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Jinder Mahal’s sudden push from jobber to WWE Champion last year came as a surprise to a lot of people, even himself. Mahal was recently a guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and he described how he felt when he was told he would become a main-event superstar.

Mahal said he was informed he would be receiving a push after WrestleMania 33, but even he didn’t expect he would be in the main event. He said he expected to maybe challenge for a midcard title or just get in a storyline rivalry that would give him some TV time. He was happy when he was drafted to SmackDown Live because he knew it was the land of opportunity. Once he realized he would challenge for the WWE Championship he knew he had to step his game up.

“WrestleMania week I saw Road Dogg at the hotel in the hallways. He said, ‘Hey Jinder, after WrestleMania, good things are going to happen to you.’ I think the plan was that they were going to elevate me a little bit. I thought, cool, I can actually be in a storyline, be in the U.S Championship, the I.C Championship. So, I got drafted to SmackDown, which was a good sign. All along, I wanted to be drafted to SmackDown. Right when I got signed I would see Road Dogg in the hallways and telling him to please draft me to SmackDown because I saw people on SmackDown getting opportunities. I love Raw. Raw has a stigma about it, but us on the blue team have a chip on their shoulder, but they say SmackDown is the land of opportunity, which it really is,” Mahal said. “I was at a live event on a Monday Night, and they announced the Six-Pack Challenge match for the Number One Contender’s Match. I also see Tweets wondering how Jinder Mahal is in the Number One Contender’s Match, he hasn’t won a match in a long time. I think Baron Corbin, or Luke Harper was going to go in with Randy Orton. I remember getting my wrists taped and I asked who was going to face Randy Orton. I think Luke Harper was in there. He said to me, ‘it’s you.’ I was taken aback. What? I’m going to work with Randy Orton [for the WWE World Championship]? Five minutes later I saw Randy, and told him that we were going to work together. So, I had to grow a lot very quickly because to be a main event WWE Superstar is an entirely different ballgame. I always see people wishing they can be in the main event. If you were given that opportunity, would you sink or swim? I had no choice but to swim. I was fortunate enough to have a great relationship with Randy Orton. I believe Randy Orton is one of the greatest of all time. He is so smooth, so flawless.”

Mahal won the title from Orton at the Backlash pay-per-view, becoming the first-ever WWE Champion of Indian descent. He said the moment made him remember just how far he’s come in his professional wrestling career. Instead of getting too excited about being champion, he took the time to reflect on how much he had to struggle before he could achieve something so monumental.

“I know the way WWE works. Things change last minute. I didn’t want to bank on it, and B, I didn’t want it to get to my head yet. I didn’t want to get too excited because anything can change at any minute. The match happened. I won the Championship. The feeling was unreal. Just to see where I came from, where I started,” he said. “When I started wrestling I was still in high school. I would wrestle with guys that were 30 years old, we would drive like 20 hours to a show. I’m still in High School at this time. I wrestled for Stampede Wrestling with Tyson Kidd, Natalya, Viktor from Ascension. Couple of years later, Tyler Breeze started wrestling for us. I wrestled Tyler Breeze one time when there was like 20 people at the show. I’ve wrestled around five people, drove hours and hours and got paid $10. I often don’t share that side, but for years I was training, travelling, struggling. I wasn’t just made in the Developmental somewhere.”


In his first interview since being released by WWE, Fred Rosser also known as WWE’s Darren Young, called in to Cerrito Live to discuss a number of topics including coming out as gay in August of 2013, former WWE Champion CM Punk having his back after going public with his sexuality, whether Punk would return to WWE, and Road Dogg’s recently resurfaced tweet alleging Billy Gunn is gay.

On the subject of coming out, Young said he was tired of living a lie and coming out was the best decision he ever made.

“I was tired of just living my life as a lie.” Young admitted, “and for 30 years, I suppressed those feelings for so long, not being myself, not being my true, authentic self, and I was tired of being affectionate behind closed doors, and then, when I’m out in public, I can’t be like any other normal couples. That’s the best decision for me that I’ve ever [made].”

Apparently, Punk hugged Young after ‘The Straight Edge Superstar”s SummerSlam main event match versus Brock Lesnar and assured ‘Mr. No Days Off’ that no one in the WWE locker room would cause any problems over his sexual persuasion.

“When I came out publicly, I think it was summertime around the time of SummerSlam,” Young recalled. “And this was when SummerSlam was being hosted at the Staples Center. The summer I came out, he had a match with Brock Lesnar. And right after his match with Brock Lesnar, in catering, he was all iced up from head to toe, and he approached me in catering in front of everybody, and he told me to stand up. I stood up and he gave me a hug. And he said, ‘I’m very proud of you for coming out and being so courageous. If you have any problem with anyone in the locker room because of this, you let me know and I will take care of this.’ And he said this to me in front of everyone in catering. I was shocked! Here he just finished his match with Brock Lesnar and him coming up to me and showing me love was very moving to me.”

In Young’s opinion, Punk is rough around the edges, but was supportive of him coming out, same with top stars such as Randy Orton and The Big Show.

“CM Punk may be rough around the edges, but he has nothing but love from me. Same with Randy Orton, Big Show, these top guys showed me so much love personably that it made me feel so at ease. It made me feel comfortable. It gave me confidence.”

When asked whether we may see Punk back in WWE, Young opined that WWE is a revolving door and CM Punk coming back would be big business now.

“They say, ‘never say never’ and ‘anything could happen in the WWE,'” Young said. “The WWE is a revolving door. I feel like the OGs, they always come back and if he would have come back now, it would be great for business.”

As for a 2011 tweet resurfacing where Road Dogg wrote that Billy Gunn is gay, Young claimed that he loves Road Dogg and has nothing against him.

“Man, that’s news to me. To me personally, Road Dogg is an amazing producer, an amazing, amazing talent, and he’s a great friend of mine. People say stuff and it is what it is. Me personally, I love Road Dogg. He [has] been very helpful to me backstage and coming up with scenarios. I’ve got nothing but great things to say [about] Road Dogg. People say stuff, we’ve all said stuff that we didn’t mean to say, but I’ve got nothing against Road Dogg.” Young continued, “Road Dogg is so funny. Anytime I’d see him backstage, he’d walk passed me and say, ‘D, won’t you take a damn day off?’ And I’d say, ‘Road Dogg, no, I can’t! I’ve got to hustle! I’ve got to grind! I’ve got to be on TV! I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do!’ ‘No, no, no, take a day off!’ I said, ‘no, Road Dogg.’ But I love him. I don’t care what anybody says about him.”

Source: The CCW Podcast

Recently, WWE Hall Of Famer Razor Ramon, also known as Scott Hall, was a guest on The CCW Podcast. Among many other things, Hall talked about Road Dogg’s success behind-the-scenes with WWE, so-called ‘panicked’ booking by WWE, what makes NXT the hottest pro wrestling show, whether Triple H is the right person to succeed Vince McMahon as WWE Chairman, and whether any promotion can challenge WWE like WCW did during the Monday Night Wars.

According to Hall, Road Dogg is Triple H’s righthand man and doing very well for someone who has battled his own share of so-called personal demons.

“Road Dogg [has] done great and he [has] been down too. He [has] turned his life around in a big way. He’s like Triple H’s righthand guy because those Armstrong guys, his brother Scotty works there too, they tell it like it is. They grew up in wrestling, so they’re not B.S.ers. They tell it like it is.”

In Hall’s view, WWE’s booking is “panicky” at times and “change stuff at the last minute.” With that said, Hall described NXT as “the hottest show” right now, largely because of its one-hour runtime. ‘The Bad Guy’ professed that WWE Monday Night RAW is too long at three hours per episode.

“Well, he runs NXT completely, Triple H. And to me, it’s the hottest show out there and I think a big factor is… it is… I think a big factor is because it’s one hour and SmackDown [Live] gets better ratings because it’s two hours. I mean, three hours of RAW is hard to watch and I love pro wrestling.” Hall continued, “when business is red-hot and stuff, that’s great, but you’re giving away a pay-per-view every week and coming up with three hours of good TV starts to get hard. And, like, now the position that WWE is in is that because it’s a publicly traded company and it’s not a family business and they sell commercial time even if the show’s not that good, you’re still generating revenue off of those commercials, so they can’t [go back to a two-hour RAW]. I think if it was up to Paul [Levesque], he would go back to one-hour TV because it leaves you wanting more. But, I mean, things are what they are.”?

While Hall believes that Triple H is the right person to take over WWE, Hall quickly pointed out that ‘The Game’ used to be The Kliq’s lackey, carrying bags and acting as the collective’s designated driver.

“Don’t get me wrong, I respect Paul, I respect Triple H, and he [has] done some things. He’s the right guy for the job. He doesn’t sleep. He’s just like Vince. He’s a cyborg. But when I first met him, he used to carry my bag. He was kind of nobody and I was kind of a big deal. And I used to mess with him, like, do you know how you can walk behind somebody and walk right in their footsteps? Like, he would come in to TV and I was just doing it to him and he’s turning around like, ‘whoa.’ So I said, ‘I guess you’ve heard all the rumors about all the gay stuff here, right?’ And he went, ‘yeah.’ I said, ‘it’s all true!’ And the coolest thing about having him around was he was skilled. And I’m looking at him going, ‘well, here’s this rich boy from the country club and Razor’s gimmick is from the streets.’ I’m thinking, ‘oh, and he can go? Man, I’d love to work with him.’ And because he never drank or did a drug, still doesn’t, sometimes we’d pressure him to ‘drink it!’ and he would drink, like, one shot of Jack Daniels. But it was perfect for guys like me, and Shawn [Michaels], and [1-2-3] Kid, and Kev [Nash] because we were drinking and taking prescription drugs only. I can prove it, doctor. But we’re partying and going hard and we’d just get in the van and go, ‘drive, monkey!’ And we’d sit in the back and drink beer and he was totally straight, didn’t do a drug.”

When asked whether the wrestleverse will ever see another Monday Night Wars, Hall indicated that he does not see any real competition for WWE these days.

“I just think it would be great if there was somebody for them to compete with because it makes everybody better, but I don’t see anybody [capable of challenging WWE]. TNA ain’t going to be a threat. I think Ring Of Honor, Ring Of Honor may be the closest thing, but it’s still kind of bush. Their TV is kind of bush. New Japan’s TV is slicker, but I don’t think American audiences will really get behind Japanese guys at this point, so I don’t see any Monday Night Wars coming up.”


Source: Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard

On episode 51 of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, current Impact Wrestling on-air authority figure and pro wrestling podcaster Bruce Prichard talked about WINC alum Vince Russo’s WWE run. Notably, Prichard talked about Russo advocating for Triple H, the Madison Square Garden Curtain Call, Triple H and Chyna being a “package deal” behind-the-scenes, who wanted The New Age Outlaws in D-Generation X, and who came up with WWE “attitude”.

According to Prichard, Russo was the biggest advocate for Triple H early on while Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette used to say that ‘The Game’ was a midcarder at best.

“I do remember Corny and Vince McMahon saying that Triple H would be a midcard guy at best early on in his [pro wrestling] career and Russo was a huge proponent of Triple H. And I dare say that without Russo at the helm at the time, Hunter probably would not have gotten the breaks that he got at the time.”

Prichard continued, “yeah, [Russo was Triple H’s biggest advocate at the time] and then Vince McMahon became, but Hunter was one of those guys who was always around, always asking questions, and wanting to be a part of whatever he could do to learn. I liked Hunter because I always liked his attitude, just willing to do whatever it took to learn the [pro wrestling] business, but Russo was definitely pushing Hunter and had an awful lot of ideas for him.”

On the subject of the MSG Curtain Call, Prichard claimed that everyone was offended, not just him and Cornette, as was suggested by podcast co-host Conrad Thompson from reading excerpts of Russo’s own writings.

“It was simply a feeling of what they did being disrespectful to Vince [McMahon], being disrespectful to the memory of Vince’s dad doing it in the Garden, our home. It was something that hadn’t been done before and something everybody was upset about, not just me, not just Cornette, but Vince McMahon, pretty much every one of the boys who wasn’t involved in the Curtain Call.”

Moreover, Prichard stated that Triple H was punished in an upfront way for the Curtain Call and explained that McMahon decided not to go with Triple H for King Of The Ring because The Chairman did not feel like he could trust ‘The King Of Kings’.

“Hunter was punished and he was considered for King Of The Ring, but Vince didn’t feel like he could trust him at that point in time and he wanted Hunter to prove himself and Hunter did.”

During the podcast, Prichard confirmed Russo’s assertion that dealing with either Triple H or Chyna meant dealing with both of them, calling the pair a “package deal”.

“Probably so [Triple H had to be present for Chyna’s creative meetings with Russo] from his vantage point pitching stuff. Whatever Joanie was doing, she was with Hunter, so I’m sure Hunter wanted to be there. But they were also an item at the time, so they did everything together. Whenever I’d call either one of them, the other was usually there. It was kind of a team decision because they were a package deal.”

Another rumor Prichard attempted to dispel involved D-Generation X. Pro wrestling rumor and innuendo purports that ‘The Road Dogg’ Jesse James and ‘The Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn were not picked by Triple H and Shawn Michaels to join the group. Prichard recalled that Michaels wanted The New Age Outlaws for the stable.

“The guy that brought Billy [Gunn] and Road Dogg to Vince [McMahon]’s attention was Shawn Michaels who saw those two guys. They were singles. One was a Rockabilly and then Jesse James… It was Shawn Michaels who brought them to Vince and wanted them to be a part of DX and felt that they would be a great team together.”

Finally, Prichard credited McMahon with conceiving of the ‘attitude’ concept after fining Shawn Michaels for his vulgar and explicit antics.

“That’s where Vince McMahon coined the phrase ‘attitude’ because Shawn, in his defense, was like, ‘because I’ve got attitude, you’re going to fine me, blah, blah, blah?’ And that’s where Vince, I’ll never forget, Vince came back to us and said, ‘that’s attitude! That’s what we need. We need more attitude!'”


Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

On episode 60 of Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Scott Hall talked about his long road to recovery. Specifically, Hall discussed his substance abuse storyline in WCW, Triple H not contacting him during his recovery process, and Road Dogg’s enviable position with WWE.

On WCW’s storyline about Hall’s substance abuse problems, Hall said that he told Eric Bischoff that the angle was in bad taste and it was abruptly called off when a Turner Broadcasting executive complained about it.

“Eric came to me and said, ‘now, I’ve got this [idea]’ because he was really big into all the mark stuff, all the dirt sheets that were online now and he’s going, ‘we’ll do this [substance abuse storyline] because the word’s out’ and I said, ‘Eric, I’ll do whatever you want because I still need them big checks rolling in.’ I said, ‘I personally I think it’s in bad taste, but you’re the boss’. I said, ‘I’ll do it and I’ll do it as good as I can even if I think it’s wrong’, so we went that way.” Hall continued, “they went with it until it came down from the higher ups at Turner, like, ‘hey, that’s not funny’ because everybody, unfortunately, knows someone who suffers from mental illness or addiction, so, obviously, one of those big shots in Turner had somebody in his family [struggling with such issues] and went, ‘that’s not funny. Stop now.'”

According to Hall, Triple H was told not to contact him during his recovery process.

“When [Triple H] contacted me about the [WWE] Hall of Fame [induction], he called me and said, ‘hey, how are you doing? I wanted to reach out to you for years,’ he said, ‘but all the experts were saying ‘no. No, let him focus on just him getting himself together, not worrying about wrestling or being somewhere or doing this. Let him focus on getting well.’ So he said, ‘man, I wanted to reach out to you for so long,’ because one time, he did call and apparently, he said, ‘oh, I just talked to Scott’ and they went, ‘oh, don’t do that!’, so then I didn’t hear from him for a long time.”

When asked about his involvement with talent in the WWE Performance Center, Hall suggested that Road Dogg is a great example of someone who has struggled with personal demons who has a big role in the company now. Hall explained that Road Dogg was running Smackdown tapings while Tough Enough was being shot.

“Well, the one thing that I’m happy about is like Road Dogg. And Road Dogg didn’t miss many parties either and now he’s like Hunter’s righthand man. He’s there. He was running Smackdown when the Tough Enough show was on because Vince [McMahon] and Hunter and Stephanie [McMahon], they would all go to the live Tough Enough broadcast and Road Dogg was basically calling the shots at Smackdown, which they tape on Tuesday and air Thursday, so he’s running the show and he said, the last time I saw him, ‘yeah, and the ratings actually went up a little bit.’ He said, ‘Vince pulled me aside and said, ‘maybe I don’t need to make Tuesdays.’ I’m just saying that Road Dogg, at one time, was right there in the same category maybe as me and now he’s doing great and he has a great mind!”