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Source: Indepedent

Triple H spoke with the Independent on a number of topics including the future of WWE’s UK Division. He talked about how it takes time to put together a division and hoped things would have come together a bit quicker.

“Pete [Dunne] and all of those UK guys are very talented,” Triple H said. “Putting together a product of a television show and live events in the UK and doing what we do takes time. I would love for this to have happened quicker and sooner, but we are where we are.”

Triple H continued that he expects something more consistent to come together for the division in the near future with many of the talent training in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center.

“We’re still in that process but we’re using those guys here and there and they are still doing their other bookings as well as working with us,” Triple H said. “As we move forward, I’m hoping something more definitive for them will be coming soon and we’ll certainly be letting everyone know. They are all very talent kids and a bunch of them are at the Performance Center now, training and constantly working with us as we try to improve them so that, when the opportunity comes, we are ready to go.”

Back in January of this year, WWE held a WWE UK Tournament in Blackpool, England that crowned Tyler Bate as the inaugural WWE UK Champion. Since then, Bate dropped the title to Pete Dunne and the division has been used sparingly, making appearances on NXT, and more recently, on Raw and 205 Live when WWE visited the UK, earlier this month.

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Source: Sports Illustrated

Bret Hart spoke with Sports Illustrated’s “Extra Mustard” on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

The 1992 SummerSlam match against the British Bulldog:

“I’ll always be partial to Wembley. It’s one of my greatest matches, and it was special to have an outdoor show at Wembley. Everyone was scared it was going to rain and ruin the show, and it was supposed to rain, but everyone crossed their fingers and it never rained. There were 82,000 people and something that made the match so special was that nobody knew who was going to win. I was able to do that with Bulldog at Wembley; right to the very last pin, no one knew who was going to win. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch in wrestling when someone loses in the exact perfect way. That’s why the pin was so dramatic. There was no escape, there was no shame, but I made a mistake and Davey capitalized. It was a beautiful story, and I believe that was the match that launched me into a world champion.”

Playing the hero to fans:

“I’ve always taken a lot of pride that people believed in me as a hero. I tried not to fail them in my life. I tried to live a good life, I have three grandchildren now, and I’m very content right now. I’m still mending in a lot of ways from the latest tragedy in my family, losing my brother. I’m living every day that it could be my last, and I’m grateful for every day. Another good thing I have in my life are fans all across the world. I appreciate every one of them, and I will always do the best I can to show the respect for them that they’ve shown for me.”

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VIRGINIA WATER, England – John Jacobs, the captain of the first European Ryder Cup team and a tour official on the continent, has died. He was 91.

The European Tour announced the death of its ”founding father” on Friday. A cause was not provided.

Jacobs played for Britain at the 1955 Ryder Cup in California and was instrumental in later bringing together Europe and Britain.

In 1979, Jacobs was captain of the first Ryder Cup team that included players from continental Europe, including Seve Ballesteros.

Jacobs championed the expansion of golf, and the first European Tour event was staged in 1972.

Jacobs was also one of the most popular golf teachers. The tour said Jacobs revolutionized coaching ”through his innovative philosophies based on ball flight, club face alignment and swing path.”



WWE superstar Finn Balor was interviewed by ESPN recently. During the interview, Balor talked about Will Ospreay, UK championship tournament and more. You can read some highlights below:

On Will Ospreay:

“Will Ospreay has obviously done incredible things. He’s out in New Japan now and that’s gonna really make him brush up on his fundamentals. The fundamentals are literally the foundation for everything we do. Without those, there are just holes in your work that you can see from the back of the building.I found going to Japan, working in the dojos, brushing up on the fundamentals, that’s where I really mastered what I was doing. Hopefully the same is gonna happen for Will. This is gonna take Will from an incredible performer to the finished product, being able to perform in New Japan. So hopefully in a few years, he will be involved here”

About the UK championship tournament:

“Just remember that when I went to New Japan, nobody knew who I was. And I’ve done okay. So don’t be fooled by the fact you don’t know their names. The reason you don’t know their names or you’ve never seen them before, is because they’ve never had this exposure. This is gonna shine a light on all of these guys. mThe fact they may not be big names or used on a lot of big independent promotions, I don’t think that has any bearing on their ability. I think there’s gonna be a lot of standouts.”

How the tournament will impact local wrestling:

“This tournament, obviously it’s great for WWE to build a new brand, but more importantly, it’s gonna stimulate growth in the grassroots of local wrestling and independent wrestling. When kids tune in and see Jordan Devlin, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne, Wolfgang on the WWE Network, and then they see a poster at the town hall for their local wrestling show, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh my God, that’s Pete Dunne, I wanna go see him.’


The New York Mets are getting closer to being the first club in Major League Baseball to play a game on European soil.

Olympic Stadium, the new home of West Ham United, has been discussed as a potential site to host the Mets, according to the Telegraph’s Ben Rumsby.

The report states that Mets owner Fred Wilpon and London mayor Sadiq Khan discussed the matter while Khan visited the United States last week.

“What we’re discussing with Major League Baseball is for them to come here during the summer, which works for us for obvious reasons,” Khan said while in the U.S.

“They are very excited and the commissioner is very keen,” he added. “The owner of the New York Mets was very receptive. We’re in discussions about MLB and we want MLB to come to London.”

While both parties tried to get the ball rolling this past summer, plans for 2017 were abandoned after the clock ran out on hashing out details. Khan said MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has been receptive to the idea, potentially as early as 2018.