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WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins was a guest on the Greg Atoms Show on 1130-KWKH after Survivor Series to talk about what he would do after he retires from wrestling, his match Survivor Series match with Shinsuke Nakamura, and his reactions about other wrestlers, like Alexa Bliss.

His match with Shinsuke Nakamura at Survivor Series:

“Yes, we had mingled a little bit in the Royal Rumble last year, but first time in a single match for sure. For me, you know I can’t speak for him, but for me a lot of respect, he’s someone who I’ve admired from afar. To be able to get into the ring with him, test myself against him, really get to find out how good I am. It’s a treat, he was an excellent opponent and I was glad that we got that first out of the way successfully.”

What he will do after he’s done with wrestling:

“I’ve already kind of got something going with my wrestling school back home in Iowa. I think once I get off the road and my in-ring career is done take probably at least take a few years off and relax a little bit. You know, but who knows I always like giving back to the business. It’s been my passion, like you said, my entire life. So it’s certainly something I feel like I’ll be involved in one way or another for as long as I can as long as I’m giving something and you know making progress, not just kind of stagnating.”

Rollins’ first reaction to the following WWE Superstars:

* Braun Strowman – “Monster.”
* WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey – “She’s an aberration.”
* Drew McIntyre – “Freak, and I applaud his work ethic.”
* Alexa Bliss – “Sour Patch Kid. She’s sweet and sour.”


Drew McIntyre has had quite the journey to reach his current position as an ally to Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre got his wrestling start in his native United Kingdom before joining WWE developmental as a 22-year-old. He was thought of by many as a future world champion but fizzled out in WWE after a couple of years and returned to the UK.

He then made his way back to the States and eventually rejoined WWE through NXT. There he competed against many of the Superstars who are still on the brand today. Thus, McIntyre is in the unique position to discuss which NXT Superstars could be the next ones to excel once they reach the main roster just like he did.

When I came to NXT, I knew it was the right move because NXT was in a position like it always is,” McIntyre said to Planeta Wrestling. “It’s up here [raises hand]. Then Raw and SmackDown get some of the talent. Talent move over and then it restarts again, and it was during a restart phase that I came in.

“We started building up the roster. We started building up the towns, the towns were down. We started getting more people in the shows and watched it go up and up and up. Then we got more talent in. People started finding themselves like the Velveteen Dream, and now, from top to bottom the roster is stacked.”

As for the next NXT Superstars to look out for, McIntyre had a tough time picking just one who could be a star on Raw or SmackDown.

“[NXT] is a really good place right now so it’s hard to choose, there’s so many talented people,” stated McIntyre. “Everyone talks about Velveteen Dream, that’s an obvious one. Ricochet is an obvious one. It’s just everybody.”

Velveteen Dream are two of the brightest stars, not only in NXT, but in the world. It seems as it’s just a matter of time until they get the call-up and are competing alongside or against McIntyre.

The creative behind this week’s WWE RAW main event between Drew McIntyre and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was drawn up by Angle and Vince McMahon, according to Sports Illustrated.

The idea behind the match, which saw McIntyre get the win, was for McIntyre to brutalize Angle to the point of destroying any hopes he had of being the Team Captain for the RAW men’s team at Survivor Series. Drew is currently on the men’s Team RAW at Survivor Series and while Angle did not earn the Team Captain spot, there are rumors of him being added as a regular member on Monday’s go-home RAW episode.

Regarding the plan for last Monday’s McIntyre vs. Angle match, word is that Angle met with Vince to come up with the match story and then Angle presented the creative plans to McIntyre. The two then went and delivered on RAW.

There was some history between McIntyre and Angle going into the match as they wrestled twice in 2016 while with TNA. It was reported that they were to wrestle each other once but Angle specifically requested another match with McIntyre before he parted ways with the company, noting that he wanted to put McIntyre over. Their last match in TNA took place from Manchester, England – the same city as last Monday’s RAW match.

As we’ve noted, WWE officials have been very high on McIntyre for many months and word is that his singles push is just now really beginning but they have major things planned for him in 2019.

Those hoping for a swift end to Roman Reigns’ Universal Title run are about to be disappointed, because ‘The Big Dog’ won’t be dropping the strap anytime soon.

This is according to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, who claims that WWE plan on building a long, long reign for Roman, who will presumably defeat Braun Strowman in at Hell In A Cell on 16 September.

Though the Strowman feud could conceivably last for several pay-per-view cycles, SI also reckon that Drew McIntyre is being lined up as Reigns’ next opponent. With McIntyre and partner Dolph Ziggler seemingly siding with Braun on this week’s Raw, it’d be a logical continuation of current storylines, and wouldn’t take much effort to put together.

Drew’s main event ascension is something many fans have been pining for since the Scot’s first run with the company. He has been subtly positioned as the star of his main roster double-act with Ziggler, and at the very least, him vs. Reigns is a fresh pairing.

As for Roman, while a repeat of Brock Lesnar’s tedious 504-day run seems unlikely, all signs point towards an extended reign. At least he’ll be on television every week…

Drew McIntyre’s return to WWE last year took place after he spent three years on the independent scene. He recently spoke to Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory about his WWE release. McIntyre used his 2014 separation from WWE as motivation to go out and prove himself. However, that didn’t make it any less shocking to get the news he was no longer an employee of Vince McMahon and Company.

“It was a shock initially. At the time, I was doing the 3MB with Jinder and Heath and we were on literally every show so it was very unexpected. Even though I’d see my Twitter popping up that some people have been released or whatever, it still never cross my mind that a missed call from WWE might have been to tell me that I was getting released. I assumed it was ‘Hey Drew, you’re on the road a week earlier.’ When I got it I was like, ‘Oh, okay. I’ll be seeing you very soon.’ And I sat and I thought about it.

“My girlfriend at the time who is now my wife and I had just moved into the apartment that I got the call three days prior. It was our first place together, so I was thinking, ‘how am I going to tell her? How am I going to tell my dad?’ He’s always been my number one fan. I’ve just been released from WWE after eight years and then I get worried about the next step and then eventually I told myself, ‘You know what, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.’ The position I was in it’d be very hard to hotshot me into anything serious. I’d been there for so many years.

“It was the right time to be away from the company for a while and to have learned so much. I really believed in myself and knew this is all I know and I can really do something and the wrestling scene outside of WWE is really picking up, I believe I can make a splash and I was ready to prove it to the world so I got a little excited after the initial shock first.”

During McIntyre’s WWE hiatus, he picked up several championships on the indie wrestling scene. He appeared for promotions like Evolve, Defiant, ICW, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and many more. While using his real name Drew Galloway, he also became TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Impact Grand Champion.

McIntyre had a desire of returning to WWE, but he wanted to go through NXT first. The popularity of NXT drew him in and he wanted to be a part of the passion surrounding WWE’s developmental territory. McIntyre knew he would eventually be back in WWE as well. He saw NXT as an excellent way for a faster return to Raw or SmackDown.

“[NXT] was what I wanted. I told my wife in the beginning when NXT really started catching fire, ‘You know what babe, ideal when I go back there first, if I do my thing here and I get a reputation in the independent scene, then I believe I can get an angle to NXT because it’s such a passionate fan base. I think that would be the place for me to go to really show what I can do. And then when the time is right, because the transition is so much smoother from NXT to RAW and SmackDown because it moves so fast. RAW and Smackdown, there’s so many hours of unique TV every single week all year round.’

“That was the way I saw it and that’s what I told her in the beginning. I told Chris Jericho, he was the first podcast I did. [Jericho is] another one who really helped me in the beginning and really get my message out there was Chris and I told him, ‘I will be back.'”

Dolph Ziggler’s fortunes have skyrocketed lately. Moving to Raw and aligning with Drew McIntyre has given him renewed purpose, and he scored a surprising Intercontinental Title victory on last week’s Raw (18 Jun), ending Seth Rollins’ universally praised reign with a roll-up.

It’s a sharp turnaround for a wrestler whose career had plummeted on SmackDown, where his whiney heel shtick was struggling to gain traction, but according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, it hasn’t come out of nowhere.

Johnson believes that the reason behind Ziggler’s recent push is that Dolph’s contract is set to expire later this summer, and WWE hope it’ll convince him to stick around.

There’s a worry that Ziggler’s re-elevation is temporary, and that if he re-signs, the company could shove him straight down the card. Regardless, ‘The Show-Off’ has found his groove again. The Rollins bouts were widely praised, the McIntyre alliance is full of possibilities, and he hasn’t looked this motivated in years.

Dolph has never been shy of airing his discontent, and admitted he “hated” his position in WWE during an appearance on Edge & Christian’s podcast last December. Time will tell if this new push appeases him, but for now, Ziggler’s in a good place.

NXT brought another spectacular TakeOver event to the table and left fans blown away with the level of storytelling and in-ring action. The only issue is WWE’s main roster is going to have to follow that incredible set of performances the next night at Money In The Bank. Drew McIntyre might not be booked in a match at Money In The Bank but he certainly has a word of warning for anyone on the Raw roster who is willing to listen.

Ever since Drew McIntyre’s return on Raw he’s been sticking with Dolph Ziggler and reminding the Raw Superstars that they need to step it up a notch, especially if they happen to be in a tag team. McIntyre is a former NXT Champion as well and was obviously watching as his old brand tore the house down several times over at NXT TakeOver: Chicago.

Now McIntyre’s agenda to wake up the members of the main roster that might be a tad lazy is even stronger after seeing such a fantastic showing from WWE’s developmental territory. After all, WWE’s main roster is going to have to step up their game in a big way if they are expected to compete at all with what NXT delivered in Chicago on Saturday night.

McIntyre said he suggested the Raw roster checks out NXT TakeOver: Chicago and ask themselves if they’re working hard enough to deserve their spot on the roster. Only time will tell if his words hit home, but apparently, there could be some guys taking up space on WWE’s Red Team and it’s Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre’s job to hunt them down and make sure they either step up their game or get out of the way.