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WWE’s women’s roster won’t be part of Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble show, but it looks like the company have found a way to make it up to them.

According to Jerry Lawler on his latest Dinner With The King podcast, WWE plan on handing their female talents “a heck of a payday” as compensation for missing the show, though he gave no indication of the amount.

On the same podcast, Jim Cornette commented that the company are being paid “more than you’ve ever seen” to put the Greatest Royal Rumble on in Saudi Arabia. There’s a lot of money behind the event, with PWStream reporting WWE may receive as much as $200 million.

The financing, coupled with the cultural factors preventing the women from competing on Friday night, have caused much controversy over the past few months. Still, if WWE are earning all this money, the least they can do is apportion some of it to their missing female stars.

Perhaps there’ll come a day when enough progress is made to allow women’s wrestlers to compete in future WWE shows in the country, but for now, the payday sounds like a fair compromise.


WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin recently spoke with 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame nominee Ivory. Among many other things, Ivory discussed how she got her start with WWE. Additionally, Ivory talked about her early troubles working with WWE Hall Of Famer Jacqueline Moore.

Apparently, Ivory got her start in WWE after she received a call from Jim Cornette. The former Tina Ferrari got booked for a one-shot deal and agreed to do the show provided that she could still make it in time to attend her day job as a Revlon cosmetics instructor the following morning.

“Jimmy Cornette called me and he was working for [WWE] and he had gotten my [telephone] number from Howard Brody, who worked with all ladies’ shows like AWA or something. And he was good friends with Luna [Vachon] and we go way back, so Howard gave him my number and he said, ‘we’re looking for a girl who could look good in a dress and take a bump.’ And they needed her to show up in Phoenix [Arizona] for one of the [WWE] shows, so I said, ‘sure, I can do that date.'” Ivory contined, “I said, ‘as long as I can bring my Revlon s–t, I can do the show for you. I’ll get on a plane that night because I’ve got to teach the next morning in San Francisco [California].’ ‘Sure.'”

Ivory did not know at the time of her call with ‘Corny’ that she was being brought into WWE to be a ho for The Godfather.

“I learned early on, in the car ride over to the arena, that I was going to be posing as one of The Godfather’s hoes of the ho train.” Ivory continued, “I was like, ‘sure, I can do that part. That ought to be great.’ So when I came to the locker room, the girls informed Steve Lombardi that, ‘the hoes go dress in the bathroom – they don’t come in our locker room.’ And he stood up for me. Actually, Luna stood up for me and said, ‘she’s a worker! She’s not a ho!'”

Ivory divulged that Jackie gave her a rather harsh welcome to WWE and that she had to convince ‘The Pride Of Tennessee’ to work less stiff.

“I was kind of her punching bag for about nine months,” Ivory recalled. “I started to feel like, ‘man, I don’t even like this anymore. It hurts too much!’ And people started nudging me and the guys would say, ‘you’ve got to put your foot down!’ And I put my foot down by saying, ‘that’s not what wrestling is.’ Nobody wants to pay to see a real chick fight because it’s ugly and it doesn’t sell.”

Source: Dinner With The King

Excitement continues to build as we get closer to the return of Starrcade and War Games. Jim Cornette was a guest on Jerry “The King” Lawler’s podcast, Dinner With The King, this week and gave his thoughts on the WWE bringing back WCW gimmick matches.

The WWE will be bringing back War Games in the main event of NXT Takeover: Houton on Nov. 18th, featuring NXT Tag Team Champions SAnitY (Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe) vs. Roderick Strong & The Authors of Pain (Akam, Rezar) vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish). Starrcade will return for the first time in 30 years on Nov. 25 with a SmackDown Live card, headlined by a WWE Championship steel cage match between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura. Cornette said he believes the WWE should’ve been utilizing these innovations from the moment they acquired WCW.

“I thought they should have done War Games from the very first,” he said. “That’s one of the greatest gimmick matches that consistently worked where nothing else was working, that worked.”

But Cornette said from his understanding, WWE officials were always hesitant about War Games in particular because it didn’t fit aesthetically with their presentation. Still, he stands by his belief that they should give those matches a try.

“They have never done multi-ring matches, because they think it won’t translate well to television. That’s what I always heard,” Cornette said. “Yes, they should try those concepts.”

Cornette also threw out an interesting idea in which the special events can also serve as a way to pay homage to WCW’s history.

“Why not do a Starrcade-themed PPV mixing live matches with the history of Flair to Race for the NWA Title to The Skywalkers to the WCW era,” he said. “It sells their product.”


Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was recently a guest on The Ross Report podcast with Jim Ross where she spoke on a number of interesting topics, including getting hired by the WWF at age 21.

“After six and a half years, I was working at Smoky Mountain and I was in the apartment with Chris [Candido]; the phone rings and I pick it up, and I hear, ‘Hi, this is Bruce Prichard from the WWF.’ I went and called Chris because I assumed it was for him,” Sytch explained to JR.

“He said to me that he was calling for me, not for Chris; so I asked him, for what, because this wasn’t something I was striving to do or wanting to do; it was just something that fell on my lap, and then that was how I was hired by the WWF at the time,” recalled Sytch. “It was such a crazy rollercoaster over the years, so by the time I turned 21 years old on December 7th, and December 15th I had started working for them. It was crazy.”

The year was 1994 when Sytch originally started appeared on WWF television shows as a commentator for their “Live Event News” segments. Her on-screen name was Tamara Murphy. Sytch went on to have a WWE Hall of Fame career where she was the original Diva. She spoke to Jim Ross about breaking into the business:

“Smoky Mountain Wrestling was my first full time job, but not my first job,” said Sytch. “I worked with a couple of indie promotions before that, when ECW was Eastern Championship Wrestling with Eddie Gilbert being in charge, before Paul Heyman, I worked there for the time being, but Smoky Mountain was my first full time job.”

Sytch explained that she broke in with her high school sweetheart Chris Candido, who went on to have a successful career in mainstream professional wrestling. Candido held titles for the NWA, WWF, ECW and WCW. He died suddenly in 2005 at age 33.

“Chris Candido and I dated from senior year on, we were high school sweethearts. At that time I started doing a little indies as his valet, or manager or whatever. When Chris Candido got the job with Smoky Mountain Wrestling I said to myself, well, I’m not going to let him move there by himself, I’m just going to transfer for college and move down there,” said Sytch. “We were down there for a few months and Chris was part of a few TV shows, then Jim Cornette asked us to go out to dinner with him, and we were all excited, thinking, okay, he’s going to talk to Chris about his career, and what he is going to do with him, so we were thrilled to death.”

“I was back in school full time at the University of Tennessee. So, we go down to Calhoun’s By the River in Knoxville, Tennessee. We go, and as soon as we sit down and order he goes, ‘Alright; I need a girl.’ I was like, wait a minute, what do you mean you need a girl? His wife was there; it was just the four of us. He goes on to explain that this character that he needs for this TV show, this character named Brian Lee needs a Manager, etc. I was like, JC, I appreciate it, but this isn’t my thing. I’m full time in school, I’m in pre-med, I want to be a Doctor, this is [Chris’] thing.

“He said, take six months off of school, that is all that I would need you for. I said, that is not going to happen. I am not going to take six months off of school, I said that I would adjust my classes to make it work out. I said, alright, my dad was fully supporting me, I am a full time student. I was daddy’s little girl; had his credit cards, putting money in my bank account and paying my rent. I said, you know what, it would be nice to have a few of my own money by working on the weekends instead of having my Dad pay for everything. I started and we were doing some backstage promos; he gives me a sheet of 12 promos to cut for all those towns that are coming up in the coming months. I looked at it and asked him if he wanted word for word, and he asked me if I can do it word for word and I told him that I had a photographic memory, which was how I did so well in school, so he told me to take a look at it.”

“I was in a room for about half an hour looking it over, and he said, wait a minute; you’ve only been in there for a half an hour, but I told him that I was ready to go and he said, okay, let’s try this,” recalled Sytch. “He put me in front of a camera, which I had never been before, and then he counted three, two, one and boom, I spit out the first promos in one take, and his jaw dropped on the floor. He asked me how I did it and I asked him if it was supposed to be hard. Basically, the six month mark came and went, but I was having so much heat than Cornette in the company, and two and a half years later, it was insanity how it happened, but through it all I was still in school working my butt off.”

Sytch worked a total of three years for Smoky Mountain Wrestling from 1992 to 1995, before getting hired by the World Wrestling Federation. During her time there, she recalled turning down an offer to pose in Playboy Magazine.

“It was 1996 that I was AOL’s Most Downloaded Celebrity, which was where the Playboy offer came about,” said Sytch. “We were all in Vince McMahon’s office; we were on the road for two months and then got to be home for three days, and I remember getting a phone call from Vince McMahon’s secretary, and they called and said that Vince wanted to see me in his office. I asked if he can hold it off because I only have three days off, and have to do laundry, so I needed to see my family, friends, and my pets. They said, no, they really needed to see me in the office.

“At this time I was really thinking that I was going to get fired. I went into the office and went into the conference room and it was there that the offer came about, which took me less than five minutes to turn it down. I was in my 20’s and wasn’t ready for something like that. Looking back now, was it something I should have done? Absolutely! I was just very reserved at that time. At the time I just wasn’t ready emotionally to handle something like that.”

You can listen to the entire episode of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch on The Ross Report by clicking here.


Source: Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard

On episode 51 of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, current Impact Wrestling on-air authority figure and pro wrestling podcaster Bruce Prichard talked about WINC alum Vince Russo’s WWE run. Notably, Prichard talked about Russo advocating for Triple H, the Madison Square Garden Curtain Call, Triple H and Chyna being a “package deal” behind-the-scenes, who wanted The New Age Outlaws in D-Generation X, and who came up with WWE “attitude”.

According to Prichard, Russo was the biggest advocate for Triple H early on while Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette used to say that ‘The Game’ was a midcarder at best.

“I do remember Corny and Vince McMahon saying that Triple H would be a midcard guy at best early on in his [pro wrestling] career and Russo was a huge proponent of Triple H. And I dare say that without Russo at the helm at the time, Hunter probably would not have gotten the breaks that he got at the time.”

Prichard continued, “yeah, [Russo was Triple H’s biggest advocate at the time] and then Vince McMahon became, but Hunter was one of those guys who was always around, always asking questions, and wanting to be a part of whatever he could do to learn. I liked Hunter because I always liked his attitude, just willing to do whatever it took to learn the [pro wrestling] business, but Russo was definitely pushing Hunter and had an awful lot of ideas for him.”

On the subject of the MSG Curtain Call, Prichard claimed that everyone was offended, not just him and Cornette, as was suggested by podcast co-host Conrad Thompson from reading excerpts of Russo’s own writings.

“It was simply a feeling of what they did being disrespectful to Vince [McMahon], being disrespectful to the memory of Vince’s dad doing it in the Garden, our home. It was something that hadn’t been done before and something everybody was upset about, not just me, not just Cornette, but Vince McMahon, pretty much every one of the boys who wasn’t involved in the Curtain Call.”

Moreover, Prichard stated that Triple H was punished in an upfront way for the Curtain Call and explained that McMahon decided not to go with Triple H for King Of The Ring because The Chairman did not feel like he could trust ‘The King Of Kings’.

“Hunter was punished and he was considered for King Of The Ring, but Vince didn’t feel like he could trust him at that point in time and he wanted Hunter to prove himself and Hunter did.”

During the podcast, Prichard confirmed Russo’s assertion that dealing with either Triple H or Chyna meant dealing with both of them, calling the pair a “package deal”.

“Probably so [Triple H had to be present for Chyna’s creative meetings with Russo] from his vantage point pitching stuff. Whatever Joanie was doing, she was with Hunter, so I’m sure Hunter wanted to be there. But they were also an item at the time, so they did everything together. Whenever I’d call either one of them, the other was usually there. It was kind of a team decision because they were a package deal.”

Another rumor Prichard attempted to dispel involved D-Generation X. Pro wrestling rumor and innuendo purports that ‘The Road Dogg’ Jesse James and ‘The Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn were not picked by Triple H and Shawn Michaels to join the group. Prichard recalled that Michaels wanted The New Age Outlaws for the stable.

“The guy that brought Billy [Gunn] and Road Dogg to Vince [McMahon]’s attention was Shawn Michaels who saw those two guys. They were singles. One was a Rockabilly and then Jesse James… It was Shawn Michaels who brought them to Vince and wanted them to be a part of DX and felt that they would be a great team together.”

Finally, Prichard credited McMahon with conceiving of the ‘attitude’ concept after fining Shawn Michaels for his vulgar and explicit antics.

“That’s where Vince McMahon coined the phrase ‘attitude’ because Shawn, in his defense, was like, ‘because I’ve got attitude, you’re going to fine me, blah, blah, blah?’ And that’s where Vince, I’ll never forget, Vince came back to us and said, ‘that’s attitude! That’s what we need. We need more attitude!'”


InSource: WWE

WWE revealed today that The Rock ‘N Roll Express will be inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame by Jim Cornette.

“By any standard, Ricky and Robert belong in the Hall of Fame,” Cornette told “And that’s whether its longevity as a team, the attendance records they set, or the great matches that they had, which fans can still see on WWE Network.”

Cornette feuded with The Rock ‘N Roll Express throughout the 1980s, as he managed The Midnight Express in their legendary feud. He would later manage The Heavenly Bodies against Ricky and Robert in the 90s before briefly managing The Rock ‘N Roll Express in 1998 when he led an NWA invasion in the WWF.

“Between the ’80s with The Midnight Express and the ’90s with The Heavenly Bodies, and then in the 2000s on the reunions with The Midnights, I think only Bobo Brazil and The Sheik had a longer-running rivalry,” Cornette said. “And I still haven’t put an end to Rock ‘n’ Roll! I haven’t been able to do it, so I guess I have to roll over and induct them.”


Source: The Ross Report

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently welcomed professional wrestling veteran Jim Cornette to The Ross Report. Among other things, Cornette talked about professional wrestling talents who he would like to have managed. As for what tag teams Cornette would have liked to have managed, he quickly named the Briscoes.

“Gosh, I’ve said this a lot and my favorite tag team these days is The Briscoe Brothers, Mark and Jay of Ring Of Honor. They’re genuine. They’re legitimate. They look good. They talk good. They work good. And the people believe in them. They like them. I don’t know if I would be a good fit as their manager because I think their natural role, they had a heel run and they were quite good at it, but it just revved them up to turn back babyface again because [it was] one of those deals where they’ve been on the same pattern for a while [and] needed a shaking up. I have not seen [Jason] Jordan and [Chad] Gable and those guys, but I’m going to soon, so I can’t necessarily say them.”

Cornette, who is one of the professional wrestling genre’s all-time great managers, went on to name several single’s competitors that he would have liked to have managed. At the top of Cornette’s list is none other than WWE’s resident ‘Show Off’, Dolph Ziggler.

“As a single, one of my favorite guys, I just like to watch him. If I watch WWE, chances are it’s because Dolph Ziggler’s involved because we had him in OVW. I knew he was a good athlete, [but] I never dreamed he was going to be the second coming of Curt Hennig. Everything he does is flawless. I think all aspiring wrestlers should watch his, not only his technique, but also the way he throws himself into everything. His stuff is spot on. His timing is great. His stuff looks good. I can’t find a flaw in his game. I’m a big Dolph Ziggler fan. They don’t do jack all with him.” Cornette continued, “I’m a big fan of Adam Cole’s. I think Adam Cole’s a superstar. Jay Lethal, he [has] got Truth Martini, so maybe I couldn’t get him, but also young Matt Taven, Mike Bennett. I’ve always been a fan of theirs. A lot of Ring Of Honor guys.”