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Former WWE Intercontinental and tag team champion Jacques Rougeau spoke to the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast recently. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

His time as The Mountie:

“To be honest with you I had the greatest moments as The Mountie in my career. I was working guys like Macho Man, I remember a match with him in England against him with Elizabeth, I had matches with Undertaker, matches with Sid Vicious of course matches with Big Boss Man just so many fantastic memories. There is nothing I didn’t do as The Mountie. I remember simple matches with Tito Santana as The Mountie or Koko B. Ware. I had so much fun with that character and I honestly made people believe that I thought I was The Mountie. That I was so convinced that they started believing. It is amazing because when you build a character and I always tell this at my school that how are you going to get people to believe in your character if you don’t believe it. I had a brother-in-law who was a real Royal Canadian Mounted Police who gave me some tricks and some moves that they used when they arrest a guy so all those moves that I used in the ring were actually legit.”

The infamous Summer Slam 1991 Jailhouse match vs. The Big Boss Man:

“It is one of the greatest matches that I’ve ever had in my career. Ray Traylor who was the Big Boss Man who unfortunately left us was the kindest person. I had never seen Big Boss Man talk bad to anyone in the dressing room or show lack of respect. He was another Owen Hart. So working with a guy like that for a year to a year and a half around the world was a night off every night and it was such a pleasure because he would take care of my body, take care of me and I would take care of him. It was a great time in my career.”

Not being able to use The Mountie name in Canada:

“I was doing such a great job of making The Mounties look bad in Canada that they suspended me on TV and I wasn’t allowed to be used on TV anymore. So the only way I was allowed to wrestle was if I took off the sleeves, the shirt and kept the black pants and they would announce me as Jacques Rougeau. Everyone knew me as Jacques Rougeau anyway so that was fun. I think they (The Mounties) took it all a little too serious. Like in movies and everywhere else there is always dirty Cops or bad Cops but they don’t ban the movie because the Cop is crooked. But I think that my character was becoming so strong that eventually they decided and voted on it and sent a letter to Vince saying that I wasn’t allowed to wrestle on TV in Canada anymore. Eventually and after that they let that character go because it wasn’t helping me at all so I took a year off and came back a year and a half later with Carl Ouellet as The Quebecers ith the same suit and our music was “We’re not the Mounties”. So I think Vince wanted to get back at them in a way.”

The impact The Mounite had on Jacques and how today it is fondly remembered:

“The Mountie was great. I’ll never forget winning the Intercontinental Title against Bret Hart and losing it to Rowdy Roddy Piper. I had three different dolls made and sold in Toys R Us’s around the world as The Mountie and when I give conferences in schools now against intimidation. The first thing I do is because they don’t know me because they are too young and they have only heard of me but I do so many personal appearances and am on TV that when I come in and start talking to kids and I take my belt out and my dolls out they start to say “hey this guy was important”. All of that was done because of the Mountie character. “

It’s time for another edition of Are you series the feature that looks at the worse ideas to make television or die in creative meetings of pro wrestling.

In this edition of Are you serious we take you back to September of 1999, for one of Vince Russo’s last ideas to make it to air in WWE. This one crossed several lines and amount for extremely bad taste.

This Story features Al Snow whom is destined to appear several more times in the future in this feature. But the particular storyline I’m referring to involves snow, the big bossman, the hardcore title and a dog named pepper.

I think the angle is best summed up by Snow’s wikipedia page, here’s the breakdown of what it says:

Snow received some mainstream publicity in 1999 when Wal-Mart pulled his action figure from their shelves after Sabrena Parton, a professor at Kennesaw State University, complained that “Head” was a “decapitated woman’s head” that sent an inappropriate message about violence towards women.

Parton was quoted as saying “What kind of message would this toy send children about brutalization of women?”  

The story was used as part of an angle in which the controversy caused Al Snow to suffer from depression. In one skit, Snow called his mother, observing that the stores would not sell his action figures, but would sell shotguns and ammunition.

During the summer of 1999, at the conclusion of a storyline where Head was impaled with a spike by Prince Albert, Snow replaced Head with a chihuahua named Pepper, who he claimed talked to him.

A variety of segments were broadcast showing Snow’s interactions with the dog, including bringing Pepper to the ring to either “participate” in matches or be held by the broadcast team.

This led to a storyline where Big Boss Man kidnapped Pepper. Boss Man agreed to return the dog if Snow defeated him in a match for the Hardcore title; however after losing the match he reneged and kept the dog.

Later, in a segment on SmackDown, Boss Man invited Snow to his hotel room to discuss the situation, before serving Snow dinner which was then revealed to be Pepper.

(In a 2008 interview, Snow said that this angle had been based on a story of Mr. Fuji having done something similar with a neighbourhood dog.[11])

The feud culminated at a “Kennel from Hell” match at Unforgiven, which consisted of a regular cage which was surrounded by a Hell in a Cellstructure, with “a trained pack of wild dogs” in between the two, and the objective was to escape both cages without being attacked by the dogs. Al Snow won the match.

Don’t believe that happened?

Heres some video proof:

Big Bossman serves Al Snow a meal to remember:

The tribute WWE put together in memory of Pepper…. that’s right the knock off of the Taco Bell dog got himself a memorial: