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WWE hit Chicago, Illinois for Money In The Bank, which isn’t just CM Punk’s hometown, but the site of his most famous triumph, when he bested WWE Champion John Cena in a five-star classic at the pay-per-view’s 2011 instalment.

His name was always going to belted through the Allstate Arena, and it was. It seemed the Chicagoans sprung to life with choruses of “CM Punk!” whenever the action lulled, as has become norm whenever WWE roll through town, but few could’ve foreseen Booker T’s straight shot at the former ‘Voice Of The Voiceless’ on the Kickoff Show.

With the panel speaking on Ronda Rousey’s transition from UFC to WWE, Booker chimed in with the following:-

“Look, we aw CM Punk try to run in the UFC, trying to take over. That boy got the brakes beat off him just a couple weeks ago!”

It was surprising enough to hear Punk’s name come out of a WWE personality’s mouth, let alone as part of such a pointed diatribe, but Booker shot the man down in his own hometown.

There’s no word on whether the lines were scripted or if Booker went into business for himself. What a coincidence that this would happen less than two weeks after Punk trounced Dr. Chris Amann in court, too…


UFC 225 was a massive box office flop for the mixed martial arts organisation, reportedly scoring less than 150,000 pay-per-view buys despite a stacked card.

Headlined by Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker’s non-title split decision victory over Yoel Romero, the main card also featured an Interim Welterweight Title fight, and was opened by former WWE Champion CM Punk vs. fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson.

Punk was destroyed. He scored an opportunistic first-round takedown on Jackson, but again looked well out of his depth, with his opponent openly clowning him from full mount in the second and third rounds. Jackson could have finished the fight at several points, but coasted to a lopsided 30-26 unanimous decision victory instead.

That UFC 225 drew so poorly is a huge surprise, not only because it presented an all-star lineup, but because Punk’s presence on UFC 203 reportedly added an estimated 125,000-225,000 extra buys in September 2016.

Many factors will have contributed to 225’s demise, but the cratered numbers suggest that any morbid curiosity PPV-buying fans had in Punk fighting died the moment he was submitted by Mickey Gall, and with Dana White confirming his UFC departure, the future looks uncertain.

Entering his 435th day as Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar has today smashed another beloved wrestling record, toppling CM Punk’s mammoth WWE Title reign which lasted between November 2011 and January 2013.

The impending collapse of such a hard-fought record has been the subject of some controversy, with the two title reigns diametrically opposed in prestige.

‘The Voice Of The Voiceless’ and current UFC punching bag was understandably braggadocios about his 434-day run at the time, so rare was such a stretch in the modern era. By contrast Lesnar has been a flat-track bully with the title, with just 10 defences on pay-per view, five on house shows and zero on television since defeating Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 in April 2017. Punk had doubled that total amount of defences less that two months into his tenure, ultimately reaching 141 before dropping his precious prize to The Rock ahead of ‘The Great One’s contentious WrestleMania rematch with John Cena.

Whilst there is no scheduled defence currently agreed, Lesnar still has some way to go to catch the next record. Hulk Hogan held the WWE Championship for 1,474 days between 1984 and 1988 as Vince McMahon’s Sports Entertainment empire became a pro wrestling phenomenon, but it might take a force even stronger than Hulkamania to stop the former ‘Next Big Thing’ in his tracks. Roman Reigns’ repeated inability to do so has opened up a spot, but it’s unclear yet just who will break out from the roster’s rank-and-file to rescue the red strap from Brock’s iron grip.

After his second high-profile loss in the Octagon last night, Dana White appears to have called time on former WWE star CM Punk’s UFC future.

Punk was outclassed by Mike Jackson at UFC 255, with the judges awarding a unanimous decision to the latter. Speaking in the post-show press conference, UFC honcho White said:

“It should be a wrap. The guy’s 39 years old. I love the guy – he’s the nicest guy in the world. We gave him two shots, and he had a lot of heart tonight in this fight. And yeah, I think he should call it a wrap.”

White took a similar position following Punk’s debut annihilation at the hands of Mickey Gall just over two years ago. With the latest defeat dealing another damaging blow to the ex-wrestler’s drawing power, there’s every chance the UFC impresario is being sincere this time.

Punk was taken to hospital for a facial CT scan after his loss, and as a result missed the press conference. He later Tweeted:

White’s compliments did not extend to Punk’s conqueror Jackson, who he called a “goofball” and a “complete f*cking idiot” for appearing to toy with his bested opponent.


CM Punk took part in a UFC 225 open workout media scrum ahead of his upcoming fight with Mike Jackson (0-1) on Saturday in Chicago. While Punk made the transition from WWE to UFC, his friend Ronda Rousey did the opposite, going from the UFC to WWE. During the scrum, Punk was asked if he spoke to Rousey before she made her WWE debut at WrestleMania 34 this past April.

“The only thing I’ve told her is to just have fun,” Punk said. “I don’t know what it’s like back there in this current environment. I know she’d probably get treated differently, just as like I know I get probably treated differently here. The only thing I ever told her is that I know you’ve got a lot of people telling you, ‘do this, don’t do this.’ I just said, whatever you do, when you go out there for WrestleMania, make sure you have fun. Period.”

Punk noted that he did not watch Rousey’s WrestleMania match, where she teamed with Kurt Angle to defeat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, although he saw some clips “here and there.” He noted that it’s hard for him to watch WWE because of how overproduced it has gotten.

“When I say it’s hard for me to watch wrestling, it’s not like an anxiety thing, it’s not like, ‘I can’t do it!’ I literally can’t get through eight seconds without being like, ‘OK, I’m bored, I gotta watch something else.’ They’ve got like… it’s like going to a baseball game at CitiField. I like Wrigley Field, it’s old school. Going to a baseball game at CitiField, it’s like a guy takes ball four and they blow off fireworks and there’s LED screens on everything and wrestling now is completely like that. There’s LED screens everywhere and there’s flashing lights and I feel like I’m gonna have like a seizure.”

Punk noted that he doesn’t watch wrestling outside of WWE either, stating that there’s a “disconnect.”

“I don’t know why,” Punk stated. “Subconsciously, there’s like a disconnect. I see clips of stuff, like I know Kenny Omega is the hot guy and he’s probably one of the better guys in the world right now, but it’s the same thing. I’ll watch clips of matches, I don’t see myself watching like a full match. I just can’t do it.”

Punk said that today’s product is too glossy, but it’s been that way for awhile. He noted that he liked the old school pro wrestling feel at house shows back in the day.

“I think it’s definitely too glossy, but it’s been like that for a very long time,” Punk said. “My jam was house shows before they started calling them live events, where it was a curtain and a ring and a light above the ring. That was my jam, that was my world, that was where I liked to thrive.”

When asked if he preferred the PWG-style more, Punk said that the promotion was very different when he worked there, adding that he might have had the worst PWG match of all time.

Speculation is mounting that CM Punk is preparing to make his long-awaited wrestling return at September’s historic All In show.

The former WWE star, currently competing in UFC, will be in Illinois for a meet-and-greet the same week that Cody Rhodes and co. head to Hoffman Estates, a suburb of Chicago.

While his attendance has not been formally announced by the event’s organisers, Rhodes strongly hinted that he would be involved in some capacity during a press conference yesterday. “I can confirm he will be here the day before, as part of All In weekend,” he said. “He’s in town, but we literally can say nothing.”

Punk has been in self-imposed wrestling exile for the last four years, having departed WWE in 2014 amid differences with management. The fall-out – taking the form of an ongoing lawsuit with in-house doctor Chris Amann – is still ongoing. The 39-year-old claimed in subsequent interviews that he was now “retired” from the business.

With or without the ex-ROH World Champion, All In already looks set to be a roaring success. Originally conceived as a wager with the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer – who dismissed the idea of an independent show drawing 10,000 spectators – tickets sold out in just 30 minutes after going on sale Sunday afternoon. Get your wallet on the table, Big Dave.

A $1 million WWE defamation lawsuit against ex-employees CM Punk and Colt Cabana is to go to trial on 21 May, according to information obtained by Ringside News.

Punk appeared on Cabana’s wrestling-based podcast shortly after leaving the company in 2014. On it, the duo discussed the circumstances leading up to his departure, with the former accusing its in-house doctor, Christopher Amann, of providing sub-par treatment for a number of medical complaints (including a serious staph infection).

On launching his lawsuit in 2015, Amann referred to statements made during the 90-minute broadcast as “false and disparaging”. He has characterised the YouTube video uploaded by Cabana – since watched more than 750,000 times – as a deliberate attempt to damage his reputation within the industry.

Ringside News says that next month’s date in court has been pencilled in since June of 2016, with Anann’s attorneys Deutsch Levy and Engel filing a disposition on his behalf two weeks ago. Neither Punk nor Cabana have made much noise about it yet (probably on the advice of their own legal team).

So much for those rumours about Punk returning.

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