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Chelsea Green, f.k.a. Laurel Van Ness in Impact Wrestling, was the special guest on Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly with TK Trinidad and Evan T Match.  Here are more highlights that they sent to us:

Coming up with the Laurel Van Ness character:

“I started on Impact Wrestling as just a typical mean girl, Regina George [character in Mean Girls movie] knockoff. I was bored with it. I feel like that is what every girl falls into when they are trying to be a heel girl character. I just find it overdone, and unless you can do it really well it becomes overdone. They kind of threw me a bone when they gave me a storyline with Allie and husband Braxton Sutter where I was able to get married. As we were planning this marriage segment and I am going to be left at the altar, I thought to myself, okay, how can I make this as dramatic as possible and make this as different and ridiculous. At this stage, nobody is talking about my character. Nobody is talking about a girl that is a typical blonde, mean girl that is on television. That is just not something people care about. When we got into doing the segment on television, I was the most dramatic human on the planet. I would stay crying. I would drink champagne. I would throw flowers around, and when I got into the back when the segment was done, Dutch [Mantell] was there saying, ‘oh my gosh, that was absolutely brilliant!’. ‘We need to film something, anything, where you are continuing on this mental breakdown.’ That is what it looks like you are doing in the ring, you are having a mental breakdown. So, we sat down in the makeup room and I sat on the floor and he told me to smear my lipstick, and I said that it isn’t going to work because my lips are my skin color so it’s not going to work. He told me to put on red lipstick, but I told him that during the scene I didn’t have red lipstick on, he said to me to put it on and smear it. He then told me to wet my face a little so my makeup can be smeared. He said to act crazy and sing a song and do something crazy. I am sitting there with makeup smeared, sitting on the ground with no shoes on. Being an absolute nutcase. I am not joking, I didn’t think that it was ever going to be used, but all of it aired and it was one of the most-watched segments of that year. From there, we just carried on the craziness.”

How boyfriend Zack Ryder helped her develop the character:

“I think the great thing is about my character is that talking with someone, someone always has some sort of suggestion because they can relate my character with a crazy ex-girlfriend, or a psycho mom or psycho sister, or a drunk-hot mess that they saw at the bar last week. You can relate it to whoever you want. With that comes these amazing suggestions from people. I get caught up in this character thinking that I have to go one way or another to the point that I believe that I need to be this drunk girl that never wrestles, but my boyfriend [Zack Ryder] takes a step back and says to me that I can take this character into whatever direction I want it to go. I should also stop making the character drunk, but instead, I should make her a psycho. You need a snapping point, and with that snapping point how would the crowd know that I snapped? He suggested having my lipstick slipped to me and that becomes my ‘thing.’ That is my weapon so the crowd knows that this is it, she is turning it up, and the match doesn’t become what it was before. Those little kind of pointers is where he helps me with. Where in the match I should make it happen and where it should happen, but I mean, really, there are fans that help me with this. There are fans that help me with certain suggestions where even I hadn’t thought of it and I end up using it.”

Dating Zack Ryder:

“At first we based on our relationship on everything but work, and I think that is what helped us and how we fell in love because on our first date we didn’t talk about wrestling. Like I said, I don’t know wrestling. I don’t know the things he has done in the past. He tells me stories, but I am not sitting there thinking that I already knew that and that I was watching it on YouTube. I genuinely have no idea, but I love it and am interested in it.

“Of course, it is hard when we are on the road. Last week he was in Europe so we didn’t see each other for several weeks, but on the other hand, we are both doing the same thing and we are doing this together on the same team. I know what he is going through when he can’t call me and vice versa. I believe it is the best thing in the world to trust each other. I know when he is not texting me, I know he is busy at work and I am busy too, so it’s great. It’s hard. It’s a job, but that is kind of what every relationship is and you just try to make it work. This past week it was harder than usual because he wasn’t home all week while I am sitting at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday, but the minute the weekend hits I am off to the indie shows, I am off doing business so it is totally fine. It definitely is tough when one person is really busy and the other is sitting at home, but we rarely have that, so we have been lucky.”


Former world champions Edge and Christian recently welcomed Breezango to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness. Fandango and Tyler Breeze talked to ‘The Rocket Strappers’ about their move to WWE Monday Night RAW, The Miz being very giving as a performer, and what feud they think would bring them to the next level.

When asked about the recent Superstar Shakeup, Dango hoped that the tandem’s move to RAW means more TV time.

“It’s all new.” Fandango continued, “yeah, it’s really cool because Breeze and I were talking at TV, the SmackDown tag team division is so stacked. It [has] got the Usos, New Day, Shelton & Gable, so it’s a two-hour show, so if you’re not plugged into that tag team title picture, it’s really difficult for a team to get on the show. So the Fashion Files was something that kept us afloat for over a year. Switching to RAW, hopefully gets a little more TV time.”

Breezy agreed and emphasized how “stacked” SmackDown’s tag division is.

“Dude, it’s even crazier now. SmackDown is only two hours and they only have time for one tag program and right now, they’ve got like Usos, New Day, Bludgeon Brothers, they’re having SAnitY debut, The Bar, The Club. I don’t know, man. I don’t know if we’d see the light of day over there with how stuff was going and how much tag stuff is going on. So I don’t know how they plan on doing it, but I’m kind of glad we’re on the other side, where hopefully we kind of got off to a good start there.”

With respect to The Miz, Breeze put over ‘The A-Lister’ as being very giving.

“Man, Miz, by far, one of the most unselfish guys when it comes to anything.” Breeze explained, “I mean, I guess the one key moment that he kind of proved that or I started to really think it was WrestleMania when he was standing up on a ladder and he let Zack Ryder climb up the ladder and shove him off to win the IC title. There [are] a lot of guys that would either make them look stupid or their character wouldn’t do that. There [are] a lot of guys that would have a problem with that, and Miz did it with a smile on his face and he loved it, so that’s kind of cool and kind of rare in our business.”

According to Breeze, a feud with The Revival could take the model and dancer just trying to make in the world to the next level.

“I think if you put us in there with someone like The Revival, I think those matches are going to be kind of unique, what they bring and what we bring. I think that could be kind of a good platform to kind of take us to the next level. Yeah, they’re very wrestling-heavy and we’re, I guess you would say personality-heavy, comedy-heavy, or whatever, but I think once you’re 10 minutes into a match, you’re going to be kind of on the edge of your seat to see what will happen. I think that’s what I’m looking forward to most with them.” Breeze added, “they are kind of so wrestling-heavy that they come across or people find them boring or they have no personality because the wrestling eats up their personality, but really, in reality, they have a ton of personality. You just need the right people on the other side of it to bring it out. I think that we can do that.”

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz recently appeared on Booker T’s podcast. You can check out the full episode at this link, they sent us these highlights:

Reason For His Success In WWE:

“I think it is the ability to evolve. I mean, when you look at your [Booker T] career. You went from the five-time, five-time, five-time World Champion to King Booker, which was arguably one of my favorite characters of all-time. It was so much fun to watch. I think the first time, William Regal had to say, “All Hail King Booker’ for like ten minutes, and you were eating it up. Watching it, I was like, oh my God, he is eating it up. I knew you were laughing the entire time. It was so much fun to watch.”

What He Attributes His Success To:

“My success, I think it is due to the Mizanan family. Everyone in my family is a hard worker. I was the guy that whenever someone would say, oh man, it’s media day, I don’t have time. I have X,Y, & Z, I would say, give it to me. I will do every media day because I looked at it as an opportunity. Not only was it an opportunity for me to go out there in front of the media all around the world, but also to practice promos. To captivate people and to have them understand exactly who I was. I think hard work, dedication and anytime someone didn’t want to do something, I would always raise my hand. I think that is where my success lies – for whatever I lack in talent, I make up for in hard work.”

Wanting the Intercontinental Title to Mean Something Again:

“When my wife [Maryse] first came to WWE, it was like the day after WrestleMania and she had came back and actually helped me to defeat Zack Ryder for the Intercontinental title. At that moment, I was like, never again will I ever be looked as anything other than a main eventer. Everything I do will be at an elite level; the boss level. I will tell you what, I looked at that Intercontinental title – when I was a kid, my heroes had that title; Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect. I was watching this title get dug and dug into the grave, because anytime you have the title it is more like, ‘oh, that guy is going to lose.’ Anytime there was a non-title match that person was going to lose who had the title.

“I didn’t want that anymore. I was sick of it, and I will never forget where I went off on Daniel Bryan. That day, I went through so much on my mind, I was so aggravated. Here I was trying to make the title as prestigious as I can in WWE but I wasn’t even on the show. They told me that I was involved in a dark match to open the show. It is not that I didn’t want to do it and perform for the audience, it was more like, this title deserves better than this. We are bringing out new Tag-Team titles, new Women’s title, so we don’t have time for your title. I told them to put me on ‘Talking Smack.’ They were wondering why I wanted to be on ‘Talking Smack,’ and I said, ‘what do you mean why do I want to be on Talking Smack? It will be the ability to showcase what I can do so you can see exactly the abilities that I have and showcase my talent.’ I told them that it was going to break the internet if they put me on ‘Talking Smack,’ and they agreed to put me on the show. Then, when I went on there, Daniel Bryan and I kind of went off. I literally thought he was going to punch me, but he just walked off. Honestly, it was the best thing that could have happened because it allowed me to be center stage and just let off all of my frustration and everything that I was feeling at that moment, and I remember feeling inside my head reminding myself to not lose it. I then said, you know what, lose it. People tell me it was the best promo I had ever done, but here I was flubbing words because I was so mad.”


Source: Metro

Laurel Van Ness spoke with Metro on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Making a living as full-time indie wrestler:

“It’s so amazing that to an extent we can compete with WWE. They’re always going to have the mainstream audience, but right now we’ve got so much attention. There is a crazy spotlight on indie wrestling, and that’s amazing because it’s what we love to do, and a lot of us are doing it for a living. We’re trying to make money and entertain people, and for that to be our sole career. It’s crazy how things have changed and we’re now able to do that without having to work second and third jobs. This isn’t just a hobby, this is our life.”

Fans yelling sexist comments:

“One that sticks out to me was when I was wrestling Nicole Matthews in Vancouver. I was very new and there was some very sexual comments made by a couple of drunk fans. As we were wrestling, Nicole stopped and said something to them. It did the trick, they stopped what they were saying. There’s such a fine line between letting it affect you, but staying silent about it. I don’t think it’s right to yell at a female like that, it is our place of work and we’re trying to entertain you. Freedom of speech, sure, but to an extent – you have to be respectful, we are humans and we’re working essentially for you. I do have a time when I hear things in the ring, but me personally I try to ignore it because I find a lot of people are trying to get your attention by screaming profanities or saying sexual things towards women. But I have a limit as much as anyone else, and if someone did cross that line, I think I would have to say something at the time.”

When fans chant “Zack Ryder” (her boyfriend) during a match:

“This is very different from the sexual comments, but another thing that makes me frustrated, and I get this a lot, is that I do get a lot of people doing my boyfriends chants at me. To me, that is very disrespectful and I don’t think people understand that. I have nothing to do with my boyfriend when I step into the ring. I’m not defined by my relationship or who my boyfriend is or where he works. So it’s very disrespectful when a fan does his chants because he’s not putting in the work in that ring, I am, so sometimes when people do the Zack Ryder chants it really affects me, and I have said some things to people. You have to figure out, do they want your attention? And if they do, don’t give it to them, do not give them what they want.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.


Source: Planeta Wrestling

Becky Lynch was recently part of a media scrum to promote the WWE’s European Tour. You can check out some of the highlights from the scrum below, courtesy of Planeta Wrestling:

The difference between the European crowd and the American crowds:

“I think the European crowd are less exposed to us, so we’re more of a novelty when we come in. The American crowds are great too, they’re very enthusiastic, but because we are over here less often they go insane. And it’s awesome, it’s amazing. Speaking from a European standpoint, I’m European, I feel that vibe and it’s like home. From my family.”

How difficult it was to split up the Four Horsewomen after the Brand Extension:

“In the beginning that was really hard, I think Zack (Ryder) might have seen me cry, there was a moment when me and Charlotte were hugging each other ‘I’m gonna miss you.’ It’s hard in some ways, but in other ways it’s great as well because the girls on SmackDown are amazing. We’ve got a great division, everybody is really hard working and enthusiastic, has the same goal, we all work together, and I get to see my friends on RAW killing it so that drives up competition. You wanna do better than them.”

What her dream match is:

“Lita would be one just because when I was growing up she was the one that I could relate to her, she’s the one that — I could be like that, you know? She’s cook, she’s a tomboy, but Jazz was one of my favorite wrestlers because she’s amazing. And she’s got incredible shoulders. That’s just the reason I want to face her, so we could have a good deltoid-off (chuckles). Yeah, Jazz or Lita. Lita first then Jazz. First and second.”


Source: RauteMusik

RauteMusik recently shared a video of the Hype Bros., Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley, doing a press Q&A in support of WWE’s European tour. During the session, Ryder talked about the team’s dream match, meeting WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for the first time, and the hardest hitter in WWE.

According to Ryder the Hype Bros. dream opponent is whichever team is the tag champions by WrestleMania 33.

“I would say right now it would have to be whoever the tag team champions are come this WrestleMania, whether it’s Rhyno [and Heath Slater], The Usos, or American Alpha. It doesn’t matter. As long as the Hype Bros. are against the tag team champions, that’d be my dream match for now.”

On the topic of first meeting McMahon, Ryder said he remembers seeing McMahon in the hallway and thanking him for the opportunity when he had a tryout match against Matt Morgan.

“The first time actually was before I got signed by WWE. I worked this SmackDown match against Matt Morgan. I was, I think, 20 years old. I remember seeing him in the hallway and thanking him for the opportunity. I was so nervous to be there. And, wow, that was such a long time ago. Look that up! That’s some funny stuff.”

Also, Ryder acknowledged that Sheamus is the hardest hitter in WWE.

“I’d definitely say Sheamus is definitely the hardest hitting opponent I’ve ever been in the ring with, but I actually don’t mind it because I just hit him right back, so it’s actually fun. It’s a real fight when you’re in there with him. I love stuff like that, so as the old say goes, ‘it ain’t ballet,’ so that’s what we’re here to do.”


In a big shocker, Zack Ryder won the Intercontinental championship in a seven-man ladder match at WrestleMania 32Tonight (April 4, 2016) onMonday Night Raw, he came out cut a promo putting over how this was a lifelong dream — complete with a childhood photo with Scott Hall, and a nod to his dad, who was sitting front row — before he was interrupted by The Miz.

That’s the same Miz he pushed off the ladder to win the title last night.

Miz talked his way into a title shot. The match was what it was, but it’s what came at the finish that is noteworthy.

At one point they went to the outside and Miz got in Zack’s dad’s face. They jawed a bit before Ryder’s dad pushed him down. Then, from nowhere, Maryse made her return to WWE television, squared up with Zack’s dad, and then smacked him hard in the face before being taken out by security.

The distraction led to Miz hitting the Skull Crushing Finale to win the title.

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