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Former WWE Champion Christian recently shared multiple stories of his time in WWE with Wrestling Travel from the For The Love of Wrestling convention in Liverpool. Christianreminisced of his biggest moments tied to some of WWE’s largest superstars. 

Speaking of a fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, Christian opened up about the history the two performers have shared not just in the ring but also backstage. Most notably in 2000 how they, along with Edge, began crafting and molding their comedic skits.

“In his first professional match in front of a crowd, I wrestled Kurt,” Christian said. “He and I go way back and had great chemistry. His kind of aloof attitude – but he’s this real ass-kicker and a little gullible. He understood the entertainment side of it even though he’s this legit gold medalist badass. But I just remember, we just had so much fun. We were throwing stuff around backstage when the cameras weren’t rolling. If we were laughing, we’re figuring ‘hey, if it’s funny to us. Maybe other people will find it funny too’. So we just put it out there”.

During the interview, Christian ranked Randy Orton as his favorite opponent. While praising The Legend Killer, Christian also gave insight as to how he was the superstarchosen to turn against Orton. 

“It was at a time when they had done some talent swapping,” said Christian. ” Smackdown lost a lot of talent that had gone over to Raw. I guess, at the time, Randy and I were the most established guys when they were trying to built up some younger talent coming up. The problem was Randy had just become a fan favorite. So somebody had to turn. And that was me. I feel like I do my best work as heel anyway, so I was more than happy to do it. You saw the quality of the matches that Randy and I had in 2011. He’s by far, my favorite singles opponent. We just had an amazing run that year.”

Christian also went so far to ‘What?!’ the interviewer multiple times during their discussion of how he played a part in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s infamous chant.

“I had a voicemail from him. He left this rambling voicemail on my message machine. He was just saying random stuff like: ‘I’m just passing a tree. What?! I said I’m passing a tree. What?!’ Random – about anything. I got there and asked ‘What was with that voicemail you left me?’. And he’s like “I don’t know, I was just bored and just rambling”. I wish I kept it. Then, a week or two later I was sitting in the back on Raw and I could hear the audio of him doing a promo in the ring and I heard him doing the ‘What?!’. I was like ‘I can’t believe he’s gonna do this and he’s gonna get this over'”.

On the latest Busted Open, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry continued to praise the work of Sami Zayn. Zayn returned last month after double rotator cuff surgery that kept him out of action for 10 months. Previously on Busted Open, Henry believed Zayn would be a “major player” for the company in the next six months. 

Heny has since doubled down on Zayn, saying he’s the best promo in wrestling today as Zayn continues to call out the fans for their lofty expectations and demands of wrestlers.

“I listen to Sami’s banter and the people are now sitting and listening like they’re in church,” Henry said. “They’re not a wrestling audience, they’re an audience. And they’re listening to him, and they’re learning from him, and he is the best promo in wrestling today. There’s no one close. Sami is giving an opinion that is so polarizing that you have to sit there and listen, even if you disagree.

“People are sitting and they’re not clapping, they’re not booing and hissing unless he prompts them to. They’re sitting there like, ‘Wow, he’s right.’ He’s like, ‘You point your fingers at me and wrestling, and you expect us to kowtow to every little thing that you do. And when somebody says no, you pout.’ Sami is bringing these points that nobody is talking about. Like when he says those things, that’s not everybody, you can’t generalize a stadium full of 20,000 people, but it hits home to a bunch of them. The things that he’s saying is hitting home and people are sitting there—you can tell who he is affecting. 

“Because the people who are wrestling fans feel uncomfortable, and I love it. That’s the entertaining side of what he’s doing and I hope he continues to do that, but more than anything, you cannot put Sami Zayn in the ring with a babyface because I feel he is a babyface. You have got to put a polarizing heel in a situation with Sami Zayn.” 

Henry even drew a comparison to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s promos as he sees Zayn is out for himself (not the fans), much like Austin was. 

“Sami is doing Steve Austin type promos,” Henry continued. “Steve Austin was not going to the ring trying to make the fans feel good. Steve Austin was about Steve Austin, Sami Zayn is about Sami Zayn. He’s going to get his point across and you’re going to listen. I think it’s the most interesting thing on television right now. We have guys with titles, we have Shake-Ups, the women’s movement, and the thing that moves me the most is Sami Zayn’s promos because they’re real. 

“Not only are they real, the crowd is starting to understand that Sami is not just your atypical wrestler, he is something more than that. And now it’s time to put the machine behind him and let him ride because it is interesting as hell.”

WWE RAW & SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently spoke with People and talked about how she suffered through depression several years ago before she signed with WWE. The bout of depression was the focal point of the headline, and it’s interesting to note that WWEre-tweeted the article on their main Twitter account. The main WWE Twitter account rarely tweets Superstar media interviews, that is usually done by the WWE PR account and even then, not all of the media interviews are tweeted out.

Lynch talked about traveling all over the world wrestling at age 18, and then being forced to step away from the ring after suffering a bad concussion during a match. That concussion left h er with headaches, buzzing in the ear, vision problems and potential nerve damage. That is when she took up work as a flight attendant, a stunt woman, and took acting classes, work she has mentioned in some of her recent WWE promos. It was noted that in the end, the thrill of the ring and the battle with depression is what drew her back to pro wrestling. 

“When I stepped away from it I just, I suffered from depression and always felt like I turned my back on this thing that I loved and this thing that has given me a purpose,” Becky recalled. “I always felt like there was a part of me would fix it, and that part of me was this.”

Lynch “felt the rush” for pro wrestling once again after wrapping stunt work for History’s Vikings series in 2012, and contacted WWE for a tryout. WWE signed her to a developmental deal in 2013.

She continued, “I’m really grateful for those years. At the time it was hard to see where it was going to go. Looking back I’m so grateful because I wouldn’t be where I am without having stepped away. And I also, want to have the appreciation that I do without it.”

People also pointed to how Becky adopted a nickname that plays to her comparisons to Conor McGregor and WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin – The Man. Becky explained the nickname.

“When we look at different sports, we look at this in the industry here, any industry, you need a top person, the person of exceptional ability who is usually referred to as ‘The Man,'” she explained. “They’re the man, and up until now, the man has usually been a man. But when I rolled up, when I took that top spot, when I said, ‘I’m the top dog, I’m the top star, I’m the face of this company,’ I am now ‘The Man,’ and that’s how it came about.”

Becky was referred to as the biggest name in WWE now that she is holding both titles. She acknowledged how long it took to get to this point, and how tough it will be to stay there.

“Now I have two giant targets on my back, and I know that everybody’s going to be trying to take me down and pay your due. The goal now is to make these titles the most talked about ones in all of WWE,” Becky said. “It’s to make these [women’s titles] the most relevant titles in all of WWE. So that’s double duty, and it’s one thing to get to the mountain top, but it’s a whole another thing to stay there. And now I’m going to have a lot of people trying to knock me off.”


WWE legends Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin are allegedly set to appear at WrestleMania 35, according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

The Show of Shows is less than two weeks away, and WWE are seemingly pulling out all the stops by bringing in two of their greatest superstars of all time for a special guest appearance.

If these rumours prove to be true, it will be Hogan’s first WrestleMania weekend appearance since 2015, where he and his nWo brethren aided Sting in his match with Triple H.

Many are speculating whether this could be the conclusive act to return the Hulkster to the WWE fold following numerous high-profile controversies for the 65-year-old.

Hogan was fired by WWE in July 2015 when a video of him using racist language was leaked, he was subsequently removed from WWE’s Hall of Fame and all references to him were scrubbed from their website too.

He was reinstated last year, made an appearance at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia, and returned to Monday Night Raw to pay tribute to the late Gene Okerlund.

With long-time friend Brutus Beefcake allegedly entering the Hall of Fame this year, a WrestleMania cameo for the Hulkster seems more & more likely, and rumours are swirling that he could be joined, in a scene reminiscent of the crowd-popping nostalgia of WrestleMania 30, by none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin as well.


Brian Pillman Jr was just four years old when his father died at the age of 35. The younger Pillman followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a professional wrestler signed to Major League Wrestling.

Pillman Sr was known for always willing to go the extra mile to put on a great show or give the boys in the back a laugh. Pillman Jr says he has many of those same characteristics when he chatted with Wrestling Inc’s Andy Malnoske.

“You’ve seen the videos of him wrestling a pencil or trying to work the boys,” Pillman Jr said of his dad trying to entertain others. “He runs back to the locker room and [screams], ‘Oh my God! He’s hurt. He’s killed.’ It turns out he’s just working the boys.

“He was always in a mood to entertain and to pop people and make people laugh. I feel like I share that similar trait and I think that’s what makes me a good entertainer to follow in his footsteps because I like to get people to pop and have fun. You can’t take life too seriously.”

The elder Pillman’s most memorable angle was when Steve Austin broke into the Pillman house on Raw which resulted in Jim Ross infamously screaming, “Pillman’s got a gun.” Pillman Jr. was just three years old when that happened but he vividly remembers Austin destroying his kiddie swimming pool in the process.

“Yeah, Steve broke into my house and there was glass on the floor for like three weeks,” stated Pillman Jr. “Like, wasn’t somebody gonna clean this up [laughter]? He literally broke into my house and rest in peace to that kiddie pool, I never saw it after that.

“He apologized and I’m still a little salty about it. We buried the hatchet and of course Steve Austin is someone great to have in your corner, constantly calling me up, giving me advice and looking over my matches. It’s great. I hope I can follow in Steve’s footsteps as well and hopefully become a huge star.”

Even though Pillman Jr. is carving out his own name in wrestling, he still owes a lot to his father and the legacy he left behind. Pillman Jr. was asked what message he would give to his father.

“I would say thank you,” stated Pillman Jr. “Thank you, dad. Thank you for this legacy. Thank you for giving me the name Brian. I know a lot of people don’t believe it, ‘Oh, it’s just a gimmick!’ But no, my shoot name is Brian Pillman.”

Pillman Jr. says that he and his dad have different middle names, so he’s technically not a junior, but still uses the suffix.

“If there’s a work, the junior is a work,” revealed Pillman Jr. “I’m not legally a junior but wrestling is cool and we can use that. I’m Brian Pillman II, Junior, the second coming, 2.0 – whatever you wanna call me. But thank you dad. Thank you for this legacy and thank you to the fans for not only loving him but also respecting my work as a separate entity because it’s all coming together now.”


Steve Austin made an appearance on MMA Tonight and spoke about the comparisons between himself and Becky Lynch and why he thinks her “The Man” gimmick is money. Austin was asked what he thought of people comparing Lynch’s current run to his “Stone Cold” persona and felt like if that’s what the people believe, then it’s true.

“Well, I guess she is, if everybody is saying she is,” Austin said. “She does remind me a lot of myself. If you line up that women’s roster and you lineup that roster back in the day when I was still in the ring, and you said, ‘Hey, I need you to pick out my next breakout Superstar.’ I don’t think your gonna pick out Becky Lynch and I damn sure know you wouldn’t pick me out of that lineup.”

Lynch won this year’s 30-woman Royal Rumble and challenged WWE RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rouseythe next night on RAW. Earlier this week, Lynch got her knee cleared after she was suspended by Stephanie McMahon until she did so. After attacking both Stephanie and Triple H, once Lynch got her knee cleared, she then had to apologize to get her match. After doing so, it seemed like all was good until Vince McMahon came out and suspended her again, adding Charlotte to the match against Rousey, instead.

Austin spoke about how Lynch has worked her way to the top over the last couple months.

“She has willed herself, she has worked her ass off, “Lynch said. “Studied the game, she got hot, then been cooled off. She’s got a little bit of attitude behind her, got a little ticked off and said, ‘Hey man, I’m gonna be a star.’ Vince McMahon wants everybody there to be a star, he’s going to set you up and he’s going to give you opportunities. She’s made the most of the opportunities and when they tried to slam the door she just kicked the door down and burst right through it.”

Austin not only gave a thumbs up to the comparisons between himself and Lynch, but he thought her current gimmick is “money.”

“I’ve loved what she’s done, I love what she’s doing,” Austin said. “I like her swagger. And she’s the hottest thing going right now. She’s not a person who’s dwelling on this being the most athletic match in the world, she’s a great worker in the ring, but it’s character driven. ‘The Man’ I love this gimmick, if you’re a young lady, calling yourself ‘The Man’ just like Ric Flair used to be—’To be the man, you gotta beat the man’—but, this is a whole different entity with the way Becky presents it, and obviously, she’s a female, it’s an awesome gimmick and it’s money.”

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin participated in a fan Q&A session. Among many other things, Austin weighed in on the formation of The Hollywood Blonds in WCW with the late great Brian Pillman. Also, Austin recalled the “good old days” of traveling with Pillman and Raven.

On the subject of The Hollywood Blonds, Austin admitted that he was not happy about being put in a tag team back in 1993. While the ‘Stunning’ Steve and ‘Flyin” Brian found great success as a duo, the team was split up prematurely.

“I’m telling you, when I first got news that I was going to be in a tag team with Brian Pillman, I was not happy at all.” Austin remembered, “but we took that ramshackle tag team, turned it into The Hollywood Blonds, had great success in a short amount of time, got over, and then we got split up.”

Additionally, Austin divulged that he misses his departed friend, as Pillman passed away in 1997 as a result of arteriosclerotic heart disease. Austin, Pillman, and Raven traveled together in those Hollywood Blond days and were known as ‘The Comedy Trio’ backstage.

“I really miss Brian Pillman and I loved the days we would ride down the road together in a Chevy Lumina van with Raven, or Scotty Flamingo, or Scott Levy, whatever his name is. The Comedy Trio!” Austin continued, “man, those were the good old days, riding down the road, shooting the breeze, talking about the [pro wrestling] business, living the business, and going from town to town.”