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Pushed strongly throughout much of 2018, Nia Jax has faded into the background in WWE lately, having vanished from television altogether in recent weeks.

PW Insider claim that the former Raw Women’s Champion was at the Performance Center for physical therapy on an injured leg this week, giving Jax an indefinite return date.

The same source reported that Nia was dealing with a leg issue last month, but the wrestler herself has noted that while she has spent time “rehabbing,” she isn’t injured.

Jax hasn’t wrestled since a Raw house show on 22 July. Her last televised bout came against Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules 2018, where she was unsuccessful in reclaiming the Raw Women’s Championship she lost to ‘The Goddess’ at Money In The Bank, resulting in her complete removal from programming.

With Nia recently talking up the prospect of facing Beth Phoenix at Evolution (28 October), it likely won’t be long before we see her thrown back into the mix. Still, there’s no obvious place for her in the title picture at the moment, and WWE may choose not to bring her back until they’ve concocted a suitable storyline.


WWE’s official website has announced that the company will host tryouts in Germany for the first time ever this November.

The tryouts will take place in Cologne during WWE’s annual jaunt around Europe. The company expect up to 40 athletes to compete for the right to train full time at WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Also, starting today and for the first time, the official recruitment website is available in German.

WWE’s press release noted that, “elite performers with a diverse background in sports and athletics, including football, rugby, powerlifting, mixed martial arts, strongman and bodybuilding” will be part of the session. This news follows on from other recent tryouts in China, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Entrants trying out for a deal across the four-day event will overlap with WWE’s house show in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena, taking place Wednesday 7 November.

Triple H noted personal excitement in his own comments about the German tryouts, said that the country is a key area for WWE in the European market, and that he hopes finding the next German star will help expand the promotion’s horizons.

While touring with NXT in the UK, Shawn Michaels spoke with the Daily Star and gave more insight to his hesitation on working another match at the age of 52.

“I am guilty of not really wanting to work for a living. To put me in a singles match at [WrestleMania] it’s a very strenuous and anxious process, once you get in there it’s phenomenal,” Michaels said. “But to get ready for it is 100% work, and I don’t want to put myself or my family through that to go out and try and steal the show at 52 for God’s sakes.”

Instead of going the singles match route, Michaels noted how it would be cool to be in a legends versus younger wrestlers match, both in the present and earlier in his career.

“If you take the younger version of me and put me in with [the younger guys] course it would be a blast,” Michaels said. “But at the same time I would like to be the younger version of me and be the ring with Harley Race and Buddy Rodgers. That’s something that can’t happen in real life. … Fans want me to nip up and have everything look like it’s 1996 or 1997, that’s never gonna happen as Father Time waits on no man.”

After losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI, Michaels retired and was then inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. Michaels is currently one of the trainers at the WWE Performance Center. Earlier this month in an interview with Sky Sports, Michaels had left the door open for a one-off return, but has seemingly stepped back from those comments.

“I’ve been retired for eight years now and when it got to the five-year mark I thought people would start asking me but they just kind of stopped,” Michaels told Sky Sports. “I think it’s one of those that you would never say never about and if it was just for a one-off then it’s something that I would take a look at. It would have to be done the right way and just for one match rather than something that ran for longer. It could be possible but people would have to accept they wouldn’t be getting the Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania, and that I’m 52 years old now.”

You can check out Michaels’ full interview by clicking here.

Mike and Maria Kanellis haven’t appeared as a duo on WWE television since Maria was taken off the road after becoming pregnant last September. The couple celebrated the birth of their daughter Freddie Moon Bennett on April 3rd, 2018.

Maria will be reporting to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida next week. Although Mike has really transformed his physique during his wife’s hiatus, he hasn’t been used on television in a notable fashion. Mike has been mostly working live events and Main Event tapings.

Maria is very active on social media and recently updated fans about her return status. She has focused on getting back into shape since her pregnancy and has posted several photos of her progress. She also commented on the upcoming all-female WWE Evolution event, saying that it was they fought for during her first run with WWE from 2004 – 2010. When asked if she would be able to return in time for it, she said that she is ready to return now and will be heading to the Performance Center next week.

The Singh Brothers (Samir and Sunil) spoke with Sportskeeda on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Getting beat up by Jinder Mahal:

“We deserved it! We deserved it. We let him down! 2-on-1 against AJ Styles; we had a huge opportunity. AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world, probably in the last few decades. He truly is Phenomenal, and it was an opportunity of a lifetime. And we let The Maharaja down. And he [Mahal] had every right to put us in our place for that. Lesson learned, brother. Lesson learned.”

Learning from Shawn Michaels at the WWE Performance Center:

“Yes. We’re very lucky. When we started in NXT, the (WWE) Performance Center, Shawn Michaels had just moved. And we kind of gravitated towards him, and he took a liking to us. I think he saw a lot of Marty [Jannetty] and Shawn in us. Because we were known as ‘The Bollywood Boys’ at that time. Even our gear was a lot like ‘The Rockers’ with the tassels and the bright colors. A lot of our tag team moves were like The Rockers, so he took a liking to us. And I would say Shawn really helped us get to this point. And the cool thing is that he’s the greatest of all time, in our humble opinion. So, to have him there and pick his brain, and ask him questions—We’re like, ‘Hey, what do we do here?’, ‘What do we do there?’. And even to this day, he’s still willing to [help].”

Breaking out and their goal as a tag team:

“Our goal since we were kids was to one day become WWE Tag Team Champions. It would be great to be the first ever WWE Indian-born Tag Team Champions. Jinder was the first WWE Champion — Indian-born. So, that could be a great historic moment for India. Absolutely, the goal is to one day become WWE Tag Team Champions, and the only way that happens is when you start wrestling as a tag team. If that opportunity comes up, great, but right now our focus, our main priority is making sure Jinder becomes two-time WWE Champion.”


Criticism lobbied at the WWE Performance Center is unfair, according to Triple H during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative was responding to comments claiming the facility favoured a robotic style and lacked individuality.

Clearly passionate about the subject, Triple H also said that a real effort had been made to remove the uniform style WWE perhaps favoured before breaking ground on the Performance Center and called critical comments misconceptions that are “always the same”.

Trainees at the Performance Center do wear branded WWE gear during sessions and workouts, but Triple H says this is because the company want to harness an environment where everybody feels equal.

‘The Game’ also discredited the idea that any talent leaving the Center would do so as robots who worked the exact same way, claiming that WWE want each and every prospective superstar to leave with their own identity and character.

In an attempt to show the unity that exists in the facility, Triple H pointed towards the celebratory feel when someone graduates to NXT or the main roster.


Source: The Ross Report

Recently on The Ross Report, legendary professional wrestling broadcaster Jim Ross welcomed fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus to the program. During the conversation, Stratus talked about her retirement from professional wrestling, whether she was originally planned to appear at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, and whether she was ever approached about being a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center.

Stratus admitted that she did not have an exit strategy for her professional wrestling retirement. Rather, her mother was diagnosed with cancer as her WWE contract was expiring and she took it as a sign to focus on her family.

“There wasn’t really any exit strategy as far as ‘what will I do when I retire?’. It was just the right time, but I was 100% happy with the way everything went, obviously, on a number of fronts. My [WWE] contract had come up and they came to me and wanted me to sign for another five years. And I was just ready [to retire]. I was going to be 30 [years old] that year. A big thing was my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and, for me, it was like, ‘okay,’ it was a sign almost, to be like, ‘I need to be with her during treatment. I can’t be on the road. It would be impossible for me to give her the support she needs’. So that was, obviously, like, the sign from above that meant ‘this is the right time’ because there were times where I thought, ‘is it the right time?’ But I felt really satisfied with my [professional wrestling] career at that time.”

According to Stratus, her WWE run had “a storybook ending” and that she could not have asked for a better exit. Moreover, going out at Unforgiven in 2006 in front of her hometown crowd was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s idea.

“I was ready. And then, that sign from above that my mom was needed to have me [nearby] and it was about family at that point. I was ready to leave and I remember I talked to Vince about it and he supported my decision. And, in fact, it was him who said to me, I mean, I didn’t know how I was going to exit. And I just knew I think my contract was coming up in August or something. It was in the summertime and he said, he came up with the idea. He said, ‘you know, [Unforgiven] is in Toronto [Canada] and I think it would be pretty awesome to go out there. Would you want to stick around a couple more months?'”

Also, during the interview, Stratus shared that WWE never talked to her about appearing for the company over Survivor Series 2016 weekend, as WWE contacted her about something else a few months earlier and found out she was pregnant at that time. Accordingly, Mickie James’ spot at NXT TakeOver: Toronto was never meant for ‘Canada’s Greatest Export’.

“No, I did not [get approached], actually, that was a big rumor that even my team, my staff, was asking me.” Stratus added, “there were no plans whatsoever to do anything. It seems, obviously… no. I mean, they had not asked me. And, at that point, I mean, I was backstage. I did go backstage and I was about seven months pregnant. I was seven-and-a-half months pregnant. There was really nothing that could have been done at that point. So no, they had never talked to me about that. But they had known I was pregnant too. There was some talk a few months earlier about doing something with them, just collaborating on something. And so they all knew I was pregnant. So that was just a full-blown rumor. It wasn’t anything they had thought about doing and then didn’t work out, and then, they got Mickey and all that stuff. No, Mickie [James] was the girl for that match.”

Stratus divulged that she was asked by Triple H to be a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center, but it the timing has not worked out given her pregnancies.

“I think just because of how it [has] happened with my choice of pregnancy timing, it hasn’t worked out. And I know that Triple H talked to me at [one point], just a brief conversation at one point. And I guess either I was backstage for something or we talked about the idea and I said, ‘yeah’. Maybe the Performance Center was just going to be starting and he said they’d love me to come down and I would have absolutely love to have gone down there. And then, I got pregnant. And then, I had a newborn. And then, expecting, et. cetera, so it hasn’t really worked out. But yeah, I’d love to see the kids in action and to see what goes on in that because I am just so impressed with what they’re churning out. Like, everyone, I mean, everyone, all of them, they are all on point.”