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Be careful what you ask Joanna Jedrzejczyk!

The former UFC women’s strawweight champion recently made an example out of a budding reporter for trying to get a juicy quote on Conor McGregor at a media scrum in Moscow, Russia.

Jedrzejczyk, who was in attendance for Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 136 event at Olimpiyskiy Stadium, was first asked to give a prediction on the upcoming lightweight title bout between McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

“I’m 50/50. I’m a big fan of Conor, and I’m a big fan of Khabib. Two different styles,” Jedrzejczyk answered (h/t Simon Samano of MMA Junkie). “As you saw, I never predict a fight. I don’t like to predict the fights. People can do that. They can predict my fights, but I never do that. Anything and everything can happen in the fight. This is definitely the fight of, what, like the century? In MMA. So I cannot wait to watch two great warriors fighting each other. I’m 50/50.”

But then, the reporter switched the focus to McGregor’s behavior in New York, where the Irishman attacked a fighter’s bus in retaliation to Khabib’s confrontation with teammate Artem Lobov in a hotel.

Jedrzejczyk didn’t like how the reporter was fishing for insults towards McGregor and decided to flip the script and told the Russian to insult ‘The Notorious’ himself, in front of the cameras. It all made for a very awkward encounter.

Check out the full video below.


Since his loss against Mike Jackson at UFC 225, CM Punk has been out of the limelight until now. As noted, Punk was a guest on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on ESPN and talked about everything from his Netflix show Ultimate Beastmaster, a new horror movie he is the lead on and his future in MMA. First Punk was asked about his run in the UFC and if the door is open for another fight.

“There’s absolutely no shame in taking a chance in your life, and I took a big chance,” said Punk. “I feel like even speaking about this now, I feel like there is finality to it, but I don’t want anybody to jump to conclusions and start making headlines. I got to talk to Duke. I got to get back to training, and I plan on doing that as soon as I wrap up this movie. So yeah, I look back on this stuff very fondly.

“I’m not ruling it out, but I’m also not throwing my name in a hat right away.”

It has now been two years since Punk made his debut. As noted, he is leaving the door open for another fight, but will it be in the UFC?

“I don’t think it’s UFC or bust, but I am definitely in a weird position. There’s other places out there, but would I go, should I go? I still look at everything like ‘the world is my oyster’. I’m fortunate enough that I can kind of pick and choose. I’ll be the first to admit, you know me, I’m brutally honest, it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to fight in the UFC again. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

Punk also goes over what he could have done better in his recent fight against Jackson at UFC 225.

“Yeah, I think I took the second round off, but I think I was clearing cobwebs out of my head. I think I maybe kind of woke up two or three minutes into the second round and it was probably too late by then.”

The day just went from bad to worse for Nicco Montaño.

UFC president Dana White said Friday on the FS1 UFC 228 weigh-in show that Montaño is no longer the UFC women’s flyweight champion after she was taken to the hospital Friday morning, stopping her weight cut short. Montaño’s title defense against Shevchenko was cancelled later in the morning.

White told interviewer Megan Olivi that the flyweight title is now vacant and Shevchenko will fight another opponent for the belt in the near future. White said that title bout will happen “before the end of the year.”

“The belt becomes vacated,” White said. “So, the title is vacated. Obviously, Shevchenko is dying to fight for this title. So we’re in the process right now of trying to make another fight.”

Montaño, 29, won the title last December by defeating Roxanne Modafferi in the inaugural UFC women’s flyweight title bout at the TUF 26 Finale. Montaño won three fights on The Ultimate Fighter to earn the spot in the championship final. This would have been her first title defense after a year rife with injuries and illnesses.

While cutting weight Friday morning, Montaño’s teammate Steve Hanna told MMA Fighting in a statement that the UFC medical said she should stop cutting weight and she was transported to the hospital due to kidney issues.

“She will be fine in a few days,” Hanna said in the statement. “The UFC medical team was called in to evaluate her this morning during the process of her weight cut. They determined that she had to cease cutting weight and be transported to and treated at the local hospital for issues regarding her kidney function.”

Shevchenko, 30, earned a title shot by destroying Priscila Cachoeira last February in her UFC debut at 125 pounds. Shevchenko is a former title challenger at bantamweight.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler spoke with Rock Sins when NXT worked at the Download Festival over the weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

How the transition from MMA to pro wrestling has been:

“It’s been smoother I think because I’m a catch wrestler, I’ve been a catch wrestler in MMA, Josh Barnett my main head coach for like 12 years he is a professional wrestler as well as a fighter. Bill Robinson would teach us for mixed martial arts as well as sports entertainment, this is what I’ve been in for a while so I think I have a leg up on people that are like ‘I fight MMA, I think I like this so I’m gonna try it’ I’ve been involved in this a lot longer than people realize as far as the training and the working for it too.”

Working in front of a British crowd and a Download Festival crowd who may not all be wrestling fans:

“Yeah, I think you have to work a little bit to show who you are because they don’t just know, but that’s the stuff I did in MMA, so it’s not unfamiliar to me to let people know who I am. It’s also interesting because a British crowd is different to an American crowd, so that aspect has been more mind-blowing to me than the fact that it’s at a music festival and not a traditional wrestling show.”

Wanting to eventually work with the other MMA Four Horsewomen in WWE:

“It’s a little of both. I’m not going to sidetrack off of my path and the things I’m doing and what I want to accomplish, but who doesn’t want their friends with them at work every day, so it’s awesome, and it’s what we’ve done, once we were living together and training together and we clicked the four of us after the Ultimate Fighter. It’s like when Ronda was UFC Champion and Jess was in Invicta and we were all kind of doing our own thing in MMA as well as supporting so it’s kind of the same thing just on the other side of the coin.”

Baszler also discussed being a metal fan. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Brock Lesnar, sitting cageside at last night’s UFC 226, stormed the Octagon following a challenge from Daniel Cormier, who had been triumphant in the night’s main event.

After knocking out Stipe Miocic, Cormier took to the mic to call out the current WWE Universal and former UFC Heavyweight Champion. ‘The Beast’ wasted no time in entering the cage and pushing the fighter down, accepting his challenge before launching into an expletive-ridden tirade:

Let me tell you something, I walk into this building and watched the heavyweight disasters from the beginning, Ngannou the piece of sh*t, Miocic the piece of sh*t, DC I’m coming for you motherf*cker!

Prior to the tussle, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Cormier demonstrated his incredible skills by knocking out the most successful UFC Heavyweight Champion of all time, Stipe Miocic. In a contest that saw both fighters enjoy dominance during the brief duration of the bout, Cormier managed to land a crisp right hook from a clinch that dropped Miocic before finishing the fight with devastating ground and pound to capture the title.

The win sees Cormier become just the fifth fighter in the history of the UFC to win belts in two different weight classes, and he becomes only the second fighter after Conor McGregor to hold two belts consecutively.

WWE hit Chicago, Illinois for Money In The Bank, which isn’t just CM Punk’s hometown, but the site of his most famous triumph, when he bested WWE Champion John Cena in a five-star classic at the pay-per-view’s 2011 instalment.

His name was always going to belted through the Allstate Arena, and it was. It seemed the Chicagoans sprung to life with choruses of “CM Punk!” whenever the action lulled, as has become norm whenever WWE roll through town, but few could’ve foreseen Booker T’s straight shot at the former ‘Voice Of The Voiceless’ on the Kickoff Show.

With the panel speaking on Ronda Rousey’s transition from UFC to WWE, Booker chimed in with the following:-

“Look, we aw CM Punk try to run in the UFC, trying to take over. That boy got the brakes beat off him just a couple weeks ago!”

It was surprising enough to hear Punk’s name come out of a WWE personality’s mouth, let alone as part of such a pointed diatribe, but Booker shot the man down in his own hometown.

There’s no word on whether the lines were scripted or if Booker went into business for himself. What a coincidence that this would happen less than two weeks after Punk trounced Dr. Chris Amann in court, too…

UFC 225 was a massive box office flop for the mixed martial arts organisation, reportedly scoring less than 150,000 pay-per-view buys despite a stacked card.

Headlined by Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker’s non-title split decision victory over Yoel Romero, the main card also featured an Interim Welterweight Title fight, and was opened by former WWE Champion CM Punk vs. fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson.

Punk was destroyed. He scored an opportunistic first-round takedown on Jackson, but again looked well out of his depth, with his opponent openly clowning him from full mount in the second and third rounds. Jackson could have finished the fight at several points, but coasted to a lopsided 30-26 unanimous decision victory instead.

That UFC 225 drew so poorly is a huge surprise, not only because it presented an all-star lineup, but because Punk’s presence on UFC 203 reportedly added an estimated 125,000-225,000 extra buys in September 2016.

Many factors will have contributed to 225’s demise, but the cratered numbers suggest that any morbid curiosity PPV-buying fans had in Punk fighting died the moment he was submitted by Mickey Gall, and with Dana White confirming his UFC departure, the future looks uncertain.