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The Wrestling Observer newsletter are reporting that WWE Mae Young Classic tournament entrant Nicole Matthews has been banned from competing in the United States for five years.

Matthews, who hails from British Columbia in Canada, had problems coming over the border into the US recently, and she’s been handed a raw deal by the authorities for problems with her Visa; this follows on from an incident fellow indy star (and Canadian) ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey experienced a few years ago. He had similar issues with his Visa back in 2016, and his ban runs to 2021.

Meanwhile, Matthews’ woes will continue until 2023, and that will prevent her from working with WWE or for any North American independent company outside it. That, rather sadly, includes Shimmer, a promotion she’d been tied to since 2006.

Matthews beat Isla Dawn in the first round of the 2018 Mae Young Classic before losing to Tegan Nox at the Round of 16 stage.

WWE has announced four more competitors for The Mae Young Classic – WWE NXT Superstar and former American Ninja Warrior competitor Kacy Catanzaro, Japanese women’s star Io Shirai, Canadian indie veteran Nicole Matthews and current PROGRESS Women’s World Champion Jinny, who is also working the WWE NXT UK brand.

These four competitors join former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn and NXT Superstar Rhea Ripley as confirmed MYC entrants. It was also reported this week that Vernice Gabriel from The Philippines has been booked for the tournament, which tapes in early August to air later this Summer on the WWE Network.

Below is WWE’s announcement on the 4 new competitors:

Mae Young Classic field widens with addition of international standouts, “American Ninja Warrior” pioneerThree international standouts — Japanese phenom Io Shirai, Canadian ring veteran Nicole Matthews and British up-and-comer Jinny — and former “American Ninja Warrior” competitor Kacy Catanzaro are the latest competitors confirmed for this summer’s Mae Young Classic 2018.

Shirai was recently introduced as WWE’s newest signee at a Live Event in Tokyo. One of the most decorated wrestlers in the modern history of Japan, “The Genius of the Sky” has captured countless titles in her home country and was named the top women’s wrestler for the past three years by Tokyo Sports, a national newspaper. Shirai is renowned for her incredible suplexes and high-flying attacks.

Perhaps best known for her groundbreaking performances on “American Ninja Warrior,” Catanzaro —who was recruited into the WWE Performance Center earlier this year — looks to make an impact in her WWE Network in-ring debut. Though she may not have a wealth of wrestling experience, Catanzaro has been earmarked as a prospect to watch, given her otherworldly athletic abilities. A former Division I gymnast, she was the first woman to scale “American Ninja Warrior’s” “warped wall” and has twice been listed on Sports Illustrated’s “Fittest 50” list of the world’s best female athletes.

A 12-year ring veteran from Vancouver, Matthews has established her name around the globe, having competed in Canada, the United States, England, Japan and Australia. Matthews has faced the likes of Becky Lynch, Asukaand WWE Performance Center trainer Sara Amato. She boasts an aggressive, bullying style of wrestling and likes to finish opponents with a devastating rolling cutter she calls the “Vancouver Maneuver.”

Rounding out this set of competitors is London’s Jinny. Less than three years into her career, Jinny journeyed into a WWE ring for the first time at the 2017 WrestleMania Axxess. Known for her hard-hitting style inside the ring, Jinny is the reigning women’s champion of the U.K.-based PROGRESS Wrestling and holds the distinction of being the first female graduate of PROGRESS’s wrestling school.


Source: Metro

Laurel Van Ness spoke with Metro on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Making a living as full-time indie wrestler:

“It’s so amazing that to an extent we can compete with WWE. They’re always going to have the mainstream audience, but right now we’ve got so much attention. There is a crazy spotlight on indie wrestling, and that’s amazing because it’s what we love to do, and a lot of us are doing it for a living. We’re trying to make money and entertain people, and for that to be our sole career. It’s crazy how things have changed and we’re now able to do that without having to work second and third jobs. This isn’t just a hobby, this is our life.”

Fans yelling sexist comments:

“One that sticks out to me was when I was wrestling Nicole Matthews in Vancouver. I was very new and there was some very sexual comments made by a couple of drunk fans. As we were wrestling, Nicole stopped and said something to them. It did the trick, they stopped what they were saying. There’s such a fine line between letting it affect you, but staying silent about it. I don’t think it’s right to yell at a female like that, it is our place of work and we’re trying to entertain you. Freedom of speech, sure, but to an extent – you have to be respectful, we are humans and we’re working essentially for you. I do have a time when I hear things in the ring, but me personally I try to ignore it because I find a lot of people are trying to get your attention by screaming profanities or saying sexual things towards women. But I have a limit as much as anyone else, and if someone did cross that line, I think I would have to say something at the time.”

When fans chant “Zack Ryder” (her boyfriend) during a match:

“This is very different from the sexual comments, but another thing that makes me frustrated, and I get this a lot, is that I do get a lot of people doing my boyfriends chants at me. To me, that is very disrespectful and I don’t think people understand that. I have nothing to do with my boyfriend when I step into the ring. I’m not defined by my relationship or who my boyfriend is or where he works. So it’s very disrespectful when a fan does his chants because he’s not putting in the work in that ring, I am, so sometimes when people do the Zack Ryder chants it really affects me, and I have said some things to people. You have to figure out, do they want your attention? And if they do, don’t give it to them, do not give them what they want.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Results via

In front of a standing room only crowd at the RCC in Vancouver

Tony Baroni, Nicole Matthews and The Cunninghams defeated Nelson Creed, Lak Sadartha, Mr. Smyth and Johnny Flynn in a Wildcard Elimination Tag match.

Pete Powers attacked Baroni after the match.

In Ballroom Brawl 4 Ladder match Qualifying Matches:
Ethan HD pinned Andy Bird

Billy Suede defeated Pete Powers

Kenny Lush and Mike Santiago wrestled to a Double DQ.

On Naturally Spoken, it was announced that both the Canadian and ECCW Title will be on the line at Ballroom Brawl 4. Nicole Matthews, Artemis Spencer, Billy Suede and Ethan HD in a Ladder match.

Bishop vowed that things will change and he will be back with a Vengeance in June. Mike Sweetser also made his return, but didn’t say a word why or what he is doing back!

The Bollywood Boyz beat The Entourage (Malibu & MR2)

Daniel Adonis pinned Hellion

In the Main Event, Artemis Spencer and El Phantasmo originally wrestled to a 30 minute draw. Art demanded the match be restarted and there must be a winner. Ultimately, Spencer pinned Phantasmo after a double stomp. The match went a total of 40 minutes long. Match of the Year candidate.

Results via

Harv Sihra pinned Billy Suede after Sihra reversed a body slam into an inside cradle. Both athletes shook hands afterwards.

Andy Bird beat Mr. Smyth via DQ when the House of Hell interfered.

Ravenous Randy came out to help his friend fend off the HOH. Which lead to…

Ravenous Randy & Andy Bird defeated The House of Hell (Smyth & Lak)

It was announced on Naturally Spoken that the Main Event for Ballroom Brawl IV will be a 4 way Ladder match for the Canadian Championship. Qualifying matches will take place on May 23rd at the RCC

Main Event for Clash of the Titans will be El Phantasmo challenging for the Canadian Championship vs Artemis Spencer

Air Adonis made his return and upended Ethan HD with a Shooting Star Press.

The BBC (Randy Tyler & Ladies Choice) beat The East Van Warriors (Kenny Lush & King of the Yukon) in a Van City Street fight!

Cat Power defeated Jaida to retain her ECCW Woman’s Title. After the match, she sat on a chair and screamed for Nicole Matthews to come out. Nicole did promptly and a brawl ensued. ECCW officials pulled the two off each other as the fans chanted “Let them fight!”

Artemis Spencer and Nicole Matthews retained their respective Canadian and ECCW Title’s in a Double Jeopardy match that also included Bishop and Mike Santiago.

In the Main Event Last Man Standing Match, Tony Baroni defeated Alex Plexis with a Double stomp off the top rope through a table.

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For the third year in a row, ECCW: Pacific Cup was a Sell Out at the RCC in Vancouver.

Tony Baroni upended Billy Suede in a Quarter Final Pacific Cup Tournament match.

Bishop pinned Andy Bird in a Quarter Final Pacific Cup Tournament match.

Artemis Spencer defeated Mike Santiago in a Quarter Final Pacific Cup Tournament match.

Alex Plexis submitted El Phantasmo in a Quarter Final Pacific Cup Tournament match. This is what many fans said was Match of the night and maybe the greatest 1st round match in Pacific Cup history.

Nicole Matthews beat Ethan HD to retain her ECCW Title in a Non Tournament match.

Tony Baroni pinned Bishop in a Semi Final Pacific Cup Tournament match.

Alex Plexis defeated Artemis Spencer in a Semi Final Pacific Cup Tournament match.

The Cunninghams beat The Bollywood Boyz via DQ. Nelson Creed purposely got the Bollywood Boyz DQed by striking the Cunninghams and walking away laughing. The capacity crowd was infuriated that Creed ruined what was a great athletic contest between two fan favorite tag teams.

In the Finals of the 2015 Pacific Cup, Alex Plexis pinned Tony Baroni with a Canadian Destroyer-Pleximation mark combo.

Results via:

All these matches were picked by the fans at Ballroom Brawl 3, back in January.

El Phantasmo pinned The Ladies Choice with a Top Rope splash.

Billy Suede bested Tony Baroni.

After the match Kristopher Kassidy came out and revealed he and Alex Plexis broke Pesky’s ankle last week at training.

The Main Event for ECCW’s 19th Anniversary show was made. 4 on 4 War Games style Chamber of Extreme: Fans Bring the Weapons. Team Baroni vs Team Plexis.

Ravenous Randy made his return to the RCC after a lengthy absence. Unfortunately, he was pinned by Bishop after interference by Club Bish (his new posse of Goddess Mandy and Shreddz).

Nicole Matthews pinned Cat Power to retain her ECCW Championship

The Cunninghams successfully defended the ECCW Tag Team Titles by beating The East Van Warriors.

After the match Randy Tyler and The Ladies Choice beat down the Warriors and gave TWO Spike Piledrivers to Kenny Lush.

Nelson Creed and Gurv Sihra fought to a double Count Out.

In the Main Event, Artemis Spencer successfully defended the Canadian Championship by pinning Alex Plexis