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The Singh Brothers (Samir and Sunil) spoke with Sportskeeda on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Getting beat up by Jinder Mahal:

“We deserved it! We deserved it. We let him down! 2-on-1 against AJ Styles; we had a huge opportunity. AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world, probably in the last few decades. He truly is Phenomenal, and it was an opportunity of a lifetime. And we let The Maharaja down. And he [Mahal] had every right to put us in our place for that. Lesson learned, brother. Lesson learned.”

Learning from Shawn Michaels at the WWE Performance Center:

“Yes. We’re very lucky. When we started in NXT, the (WWE) Performance Center, Shawn Michaels had just moved. And we kind of gravitated towards him, and he took a liking to us. I think he saw a lot of Marty [Jannetty] and Shawn in us. Because we were known as ‘The Bollywood Boys’ at that time. Even our gear was a lot like ‘The Rockers’ with the tassels and the bright colors. A lot of our tag team moves were like The Rockers, so he took a liking to us. And I would say Shawn really helped us get to this point. And the cool thing is that he’s the greatest of all time, in our humble opinion. So, to have him there and pick his brain, and ask him questions—We’re like, ‘Hey, what do we do here?’, ‘What do we do there?’. And even to this day, he’s still willing to [help].”

Breaking out and their goal as a tag team:

“Our goal since we were kids was to one day become WWE Tag Team Champions. It would be great to be the first ever WWE Indian-born Tag Team Champions. Jinder was the first WWE Champion — Indian-born. So, that could be a great historic moment for India. Absolutely, the goal is to one day become WWE Tag Team Champions, and the only way that happens is when you start wrestling as a tag team. If that opportunity comes up, great, but right now our focus, our main priority is making sure Jinder becomes two-time WWE Champion.”

This Saturday Night April 12 ECCW returns to the RCC in Kits for Seek and Destroy. So far Five matches have been named…

The Amerikan Guns [Ethan HD & Mike Santiago] (Champions) w/ Michael Sweetser vs. The Bollywood Boyz [Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra] (Challengers)

The war between the Amerikan Guns and the Bollywood Boyz goes all the back to July of 2013 when the Amerikan Guns defeated the Bollywood Boyz for the ECCW Tag Team Championship. Since then the Bollywood Boyz and the Guns have faced of in a series of increasingly violent matches over the belts. The Bollywood Boyz would regain the titles in November before dropping the titles back to the Guns at Ballroom Brawl in January. These two teams looked to write the final chapter this Saturday inside the confines of a 15 foot high steel cage.

“Ravenous” Randy Myers (Champion) vs. Bishop [Only 2 time Pacific Cup Champion] (Challenger) w/ The Natural

“Ravenous” Randy has been on a roll since winning the ECCW Championship at Ballroom Brawl, racking up successful title defenses against El Phantasmo, Mike Santiago, and Rick. Bishop broke out of extended losing streak in a major way after realigning himself with The Natural, becoming the first two time Pacific Cup Winner defeating Memphis, Artemis Spencer, and Billy Suede in one night. Bishop has put everyone on notice that he’s on the hunt to be a Champion once again!!!

Tony Baroni (Champion) vs. Brady Malibu (Challenger) w/ MR2

At Pacific Cup Tony Baroni became a two time Canadian Champion capturing the title in a fatal four way bout defeating Nelson Creed, The King of the Yukon, and Ethan H-D. Baroni has gone on to successfully defend the title against the former champion Nelson Creed this past weekend. Brady Malibu has been making waves since aligning himself with MR2, This Saturday Brady will look catch his biggest headline yet as he attempts to dethrone the popular Baroni for his title.

DTA [Jamie Diaz, Jordie Taylor & Daniel Adonis] vs. The East-Van Warriors [“The Loose Cannon” Kenny Lush, “Brilliant” Billy Suede & The King of the Yukon]

DTA and The East-Van Warriors have been on a collision course since late January. What started out as planned match between Diaz and Suede turned into an attempt by DTA to break the neck of Suede, an attack that Diaz attributed to revenge for a incident which happened in the early stages of Diaz’s Career. This fued then continues as Jordie Taylor and Daniel Adonis would attack Lush and King of the Yukon during there bout with the Bollywood Boyz. Fast Forward to the Pacfic Cup and it was Adonis and Taylor providing the distraction which led to the elimination of The King of the Yukon in the Canadian Championship Fatal Four Way Match. This Saturday Diaz returns to the ring for his first battle since Ballroom Brawl to lead DTA against an East Van Warrior’s team that is looking for some revenge. Which team will come out on top? Will it sweet revenge for the East Van Warrior or will DTA add Three of the biggest names in the history of ECCW to there growing list of impressive victories?

Hellion w/ Rigor Von Slasher vs. Scotty Mac

At the Pacific Cup Scotty Mac made his return to the ring to aid Ravenous Randy in a victory over Alex Plexis and Sid Sylum, what happened next surprised everyone!!!! Scotty attacked by the house of hell, leaving Scotty bruised and battered in the center of the ring. This past weekend Scotty came up with the short end of the stick when he looked to exact revenge against house of hell member Lak Siddartha. Scotty Mac faces Hellion this Saturday who is coming off a victory against Danni Deeds in a Kendo Stick on a pole match this past weekend in Port Coquitlam. Will Hellion build a winning streak or will Scotty Mac take his first step to victory in his war against the House of Hell?

Also in action this Saturday is Artemis Spencer, Alex Plexis, Karl “The Catch” Cunningham and Many More

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MAIN EVENT DREAM MATCH: (RCC return of The King)
The King of the Yukon & “The Loose Cannon” Kenny Lush vs. The Bollywood Boyz [Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra]

“Ravenous” Randy Myers (Champion) vs. Mike Santiago (Challenger)

“Supernatural” Nelson Creed (Champion) vs. Artemis Spencer (Challenger)

Nicole Matthews (Champion) vs. Kc Spinelli (Challenger)

El Phantasmo vs. Sid Sylum vs. Andy “The Dreadful” Bird

Jamie Diaz vs. “Brilliant” Billy Suede

Brady Malibu vs. Tony Baroni

Brilliant Billy Suede, Loose Cannon Kenny Lush & The King of the Yukon defeated G.O.D.S (Sid Sylum and Bishop) & J_Sin Sullivan

Artemis Spencer defeated Alex Plexis

The Amerikan Guns (Mike Santiago and Ethan H-D) defeated The Riot (Nicole Matthews and Andy the dreadful Bird) and The Bollywood Boyz (Harv and Gurv Sihra) to win the ECCW Tag Team Titles

Jamie Diaz defeated Scotty Mac in an anything goes match

John Atlas & Pete Powers defeated DTA (Jordie Taylor and Daniel Adonis)

Nelson Creed defeated Tony Baroni and Davey Boy Smith JR in a triple threat match to retain the Canadian Title

Ravenous Randy Myers defeated El Phantasmo to become the new ECCW Champion


Question: So just who are the Bollywood Boyz

Answer: The best Tag Team in Pro Wrestling you may never have heard of.

Living in the pacific northwest following the local pro wrestling scene I’ve got to see some great talent who has been through the local promotion Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling guys like Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, Davey Richards, Kyle O’Reilly, Tyson Kidd, Natayla, Kharma, and Rebecca Knox to name a few. The Bollywood boyz have the making as the next great tag team, two brothers of east indian hertiage from British Columbia, Canada who have toured the indies for the past five years as a tag team. Harv and Gurv Sihra grew up watching wrestling on saturday nights and idolizing Bret Hart.

The Sihra’s have done a lot in there five years as a tag team not just in ECCW as they have taken part of the infamous northern Manitoba death tours that were first made known to the wrestling public by guys like Jericho and Edge. They have also wrestled in India as part of Impact Wrestling’s Ring Ka King and won the tag titles.

A few of the things that make the Bollywood Boyz great are their charisma and connect with the fans be it getting a modest 300 seat indy crowd in Vancouver to dance in with their entrance theme Punjabi MC’s Mundian to bach ke or causing hysteria in India these guys know how to get a crowd going.

Another strong point is their smoothness as a tag team, they get how to manage a match as tag team be it as heels or faces. They know when to make the hot tag, how to get heat with illegal double teams and they their move set is a throw back to teams of yester year.

They have something the WWE doesn’t have yet in that they are of Indian heritage, the WWE’s only star of Indian descent is the Great Khali and while is a big deal in India, I get the feeling he fails to connect with north americans of Indian decent the way the Bollywood Boyz could.

I’ve done a lot of so far about this team so how about I give you guys so clips to watch and check out.

ECCW Entrance Video:

Their appearance of local television these guys know how to handle the media:

if your Vancouver this saturday night you’re not going to want to miss this: