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Trish Stratus posted tonight on Instagram about her SummerSlam match with Charlotte and how it ended up not being a comeback match, but her passing the torch to Charlotte.

Stratus thanked the current roster of women who allowed her to dip her toes into their current waters. She also wrote that it was an honor and a privilege to step into the ring with Charlotte. 

She ended her post with, “And now I get to sit back and watch my girls continue (tagged #smackdownlive) to take the women’s division to new heights.” 

Her full post said, “One week ago I stepped into the ring for what at first was my comeback match… but slowly realized was my farewell match, a passing of the proverbial torch if you will. It was an honor and a privilege to step into the ring with @charlottewwe, one of the very best of her era, a total pro. Feeling immense gratitude to the current roster of woman who allowed me to dip my toes into their current waters. In the beginning of my career, I set out to knock down the preconceived notion of what a female could do in this male-oriented business and the current roster of ladies represent everything we dreamed of. If we laid the platform, you all have built a friggin skyscraper and we all couldn’t be prouder! And now I get to sit back and watch my girls (tagged #smackdownlive) continue to take the women’s division to new heights…”

Charlotte Flair will face WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam.

A former seven times WWE Women’s Champion, Stratus made her long-awaited return to the ring last January at the Royal Rumble in the first women’s only match. She then reappeared last October at WWE Evolution – the first all-female WWE event. On that night, Stratus teamed with long-time rival Lita to defeat Alicia Fox and nemesis Mickie James. 

With over a year gone by since that encounter, Stratus returned to the ring this past Monday night on RAW, teaming with Natalya against WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and her opponent on Sunday, Flair.

After only having a handful of matches under her belt in the past seven years, Stratus has surprisingly found getting back into the ring to be quite a smooth process – saying in an interview with Bully Ray on Busted Open Radio, that your body never forgets almost “like riding a bike”.

“Getting into the Royal Rumble was kind of a pleasant surprise,” Stratus explains. “They say that wrestling is in your blood and it really is, surprisingly wrestling is like riding a bike for some reason, where suddenly your body is like, oh, I’ve got this. 

“Royal Rumble was, of course, just a spot and WWE Evolution last October was a tag match so, that was just a few spots, but this, however, I don’t know how long it’s going to be and am a little worried about stamina, but yeah, I’ve been in there literally constantly since mid-July as much as I could and I am really happy. 

“My brain is a little behind my body and what I mean by that is that I will do something and I will question whether what I did was any good and then I’d watch it back and I’d be like, oh, okay, that was good, and my body is saying that I got this but your brain thinks you can’t do it because sometimes you feel old ‘AF’ and that’s that, but yeah, I’ve been happy that I can still do this.” 

Her opponent, Charlotte Flair is an eight times WWE Women’s Champion, and one of the best in-ring competitors in the world. Stratus is happy with how the story for the match has been built and is eager to see how it will play out on Sunday. 

“I feel like I can see the match and how it’s going to look. I think there’s a good story behind it, and as you [Bully Ray] know coming into a match with a good story is one of the most important things and can carry a match and can give a lot to a match. 

“At the end of the day you know what the fans expect from you, like the greatest hits, I think we’ve been doing some great work so far in connecting, so I think it’s going to be great. I look at it as a challenge. 

“I love and thrive on challenge and to come back and work with Charlotte it is helping me find more of myself and bringing my ‘A-Game,’ it’s a little daunting at times after realizing what I will be doing in a few days but I feel like I am ready and have been really preparing and I feel like I am mentally and physically there and am pleased with the response my body has been giving me. I am excited.”

It has been a rough 24-hours for former WWE 24/7 Title champion R-Truth, who lost his title last night on Monday Night RAW. Though the title is now in the hands of Maria Kanellis, he and Carmella were all smiles earlier today during their interview with WMC 5 News in Memphis, where SmackDown Live will be at tonight. 

Truth mentioned that he is quite familiar with Memphis since he used to live in the area during his developmental days with Memphis Championship Wrestling back in 1999. In addition to that, he went on to say that Memphis is the heart of wrestling, not only because of the environment, but the alumni that comes from there.

“Memphis is like the heart of wrestling,” Truth said. “The King Jerry Lawler, as you know. This is where it all started right here in Memphis.”

Carmella discussed some of the events that will take place tonight, including a very special segment of “The King’s Court.”

“Speaking of Jerry Lawler, he’ll be hosting “The King’s Court” with Trish Stratus, which is huge,” Carmella informed. “I’m really excited for that.”

Truth asked Carmella if that was for sure happening. When she replied yes, he stated that they “didn’t tell him that.” 

After verifying that Stratus was going to be there tonight, Carmella noted that while Stratus has had many great moments throughout her career, one that personally stood out for her was sharing the ring with her at the Royal Rumble last year.

“Gosh, I feel like there’s just so many great moments honestly,” Carmella said “I shared the ring with her at the Royal Rumble, so that to me is huge.”

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler announced earlier today he’ll be hosting a King’s Court segment with fellow WWEHall of Famer Trish Stratus on this Tuesday’s SmackDown. This week’s episode takes place in Memphis, Tennessee. WWE has also confirmed the segment.

“This Tuesday night on WWE SmackDown Live from Memphis, I will be hosting a King’s Court featuring my all time favorite female Superstar, Trish Stratus!” Lawler wrote.

As noted, earlier this week Charlotte cut a promo where she demanded a match at SummerSlam and said her opponent will be better than Ember Moon, who will challenge WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley at the PPV.

Afterwards, it was reported Stratus will indeed be wrestling at SummerSlam—which takes place in Toronto this year—against Charlotte. This Tuesday’s segment with Lawler will likely begin that feud.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is currently in talks to wrestle a singles match at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

There’s no word yet on who Stratus will be wrestling, but it looks like she could be going up against Charlotte Flair. Tonight’s SmackDown featured Flair ranting about being left off the SummerSlam card. Flair demanded to be put on the card, and said she will prove why she’s the greatest female Superstar of all-time. She also said her opponent will be better than Ember Moon, a reference to Moon vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley at SummerSlam.

Flair also took to Twitter after SmackDown and wrote, “Queen of all of ERAS of Women’s Wrestling #SummerSlam”

Alexa Bliss opened up about the injuries that took months off of her recent career. On WWE’s 365, Bliss spoke about her two concussions in a short span of time and how the strenuous recovery process effected her. She discussed sustaining a concussion during her match with Ronda Rousey at last September’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

Hell In A Cell happened and I took a headlock take over and when I did, my head went straight into the mat,” Bliss remembers. “This stuff happens and it’s no ones fault. I had a really bad headache. I told my doctors I said, ‘Hey, something’s not right. My head just doesn’t feel right.’ I landed in Orlando and I took the impact test and I failed it pretty good and that’s when they diagnosed the concussion. I got called into Vince [McMahon’s] office and he said, ‘We’re going to give you time off. We’re going to send you to the best doctors and we’re going to figure out what’s going on. I want you to rest and recover because we need you to be one hundred percent.’ I started doing the concussion protocol. Start to work back, run the ropes, do the rolls, step by step until you’re able to have a match. I’m progressing, I’m doing well, I’ll be cleared for Evolution because that was my whole goal-to be cleared for Evolution [against Trish Stratus].

“The weekend before Evolution, they wanted me to have a weekend of live events before Evolution,” Bliss recalls. “[Ronda Rousey and I] slipped, crashed and burned. I was in the training room, my nose was bleeding, I was crying. The doctor said, ‘I think you’re concussed.’ It’s like the process starts all over again. The day before Evolution, I was not cleared to be in the match. This is probably the match I was looking forward to the most. From the day I started in WWEI said, ‘I wanted a match with Trish Stratus.’ It’s very heartbreaking when it’s out of your control.”

Bliss outlined the lengthy list of medical personnel she was being treated by and how the entire process got her thinking that her career might be over. Bliss also mentioned that the process never felt like progress was being made. Bliss also detailed how Vince Mcmahon assured her of job security and emotional support.

“So much of how I was feeling was because how many doctors I saw and how many specialists I saw and how long it was taking,” Bliss said. “I saw three neurologists, a neuropsychologist, a vestibular therapist, an EMT, I had an MRI, a CAT scan, I knew the process would be long but I didn’t know it would be that long and that’s when I thought maybe my career would be over.

“It’s been difficult because anytime I feel we make process, we take 2 steps back. I was in the company for six years and had never been injured or any serious injury so when you’re forced to take time off, it’s weird. It’s a long process but rightfully so because you only have one brain and you have to take care of it. The more time that went on, the more insecure I got about my job thinking, ‘Oh man, what if I am one of those people who will never be in the ring again?’ Vince said,’ Take as much time as you need, you’re going to be fine, your job is here for you.’ He was very supportive of that and always asking medically how I was doing.”

Alexa Bliss eventually returned to the ring at Royal Rumble2019. Since then she has been bouncing between in-ring work and hosting her own talk show segment, ‘A Moment of Bliss‘. Bliss did appear at Stomping Grounds last Sunday where she lost against SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley. She will face Bayley at Extreme Rules in July.

NXT UK Superstar and winner of the 2018 WWE MYC Toni Storm had a sit down interview with the Mirror to talk about being compared to Chris Jericho, what Triple H and Stephanie McMahon said to her after winning the Mae Young Classic, and her round-table conversation with Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks. Here are the highlights:

Ahead of WWE Evolution, you appeared on a WWE roundtable episode with Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks, hosted by Cathey Kelly. Was that a surreal experience? You seemed a little nervous – are you normally quite shy or was that moment just a bit overwhelming?

“Oh, to me it’s all like a weird dream now that I look back. I was sat there, doing an interview with the most popular women in wrestling. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It just all feels like a dream now and it felt like a dream at the time! But it was incredible, I’m so blessed that I got to have that experience. … [Laughs] Yeah. I’m normally … funnily enough I can be a little bit of a nervous person, I’m a bit shy sometimes, but that was ridiculous! I was sat there with Trish Stratus for God’s sake! It was insane. She is absolutely lovely, so is Sasha, and they made me feel very welcome and very accepted, so it was absolutely incredible.”

Backstage you posed for the now obligatory photo with Triple H, and in this case, Stephanie. What did they say to you after winning the Mae Young Classic?

“They just congratulated me and said they really enjoyed it. To be honest though, I was in a whole different world, I couldn’t believe what was going on around me and I couldn’t believe who was there. They were so nice – it was like no other experience ever.”

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry had some very high praise for you, comparing you to Chris Jericho by highlighting your excellent energy, storytelling and selling, and saying you could be the next big thing in women’s wrestling. Thoughts?

“[Laughs] It’s just crazy isn’t it? I’m just little me, that pops along each day and tries my best, then I have such massive names saying such nice things about me. It’s so lovely for them to take the time out to watch me and praise my work. I can believe I have such big names praising me. He’s the World’s Loveliest Man. I thought that was one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received because Chris Jericho is incredible, one of the biggest names of all time, and he’s been a huge inspiration for me, since I was a kid. To be compared to my idols is kind of surreal. I’m happy with that compliment, it’s the ‘World’s Strongest Compliment’ if you will!”

Toni Storm also talked about speaking Japanese and working with Meiko Satomura, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Mia Yim. You may click here to read the full interview.