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Count Jay-Z among the fans of NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

The hip-hop mogul cited Silver’s leadership as one reason the NBA seems to provide more opportunities for players to be politically active than the NFL.

“It’s 12 people on a team. In football you have 53 people,” the rapper told the New York Times Magazine’s Dean Baquet. “So it’s harder to get 53 people thinking the same thing. It’s easier to have a conversation to get 12 people on the same page. Two, (the NBA has) a great commissioner who’s really open. And, you know, supports (the players).”

Silver’s stewardship of the NBA had an auspicious beginning in 2014 when he banned former Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life after decades of racism allegations came to a head in a leaked audiotape. Last year, the league stripped Charlotte of the 2017 All-Star weekend in the wake of North Carolina’s exclusionary HB2 law – with the event since restored for 2019 after the state made legal amendments.

“You feel like, you know, when you have someone behind you that really believes in what’s right, it motivates you to do the right thing,” Jay-Z said. “I think those two factors show why (the NBA is) much further along.”

While no NBA player has attempted to kneel during the national anthem, as widely seen in the NFL, Silver is on record saying he expects players to stand – a requirement that’s been in the league rules for decades.

Jay-Z once owned a tiny 0.15 percent of the Brooklyn Nets – something that reportedly spawned an NBA rule requiring a minimum ownership stake of 1 percent. His wife, Beyonce, was rumored as a potential buyer for her hometownHouston Rockets prior to Tilman Fertitta’s purchase of the team in September.


ESPN aired the first part of a Chris Paul docu-series Thursday night, covering the superstar point guard’s offseason and the soul-searching conversations that led up to his decision to leave the Los Angeles Clippers and join the Houston Rockets.

One of those conversations took place between Paul and Jay-Z, with Paul weighing his desire to remain settled in Los Angeles against his desire to find a better basketball situation.

“I obviously like where my kids go to school, my brother’s kids go to school, and all that stuff,” Paul said. “We love it out here. Life is great.

“But basketball … boy. Like, the whole thing with our team – a lot of people see the wins and losses and all that stuff – but it’s the culture of our team.”

Paul specified his frustration in a separate conversation with Disney CEO Bob Iger, who he calls a mentor and close friend.

“I guess because I knew different before I got out here,” Paul said. “When I was in New Orleans, we did stuff together. And that stuff means something. As a team, we did stuff together. So when I brought that up (to the Clippers), guys was like, ‘Do we gotta go?’ And I’m looking, like, ‘Do you gotta go?'”

In pure basketball terms, Paul placed the Clippers fourth out of the four teams he was considering in free agency, after the Rockets, Spurs, and Celtics.

“The only thing that could keep me here,” he surmised, “is life.”

Paul also suggested to Jay-Z that the Clippers didn’t seem particularly interested in taking down the Golden State Warriors (though he didn’t specify whether he was referring to the front office or his teammates).

“If you ain’t trying to contend with the Warriors then what are we doing?” he said. “The Warriors haven’t lost in the playoffs. If you’re not trying to contend with them then what are we doing?”

As Paul started to give stronger and stronger consideration to the Rockets, he explained why playing alongside another elite playmaker like James Harden appealed to him more than remaining the primary facilitator with the Clippers.

“I have the ball in my hands way too much,” he told Jay-Z. “Like, I’m so tired of dribbling, having to do so much. I would love to be able to get on the wing and shoot the ball and stuff like that.”

Ultimately, the pull of a new and improved basketball culture proved stronger than that of comfort and familiarity, and now Paul is free to play off the ball – and maybe even mount a challenge to the Warriors – in Houston.


Is Beyonce getting into formation to buy a piece of the Houston Rockets?

The pop star is reportedly considering an investment in the team, sources told Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick.

A native of Houston, Beyonce Knowles-Carter could offer community ties to whoever takes over as the Rockets’ controlling owner, now that longtime owner Leslie Alexander has decided to put the team up for sale.

Her husband, rapper Jay-Z, famously owned a small percentage of the Brooklyn Nets, playing a pivotal role in their relocation from New Jersey in 2012. He was forced to sell his stake in the team in 2013 in order for his upstart sports agency, Roc Nation Sports, to be allowed to represent NBA players, per league rules.

It’s unclear if his ownership of Roc Nation Sports could impact Beyonce’s ownership bid with the Rockets, but there’s a second ramification that stems from Jay-Z’s tenure as an owner: the colloquially named “Jay-Z rule.”

The league’s board of governors passed a rule several years ago mandating that each minority stakeholder in a team must own at least one percent, with no greater than 25 individuals in an ownership group altogether.

With team valuations skyrocketing since Steve Ballmer purchased the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion in 2014, that limits the potential for small-stake figurehead owners from owning a piece of a franchise.

Therefore, if Beyonce wants to be a minority owner of the Rockets, and Alexander angling for at least $2 billion for the team, the “Crazy in Love” singer would pony up at least $20 million for a one percent stake. Forbes valued Beyonce’s net worth at $350 million earlier this year, but even still, the economics of the league are very different from even four years ago.

There will be much to consider and red tape to navigate for Beyonce if she’s serious about joining the NBA family.

Celebrities Attend The New Jersey Nets v New York Knicks Game - February 20, 2012

The Dallas Cowboys had several famous faces in the crowd for Sunday’s win over the Chicago Bears, including Beyonce and Jay-Z.

During his weekly radio appearance on 105.3 The Fan’s Shan and RJ show Tuesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reminisced about the first time he and Beyonce met in 2004, when she performed with Destiny’s Child at halftime of the team’s Thanksgiving Day game.

“As a matter of fact, they were planning to perform and it was so cold you couldn’t stand it out there on Thanksgiving Day,” Jones said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “And I got them all coats from Neiman Marcus. And to this day, one of the things that we kind of smile about are those jackets that we got them so that they could go out there and do a good job and give us Thanksgiving Day halftime. Boy, I’m telling you, she’s phenomenal.”

Jones then gushed about Jay-Z, describing the rapper as “one of the neatest people that I’ve met.”

“Make no mistake about it, he’s the real deal,” Jones said. “He’s as easy to be around, talk to, as sharp as anybody I’ve met. I see what she sees in him.”