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Former ROH World Champion Kyle O’Reilly made his WWE debut at the NXT tapings on Wednesday night at Full Sail University.

Facing Aleister Black in singles action, the Canadian didn’t undergo a name change (ironically unlike his opponent, who was switched from Tommy End upon signing a WWE contract) and was simply billed as Kyle O’Reilly. There was even a huge graphic emblazoned on the tron to confirm the O’Reilly name is here to stay.

There had been rumours that O’Reilly was set to sign with WWE for a few months, but this was his first appearance for the company. His NXT debut comes hot on the heels of his former tag-team partner Bobby Fish also losing to Black on TV, so WWE may be tempted to use the pair as a team.

Collectively known as reDRagon, Fish and O’Reilly held the ROH Tag-Team Titles on 3 separate occasions and are 2-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champs. In addition, the team also won the 2014 Super Junior Tag-Team Tournament in NJPW.

O’Reilly’s first match for WWE is scheduled to air on the August 2 episode of NXT.



Source: Rolling Stone

Kyle O’Reilly recently spoke with Rolling Stone discussing his ROH run and what his 2017 may look like. Here are some of the highlights:

Status with Ring of Honor:

“As of right now, we don’t really have anything confirmed. To be honest, I don’t know what the future for Kyle O’Reilly holds. I’m looking at taking a bit of time away and re-evaluating things. 2017 will mark 12 years in the business for me. It has taken its toll. Traveling, plus being a Type-One diabetic, it’s taken a toll on my health. I’m kind of just needing a bit of a break to reassess my future and weigh my options. Never say never though, I’m certainly not definitely done with Ring of Honor, but I’m just going to see what comes my way and remain optimistic.”

Potentially working in WWE/NXT:

“There isn’t anyone who gets into this business without dreams and visions of having that Wrestlemania moment. That’s what’s driven me to pursue wrestling to this degree, overall. It’s naive to think anything else. Of course if that opportunity was to come around, then I would strongly, strongly, consider it. That being said, I don’t have any concrete plans moving forward. But never say never. Ideally I would love that if it worked out. All I ever wanted was to create art and be the best pro wrestler that I can be. So I need to find an environment that is conducive to that and that will allow me to be that performer. You never know what could happen in WWE. I could be slapped with a gimmick that I’m a nanny for all I know. It is nice to see that they’ve started to recognize past achievements in wrestling. It puts you above where a lot of other people are starting. It’s a nice perk. But I just want to go where I’m appreciated, and whether that’s WWE, Japan or the independents, that remains to be seen.”

What makes Japan special:

“Just their appreciation for pro wrestling. Pro wrestlers are revered, and respected. In the newspapers, there’s baseball results, and then there’s the wrestling results. It’s treated so much differently than it is in the United States. Not to say that American fans aren’t absolute amazing. They’re great, and wrestling in the United States is awesome. And of course there’s great money wrestling in the States. It’s just that there’s something different about wrestling in Japan. I’m not sure that everyone would attest to that, maybe it’s just having the martial-arts based style makes it easier for me. It just seems magical. You watch the old tapes of Japanese wrestling, and something about it feels different.”


TNA has added another new name to their roster, as Tough Enough alumni Chelsea Green has been signed.

Green appeared on last year’s edition of Tough Enough, coming up short in her efforts to earn a contract. The Lance Storm protege was the second member of last season’s show to be signed by TNA, following Raquel. WWE has Josh Bredl, ZZ, and Patrick Clark all signed to deals from the show as well.

Source: talkSPORT

Bayley recently appeared on talkSPORT’s “Gorilla Position” podcast to promote the upcoming WWE NXT tour of the UK. Check out the full interview at this link. Below are highlights:

Hugo Knox and Nikki Storm returning to the UK:

“Hugo’s been here maybe two years, and he’s been working really hard. He just has a cool charisma about him that we only get to see here in Florida shows. I’m really excited to see him be able to go home, I’m sure he’ll have friends and family there. I think Nikki Storm also, she’ll be around. She said she’ll be about three hours away from home and everything so it’s going to be really cool to see.”

Charlotte’s success on the main roster:

“I think she’s doing an amazing job, it’s been really cool to watch her grow because I was in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) for her first match and NXT TV for her first match with her dad in her corner, so to see how far she’s come to be able to be like, ‘I don’t need you anymore’, and knowing she’s going to be on her own now, I’m excited to see what her next move will be. I think she’s doing a really great job, she’s been put in this position to carry on her legacy and name, I know it’s so much pressure but she’s doing a great job. If I were to make it up to the main roster sometime soon I think she’d be a perfect person to target!”

Who she’s looking forward to facing on the main roster:

“Nattie is one of them. I’ve had plenty of matches with her but I’ve only been able to team with her, I’ve never been able to have a match one-on-one against her. That’s one of the matches I’ve always wanted and she’s kind of been saying the same thing for a while since she was in NXT for a little bit. I remember watching one of her matches from the independents when she was like, an ECCW (Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling) SuperGirls Champion against Ivory. One day I want to have at least one match against her. Nikki Bella as well, when she comes back from her surgery and everything. She’s the longest reigning Divas Champion, so I feel like she’s someone I can learn from. I know we would have a lot of fun in a match together.”


WWE 2015 Tough Enough contestant Chelsea Green was on Jordan Garber NOW this past week with host Jordan Garber. During the interview, she discussed her time starting out in the business with Lance Storm, being a contestant on Tough Enough and more. The program is now available on by clicking on the “VOC On Demand” or “2016 Archives” tabs, they sent us these highlights:

Playing Daniel Bryan’s “physical therapist” mistress:

“It was terrifying. On being day two as a rosebud they pulled me aside and asked me to play this part. But they didn’t tell me what it was and how big it was going to be. I had no idea how big it was going to be until I got into the ring and while I was cutting the promo.”

Being on Tough Enough at the Performance Center:

“I just enjoyed being surrounded by the Divas and the superstars at the Performance Center. You know how much better could it get for a girl that all she wants to do is wrestle and make a living for the top company? Doing that for a month in a half at the performance center was a dream come true.”

TNA and Japan:

“As far as being in TNA and being in the ring with Kong and Madison Rayne, how much better can it get? I want to be in the ring surrounded by these amazing women. It was such a cool opportunity and it’s one I hope I can keep doing … I wanted to make sure that I grabbed the bull by the horns and get everything out of that experience. I quickly learned in Japan that the girls are willing to teach and I’m willing to learn.”

Results via

In front of a standing room only crowd at the RCC in Vancouver

Tony Baroni, Nicole Matthews and The Cunninghams defeated Nelson Creed, Lak Sadartha, Mr. Smyth and Johnny Flynn in a Wildcard Elimination Tag match.

Pete Powers attacked Baroni after the match.

In Ballroom Brawl 4 Ladder match Qualifying Matches:
Ethan HD pinned Andy Bird

Billy Suede defeated Pete Powers

Kenny Lush and Mike Santiago wrestled to a Double DQ.

On Naturally Spoken, it was announced that both the Canadian and ECCW Title will be on the line at Ballroom Brawl 4. Nicole Matthews, Artemis Spencer, Billy Suede and Ethan HD in a Ladder match.

Bishop vowed that things will change and he will be back with a Vengeance in June. Mike Sweetser also made his return, but didn’t say a word why or what he is doing back!

The Bollywood Boyz beat The Entourage (Malibu & MR2)

Daniel Adonis pinned Hellion

In the Main Event, Artemis Spencer and El Phantasmo originally wrestled to a 30 minute draw. Art demanded the match be restarted and there must be a winner. Ultimately, Spencer pinned Phantasmo after a double stomp. The match went a total of 40 minutes long. Match of the Year candidate.

Results via

Ravenous Randy made Nick Radford submit with a Crossface. This angered both Radford and his partner Justin Alexander (Tag Team of Next Gen). This lead to Alexander issuing an open challenge. Which lead to…

Justin Alexander beat Chris Voros. Patrick Voros was being assaulted by Radford on the outside. This directly led to Alexander’s victory.

Cat Power & Kristopher Kassidy (her lawyer and manager) defeated Jaida & Violet when Cat pinned Jaida. The Natural then came out which brought on…
Naturally Spoken with Alex Plexis and Cat Power was next.

It was announced by Cat that she is returning to Japan for a lengthy stint in which she will be defending her ECCW Woman’s championship. Plexis suffered massive internal injuries from Last Man Standing and is out for 5 more weeks.

The Natural also announced the return to ECCW of Davey Richards and Angelina Love for ECCW Showcase (June 13th in Vancouver).

ECCW Tag Team Champions The Cunninghams upended Club Bish to retain their titles.

“Supernatural” Nelson Creed made Mike Everest tap out to a Chicken Wing.

Ultimo Bandito pinned the debuting Johnny Flynn. Flynn was not liked by the ECCW faithful. Many fans chanted “greasy” at him throughout the match.

In the Main Event, for the ECCW TriCity Trios Tournament Finals, The House of Hell beat the Bearded Dragons to become your ECCW TriCity Trios Champions!

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