man Of The Hour’ was only promoted from NXT to 205 Live on 26 June. He’s still making a name for himself on the cruiserweight show, where he remains active, but now looks set for a considerable Raw role on top of this.

According to PW Insider’s Mike Johnson, Vince McMahon is the driving force behind all this.

Having cut a promo on social media, Rush supposedly took it to the Chairman directly, and Vince was extremely impressed with what he saw. Thus, Lio was promoted to his new position as Lashley’s sidekick.

The nascent alliance is already delivering wild entertainment, with Rush’s charisma and freakish athleticism on full display this Monday night. If it continues, it may be the tonic needed to revive Lashley’s career, as the big man has struggled to capture the audience’s imagination since returning in April.


Randy Orton has been with WWE for over 16 years and someone who is that familiar with the WWE Universe needs to constantly reinvent himself. We’ve seen that from Orton during his feud with Jeff Hardy as a darker, more sinister Orton seems to enjoy inflicting pain upon his opponents.

Mark Henry talked about this new Orton after witnessing him thread a screwdriver through Hardy’s earlobe at Hell in a Cell.

“[Randy] is one of the most underrated guys of all-time,” Henry said on Busted Open Radio. “His accolades speak for themselves, his talents speak for themselves. Randy is getting meaner and more vicious. He started off very smooth and fluid. Usually guys like him don’t rise to the level of excellence that he’s rose to, but he’s been able to do that.”

Orton is a Grand Slam champion and has held the WWE Championship nine times in his career, but he’s yet to have the Universal Title around his waist. While that title is native to Raw and Orton is on SmackDown, Henry believes Orton should be a part of the World Title hunt.

“Randy needs to be in that conversation for ‘Universal Champion’ type roles. He’s that good,” said Henry.

Orton forced Hardy to leave Hell in a Cell on a stretcher so The Viper will likely move onto someone new to feud with. There’s no word on who that might be, but judging from Orton’s actions at SmackDown following Hell in a Cell, we can expect this same “meaner and more vicious” Orton moving forward.

Rey Mysterio has reportedly signed his deal to return to WWE.

The deal is for two years, according to PWInsider. Mysterio had been trying to negotiate an 18-month contract but WWE wanted a two year deal and they finally settled on that. Mysterio was able to work in a clause that allows him to give notice at the 18-month mark if he wants to leave.

No word yet on when the former World Heavyweight Champion will be returning to WWE TV but he is preparing for the return as WWE comes up with creative plans for him.

Mysterio returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble earlier this year and later worked the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. The two sides have been working on a deal since then.

WWE RAW superstar Bobby Lashley spoke to The Big J Show on KRSQ Hot 101.9 in Billings, Montana this week to talk about his past with TNA and Bellator, and his current WWE feuds.

Lashley talked at length about one feud in particular that he thought was missing from his tenure at WWE: Brock Lesnar. Since his return to WWE in April of this year, WWE has teased fans with the possible match, although never delivered. When the host asked if Lashley was upset he wasn’t currently feuding with Lesnar, Lashley had some strong emotions on the subject.

“I wasn’t so much bummed, I was more pissed off,” Lashley admitted. “Ever since I came into WWE, there’s always been that comparison, and our paths have never crossed.”

Lashley went on to state he has had many conversations with Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s mic man, but has never had the important conversations with Lesnar that he wanted. Lashley admits it’s something he has wanted for some time, and thinks others want the same.

“I’m waiting for it to happen,” Lashley said. “I think so many other people are so also. It’s something that’s going to be electric, it’s something that… needs to happen.”

Lashley has been compared to Lesnar since he made the decision to sign with MMA promotion, Bellator. The 42-year-old professional wrestler left WWE in 2007 and went on to wrestle for TNA and other independent circuits while also turning to MMA and signing with Bellator, where he won 17 out of 19 bouts.

Likewise, Lesnar first signed with WWE in 2000, and left in 2004 after a contractual dispute. He joined the UFC in 2008 before leaving in 2011, although he returned to the promotion to defeat Mark Hunt in 2016, which was overturned to a no contest after Lesnar tested positive twice for a banned substance.

Given both superstars’ MMA pedigrees, the host asked Lashley if he would rather face Lesnar in a WWE ring or an MMA cage. Lashley made it clear he just wants to get his hands on Lesnar.

“To me, it really doesn’t matter. Either way, that’s a huge fight.”

Zelina Vega made her SmackDown debut in May, but she has been associated with the WWE for a number of years. She worked a try-out match for the company in 2013 and then appeared as a Rosebud the next couple of years.

Vega was also cast in the upcoming movie based on Paige’s life, which is executive produced by The Rock, so the WWE always had their eyes on her. Once the movie wrapped in early 2017 Vega finally got the call she was looking for when WWE contacted her about training at the Performance Center full-time.

“It was a couple of weeks after the movie had finished filming that William Regalhad called and told me that they were going to bring me into the Performance Center,” Vega told Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. “He said that we have this idea so we will give it a shot and we’ll see if it works, if it does awesome, if it doesn’t we tried.

Vega was immediately put into a storyline involving Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas who had signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2015. While she worked on improving her wrestling skills, Almas worked on his English language skills and the two formed a sibling-like bond.

“Once I got there Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and I just clicked,” Vega stated. “I feel like now – it’s funny because people are like, oh my God, they are together – he is like my brother. We fight like brother and sister it is so funny. Even with the Tranquilo pose, he had done it for years and I was like, ‘what if I had done it under you?’ He was like, ‘no, it’s not going to happen. We are not going to do it like that.’ I was like, ‘no, trust me, it’s going to be good. Just trust me.’ He was like, ‘okay fine. In Japan we will do it.’ We had done it in Japan and it got a huge reaction.

“The following week Road Dogg had told us, ‘hey, that was a great match, let’s try that double Tranquilo thing that you guys do,’ and I looked at him with the biggest smile. So, that was how that whole double Tranquilo pose happened. We now see people in China doing it, but not only in the United States but all over different countries. I can’t believe how global it has become. It took a few weeks for them to call me and tell me that they wanted to give this a try. Some people want to think that it had to do with the movie, I think that it just encourages them. I think it was more about them never seeing me in this sort of light.”

The Double Tranquilo Pose has become one of the hallmarks of the Vega-Almas pairing. The duo defeated Rusev and Lana at SummerSlam.

SmackDown General Manager Paige spoke to The Mirror to promote the return of Total Divas. Below are a few highlights:

Her personal story being told this season:

“You hear a bunch of my stories, the year and a half I took out, just everything. All the trouble I got myself into… I was just very open about everything. I was very open with the taped sex that unfortunately got leaked, the popping [failing] of drug tests, I was just very open about everything because I want people to learn from my mistakes, you know?

“Obviously they get to see stuff like my neck injury, my emotions becoming general manager, it just has so much. I have so much to share with you guys and again you just see a different side of me, you get to see Saraya, more than you get to see Paige.”

Being able to come back from all the adversity she faced:

“Yeah I feel it definitely helped a lot and the people who kind of got me out of my rut – I was at rock bottom for a year and a half – and the people who got me out of my rut were my fans. They were just like ‘I know you can get out of this, you’re stronger than what you feel right now, I know you can make a comeback’ and it just inspired me like ‘you’re right, why do I feel like I’m giving up right now?’

“It just motivated me beyond… it motivated me more so than I’ve ever been in my life. Especially when my neck issues came around and I couldn’t wrestle anymore, I was like ‘okay, this isn’t the end of me, this is the start of something new, this is a different chapter of my story’. I just never wanted to give up.”

Paige also talked more about this season of Total Divas, an upcoming Chronicle of WWE Network featuring her, her conversation with Edge the day she retired and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

At the historical All In pay-per-view which occurred on September 1, Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal had the opportunity to face the winner of the Zero Hour over-budget battle royal. Flip Gordon ended up winning the battle royal. and competed against Lethal for the title on the main card. Before the match, Lethal came out to his Black Machismo gimmick, being accompanied by the brother of Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo.

Lethal was able to defeat Gordon, and celebrated with Poffo following the match. Backstage, Alicia Atout was able to interview Lethal and Poffo, the “Brothers from Another Mother,” and both shared how much this night meant to them.

“My brother died 2,661 days ago, and I’ve never felt close to him as much as seeing [Jay Lethal] in action,” said Poffo. “He brings Macho Madness to all these people. And, you know, we’re all from Downers Grove, Illinois, so it meant something very special. Thank you to [Jay Lethal and Alicia Atout] for making me feel so young.”

Following Poffo’s expressions, Lethal was also thankful of the experience, and had some interesting remarks to say about WWE.

“Today is something extremely special,” said Lethal. “There is history being made today. Today is the All In show, and today is proof that the WWE, like Cody said, does not own professional wrestling. There is an arena full of people, 10,000 plus, who came out to see some of the best performers in the world. And I can think back to kindergarten and first grade when my teacher asked me, ‘Jay, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I didn’t want to be something, I wanted to be someone. That particular person happened to be my idol, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Your brother (pointing to Lanny). So, to fast forward now and looking exactly what I’m doing, I mean, the inner child in me is smiling so hard because I’m living my dream.”

Lethal also revealed that he came to the ring wearing an official jacket worn by Randy Savage, and not many people were aware of that. He added that this moment, along with being accompanied by “The Genius”, is a dream come true for him.