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Patriots superfan Mark Wahlberg raised some eyebrows when he was caught leaving Super Bowl LI before New England’s epic comeback, and now we know why.

Wahlberg, who was watching the game in a luxury suite at NRG Stadium, initially blamed his early exit on 8-year-old son Brendan feeling ill. But in an interview with Stephen Rodrick of Men’s Health, Wahlberg revealed that wasn’t entirely true.

“He was spitting out F-bombs and going crazy. It was bad,” Wahlberg said. “He was lying down on the carpet. He was very upset.”

When asked if Brendan learned a valuable lesson from the experience, Wahlberg laughed. “Heck no. He’s a vicious sore loser. He wants the ball. He hates when his brother gets it. When he doesn’t get the ball, he goes crazy. He throws rocks.”



Tom Brady’s father revealed to the Boston Globe on Monday that his wife, Galynn, completed her cancer treatments two months ago.

The mother of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments in 2016 and only managed to attend one of Brady’s games, Super Bowl LI.

“She is doing great,” Tom Brady Sr. said to Christopher L. Gasper of the Boston Globe. “She is getting out and playing golf and tennis and looks wonderful.

“I think in the dark recesses of every cancer survivor is the thought it could reappear. We simply pray now that after her treatment it never rears its ugly head again.”

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

The 19-year-old who assisted the FBI in tracking down Tom Brady‘s stolen Super Bowl jerseys is being rewarded with tickets to the New England Patriots‘ home opener.

Dylan Wagner, a Patriots fan and sports memorabilia collector from the Seattle area, received the invitation in a voice mail message left by owner Robert Kraft on Thursday.

“Dylan, this is Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots,” Kraft said in the message, according to CBS Boston. “I just want to thank you for the great role you played in helping us get Tommy’s jerseys back.

“I was told someone was flying you out there and I just want to make sure you had good seats and get you down on the field at the first game when we put our banner up.”

Wagner is hopeful he’ll get to meet Brady.

“He (Kraft) said maybe I’ll get to meet some people and he kind of left it at that but it’s pretty open ended,” he said. “I think that’s hinting at meeting Brady at the home opener.”


In the words of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, haters gonna hate.

Still feeling the high brought on by his team’s triumph in Super Bowl LI, Kraft shared his thoughts on the perception of the Patriots around the league on HBO’s “Real Sports” on Tuesday.

“When anyone wins at anything too often then you start to bring out feelings that aren’t maybe the most collegial in other people,” Kraft said, according to Conor Orr of

“Envy and jealousy are incurable diseases. The haters still hate. And I understand it and we’ll do our best to keep them in that position.”

From Kraft’s perspective, he likely feels his opposition is resorting to dirty tactics such as Deflategate to try and bring the Patriots down. The Patriots aren’t the most likable franchise, but it is currently the league’s most successful.


Tom Brady said his mother, Galynn, is responding well to treatment for her undisclosed health issue and that her “prognosis is good.”

The New England Patriots quarterback’s mother was unable to attend any of her son’s games this season due to her illness, but was able to make it to Super Bowl LI to see Brady and Co. mount the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

“Mom’s doing better,” Brady said Monday on WEEI’s “Kirk and Callahan,” according to Mike Reiss of ESPN. “She’s been through a lot. My dad has been through a lot. It’s been a really hard year for them. Our prayers are with her. She’s the best mom in the world, so it was nice to win for her, nice for her to be there.

“She’s been going through a lot, a lot of intensive treatment. But the prognosis is good. She’s not quite through it yet, but hopefully there is some healing energy from our game. We just love her so much. Hopefully she really turns a corner. We all pray for that.”

Galynn said she was “so happy” to be at the game, and probably like most Patriots fans, asked for help from a higher power with her son down 28 points.

“All I did was pray,” she said to Boston’s CBS affiliate WBZ after the game. “The whole game – just prayed.”

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

Joe Thomas joked prior to the Super Bowl that watching his friend, Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack, lose the big game would be worth it to see commissioner Roger Goodell hand the Lombardi Trophy to the New England Patriots.

The Cleveland Browns left tackle got his wish, as New England prevailed and Goodell was forced to present Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft with their fifth Super Bowl trophy.

During a Thursday appearance on “PFT Live,” Thomas said he enjoyed watching every moment of the postgame ceremony.

“I especially enjoyed how overeager Roger was to smile at all the Patriots and give them a big handshake, but then as soon as he gave them the trophy he scurried off the stage like a rat,” Thomas said, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “It was awesome.”

The 10-time Pro Bowler hasn’t been shy about expressing opinions on Goodell and the league recently, saying he finds himself caring less whether people have issues with him as he gets older.


Having captured his fifth Super Bowl title in the most dramatic of fashions, it’s hard to see what else Tom Brady has left to accomplish.

However, the New England Patriots‘ star has no intention of letting the rest of the NFL off easy. Despite the pleading of his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the 39-year-old quarterback says he won’t consider retirement while his body is still capable of playing at a high level.

“If it was up to my wife she would have me retire today. (laughter) She told me last night three times,” said Brady, according to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “And I said ‘Too bad, babe, I’m having way too much fun right now.’ You know, I feel like I can still do it and if you love what you do and you’re capable of doing it then, I mean I’d be so bored if I wasn’t going out there, knowing that I could still do it. So I’m going to work hard to be ready to go and I still plan on playing for a long time.”

The Patriots reportedly believe Brady can play for three-to-five more seasons – which will put him into uncharted territory for elite quarterback play – and intend to sign him to a contract extension in the 2018 offseason.