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UFC 182: Jones v Cormier

The B sample from Jon Jones’ failed drug test before his light heavyweight title fight at UFC 214 confirmed the presence of an illegal substance, sources told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

Jones had been flagged by the USADA for testing positive for an anabolic steroid called Turinabol after defeating Daniel Cormier for the title. He faces a four-year suspension and loss of his title due to the positive test.

Jones has denied knowingly taking steroids and his team says it is investigating how the positive test happened, but the failed B sample likely means that any reasoning that is found won’t stop a USADA suspension.

The result of the UFC 214 main event has yet to be modified, though it will likely be changed to a no contest and Cormier will be returned the light heavyweight title. The UFC can only strip Jones of the title, while the USADA can levy a suspension.

Jones passed a blood test, though the substance in question is not detectable through that means of investigation.


Malki Kawa is confident he knows the cause of Jon Jones’ failed drug test from UFC 214.

He is so confident, he would be willing to bet almost everything.

Kawa, the manager for the embroiled UFC star, expressed both shock and irritation during an interview with The MMA Hour on Wednesday, and stated with clarity that he believes he knows exactly what caused Jones to test positive, according to Shaun Al-Shatti of

“I can almost bet my life on it that this is another tainted supplement,” Kawa said.

“The problem that we’re having with that is that he passes all of the random tests, but then the one test that we know about, the one that we for sure know about, is the one that we fail? So, something here is not sitting right. I’m assuming it’s the supplements we took. We just obviously got to get to work on it, see what was taken that month, that three-week period, that week of the fight, and figure it out from there.”

Kawa did confirm that Turinabol was the anabolic steroid found in Jones’ initial sample, and that he plans to send “an expert” to make sure Jones’ B sample is taken and examined with the utmost care.

“It’s amazing that you can go from being at the very top of the mountain, everything that you can possibly do to gain the respect the admiration of everyone involved, fans, family members, the people in the UFC, just everyone, teammates, other fighters, and then to go from that, everything he’s been through to finally doing everything perfect – because last time he was being negligent, right? – this time he was being perfect and double-checking everything to (prevent) something like this from happening to him,” Kawa said.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s unreal, and we’re all pretty much shocked. We’re all shocked and devastated.”

Daniel Cormier

Dana White is open to giving Daniel Cormier his gold back.

Speaking to the media regarding Jon Jones’ failed UFC 214 drug test on Tuesday, White said Cormier – who lost the light heavyweight belt to Jones at the event – would be reinstated as champion if Jones ends up getting stripped of the title.

“As far as I’m concerned, Cormier would be the champion.” White said. “The only guy he’s ever lost to in his whole career is Jon Jones. He was the champ, he’s the champion if Jones (is stripped).”

Jones’ failed test stems from a sample taken a day before the rematch, and while he’s been provisionally suspended per the USADA protocol, White maintains he has to “go through the process” with the promotion’s anti-doping program until a verdict on his status on champion can be rendered.

Jeff Novitzky, who oversees the agency’s program, did not divulge the banned substance behind Jones’ failed test, although TMZ reported Tuesday that anabolic steroid Turinabol was the culprit.

If Jones did indeed test positive for Turinabol, he’ll be facing as much as a four-year suspension, given his status as a repeat offender. He’ll also be facing sanctions from the California State Athletic Commission, the sanctioning body of UFC 214, which took place in Anaheim.


Jon Jones got his redemption.

With a massive third-round knockout of Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 214 on Saturday, the longtime light heavyweight champion took down his archrival in convincing fashion to regain the belt.

The long-awaited rematch, finally getting the pair of superstars back in the Octagon for the first time since 2015, started off just about as even as one could expect. After Jones and Cormier traded blows in the stand-up game for the first two frames, the status of the scorecards was anyone’s guess.

Everything changed when they returned for the third.

Catching a leaning Cormier in a compromising position, Jones connected on a vicious head kick that left the defending champ stunned. “Bones” promptly took advantage and jumped in for the finish, getting his opponent to the ground and delivering a series of nasty blows.

The thrilling victory pushes Jones’ career record to an outstanding 23-1, further cementing his case as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter of all time.

Jones was nothing but complimentary of Cormier after his victory, taking a step away from their bitter war of words to express admiration for who Cormier is as a man.

Then, leaving no uncertainty about the challenge he seeks next, Jones grabbed a microphone to call out Brock Lesnar.

Jon Jones pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of leaving the scene of an accident in a New Mexico courtroom, but was granted a conditional discharge, according to multiple news agencies.

Jones was involved in a hit-and-run incident in April, and stripped of his UFC light heavyweight title after being suspended.

Jones was given up to 18 months of supervised probation, and was ordered to make 72 appearances for charity or youth outreach.

“Mr. Jones, you got real lucky, in a number of ways,” Judge Charles Brown said. “I think you need to talk to young people because making one stupid decision changes your entire future.”

Jones was seemingly contrite during his Tuesday hearing.

“I am here to accept full responsibility for what happened, and I hope you can give me an opportunity to redeem myself,” he said.

Jones faced up to three years in prison had he been convicted. He collided with a pregnant woman’s car, and fled the scene on foot after removing cash from the rented SUV he was driving, according to witnesses. Police found documents inside the car that identified Jones, along with marijuana. Jones turned himself in to Albuquerque authorities.

Jones released the following statement after his court appearance:

My actions have caused pain and inconvenience in the lives of others and for that I am truly sorry and I accept full responsibility. I have been working hard during this time away from my sport to grow and mature as a man and to ensure that nothing like this happens again. I have learned a great deal from this situation and I am determined to emerge a better person because of it.

In May, UFC president Dana White, who attended Tuesday’s hearing, said Jones would fight for the title upon the end of his suspension. Current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier will put his title on the line Saturday against Alex Gustafsson at UFC 192.

There’s no word yet as to what Tuesday’s legal decision means for Jones’ fighting future.