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WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was recently interviewed by The Mirror. Below are a few highlights:

During the early years of Raw you were one of the opposition, because you rejoined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) a month later and then went head-to-head with Raw on Monday Nitro. Did you used to watch both shows? Was the rivalry as fierce as people say now?

“Worse. I hated WCW. I’ve said it on record. Not the guys, but the way it was run. It was ridiculous. Literally, my prediction, I said they will kill themselves. And they did. You can’t go out on Nitro and say openly to Vince, ‘we’re putting you out of business’. He’s forgiven a lot of people.”

Do you think that approach turned fans off?

“Yeah. They wanted me to go out there and say that. I said ‘s*** no’ I’m not going to go out and say that. ‘I’m not doing it’. It’s one of the reasons me and [Eric] Bischoff didn’t get along. They wanted me to go out and put WWE down like Hulk [Hogan], Scott Hall and [Kevin] Nash and those guys were. Not a chance.”

[Vince McMahon] even hired Eric Bischoff as the general manager of Raw in July 2002 after WCW went out of business.

“I was really shocked. I wouldn’t badmouth WWE on air out of loyalty to Vince. I used to work for his dad [Vincent J. McMahon]. He’s forgiven a lot of people man, Bruno [Sammartino], the Ultimate Warrior, Kevin, Scott…”

How excited would you be to see Asuka face your daughter Charlotte, or as has been rumoured, Ronda Rousey to face Charlotte at WrestleMania. That would be a box office attraction.

“Oh huge. Ronda because Ronda gets so much exposure from ESPN as well, which we do a lot of stuff with. That’s why Brock [Lesnar] brings so much to the table, because Brock used to get so much ESPN stuff, which gives us an audience that might not normally watch it.”

If Ronda Rousey was to come into WWE, she couldn’t be in better hands than in a match with Charlotte.

“No. Charlotte will beat her when she wants to! Ronda better watch out. I can tell you this, Charlotte is not afraid of her in any way, shape of form. She is a lot bigger than she is. [5ft 10in to 5ft 7in and 144lb to 135lb]. She can deadlift 300lb and squad 250lb.”

Flair also discussed not having a WrestleMania match with Hulk Hogan in WWE, his big 1992 Royal Rumble win, Bobby Heenan and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


Ric Flair spoke with Fox 5 about his alcohol addiction, health scare, and feeling lucky to still be alive. Here are some of the highlights:

 Addiction to alcohol:

“I don’t carry a flask, I don’t drink at home, and I’m a social drinker. I mean my whole life, I never drank during the day. But at night, when I’m through working, yeah, I drank. I didn’t start ‘day drinking’ until probably right before my son [Reid Fliehr] died. And then, I really, after he passed away, it was 10 in the morning until 2 a.m. every day.”

The lead-up to his recent health scare last August:

“I knew that something was going on because it really hurt. So, she [Fiance’, Wendy Barlow] took me and, sure enough, my intestines had ruptured.”

Feeling lucky to still be alive:

“You have no idea. You want to know something? I am preoccupied with dying, does that make sense to you? I think about it every day.”

Ric Flair’s fiance’, Wendy Barlow, also discussed more about his health scare. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently spoke with Starsport in the UK and praised his daughter, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, as the best.

“She (Charlotte) already is the greatest, by far,” Flair said. “I don’t know who to compare her to. That’s just my opinion and I’m biased but I’m also a guy that’s qualified to make that remark so let’s say she’s not my daughter and I was the father of another girl I would say to the other girl you better push if you want to be like her.

“And I have tremendous respect. I think Sasha Banks is off the hook in terms of ability. What separates Ashley is her size and her athletic ability. Sasha Banks is every bit of a performer that Ashley is, make no mistake. As are a couple of the other girls – Natalya is fantastic. They’re all good. There’s a fine line between good and great and I just look at her and I’ve known them all.”

The Nature Boy also said he wishes WWE would turn Charlotte back heel.

“I wish they would use her on the other side,” Flair commented. “I like her when she’s bad. She’s really good at enhancing other people’s work. As a heel she’s really good at that, that’s art in itself.”

Charlotte spoke with Arm Drag Takedown with Pollo Del Mar about a number of wrestling topics. You can check out the full interview by clicking here and here are some of the highlights via the Huffington Post:

Talking about her divorce in her book, Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte:

“It really got to me when I first started in WWE that people would make fun of me being divorced. My dad has been divorced so many times. I don’t know why it bothered me. I don’t know whether it’s because I hate failing or I was embarrassed or comparing myself to my female peers — I don’t know. But to just get that off my chest, explain what I’ve been through or what I’ve learned, [how] I’ve come out a better person. I think that was the hardest part to share.”

The death of her brother, Reid:

“I don’t think I’ll ever put losing my little brother to rest, because I have so much guilt. Just the fact he has never seen me on the main roster is so hard — like I deal with it every, single day.”

Feeling the pressure to elevate her game, because she was Ric Flair’s daughter:

“When you walk out through that curtain, and people know you’re Ric Flair’s kid, you’re not going to get away from it — either you accept it or you don’t. Fans can think what they want. But if I was just another 5’10” blonde that was very athletic that stepped through, I don’t think I would have dealt with as much criticism as I did. I think the criticism and pressure is what’s gotten me to where I am today. It elevated my game.”

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Sting attended the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham last weekend and took part in a Q&A session. Here are the final set of highlights from the session from @paperchampions :

When you first got into the business who were the guys you idolized?

“When I first got into the business I knew nothing about pro wrestling. By the time I got it, I looked at guys like Randy Savage. I likes the way that he was so over the top. The gestures, the voice, the colors, the glasses, the jackets. He was so bizarre and I was drawn to that.”

What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out in the wrestling industry?

“Be slow to speak and fast to hear. Keep your mouth shut, just listen and learn.”

What is your favorite match that you were not involved with?

“Just about any match Shawn Michaels has had has been incredible. Shawn could have a match with a broomstick and it would still be entertaining.”

Who would be on your Mt Rushmore of professional wrestling?

“Andre the Giant, gotta have him there. Hulk Hogan, for sure. The Rock and [Ric] Flair.”

What is next for The Stinger?

“I’m trying to get back into real estate. Back in the day I made real good money from it and my wife and I are getting back into that.”

The tenth episode of the School of Morton podcast co-hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express is available for download right now. On the podcast, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair discussed his hospitalization, his health today, advice for the future, plus stories of partying with Ricky Morton, Dusty Rhodes, Road Warrior Animal, Chuck Berry, and Dan Aykroyd. They sent us these highlights:

Being hospitalized:

“I got a really sharp pain in my stomach. I knew the pain. That was very similar to the pain I had the last time. Wendy took me to the hospital and my intestine had broken open and that’s the last thing I remember. I don’t remember anything else. On Monday they put me in an induced coma. I stayed in that and on life support for 11 days. I don’t remember any of it. I just dreamt… I had to learn how to walk again. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t twist the top off a Gatorade bottle or open a diet coke I lost forty-three pounds.”

Falling off a boat that was in motion and Ricky Morton rescuing him:

“I was trying to figure out my way. It was about a mile to the shore each way… maybe a little less I was trying to figure out which way was closer when you guys found me.”

Ricky Morton talks about pulling Ric Flair into the boat:

“This is true… this is Ric Flair, he had a $2,000 suit on… I pulled Ric in the boat. He had a necktie on, one sock and his underwear. That’s all he had on”.

Matt Lauer getting fired by NBC:

“$25 million a year salary. Are you kidding me. Who could blow that deal?”

His advice for living life:

“For me I would say make the most of every day. When you come close to losing that opportunity it makes you realize all the more how lucky you are to have that opportunity. So make the most of every day.”

A legal battle is brewing between Ric Flair and his former management team.

The WWE Hall of Famer is suing Legacy Talent and Entertainment, the agency that represented him from 2009 to October 2017, over money he believes he’s owed from his recent ESPN “30 for 30” special, according to TMZ Sports.

Flair claims Legacy Talent received $25,000 from First Row Films, the company that produced the documentary, but he wasn’t informed of the payment or given his cut. He also hired a lawyer to look into his finances and discovered a $12,000 royalty advance from Jake’s Fireworks, with whom he signed an endorsement deal earlier this year.

After reaching out to Legacy Talent about the money, Flair says he was told it was being used to cover legal bills – something he says he never authorized.