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On his Instagram, Randy Orton posted a photo of himself at a shoot with the caption, “Another day at the office.”

In the replies, Zack Ryder responded, “They never ask me to do these shoots. Congrats man!” Orton then replied back to Ryder:

“‘Their’ loss, Broski. I am sure someone will recognize your talents one day. Always considered you to be a very elite worker.”

Obviously with All Elite Wrestling around, Orton’s word usage was interesting. In the second half of 2018, Ryder had mostly performed on WWE Main Event while wrestling only once on RAW—in a battle royal, on the final episode of the year—after getting moved to the red brand in April.

This year Ryder has already made a handful of appearances on RAW in tag matches, currently working alongside Curt Hawkins, who is still looking for that elusive win.


As previously noted, Dean Ambrose was a guest on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and he had plenty to talk about in his discussion with WWE’s Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. To start, Ambrose explained how he’s beginning to embrace his full first name, Jonathan.

“I’ve been John most of my whole life because people just – it’s easier,” Ambrose said. “When I was a little kid, people just – ‘My name’s Jonathan.’ They just go, ‘John!’ So I just got used to it. Now that I’m getting older and a little more grizzled, what’s the word? Like a Tom Selleck. Now that I’m getting a little bit older, I’m embracing going by Jonathan. I’m gonna start wearing, like, brown dress shoes and calling myself Jonathan.”

Ambrose then mentioned how he doesn’t have any issues with signing autographs for hours on end when it’s at a designated, scheduled event. He does, however, dislike when people force autographs on him in inappropriate settings, or when they force their kid to try and guilt him in to signing items.

“So I’m always first introduced to this stuff by signing [action figures] at signing events…I’m all about fans, I’ve got all the time in the world for fans,” Ambrose said. “I’ve done every appearance and signing that lasts 3 hours, I always wait until everybody’s done, no matter how long it takes. When being a babyface, I always stay out there and sign all the autographs at the end of the show every single night. It takes an extra twenty minutes. But, some of these people ruin it for everybody. Come to a signing! I’ll sign all your sh– at a signing. One of the worst is when they send the kid. You see them over there and the kid just walks up, ‘Can you sign this?’ And you can’t say no to a kid.”

Ambrose recalled a strange occurrence that happened with some fans at an airport in Newark. After changing his flight to visit Renee Young and booking it with a travel company completely unrelated to WWE, Ambrose was surprised to find a huddle of fans waiting for him when his flight reached the airport.

“One time, when I was first dating my now-wife, she lived in New York and sometimes, on the day off, we’d spend some time at her house, some time at my house depending on where in the country we were,” Ambrose explained. “So one time, I change my flight to go to New York. I didn’t change it, I bought a new prime flight completely unrelated to the company travel. And when I landed in Newark, as soon as I got to the gate, there were like ten people there with all this Dean Ambrose stuff for me to sign. And for a second, I just woke up from the plane and I’m like, do I have a show today? What’s going on? I thought I was going home?

“And I sign all their stuff and then I’m sitting in baggage claim, and I’m like, how do they know I was gonna be here?” Ambrose continued. “It was an autonomous decision by myself to buy my own new flight. How did they know? Because you hear there’s leaks in the travel department, but I just did this on my own, so they have leaks in the airlines! And then this dude came up to me in baggage claim with some stuff, and he’s like, ‘Hey dude, I’m not trying to bother you dude, I’ll give you $50 to sign these few things. I went, ‘Keep your money, I’ll sign these things for you but tell me how you knew I was here.’ And he goes, ‘Oh dude, we got like a whole system. Dude, we got a whole system and we got people everywhere.'”

In contrast to that experience, Ambrose described Hidalgo, Texas as having a more “pure” form of appreciation for the wrestlers that fly in to town.

“When we go to this one particular town in Texas, right on the border of Mexico, Hidalgo, when we land in this tiny little airport, it’s like The Beatles just landed,” Ambrose said. “The whole town comes and they’re not collectors, they’re just really passionate fans. It’s one of our best crowds and you gotta take the time for them. It’s pure. You gotta step back and be like, ‘Alright, I’m living the dream right now.'”


Dean Ambrose was a guest on Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins’ podcast, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, where Ryder and Hawkins talk each week about collecting wrestling toys. Hawkins noted that Ambrose once overheard him talking about the podcast, and Ambrose was surprised about it. When Hawkins asked if he would be interested in being a guest, Ambrose replied, “f–k no!”

Ambrose noted that he didn’t understand the concept of a weekly podcast about wrestling figures. He said that he started reminiscing one day about his old action figures with Ryder and his eyes got bright, which led to him changing his mind on doing the show.

“It’s easy to forget that you love wrestling and why you started loving wrestling to being with,” Ambrose said. “It brought me back to my childhood.”

Ambrose talked about his first wrestling figures when he was a kid being of one of the Bushwhackers and one of the Headshrinkers. He admitted that it was a “trippy” experience when he saw his first own action figure.

“It’s trippy,” Ambrose said. “When you first make it to WWE, that’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘I’m going to be in a video game, I’m going to have a toy and everything,’ and it’s like, ‘whoa!’ It’s very cool.

“It’s still hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes that I’m even in WWE. Because you’re so used to just walking around and seeing Vince McMahon and Triple H walking around, like I’m so used to having conversations with Vince McMahon. It’s hard to remember like, ‘whoa, you were just a kid watching this on TV. It’s like, whoa!'”

Towards the end of the interview, Hawkins and Ryder thanked Ambrose for joining them and talk about toys, especially since he’s such a big star. Ryder and Hawkins noted how they’re living a childhood dream, and that a bad day of wrestling is still better than an office job.

“You guys are like me, there are a lot of people here that are just here for the money,” Ambrose stated. “They didn’t grow up watching it, they don’t care for what they do, they have no artistic care for what we do. But you guys are like me, this is all we’ve ever loved, this is our thing. Toys are a part of it.”

Ryder talked about how they’re living a childhood dream. Ryder and Hawkins didn’t have many real jobs, while Ambrose said that he had plenty.

“I had every job under the sun,” Ambrose recalled “Maybe six months might have been the longest that I could sustain a job anywhere because everything took a backseat to wrestling.”

Ambrose said that his wrestling bookings would get in the way of his day jobs and he’d eventually get fired.

Ambrose’s wrestling future is uncertain as WWE confirmed that he will not be signing a new contract when his deal expires in April. He last wrestled on RAW this past Monday night, losing to EC3.


WWE officials are reportedly looking to revive the tag team division, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE tag teams have been told that they would be receiving a big push soon, apparently to counter All Elite Wrestling, who will be putting a major focus on tag teams.

The Revival’s Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were even told that they would be the face of the division. As noted, Dawson and Wilder’s WWE contracts do not expire until April 2020. They recently asked for their releases because they’re serious about doing the best work they can do, and the feeling was that won’t happen in WWE because the company isn’t focused on tag teams. That looks to be changing now.

This week’s RAW indicated that Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins may be getting back together to work the division. The Authors of Pain will be away from the division for several months due to Akam’s leg injury.

On a related note, the contracts for Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy will expire in WrestleMania 35 season but the feeling is that they are staying for at least one more year. The brothers signed a two-year deal in 2017 with a third-year option. It’s believed WWE will pick that option up now. The option does include a significant pay raise for the third year. Matt has been teasing his return to action after taking some time off to heal in 2018.

Former Impact Knockouts Champion Chelsea Green (Laurel Van Ness) recently spoke with The Orlando Sentinel. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Going into her recent WWE Performance Center tryout not seeing WWE as a make-or-break moment for her career:

“That’s why I went in there so confident. I’m going to give it my all, but I’m also going to know my worth, know that I have options, and that’s the best feeling in the world.”

How this WWE tryout was different from her 2015 tryout:

“This was grueling in a different way. It included skill, agility, mental toughness, and things you really need to be a wrestler. I like that change.”

“They’ve kind of perfected this tryout. It starts out with skills that if you don’t pick them up quickly, maybe wrestling isn’t for you. In this situation, it was very much sink or swim.”

“They have so many amazing trainers. On top of that, some of the NXT talent was coming in and helping, and some of the main roster would come give little pep talks. Mark Henry was there. It was such a cool atmosphere.”

Dining at Disney’s exclusive Club 33 with boyfriend Zack Ryder:

“We actually almost got kicked out because I wasn’t up to the dress code. I thought my outfit was really cute, but my shirt – this is so embarrassing – my shirt was too sheer, you could see my bra through the back of it. That’s what they told me, but really I think it was my pink hair. They took one look at me and said, ‘Girl, you do not belong here with your pink hair.’ I could tell they were very stuck up about it. I had to wear a silly brown scarf around my shoulders, but we got in. Once we got in, our waiter was amazing, our food was amazing. The experience, without sounding too cheesy, it was so magical. It’s somewhere everybody dreams of going and it was such a beautiful night.”

WWE possibly signing her after the tryout:

“I don’t know if anyone can say, oh, I know I’m going to get signed. You don’t know what they’re looking for. You might have excelled in-ring but you might not have excelled at promos. It’s about giving it 110 percent, and then having NXT want you in their family. If they don’t want me, I am still happy with the performance that I gave. That’s all you can ask for.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel


Former Impact Wrestling Knockout Chelsea Green, aka Laurel Van Ness, spoke to The Roman Show at the annual Florida Supercon. They sent us these highlights:

Her relationship with Zack Ryder:

“He inspires me. I want to be there (WWE) more now because I want to spend time with him.

“We do try to keep wrestling separate from our relationship. I always wanted to be there no matter what and I want to stay true to that. I worked up kind of the wrestling ladder to get there. I hope we can be there to be together. He does inspire me with my character. Sometimes we sit down and go through different things I can do things with my character because he has been doing it for so long.”

If she knows if she will participate in the Mae Young Classic:

“Not yet. So stay tuned. I think there is so much amazing talent to be uncovered so I am waiting Ill know when you guys know.”

WWE signing Io Shirai and Kairi Sane:

“I knew that they would. I am glad the world opened their eyes to female Japanese stars. I think people for so long paid attention to Mexico, Canada, Australia and England and never Japan. It was kind of crazy. Now, they see how fearless they are.”


Chelsea Green, f.k.a. Laurel Van Ness in Impact Wrestling, was the special guest on Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly with TK Trinidad and Evan T Match.  Here are more highlights that they sent to us:

Coming up with the Laurel Van Ness character:

“I started on Impact Wrestling as just a typical mean girl, Regina George [character in Mean Girls movie] knockoff. I was bored with it. I feel like that is what every girl falls into when they are trying to be a heel girl character. I just find it overdone, and unless you can do it really well it becomes overdone. They kind of threw me a bone when they gave me a storyline with Allie and husband Braxton Sutter where I was able to get married. As we were planning this marriage segment and I am going to be left at the altar, I thought to myself, okay, how can I make this as dramatic as possible and make this as different and ridiculous. At this stage, nobody is talking about my character. Nobody is talking about a girl that is a typical blonde, mean girl that is on television. That is just not something people care about. When we got into doing the segment on television, I was the most dramatic human on the planet. I would stay crying. I would drink champagne. I would throw flowers around, and when I got into the back when the segment was done, Dutch [Mantell] was there saying, ‘oh my gosh, that was absolutely brilliant!’. ‘We need to film something, anything, where you are continuing on this mental breakdown.’ That is what it looks like you are doing in the ring, you are having a mental breakdown. So, we sat down in the makeup room and I sat on the floor and he told me to smear my lipstick, and I said that it isn’t going to work because my lips are my skin color so it’s not going to work. He told me to put on red lipstick, but I told him that during the scene I didn’t have red lipstick on, he said to me to put it on and smear it. He then told me to wet my face a little so my makeup can be smeared. He said to act crazy and sing a song and do something crazy. I am sitting there with makeup smeared, sitting on the ground with no shoes on. Being an absolute nutcase. I am not joking, I didn’t think that it was ever going to be used, but all of it aired and it was one of the most-watched segments of that year. From there, we just carried on the craziness.”

How boyfriend Zack Ryder helped her develop the character:

“I think the great thing is about my character is that talking with someone, someone always has some sort of suggestion because they can relate my character with a crazy ex-girlfriend, or a psycho mom or psycho sister, or a drunk-hot mess that they saw at the bar last week. You can relate it to whoever you want. With that comes these amazing suggestions from people. I get caught up in this character thinking that I have to go one way or another to the point that I believe that I need to be this drunk girl that never wrestles, but my boyfriend [Zack Ryder] takes a step back and says to me that I can take this character into whatever direction I want it to go. I should also stop making the character drunk, but instead, I should make her a psycho. You need a snapping point, and with that snapping point how would the crowd know that I snapped? He suggested having my lipstick slipped to me and that becomes my ‘thing.’ That is my weapon so the crowd knows that this is it, she is turning it up, and the match doesn’t become what it was before. Those little kind of pointers is where he helps me with. Where in the match I should make it happen and where it should happen, but I mean, really, there are fans that help me with this. There are fans that help me with certain suggestions where even I hadn’t thought of it and I end up using it.”

Dating Zack Ryder:

“At first we based on our relationship on everything but work, and I think that is what helped us and how we fell in love because on our first date we didn’t talk about wrestling. Like I said, I don’t know wrestling. I don’t know the things he has done in the past. He tells me stories, but I am not sitting there thinking that I already knew that and that I was watching it on YouTube. I genuinely have no idea, but I love it and am interested in it.

“Of course, it is hard when we are on the road. Last week he was in Europe so we didn’t see each other for several weeks, but on the other hand, we are both doing the same thing and we are doing this together on the same team. I know what he is going through when he can’t call me and vice versa. I believe it is the best thing in the world to trust each other. I know when he is not texting me, I know he is busy at work and I am busy too, so it’s great. It’s hard. It’s a job, but that is kind of what every relationship is and you just try to make it work. This past week it was harder than usual because he wasn’t home all week while I am sitting at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday, but the minute the weekend hits I am off to the indie shows, I am off doing business so it is totally fine. It definitely is tough when one person is really busy and the other is sitting at home, but we rarely have that, so we have been lucky.”

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