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SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella recently did a lengthy Q&A for the WWE website at this link. Below are highlights:

The SmackDown LIVE after WrestleMania, you cashed in on Charlotte Flair. What made that the right moment?

At WrestleMania, there’s so many big moments, and I didn’t want it to get lost. I wanted everyone to be talking about it. The SmackDown after was the perfect opportunity. Charlotte did the impossible and broke Asuka’s streak. The WrestleMania Week crowd is such a special vibe. Plus, my parents and family were there. I wanted them to see it. It was perfect.

Once the referee counts three and you have the SmackDown Women’s Championship in your hands, what’s going through your mind?

All of the hard work that I’ve put in over the last few years. Everything came full circle. I thought about being the last draft pick, not debuting with Cass & Enzo on the Raw after WrestleMania. I thought about everyone doubting me, telling me I’ll never be champion, that I’m just a hype girl. I thought about all of that and … the feeling I had was indescribable.

I love proving people wrong. I love doing things that people say I can’t do. I started my journey in NXT four years ago, and now I’m champion. People can complain and say whatever they want, but I’m still the champion. I did it. I’ll never forget that feeling.

You’ve still been dealing with your fair share of detractors on social media lately, including those who think your title win is tainted because of The IIconics’ attack on Charlotte. Ultimately, what do you have to say to those who think you don’t deserve to be where you are today?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks I deserve. I don’t deserve anything; I earn it. I worked hard and put in the effort. People say that I went off what The IIconics did, but that’s what every single Money in the Bank holder did — wait for the perfect opportunity. You don’t just wait for the champion to be up and then have a normal title opportunity. You have to be sneaky. You have to do it in the way that guarantees a title win. I didn’t want to cash in and lose it. At the end of the day, I don’t care what anyone says because I did everything the way I wanted to do it, and I won.

Source: WWE


After spending many years as playing the role of the veteran talent who makes others look good, Natalya experienced a career resurgence on the SmackDown Live brand in 2017. After winning the Diva’s Championship at the 2010 Survivor Series, Natalya went on a seven-year championship drought before defeating Naomi at SummerSlam.

Also on SmackDown Live, Natalya played the role of a heel for the first time in many years. However, during the Superstar Shake-up, she was drafted to Raw, and is now competing as a babyface again after discussing her comradery and wrestling mentorship to Ronda Rousey. Rousey has also saved Natalya from gang attacks on Raw, further solidifying their on-screen allegiance.

During WWE’s recent European tour, Natalya was interviewed by and discussed various topics, including her experience in Dublin, Ireland, her WWE tenure, and more. Natalya also praised Rousey’s transition to the WWE.

“I really like Ronda,” said Natalya. “She makes it really hard not to like her. She’s a good friend of mine. I’m impressed by her on so many levels. Her work ethic, her attitude, her drive, her determination to be innovative and different but to still stick to her roots. But she’s still really humble. I like being around her.

“When I train with her and work with her, she makes me wanna be better. Even though she doesn’t have a whole lot of experience in WWE, she performed at WrestleMania a little over a month ago, or less than a month ago? I’m not even sure what day it is… She just did so well. It was a testament to her commitment and to her hard work. She’s stepping into a whole new world, this is not her world. But she’s an example that change is good, and that there’s always something new that we can be challenged by. I love Ronda.”

Natalya also stated that she is interested in working an angle with Rousey, which draws further speculation that a feud between the two may be on the horizon. In addition to praising Rousey, Natalya also discussed missing out on the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia due to cultural restrictions toward women.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, but I think definitely we’ll get there, I’m excited about it,” said Natalya. “I was talking with several of the male talents that were over in Saudi Arabia, and Roman Reigns said it was just so incredible, and that he can’t wait to go back. So it’s exciting for us to think about going there. I think one day I’ll be there for sure.”

As a whole, Natalya is very happy with the women’s evolution, as the division has received the opportunity over the past couple of years to main-event pay-per-views, as well as participate in gimmick matches for the first time ever such as the Royal RumbleHell in a CellMoney in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber.


Ronda Rousey will receive her first Raw Women’s Championship match next month at Money in the Bank, it has been confirmed today.

As per, Rousey is to face current title holder Nia Jax in Rosemont’s Allstate Arena on June 17. It will be just the second official match of the former UFC star’s burgeoning wrestling career, following her in-ring debut five weeks ago at WrestleMania 34.

The announcement comes after Jax issued a challenge to the newest member of the WWE female division while on the red carpet at NBCUniversal Upfront. Later in the same event, Rousey accepted the invitation, promising to provide stern opposition to the so-called Irresistible Force.

Following news earlier today that AJ Styles will once again defend the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura, four matches have now been formally announced for Money in the Bank.

The remaining two bouts – from which the show derives its name – will see stars from both Raw and SmackDown fight to win a guaranteed title shot at a time of their choosing. Ember Moon and Charlotte Flair have been confirmed for the women’s edition, while Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, The Miz and Rusev will compete in the men’s.

Tenille Dashwood recently spoke with Scott Fishman for TV Insider; you can read a few highlights below:

Tenille Dashwood comments on her current run with Ring Of Honor: 

“I feel revived and alive again with wrestling. I started this because I love wrestling. Back when I was younger in Australia, I wanted to be a wrestler and loved what I did with WWE.

“It’s completely different now. It’s not five minutes on TV where I’m asked to do such and such. It’s having competitive singles matches every night. There are different opponents every night. I’m meeting new people and improving my own skills every time by working with different people in the ring. It got me going again.”

Tenille reveals advice Cody Rhodes has given her: 

“We talked about how to go about things and make sure I enjoy it and taking advantage of the opportunities I have now. Just to do the things I haven’t been able to do in years.

With WWE you don’t always get to do things the way you like to do them, so now he said to remember that I’m in control and can do things my way. To be doing things for a reason and to wrestle around the world. And not to do it for job, but to do it because you love and enjoy it and travel and meet people and wrestle. It was to remember all that.”

Dashwood comments on The IIconics’ Smackdown debut: 

“I kind of knew it was coming, but I told them not to tell me if it’s happening because I wanted to be in the moment. I called Peyton out. I called her a liar. I said, ‘You’re not at home right now.’ She was like, ‘Oops you got me.’ I said, ‘No, don’t tell me!’ I have been friends with those girls for years.

“I just talked to the girls yesterday. They are on the European tour right now. We always catch up. We stay in contact. They come over my house, and we go into the hot tub. We’re good friends. I’m so excited for them. Seeing them really warms my heart doing what they love. I know what it feels like to have those big moments and that feeling. So, I’m happy for them.”

As noted, Charlotte Flair will be undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant soon.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the implant was ruptured before WrestleMania 34 but Flair didn’t want to miss the match with Asuka. WWEofficials wanted her to work with Carmella at Backlash and then she wanted to work the European tour that kicked off this week because of what the tour pays.

Flair is looking to undergo the operation after the two-week tour so she doesn’t miss SummerSlam. The Observer adds that she will be out of action for a few weeks after the surgery. Flair is currently scheduled to compete in the women’s Money In the Bank ladder match on June 18th but they could shoot an angle to remove her from the match.

Flair has tried to keep the accident hidden and even had photographers shoot around it during a photo shoot for ESPN’s “The Body” issue.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Charlotte Flair will be undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant soon, according to PWInsider. There’s no confirmation on when the operation might take place but one source speculated that Flair will hold off until after the tour of Europe that is kicking off this week.

Flair defeated Peyton Royce on  SmackDown to qualify for the women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match that will take place at the June 17th MITB pay-per-view. There’s no word yet on if she will be missing any ring time due to the rupture.

The ACE Comic Con announced today that Flair will not be able to appear at their event in Seattle on the weekend of June 22nd, just a few days after MITB. SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella is being sent to replace her.

Last October it was reported that WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax had taken a leave of absence due to Jax being unhappy with her pay and with how she was being booked. The report even said she spoke with her cousin, The Rock, and he encouraged her to walk away if she was unhappy.

In a recent interview with Pop Culture, Jax was asked about what went down and if The Rock had actually given her advice to leave. The answer was no.

“That was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!,” Jax laughed. “The fact that people would think that Dwayne would ever tell me to not do something for the WWE, a place that’s actually given him his start and the reason he is on top of the world, it’s completely false and hilarious.”

She was also asked to clarify if she was unhappy with the WWE at the time about her status. Her leave of absence ended up occurring due to a bag falling on her head during a flight.

“It has nothing to do with that at all,” Jax said. “It wasn’t something that was that big of a deal. I had actually had an injury that happened to me personally on a flight—an overhead bag fell directly on top of my head while I was on a plane. I was out of it, I was completely out of it. I’m not kidding you.”

Ultimately, when she told WWE what happened and they said to rest up since she wasn’t in a story at the time.

“It was just something where I had to go and make sure I was okay and rest up,” Jax responded. “It was right before a tour. All it was, was just like, ‘Hey, you’re not the storyline right now. Go take a break. Make sure you’re okay, and then come back for tour.’ That was it. That was the bottom line. That was the story.”

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