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Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine has published their new interview with WWE SmackDown Superstar Mandy Rose. As noted, Rose is featured on the cover of the Summer 2019 M&F Hers issue.

M&F noted that Rose is a recognizable star in and out of the ring, and known as much for her storylines and looks as she is for her prowess between the ropes. Rose talked about finding success as a WWE Superstar and said you’ve got to be the total package to make it.

“You’ve got to have charisma and other things in addition to athleticism,” Rose said. “But I’ve got my background in fitness, I’ve done my training and put time in to develop my craft. So I can push the envelope with those seductive storylines but still show people that I can kick butt, too.”

Rose recently launched a new fitness app called Fit With Mandy, which features a 12 week at-home program that was designed for people of all ages and skill levels. The program is user-friendly and requires minimal equipment. Rose said she wants to share her love for fitness with anyone she can, including her nearly 2 million Instagram followers. She said, “My first love will always be fitness, so I want to share that with as many people as I can.”

Rose said she’s excited to continue her role with WWE and she’s looking forward to seeing how far women can go in the world of sports entertainment. She said, “Women are breaking down barriers, I’m so grateful and honored to be a part of it.”

Daneille Moinet, formerly known as Summer Rae in WWE, spoke with Ring The Belle regarding her top five moments in WWE voted by fans. 

While strolling through her highlights, current WWEsuperstar Sasha Banks was brought up. Moinet confirmed that Banks as well as AJ Lee would pitch to work with her due to their relationship and camaraderie. 

“Sasha loved working with me,” Moinet stated. “She tried to get a storyline with me. AJ tried to get a storyline with me. AJ asked about me because we liked each other. She was cool even before Punk. Because of Chicago, we would all talk. But even before that, she just liked me and wanted to work with me. And she was so light, and I could just throw her around. So I loved working with her and Sasha. We had good chemistry.”

Moinet addressed her stance on the current situation involving Banks’s apparent unhappiness with WWE.

“I don’t know about any of that,” Moinet exclaimed. “There were a lot of rumors about me going around, and like every girl on the main roster. And everyone goes through things.”

Moinet also touched upon her idea to pitch the reunion of former NXT stable, BFFs, consisting of Banks and Charlotte, to the main roster. 

“All the NXT stuff, I wish we had an opportunity on the main roster. I love the BFFs. I think that was great. We had so many ideas for making a sorority t-shirt like the Beta- I don’t know what F would be in Greek. Making like shirts with Greek letters and selling them. And hazing girls like very old school, like Mickie James vibes. It was like a transitional time where now they bring NXT people up with their gimmick. But we were very much in that time that we just kind of got lost in the mix.”

A can of beer isn’t the only thing Stone Cold Steve Austincan open up. Austin recently opened up on his career in wrestling on Dale Jr Download hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Austin gave his perspective on multiple wrestling topics.

Speaking about the conception of the Stone Cold character, Austin went though memory lane on how his original gimmick The Ringmaster did not mesh well with him. 

“WWE didn’t have any interest in bringing me in as a superstar,” Austin said. “They were bringing me as The Ringmaster, the Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase was going to be my manager because Vince hadn’t seen me speak yet and thought I was a deaf mute. So I was going to have a mouthpiece and I didn’t like that but when you have a house payment and a car to pay for you need the money. I did that for six months and I knew there was no future in The Ringmaster. When I look back at some of those old prototype drawings of it, these cool symmetrical outfits, he was the master of the ring – this technician. I was more of romp ’em stomp ’em. I could wrestle but I wasn’t that kind of guy as far as ring gear goes, I was pretty basic. The Ringmaster didn’t work. I knew that name had no marquee value to it.”

Searching for something new to transition into, Austin credits an HBO documentary a cup of tea for what would become one of the most iconic character names in the history of wrestling. 

“I was watching a show on HBO about the serial killer Richard Kuklinski who was a hitman and I don’t endorse anything the guy did but he was called the Iceman because he was very cold blooded,” Austin said. “I was a heel in the business and it was my job to be hated. So I took that idea and called the office and said: ‘Hey man, I got this idea I want be like a cold blooded remorseless heel’ and I told them about the Iceman. They sent me three pages of these horrible names: Fang McFrost, Otto Van Ruthless, and Ice Dagger. I’m saying ‘These guys are supposed to be creative geniuses and this is the best s**t they got?’ My wife at the time brought me a cup of hot tea and said, ‘Oh, don’t worry about it. Just drink your tea before it gets stone cold. That’s your name… Stone Cold Steve Austin’. So I called the office and pitched it, ‘I want to be Stone Cold Steve Austin from Victoria Texas'”.

As Austin progressed into his Stone Cold character, he noticed the production team was beginning to cut out crucial lines from his promos, leaving out parts that were vital to his character. Austin admitted he didn’t like his edited television character and therefore brought the issue directly to Vince McMahon.

“I noticed they were starting to edit some of the stuff I said out of the show. I was like ‘hey man, I said this then’ and they cut it out. I didn’t know Vince well and I said, ‘You guys are starting to editing out all the stuff I said. I wonder why that is?’ Vince said ‘You’re popping a lot of the guys in the truck’. Those guys have seen and heard everything so if I’m eliciting a response from them and they’re laughing their ass off, it’s entertaining those guys and that’s a good thing. But because it was getting that kind of reaction out of them, Vince wanted it to be cut out because I was trying to be hated. I said, ‘Vince, you got guys here who are 6’10”, 300 pounds. I’m 6’1″, 250, black trunks, bald head, and goatee. If you don’t give me my personality, I can’t compete. But if you give me my personality, I’ll compete with anybody you got’. And that’s when Vince stopped editing me. And that’s when I let that south Texas trash fly. And that’s when we started heating up and I really found myself.”

Austin was questioned about the peak of the WWE product. Austin brought up the notion of competition with WCW and how that head to head rivalry forced him and the entire roster to step up their game in order to generate the highest quality product.

“That was the Monday Night Wars. And we were throwing everything but the kitchen sink every single Monday night. You were getting a Main Event Pay Per View type card because it was a war. They kicked our ass for two years. And then finally, we started speeding up. I got hot, here comes The Rock, Undertaker reinventing himself, DX comes along, Mick Foley heating up, all of a sudden all our iron starts heating up. I was leading the charge, I keep that on the DL. Once we started beating them, we never looked back. Vince buys the company for pennies on the dollar. But right here and now, there ain’t no competition. So, how good are you without competition? I love competition. WCW made us work our asses off to get to number one.”

Continuing on his theory of competition, Austin admitted that eventually WWE put stricter limitations on superstars. This new scripted way of wrestling didn’t jive with his strengths. Austin also elaborated on how WWE writers cannot accurately write someone else’s story.

“Guys started being a little more micro managed,” Austin admitted. “Things had to get a little more of a friendly tone. A lot more corporate sponsors coming in. When I came back, that’s when they started handing something that says what you’re going to say… We’re trying to sell tickets. It’s business and I don’t work from memory. I work from what I feel in my heart and my gut and put it together in my brain. 

“To me, it’s hard for someone to write for me,” Austin continued. “You weren’t born in south Texas. You weren’t hauling hay. You didn’t have a hard time making it in everything. You didn’t have a little bit of a chip on your shoulder. I don’t know if you can achieve the attitude of the mindset. You weren’t there for seven and a half years when I was living on potatoes peeling them with my pocket knife in a hotel room struggling to put gas in my car. I don’t think you can really encapsulate what I would say. You ain’t been in the grind with me. I think it’s hard for anyone to write for me. I’m not a rehearsal guy. I’ll read your bullet points and we’ll let it fly.”

When asked about who is the next Stone Cold, Austin couldn’t give a specific answer. Instead, he rehashed what made it possible for someone like himself to become a superstar and what WWE could do better to breed new superstars.

“It’s a tough question to answer right now,” Austin stated. “Key thing, when I got hot, I pushed the envelope. I wasn’t afraid to push the envelope. I wasn’t afraid to go out on a limb, so I did. And because I had to. When you turn me up to eleven, that’s me. I had no restrictor plate on me.

“Today, it’s a way more friendly setting and there’s a lot more control on television than back in the day. I don’t know if anybody could push the envelope as hard as we did. You just got to do something to resonate with people and get that relationship. Even as an entertainer, you have a relationship with those fans. And those fans get to live vicariously. It’ll take someone to be able to capture that audience again. I ain’t saying you got to go crazy, you just got to turn them loose a little bit.”

John Cena recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and talked about having a lighter load at WrestleMania 35 this year. The biggest show of the year featured Cena bringing back his “Dr. of Thuganomics” gimmick for a segment that ended with Cena taking out Elias after interrupting his musical performance.

“This is the first time in a long time I haven’t had to focus on a main-event profile segment,” Cena said. “There wasn’t that looming WrestleMania Sunday in the back of my mind saying, ‘I have to do this and this is what people pay to see.’ I had a lot of fun watching it from the crowd last year, because I knew that was going to be special, and this year gave me liberty to have even more fun.”

Cena also helped induct 26 kids into WWE’s Circle of Champions during a Make-A-Wish event in New York City’s Times Square on the Saturday before WrestleMania. He was recognized for granting 600 Wishes at the event.

“I want to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience,” Cena said. “For someone to get one wish and their wish is to hang out with you, that’s the most awesome thing ever. I have great perspective of what it is and never take it for granted. I’ll always try to give as much happiness as I possibly can.”

Cena would then help Dana Warrior present veteran WWE employee Sue Aitchison with The Warrior Award at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday night. Cena said Sue introduced him to Make-A-Wish.

“None of this happens without Sue,” he said. “She introduced me to a charity that has become part of my value system.”

Finn Balor will wrestle as the demon when he faces rival and Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 35 this weekend, as confirmed on this weeks WWE Raw.

The revelation came during an in-ring interview segment with Charly Caruso. When asked if his client, Lashley, was concerned about facing Balor, Lio Rush called Finn’s victory the previous week a fluke, then took a dig at host city Washington DC.

Caruso mentioned the demon, prompting Lashley to respond that it and Balor are “one and the same,” and that if he can beat Balor, he can beat his alter ago, prompting the Irishman to appear on the big screen.

“I’ve always been a guy who’s had demons,” Finn said, “and at WrestleMania, my demon will be your nightmare.” He then morphed into the Demon a la Bray Wyatt/Sister Abigail in their turgid 2017 feud.

Balor wrestling as the demon was called weeks ago, when Finn’s painted second self was included on a WrestleMania 35 poster. The move all but guarantees victory in New York, as the gimmick remains undefeated on WWE’s main roster, bringing an air of predictability to the Lashley clash. Still, few will complain if the fan favourite unseats ‘The All Mighty’ on Sunday.

Becky Lynch recently spoke with Fanbyte to promote Sunday’s “Winner Takes All” WrestleMania 35 main event against RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

The interviewer pointed to how Lynch has made wrestling, and women’s wrestling, cool again. She thanked them and said when she came to WWE NXT from Ireland, her goal was to make women’s wrestling cool again.

“When I came over [to NXT from Ireland], that’s what I said, I said I wanted to make women’s wrestling cool,” Lynch said. “I love this business, I love it so freaking much, I just want people to love it the way I love it, and if I can be entertaining to people, if I can get people to feel something about it—that means everything to me. This is the industry I love more than anything. This is the reason why I left [home] when I was freaking 15 and slept on couches and lived on $30 a show, you know?”

Regarding her nickname of The Man, Lynch said it’s not about gender and it’s not about belittling women.

“[It] makes people’s minds explode. Which is hilarious…” Lynch said. “It does get a few people backed up, which is good in itself. [But] it’s not about gender and it’s not about belittling women. I’ve been an advocate for women’s wrestling since I started. I’ve always wanted to change the game, that’s what I’ve been trying to do, and that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Lynch also talked about being a Horsewomen with Flair and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley. She said she stopped dumbing herself down and that’s when she sparked a bit of fire in everyone else.

“With the Four Horsewomen when we started to break out, everybody wanted to see better from the other, instead of being competitive, you know, everyone wanted to step up their game,” Lynch said. “Everybody wanted to have the best match, everybody wanted to have the best reactions, and that helps everybody step up because nobody wants to be left behind. I think for a long time I used to dumb myself down because I didn’t want to outshine anyone or make anybody feel uncomfortable. And then once I stopped doing that and was like, no, you wanna get on my level, come meet me up here, I think it sparked a bit of a fire in everyone.”

Lynch continued and said her success is more about being yourself and being relentless in chasing your dreams. It was noted that her success is so special because it aligns with so many other people’s journeys.

“I guess it’s more about being yourself and being relentless in chasing your dreams,” Lynch said. “Don’t let anybody be the reason you’re dumbing yourself down and making yourself small, and go after what you want with no apologies.”


Dana Brooke has been with the main roster for almost three years now but has been in the background for the most part. She hasn’t had any true feuds or storylines and never until recently when she took on Ronda Rousey.

Brooke was surprised as everyone else to be given the spotlight in a feud with Rousey considering she hadn’t been used much before. She talked about being thrown into that feud when she joined Lilian Garcia’s podcast.

“As you know, my career has been highs, lows, different variety of characters. I wasn’t really expecting anything,” Brooke said on how she felt before Rousey. “I realized that it was the perfect timing. I was very blessed and fortunate to really showcase truly how I feel and also to be able to step up to the champ, so it definitely was a great stepping stone for me.

“I have been off TV for so long, and I pitched constantly. I have always given ideas of things that I want to accomplish and how I want to springboard my character and launch my character, but truly it is not a character anymore, it is really how I feel. It really hurt my heart because WWE Fastlanewas in Cleveland, Ohio and I was on the road shows on Friday and Saturday, and then Cleveland was my hometown and we had Fastlane there and I looked on my travel app and it said: Friday booked, Saturday booked and then Sunday not booked and I was like, you have got to be kidding me?”

Brooke said she had petitioned for months to be on Fastlane whether it be the main show, the pre-show or commentary. That never happened and she walked into Raw the next day totally defeated but still blessed to be alive and to still have a job.

“I walk through the door and Dana Warrior [who is a member of the WWE writing team] has this huge smile on her face and she was like, ‘Are you ready to kick some ass?’ I was confused,” stated Brooke. “She continued; ‘Yeah, you have a big thing tonight, it is really going to make you shine.’ Nothing else said…

“All of a sudden, I am walking through the hall and Byron Saxton is like, ‘Are you ready for your big night?’ I was like, what? He continued; ‘You’re calling out the champ.’ I’m like, I think you have this wrong, and he was swearing to God. I texted Dana Warrior if it was true, and she walked up to me and said that it was true. Her and [writing team member] Jenn got together with me and told me and I was like, I will believe it when I see it.”

Brooke then talked about how a couple of weeks before she had a match rehearsal with Natalya, but nothing ever came of it and they were never used. Thus, she was still a bit skeptical that her planned angle with Rousey would ever come into fruition.

“Again, I was like, anything can change, anything can happen. Fast forward, we had our rehearsals and they were telling me that I was going to cut my promo, and I was thinking, okay, I still don’t know what I am going to say yet,” stated Brooke. “They were then talking about the physicality on the back-end. I was thinking, okay, fine. Whatever I have to do I will do and I will make it look great no matter what.”

Brooke’s scripted promo was her in her own words and was in response to Rousey calling out the locker room. She also talked with Paul Heyman about it who is also close to Rousey. When she went out for her promo on Raw, it was more “Ashley” than “Dana Brooke” and she intentionally toned down her look by not wearing makeup as to represent the real version of herself.

The emotional promo by Brooke was well received and led to a follow-up with Rousey the next week.

“Fast forward to last Thursday, I am in the gym and the text message from Jenn…she was telling me that I had a WWE Women’s Championship match on Monday and I was like having to read it like four times, thinking you have got to be kidding me! I stopped the treadmill and I called everyone, including my parents. I couldn’t believe it. This was amazing. Everyone was super excited. I was super excited as well,” said Brooke.

What happened last Monday I know was quick, but I can reassure you that everything that I did was for not only myself but anyone that supports, doubts me. Loves WWE, and loves the business that I am in. I did it for all of us. Yeah, I felt as though, what am I doing? Why am I going out there? What do I have to prove just to get dropped? But no, it was intense.”