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Source: Metro

Laurel Van Ness spoke with Metro on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Making a living as full-time indie wrestler:

“It’s so amazing that to an extent we can compete with WWE. They’re always going to have the mainstream audience, but right now we’ve got so much attention. There is a crazy spotlight on indie wrestling, and that’s amazing because it’s what we love to do, and a lot of us are doing it for a living. We’re trying to make money and entertain people, and for that to be our sole career. It’s crazy how things have changed and we’re now able to do that without having to work second and third jobs. This isn’t just a hobby, this is our life.”

Fans yelling sexist comments:

“One that sticks out to me was when I was wrestling Nicole Matthews in Vancouver. I was very new and there was some very sexual comments made by a couple of drunk fans. As we were wrestling, Nicole stopped and said something to them. It did the trick, they stopped what they were saying. There’s such a fine line between letting it affect you, but staying silent about it. I don’t think it’s right to yell at a female like that, it is our place of work and we’re trying to entertain you. Freedom of speech, sure, but to an extent – you have to be respectful, we are humans and we’re working essentially for you. I do have a time when I hear things in the ring, but me personally I try to ignore it because I find a lot of people are trying to get your attention by screaming profanities or saying sexual things towards women. But I have a limit as much as anyone else, and if someone did cross that line, I think I would have to say something at the time.”

When fans chant “Zack Ryder” (her boyfriend) during a match:

“This is very different from the sexual comments, but another thing that makes me frustrated, and I get this a lot, is that I do get a lot of people doing my boyfriends chants at me. To me, that is very disrespectful and I don’t think people understand that. I have nothing to do with my boyfriend when I step into the ring. I’m not defined by my relationship or who my boyfriend is or where he works. So it’s very disrespectful when a fan does his chants because he’s not putting in the work in that ring, I am, so sometimes when people do the Zack Ryder chants it really affects me, and I have said some things to people. You have to figure out, do they want your attention? And if they do, don’t give it to them, do not give them what they want.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.



Source: Planeta Wrestling

Becky Lynch was recently part of a media scrum to promote the WWE’s European Tour. You can check out some of the highlights from the scrum below, courtesy of Planeta Wrestling:

The difference between the European crowd and the American crowds:

“I think the European crowd are less exposed to us, so we’re more of a novelty when we come in. The American crowds are great too, they’re very enthusiastic, but because we are over here less often they go insane. And it’s awesome, it’s amazing. Speaking from a European standpoint, I’m European, I feel that vibe and it’s like home. From my family.”

How difficult it was to split up the Four Horsewomen after the Brand Extension:

“In the beginning that was really hard, I think Zack (Ryder) might have seen me cry, there was a moment when me and Charlotte were hugging each other ‘I’m gonna miss you.’ It’s hard in some ways, but in other ways it’s great as well because the girls on SmackDown are amazing. We’ve got a great division, everybody is really hard working and enthusiastic, has the same goal, we all work together, and I get to see my friends on RAW killing it so that drives up competition. You wanna do better than them.”

What her dream match is:

“Lita would be one just because when I was growing up she was the one that I could relate to her, she’s the one that — I could be like that, you know? She’s cook, she’s a tomboy, but Jazz was one of my favorite wrestlers because she’s amazing. And she’s got incredible shoulders. That’s just the reason I want to face her, so we could have a good deltoid-off (chuckles). Yeah, Jazz or Lita. Lita first then Jazz. First and second.”


Source: RauteMusik

RauteMusik recently shared a video of the Hype Bros., Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley, doing a press Q&A in support of WWE’s European tour. During the session, Ryder talked about the team’s dream match, meeting WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for the first time, and the hardest hitter in WWE.

According to Ryder the Hype Bros. dream opponent is whichever team is the tag champions by WrestleMania 33.

“I would say right now it would have to be whoever the tag team champions are come this WrestleMania, whether it’s Rhyno [and Heath Slater], The Usos, or American Alpha. It doesn’t matter. As long as the Hype Bros. are against the tag team champions, that’d be my dream match for now.”

On the topic of first meeting McMahon, Ryder said he remembers seeing McMahon in the hallway and thanking him for the opportunity when he had a tryout match against Matt Morgan.

“The first time actually was before I got signed by WWE. I worked this SmackDown match against Matt Morgan. I was, I think, 20 years old. I remember seeing him in the hallway and thanking him for the opportunity. I was so nervous to be there. And, wow, that was such a long time ago. Look that up! That’s some funny stuff.”

Also, Ryder acknowledged that Sheamus is the hardest hitter in WWE.

“I’d definitely say Sheamus is definitely the hardest hitting opponent I’ve ever been in the ring with, but I actually don’t mind it because I just hit him right back, so it’s actually fun. It’s a real fight when you’re in there with him. I love stuff like that, so as the old say goes, ‘it ain’t ballet,’ so that’s what we’re here to do.”



In a big shocker, Zack Ryder won the Intercontinental championship in a seven-man ladder match at WrestleMania 32Tonight (April 4, 2016) onMonday Night Raw, he came out cut a promo putting over how this was a lifelong dream — complete with a childhood photo with Scott Hall, and a nod to his dad, who was sitting front row — before he was interrupted by The Miz.

That’s the same Miz he pushed off the ladder to win the title last night.

Miz talked his way into a title shot. The match was what it was, but it’s what came at the finish that is noteworthy.

At one point they went to the outside and Miz got in Zack’s dad’s face. They jawed a bit before Ryder’s dad pushed him down. Then, from nowhere, Maryse made her return to WWE television, squared up with Zack’s dad, and then smacked him hard in the face before being taken out by security.

The distraction led to Miz hitting the Skull Crushing Finale to win the title.


Former WWE star JTG was recently interviewed by to promote his new tell-all book. Below are some interview highlights:

On having heat in WWE:

“We had heat from the day we stepped foot into the WWE doors.” I asked if the heat was more on Shad’s end. “Man, there’s no such thing as Shad. That’s how it is in the wrestling business when you’re in a tag team. Even if you look up stories about The Rockers. Sometimes Marty Jannetty would get into trouble but The Rockers felt the brunt of it and it was the same thing with Shad. When Shad did something then Cryme Time felt it and vice versa. If I did something then Cryme Tyme felt it.”

Did you have to deal with racism in WWE or is that something that doesn’t exist backstage anymore?

“I’m not gonna say it doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t believe WWE is racist. Right now they have the tag team champions Kofi Kingston and Big E and Xavier Woods. I wouldn’t say that they’re [WWE] racist but there’s definitely a system in place, that I believe…this is my opinion, that African American, black Superstars, can go so far. That’s from what I’ve see and that’s my perception because as of right now to this day i’ve never seen a black WWE Champion. Not the title from WCW, I’m talking about the WWE Championship. I haven’t seen a black face of the company.”

His thoughts on Triple H and whether he would be a good fit to take over the company:

“In my opinion, if Triple H could put aside his ego and his dislike for a person and focus on business then I think it could probably be a lot better. For example, I don’t think he was a big fan of Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder did everything he could to get over and he got over and when he was in MSG [at Survivor Series 2011] and The Rock was there and they were chanting Zack Ryder’s name. I wasn’t in New York [at the time] but my buddy told me that he went to Survivor Series and he was on the train and they were chanting for Zack Ryder. That was the perfect time to take advantage and make some money off of Zack Ryder. That was the perfect underdog story and it was all thrown to the side because he wasn’t favored by Hunter.”

“When you see someone try so hard to get know Zack Ryder busted his ass and he got a lot of respect backstage and from the boys in the locker room. He got so much respect for getting over on his own and not needing the machine to push him. He got a little push but they buried him. That put a black eye on the morale in the locker room. It was like damn, if he did all that it kind of make everybody not even wanna try.”


Zack Ryder has hinted that his WWE status could be coming to an end. He posted a cryptic tweet on Saturday which simply stated “Sorry to my European Zack Pack…won’t be making the tour this year…I’ll let you know why in a few days when I have definite news.”

That certainly sounds ominous. Straight away the speculation has started to swirl that Ryder’s WWE release is imminent. There’s a chance that he himself has requested the release, hence why he’ll say more in a few days. He is perhaps now waiting on WWE’s response. If it was the other way around and WWE releasing him, then we’d probably have something instantly on with a “future endeavours” message. The fact he isn’t on the European Tour is a bad sign.

The other possibility is that Ryder is injured. He posted a photo on Twitter on November 3rd that indicated he was heavily iced on his shoulder. This was following his loss to Rusev. It was thought that he was just selling the beating, but maybe he really was hurt.

If that beating was the last of Ryder, it pretty much sums his career up. He was the definition of a WWE jobber. The company used him primarily for short matches in which the opponent would squash him. All relevancy and meaning of the Ryder character has been dead for years. They slightly got behind him during 2011, but gave up soon after. This is despite Ryder trying so hard to get over with his own social media buzz on things like his YouTube show.

A career change could be a blessing in disguise. The WWE do not see him as an important talent.



Before anyone goes off thinking this is a rant against Wade Barrett as Intercontinental Champion I’d like to reassure you whom are reading this that this is not where I’m going with this.

The Intercontinental title really actually seems have lost value ever since it was brought back into the WWE in 2003 after being briefly retired in 2002. Since the title came back on May 18th 2003 there have been 45 different reigns as champion. Of the people to hold the belt since it return in 2003 only Shelton Benjamin whom has been employed by the WWE for the last three years ranks in the top ten for days as champion with 354 days.

The title has started become a prop more than something worth fighting for. The championship was once known as a title for workhorses and those ready to ascend to the main event picture. Today the champion is generally someone doing jobs for the main event wrestlers due to lack of depth on the roster.

I wanna address this now. Wade Barrett could very well be a main event wrestler now, instead the WWE has decided to put the intercontinental title on him. He should not be the one jobbing to Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Ryback week after week now. That should be a role for guys like Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, and 3MB.

Secondly the intercontinental division would benefit greatly by allowing lower carded wrestlers to feud with Barrett even if they don’t go over. In fact I’m going to give you guys a list of ten wrestlers now employed by the WWE that should be feuding for the title right now.

If the Champion is a heel like Wade Barrett is you have these guys to feud with:

1. Christian: The guy is fairly over and the fans know he’s nothing more in the WWE than a mid card talent but he has shown before he can hold the title respectably. He’s a decent worker with a fair bit of charisma who has shown on occasion to have good matches. You could easily get a two month feud out of him and given his history in ladder matches you have a blow off match already built-in that would help set up any current heel champions.

2.Ezekiel Jackson: The big man is a former champion, that fits in the generic monster mold that Vince McMahon loves. If creative got behind him and built him as a monster coming for Barrett who he has defeated for the title in the past, this could be an interesting storyline.

3. The Great Khali: This pains me to say because I really think Khali sucks, but he is one of those enhancement talents that would be good for a decent one month feud. Perhaps have Barrett hit on Khali’s on-screen girlfriend Natalya leading to Khali getting mad and challenging Barrett for the title. Ultimately Barrett goes over by taking Khali out with a weapon or Natalya turns on Khali.

4. Justin Gabriel: He’s over with kids which is the new favorite demographic of the audience. So why not have him accept an open challenge from Barrett that is a non title match and beat him in a surprise upset. Then bring in their history as members of the Nexus and Gabriel talking about how he’s grown since then/he’s no longer a pawn. Gabriel and Barrett could square off in a series of tag matches for the next couple weeks as they built to a pay per view match. The blow off to be something as simple as Barrett’s title vs Gabriel having to be Barrett’s slave for a month.

5. Sin Cara: Barrett could feud with him over who’s the bigger international star. Similar booking to the Gabriel angle minus the nexus part, and the blow off could be Sin Cara’s mask vs Barrett’s title.

6. Ted Dibiase: This one is not likely to happen due to Dibiase waiting for his contract to expire so he can pursue acting but here is an idea. Barrett hits Ted’s father who is a road agent with a bull hammer by accident when trying to break up a brawl between Barrett and another wrestler. A week later Ted jumps Barrett in the back making his return. Ted then challenges Barrett to a street fight in which Barrett wins by knocking him out. Barrett comes out the next week and mocks the Dibiase family’s legacy stating they had to buy belts like the fans buy replicas while Barrett is a legitimate champion who’s earned everything he’s got because he is a one man wrecking crew. Dibiase then returns after several weeks of Barrett mocking his family’s legacy. Dibiase then challenges him to a last man standing match. Dibiase states that if he loses he will never wrestle again. Feud could run 2-3 months.

7. Tyson Kidd: Ever since CM Punk’s promo crowning him a work horse, Tyson Kidd has had a buzz around him in the internet community of wrestling fans. When Kidd returns from injury Barrett could attack him stating that just because someone claims you’re a workhorse doesn’t mean it’s true and that the belt he holds is a symbol of him being the best work horse in the company. Barrett could put over the lineage of the title and how he’s made the belt better. Barrett could list off the great champions of the past before taking shots at the hart family who trained Kidd. You could have several matches between Kidd and Barrett with both getting wins before settling in a two out of three falls match.

8. Kofi Kingston: Simply put Kingston has been the most recognized face to hold the intercontinental championship in the past five years. Incredibly over and unappreciated this could be a feud for respect. Barrett could attack Kofi’s inability to be nothing more than a midcarder who does crazy spots in the rumble. Blow off match of perhaps a ladder or falls count anywhere to end it.

9.The Miz: It’s the feud that’s likely happening going into Wrestlemania. So have them feud just like on television now with Barrett going over at mania which bugs the Miz because he was yet to lose at mania. The Miz attacks Barrett several weeks in a row until Barrett accepts his challenge. Then have Barrett go over by knocking the Miz out with the bull hammer in a regular match but have the Miz sell the results of his injury for weeks after in a post concussion angle.

10. Zack Ryder: Have Barrett make fun of the crowd in long island stating how sound they will lose their hockey team, and that leaves them with a loser like Zack Ryder as the Representative for that town. Ryder comes out and brawls with Barrett only to have Barrett lay him out with the bull hammer. The next week Barrett comments saying Ryder’s Revolution was nothing for the Barrett Barrage as he had him knocked out almost as quick as Ryder’s career as a singer and his crappy online show got cancelled. Then Barrett makes an open challenge which is answer by Ryder’s friend the big O whom Barrett savagely beats down before the match begins. The next week Ryder comes out and to challenge Barrett but Barrett is at Ryder’s parent’s house in Long Island. Barrett then assaults Ryder’s father causing him to have a stroke. Cole and Lawler for the next week give an update on Ryder’s father of whom Ryder is visiting. Barrett comes out that night and mocks Ryder’s dad. Ryder is actually in the arena and attacks Barrett before challenging to a fight for the intercontinental title at the next pay per view. Ryder states that apparently the most important thing to Barrett is that belt, while Ryder’s family is the most important thing to him. So when Barrett attacked him he made it personal, so no more fun and games he’s going to get serious and Barrett’s going to pay the price. This lead into a steel cage match that becomes a brutal and bloody classic.