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WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair underwent successful intestinal surgery earlier today and is now recovering in the hospital.

Charlotte Flair spoke to the WWE website and said The Nature Boy should be out of the hospital in the next 3 or 4 days if all goes well. The first to reveal the surgery on social media was WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, who sent well wishes to Flair on Sunday.

Below is WWE’s announcement on the surgery along with comments from Charlotte:

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair undergoes successful surgery“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair underwent a successful intestinal surgery Monday morning and is now recovering nicely in the hospital. spoke with his daughter Charlotte Flair, who explained that his procedure was rooted in the health issues Ric experienced last fall.

“While some may have assumed that the effects [of his health problems last fall] may have slowed down my father’s lifestyle, he really embraced it all, has ended up doing more work in the last couple months than in the previous few years and is enjoying life,” Charlotte said. “However, when he was told that he had the opportunity to possibly reverse some of the effects of the initial surgery, my father decided it was something he wanted to try, and he was very positive about the procedure.”

“Now, he is out of surgery, and everything looked to have gone as good as they had hoped,” The Queen continued. “The only thing that remains to do at this point is to wait to make sure everything is working as it should. If it all goes well, he should be out for the hospital in the next three or four days.”

“Though he was a little groggy, we did share a ‘Woo!’ before getting off the phone, and that was how I knew everything was OK,” said Charlotte, referring to their Facetime conversation immediately after the procedure.


WWE Hall of Famer the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was a guest on ESPN Charlotte’s The Gerry V Show for a short interview to promote his appearance at an autograph session. DiBiase talked about how he came into WWE just as Ted DiBiase, without the gimmick that he is known for today. However, Vince McMahon wanted a character that would be a version of himself on screen, and felt that DiBiase fit the description. Hence, The “Million Dollar Man” was born.

DiBiase talked about how he lived his gimmick, as he would frequently travel in limousines and learjets to show the public that he was extremely wealthy. He also was frequently given $2,000 in “flash money,” which he was constantly told that he would lose it if he abused it. He recalled shooting vignettes with a wad of $100s, and going to different bars to pick up all the tabs to further add layers to his gimmick. He stated that he had a conversation with Ric Flair and jokingly told him that the difference between the two of them is that Ric Flair has to pay for his own tabs, but Vince pays for DiBiase’s.

DiBiase was then asked about his biggest milestone moments of his career.

“My first WrestleMania, which was WrestleMania 4, was a milestone,” he said.

Occurring on March 27, 1988, this was the first and only WrestleMania that DiBiase main-evented, as he competed against Randy Savage in the tournament finals for the WWE Championship. In addition to this event, DiBiase mentioned the episode of The Main Event where Andre the Giant won the WWE Championship and sold it to DiBiase, as well as his match at Wembley Stadium, which he stated was the biggest crowd he has ever competed for.

Traveling with Andre the Giant for nearly a year, DiBiase talked about how WWE wanted him to compete for a little longer than he wanted to, but Andre did not want to because he was in such poor health.

“There were nights that we would walk to the ring and he would put his hand over my shoulder, and to the public, it was like, ‘well, that’s just his partner,’ but he was steadying himself because his back [was so bad], and so I would be the one who was doing most of the bumping and flying around the ring,” said DiBiase.

Surprisingly, DiBiase is still popular to the younger crowd, as he still frequently gets stopped at different places. The reason for this, DiBiase has been told by younger fans, is due to video games and the WWE Network.

Charlotte spoke with Yahoo! Sports on the ESPN “Body Issue” photo shoot and Ronda Rousey. Here are some of the highlights:

Being the first WWE Superstar to be in ESPN’s “Body Issue”:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the issue and growing up as an athlete, it was very encouraging to see that strong was being shown as sexy. So, the athletes very much inspired me and I guess almost helped me full comfortable in my own skin. I’m an athlete, I am sexy. It was obviously a bucket list but a WWE superstar had never been in the issue, so when I found out that they were going to have me in the 10th anniversary issue, I was like is this real? I kept annoying our talent relations department like, ‘I really am picked, they aren’t going to change it? For sure?’ Up until the shoot, I kept checking in. I was just so excited and the fact that the women have worked so hard for WWE for so many years to be more than just eye candy, more than just the women are divas. Just to show the world that we are athletes and have so much to offer.

The Body Issue reaches a whole different demographic in that they can see wow, women’s wrestling has come this far and she’s an athlete. I hope this opens doors for more women to be represented in years to come in the issue to a whole new demographic. I was very honored and very excited and it also made me feel proud to be an athlete because I know when I first started, I had such a hard time. How do you do your makeup? How do you look like a star? How do you dress like a diva? And here I am almost six years later and I am so proud I grew up playing sports and that I have an athletic body and I just hope it sends that message all over.”

If she was nervous during the photo shoot:

“Well, doing a moonsault naked is totally different. But no, I completely committed to the project and told them I wanted to do it without makeup. I actually had a black eye from Asuka from WrestleMania that I do not regret. I wanted it to be shown because we shot the week after WrestleMania. I was kind of excited about it. I get to show off my battle wound. I think just the message that being who you are in any shape, any size, no makeup, completely raw, is just so important and that’s what I just kept thinking about. It was almost like a weight lifted off my shoulders. This is who I am. I’m so proud of my body. I’m so proud to be an athlete. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Ronda Rousey’s run in WWE:

“I’m blown away. How fast she has picked everything up, especially with her match against Nia Jax at Money in the Bank. I know my dad texted her and said the same thing, just Roddy Pipper would be so proud of her. She gets better every time she’s out there and it doesn’t look like she’s going to slow down at any point. I know she will become the Raw women’s champion at some point and it’s an honor to have her part of our division. She’s blown my mind with how fast she’s picked this up.”

Charlotte also discussed the Special Olympics and watching Raw with Ric Flair. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Tony Schivone spoke to CBS DC on WCW, returning to announcing, and Ric Flair’s promos. Here are some of the highlights:

Keeping his composure during Ric Flair’s over-the-top promos:

“Yeah, the one that I remember was one that we did on the set of World Championship Wrestling back in the 80s. He was doing the angle against Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and Precious, and he was trying to woo Precious, and he brought out a mannequin. He kissed and made love to the mannequin, while I was holding the microphone. If you go back and watch it, I think you catch me laughing. He and I talk about that often, when I talk to him and I talk to him about how nutty he was. I say, ‘Yeah but, I was there when you kissed a mannequin.'”

Getting back to announcing with MLW after being away from it for years:

“Yeah. Court [Bauer] got in touch me, and we started in October, and he said, ‘Listen, I’d like for you to come down and call some action for us.’ He said, ‘I don’t have much money to give you, but I wondered if you’ll consider doing it.’ And he told me how much he would give me to do the first show. I said, ‘Well that’s kind of nostalgic because that’s what I got my first show back in 1982.’

I thought about Court and MLW and said, he and Conrad Thompson had done a lot for me by opening up the world of podcasts, and I might as well go down and try to do it. I was really apprehensive, because I didn’t think my voice could handle it based on what I used to do. It was really kind of an unknown world for me to go back and do it.”

Despite being unhappy working for WCW at the end of the company’s run, would he have stayed if WCW continued on:

“I would’ve continued on because the money back then and the benefits were just too good. There’s no question. It’s funny because when we finally did go down, everything was so bad, and it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’ve often said, ‘You can’t put a price on happiness’ and I really wasn’t happy. It was just too much pressure and I remember Eric used to say, ‘I know things get nutty here and I know there’s a lot of pressure and we drive you pretty hard, but buddy that’s why you make the big money.’ I didn’t make the big money compared to the guys, but I made a very good living. But again, you can’t put a number on happiness.

The last show that we had when Vince took over we were down in Panama City, [Florida] and I got in my car and drove back to Atlanta that night and just felt great. I knew we were going down, and I knew eventually that WCW would go belly up. I didn’t know what would happen, but there was a lot of questions leading up to that moment through the months leading up to it. I had shed the tears about the business and what my life was gonna be moving forward before that moment. But when that moment came, I was really, really relaxed.”

Schivone also discussed more about MLW. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

On the first episode of his new 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW president Eric Bischoff discussed the creation of the most famous faction in wrestling history, the nWo. Even though Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were huge stars that he poached from WWE, Bischoff said what they earned was still a step below what was paid to WCW’s top stars like Sting and Ric Flair.

“It was never a thing with me. We had a budget in place that had been approved the year before by Turner Broadcasting Finance Committee, so I knew the parameters that I had to work with. I knew that politically, from a locker room prospective, I knew that there was no way that I can bring these new guys in and make more money than Ric Flair,” Bischoff said. “Nor did I wanted to put them at the level, even if Ric Flair hadn’t been there, I didn’t want to pay them at Sting’s rate. Sting was the highest paid guy. We were all comfortable with that, the rest of the talent was comfortable with that, but I never used it as a barometer publicly. I knew that within my budget, and Sting being the highest paid guy, along with Ric Flair and a few below him, again, the questions that I did have with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, especially with Kevin because I talked with him more based on our previous relationship with him.”

Bischoff said it worked out well for Hall and Nash because they didn’t work as many dates as when they worked for WWE. For Nash in particular, the schedule was easier on him because he was expecting his first child.

“Kevin made it clear to me, we put a maximum of 180 dates, WWE was at 250, we may be splitting hairs to a degree, but it wasn’t half the dates. It may have felt that way to Scott and Kevin, but we had a maximum of 180 dates, we never hit the maximum dates, it was around 125-130 dates a year, so it was definitely a lot less of a load than what they were used to,” Bischoff said. “Kevin was expecting his very first child at that time, and in WWE he would have been on the road, add the travel that they worked along with the front and back end of traveling back home and leaving again they were probably gone 300 days a year, so it was a much lighter load. Add the income from pay-per-views, house shows, and all the profit shares, they were probably making $500,000 or more, but they had to work hard to get it, but they both expressed to me, especially with Kevin, it was much of a lifestyle consideration as it was a financial one.”

Bischoff also took time to dispel the notion that he gave out guaranteed contracts to superstars. He said WCW had been giving out guaranteed contracts since before he worked for the company, so he’s unaware how the rumors got started that he was the one to introduce them.

“It’s amazing to me, and I get this all the time, and no matter how many times I talk about it, and how many ways it is so obvious that it is not true, but people still want to believe it. Here are the facts: when Eric Bischoff came to work for WCW as a ‘clean up batter’ on the announce team working alongside Tony Schiavone, I came with a guaranteed contract,” he said. “The first day I showed up on the job, the very first day, I rode to town with [Head of WCW Security] Doug Dillinger and Dusty Rhodes, and we drove to Anderson, South Carolina, and I got to the building, and the very first person that said hi to me was Larry Zbyszko. Larry and I worked together in AWA and we were pretty good friends back in the day. One of the very first things Larry did for me was pull me aside and said, ‘Kid, keep your chin down. Don’t stir up any s–t and you will get paid for life.’ They all had guarantee contracts before they got there. How it became that Eric Bischoff gives out guaranteed contracts I will never freaking know. I really won’t, but it is out there.”

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is scheduled to undergo a very serious surgery on July 9th, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The operation is related to the issues from last summer’s hospitalization and will enable Flair to get rid of his colostomy bag, which he has needed since the health issues in 2017.

The Nature Boy is facing what was described as a very significant surgery. It was noted that Flair feels that he needs to have this operation done if he wants to go back to serious training.

Flair underwent surgery back in August 2017 to fix a case of bowel obstruction but that led to serious complications, including kidney failure. He spent more than 1 month undergoing treatments before being allowed to return home.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling, Below are some highlights:

How she prepares mentally to perform in front of a big crowd at WrestleMania:

“You really can’t prepare for that. I think it’s just as scary every year when you walk into WrestleMania, but I do know that it is the grandest stage of them all and you want to make the biggest impact and impression so right now, I am very focused. I’m only thinking about one thing and it’s almost overwhelming, I can’t explain it. The anticipation leading up to it. I just know that it’s going to be one of the biggest matches of my career.”

Who she would want to face if she were in the main event match at WrestleMania:

“If this wasn’t the main event, me vs. Asuka, I would definitely say a Fatal 4-Way against the Four-Horsewomen.”

Jim Ross saying that she is the Hulk Hogan of women’s wrestling:

“I guess I’m tall, blonde and tanned. It’s a very big compliment. It’s really nice for JR to say that about me.”

If Ric Flair still gives her advice on her matches:

“Everyday. I’ve had a lot of success, but I still want to improve. I still want to grow as a performer, and there’s still so much left to be done. That is a matter of believing in myself and my dad as my biggest advocate continues to tell me every morning, to keep working hard. If I have my doubts, he is always there to lift me up.”