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AEW Double or Nothing will take place on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and sold out in four minutes. On Busted Open, Bully Ray spoke about AEW having a “coolness” to it with those who are currently attached to the promotion.

“The guys are doing something different. They’re doing something cool. They’re doing something special,” Bully said. “I’m gonna put a lot of emphasis on the word, ‘cool.’ Cody, The Bucks, [Chris] Jericho], and Kenny [Omega]—everybody there associated there has a coolness factor attached to them. I always said that ECW was the ‘Napster’ of pro wrestling business. I believe that AEW is the ‘Facebook’ of the pro wrestling business, right now.”

Bully elaborated on how AEW is like the “Facebook” of pro wrestling as they look to bring something innovative to the wrestling world.

“When Facebook first was invented, one of the guys within Facebook wanted to do advertising on Facebook,” Bully continued. “And they decided not to because—they don’t even know what they had with Facebook, yet, they just knew have something cool. I don’t know if AEW even knows what they have yet. It’s just cool. You can tell how cool it is by how quickly All In sold out. You can tell how cool it is by how great of an event All In was. You can tell how cool it is when people show up to a ticket release party. You can tell how cool it is when they sell out 14,000 seats in four minutes. To me, that’s cool.”



Chris Jericho spoke with Brian Mazique of Forbes to discuss the current AEW roster, a possible TV deal on the horizon, and if he thinks a AEW video game will be created. Here are some of the highlights:

If AEW is close to a TV deal:

“I’m not going to show up somewhere that doesn’t have a major-league television deal. That’s not what I’m interested in doing. I’m not doing this to be a martyr or Robin Hood. I’m doing this to continue to grow my brand and to take over the business and the world. I know a few potential suitors for television. I know some potential ideas as far as how we’re going to do it. I know that both of them that I’ve heard are game-changers.”

The current AEW roster:

“I think we’ve assembled a great roster already of fresh talent. We have the seasoned veterans and really untapped rookies, with great people on every level. We have six-to-eight blue-chippers. That’s all you need to do a wrestling company. I think we have enough talent for the first year already. I think what AEW has done is shaken up the big companies, and when I say that I mean WWE and New Japan, to where they’re signing everybody, and signing them to longer deals and more money. And I say to all of them, you’re welcome. We have to work and build the roster that we already have, knowing that we’ll get more, but for right now, we have to assume this is our roster for next year. Let’s build some guys and create some of our own stars, which is mandatory for any wrestling company to survive.”

AEW video game:

“Kenny travels the world going to game conventions, specifically because he’s such a gamer. Not knowing for sure, but I’d say there is a pretty damn good chance there’s going to be an AEW game, and it’s probably going to be better than most because [Cody, Young Bucks, and Omega] probably going to have a hand in developing it.”


It’s finally official: Kenny Omega has signed with All Elite Wrestling.

As expected, the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion was unveiled at last night’s Double Or Nothing ticket announcement party, during which he confirmed himself as a “full-time member” of the promotion’s growing roster.

Omega’s role won’t be restricted to the ring, either: a graphic shown on the screen while ‘The Cleaner’ was making his entrance identified him as an “Executive Vice President,” which is the same role that Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks will perform for the company.

Claiming that he hadn’t actually signed his AEW deal until that morning, Omega launched into a speech on “changing the world,” but found himself interrupted by Chris Jericho. A pull-apart brawl ensued, and it looks as though the two will unleash a sequel to their acclaimed Wrestle Kingdom 12 match at Double Or Nothing (25 May).

There are currently no details on the terms of Omega’s contract, so it’s unclear whether or not he’ll be able to keep working with NJPW (should he wish to do so). Jericho’s deal allows him to operate within both promotions, but for now, it looks like Kenny’s January announcement that he was done with New Japan was earnest.


One of WWE’s newest producers, Gregory Shane Helms, also known for his “The Hurricane” persona in WWE, was a recent guest on WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast. Helms took a moment to focus on the newly formed All Elite Wrestling, explaining that he thinks AEW will bring some positive competition to the field. He hopes that the pro wrestling business begins to garner the same excitement and popularity it did during the Monday Night Wars era.

“[AEW] is gonna be good for the business,” Helms said. “Competition is good, there’s an excitement in the air, those guys are some of my good friends, with Chris Jericho being a very close friend of mine. I’m excited to see what they do. We need that again, when the business was on fire with that Monday Night Wars. There’s a lot of people that thought that would never be duplicated, and it still might not this time, it’s still too early to say. But, if we can generate that excitement again – there’s a lot of crazy vibes in the air right now it seems to me. ”

Helms believes that the only current negative about AEW is that their roster all wrestles a similar style, but he was quick to add that he thinks this will be shortly resolved within the company. Helms noted that the talent will be expected to carry heavy responsibility and won’t be able to rely on some sort of buddy system to be successful.

“A lot of the talent that they have right now, they kinda wrestle a similar style,” Helms stated. “That’s the only negative I see and that’s not even really a negative if that style’s working for them. For me, the best wrestling companies have always presented a variety of things, a variety of styles. But that’s gonna be small, they’ll figure that out. They’ve got the guys there that will figure that out. It’s too early to say what any negatives might be, but it’s not gonna come from a talent standpoint for sure, because those are guys – they all respect the game and it’s not gonna be a buddy system. You’re gonna have to be able to carry your load with those guys.”

Helms explained that the only thing to compare AEW to right now is WCW, because he believes WCW was the last legitimate company to challenge Vince McMahon. Helms says that better selection of talent, Jericho’s experience in WCW and AEW’s better financial planning will hopefully grant them a better result than WCW had.

“The only thing to compare them right now to is WCW, because they were the last people to challenge Vince, so that’s gonna be a natural comparison,” Helms said. “But with WCW, they would just hire anybody back in the day, it didn’t matter if your a– was good or not. They were just giving money handouts as a fist, this company right here, they’re gonna be a little bit more smarter with their money and I think they’ll keep an eye on that. And those young guys, they know that, and two, that’s where Chris is gonna come in to play a little bit more than people realize, too. Because he was in WCW, he saw some of those mistakes so he’s gonna bring not just name value, and not just what he brings in the ring, but he’s gonna bring some business experience that they definitely need.”


The fact that Chris Jericho signed with All Elite Wrestling was somewhat of a surprise in itself. But Jericho saying that his AEW contract is better than any previous wrestling contract he’s signed was downright shocking.

While the exact numbers aren’t known, word of his AEW contract did make its way back to the WWE locker room. Dave Meltzer spoke about the reaction Jericho’s contract received on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer said that people backstage in WWE were stunned or freaked out, depending on their position. While it’s not as much as what John Cena or Brock Lesnar is making, it would be more than almost any other star in the company.

When the idea of Brock Lesnar possibly signing with AEW with the amount of money that they’re throwing around, Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon would probably pay anything to not lose Lesnar to UFC or AEW. However, Meltzer did say that Jericho wants a match with Lesnar, and Jericho “has a lot of sway” in AEW, although that doesn’t mean that the company would make a bad deal.

Jericho planted the seeds for a potential match with Lesnar with a since-deleted tweet he sent out after seeing Lesnar during the Royal Rumble.

Jericho posted, “Intimidation and fear goes a LONG way in our business guys. But let’s be honest, @BrockLesnarneeds to pull up his pants and lose the gut… the dream is over dude. I don’t play by the script… @wwe@AEWrestling.”

Jericho and Lesnar reportedly had a backstage altercationin 2016 that turned physical, but the two have never had a match together. If that match does come to fruition, it appears the only place it would happen would be in AEW, a least for the next few years.


Dave Meltzer reported a number of items concerning the future of All Elite Wrestling’s roster on his Wrestling Observer Radio show, and the newsletter guru also discussed Chris Jericho’s agreement too.

According to Dave, Jericho will likely continue to work in New Japan; the undoubted marquee signing of AEW’s first roster reveal reportedly plans to wrestle Hiroshi Tanahashi at some point, and Meltzer guesses that could only happen in Japan.

In other NJPW/AEW news, it looks like Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor (collectively known as The Best Friends) are set to leave Japan and sign deals with All Elite. If they do, they’ll join Lucha Underground star and current AAA Cruiserweight Champion Sammy Guevara and female star Kylie Rae, who was trained by Booker T. Both are also rumoured as potential signees for the upstart promotion.

The Best Friends, who have also worked in PWG and ROH, would be a good get for All Elite. Right now, SoCal Uncensored are the only true tag-team on AEW’s books, so it’s smart to try and pad that out with some talent who probably aren’t on WWE’s radar.


With a nearly 20-year relationship with the WWE, Chris Jericho was always seen as a “WWE guy.” Then AEWentered the pro wrestling market and Y2J became an “AEW guy.”

Could there be more longtime WWE Superstars who jump ship to the new promotion? Eric Bischoff speculated about that on the latest edition of the aftershow of his podcast.

“It’s a talent driven business, and the Khan family is willing to write a big check for Chris Jericho and they’re willing to write big checks for other talent who may be in WWE but not happy,” said Bischoff.

“If I was Vince McMahon right now I would probably tie them up in as many strings as I possibly could. In fact I’m sure he already has.”

Jericho’s situation is a bit different than other WWE Superstars as he wasn’t under contract with any promotion at the time of his AEW signing. He was a free agent and had been for a while as he cryptically tweeted#FreeAgentJericho in August.

As for the WWE Superstars currently under contract, they don’t have the luxury to just go elsewhere as they are bound by the terms of their deals.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of talent in WWE that can just wake up on Monday morning and go, ‘You know what? I’m gonna quit and I’m gonna go work for these guys,'” stated Bischoff.

AEW has previously stated that they will allow their contracted talent to work outside shows such as Jericho with his cruise or Joey Janela with his Spring Break shows. That extra freedom could be appealing to someone looking to break away from the contractual limitations of WWE, but until they reach the same free agency position as Jericho did, they don’t have the option to just go elsewhere.