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As noted, Impact Wrestling superstar Alberto El Patron recently was a guest on the Keeping It 100 with Konnan podcast and he discussed his time with WWE.

El Patron had worked for various independent promotions in Mexico prior to joining the WWE for the first time in 2009. Working for the top wrestling promotion was an eye-opening experience for him, as he enjoyed the perks of being part of a big-name company. He described the difference in pay he enjoyed when he first came to WWE.

“Well, of course, the first WrestleMania I was in I was like, damn, this is cool. I was always making good money in Mexico after my run in Japan, and MMA companies, but when I started in Mexico I was making $80; that was my salary because my dad didn’t want to put everything on a silver plate for me, he wanted me to work for my stuff,” he said. “I’m the one going to the promoters and negotiating. My dad never went there and made it easy for me, so in the beginning I was making $80, so driving in a bus for 10 hours to go to Monterrey, and 10 hours back, and then I earned my airplane tickets and I earned more money, so I was doing good. I was also doing good in Japan, but nothing compared to that WrestleMania check.”

After leaving the WWE in 2014, El Patron returned to the company at 2015’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view and immediately won the United States Championship. He said he was approached to make a comeback because the top officials in the WWE, including chairman Vince McMahon himself, believed the company was lacking true heel superstars.

“To be honest it’s because, and this came from Triple H himself and Johnny Ace; apparently Vince [McMahon] was mad after a TV taping because he didn’t feel that the heels were being real heels. You know nowadays heels want to be cheered and be cooled, but in those days when a heel was a badass and ass-kicker, those days are gone,” he said. “Nowadays, everyone wants to be cheered and wants thousands of followers on social media. They are afraid of heat that the business can give them, so McMahon wasn’t happy, and believe it or not Triple H agreed to it, so he said, let’s do it. He mentioned how i was doing great things on the independent circuit and Lucha Underground and how I was in phenomenal shape. After a while of negotiations, I ended up going back.”

By that time, El Patron had been doing well for himself on the independent circuit. He said he had to make sure the situation was right for him to return, and he appreciated the WWE giving him another opportunity.

“They called me a night before Hell in a Cell; they called me for weeks on it, I said that they needed to pay me, and that I was doing fantastic on the independent circuit. For someone like me, who has a name in Mexico, and for the name that the WWE gave me, no matter what, WWE made me. They gave me a name and gave me an opportunity,” he said. “The haters were say that I talk crap about WWE; yeah, I talk crap about the things I don’t like, but I also put the mover on things that are real. The reality is that they made me and they made me go from a national icon to an international icon, and because of that I did fantastic when I was not in the company. Long story short, they asked me if I can come back to the company the next night, I said I could, and I ended up signing a contract at 2-3 in the morning; sending everything via fax, and the next day I was there for my big comeback.”

But it wasn’t long until El Patron grew unhappy with his gimmick. Zeb Colter (Dutch Mantel) became his manager and they worked a gimmick where they started a new country called “MexAmerica.” El Patron said it wasn’t something he enjoyed.

“They tried something with that ‘Mex-America’ gimmick that just didn’t work,” he said. “They didn’t know what I was trying to do. Not even Dutch, not even me, and of course the audience knew what was going on.”

El Patron was then added to The League Of Nations stable that included Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett. El Patron revealed that none of those superstars wanted to be in a stable together, and this was the final straw that led him to leave the WWE for the second time.

“WrestleMania was around the corner, and they said that we have these guys [Barrett, Rusev, Sheamus, Del Rio] and were like, let’s put them together and do something. None of us wanted to work as a team, or be on a team. Everybody was just not happy by doing that, and we talked to the boss and ended up splitting,” he said. “You know, because they showed me the way, they opened my eyes and I was just being home one day per week, I asked myself if it was really worth it, and I said that I didn’t think so. I remembered when I was free and enjoying my family and my time, I said to myself that I was going to leave. I talked to WWE and they were like, no, just hold on, we are going to bring you back to the Champion Del Rio, the badass Del Rio, but that didn’t happen.”


Impact Wrestling superstar Alberto El Patron was recently a guest on the Keeping It 100 with Konnan podcast. During the wide-ranging conversation, El Patron opened up and spoke at length about his past relationship with WWE superstar Paige.

It’s no secret that El Patron and Paige ended their relationship recently. He explained that their hectic schedules caused them to not see each other as often as they wanted to, so they agreed it would be best if they were apart.

“By now everyone knows we are not together. We decided to end our relationship because I am in San Antonio, she is in Orlando, and now she is back on the road, and you know the schedule on the road there is non-stop, and my schedule is also non-stop. My projects with Telemundo and TV Azteca, calendar, clothing line, charity events, and all that stuff, we just weren’t seeing each other,” El Patron said. “With her training to come back they were not allowing her to come to San Antonio I couldn’t go to Orlando because II have three little kids, and I was coming home 2-3 days. I had to choose between going to Orlando for that time or staying with my kids and of course I chose to stay with my kids, so we decided to end our relationship. I know people just found out or they are just finding out, and the ones are just finding out, it was days or few weeks ago. We ended the relationship weeks ago, but we both agreed not to say anything because we got tired of the media, people, everyone just having an opinion about us, including family who had an opinion on our relationship with what we did.”

Paige had initially wanted to keep their breakup a secret, but El Patron said he knew the news would eventually get out. He said they ended their relationship on good terms and they still support each other in their careers.

“When we were in Canada doing Impact tapings, I talked to Paige that it is about time we both say something because, you know, people are starting to realize we are not together because I am always working and you are always hanging out with your friends. After her saying that she didn’t want to say anything and that we had come to an agreement regarding it, but she said that if you want to say something say something because I wanted to, so I said okay, I’m not really going to say anything,” he said. “Apparently a friend accidentally posted a video stating that she was single, and then that video was deleted, but you know once you put something on the internet it is there forever. People started coming to me and thought to myself, seriously? I called Paige afterwards and asked what was going on? She said that it was an accident, it was my friend, but I said, yeah, it’s always your friends, your family, your brother, someone from your side, it’s just not fair. We came to an agreement, and even though it wasn’t you saying it, it was someone from your side and I am just tired of being affected by your side of people, or your people, but that is the reality of things. We ended up on good terms. I wanted what was best for her, she wanted what was best for me. I know she is going to be the most successful diva in history, and she has all the talents. All the talent; we had an amazing relationship, and I just wanted to say this, it wasn’t the haters that broke us up, we both just decided that it was best for our careers and our kids.”

In an unconventional moment, it was Paige who surprised El Patron with a proposal for marriage while they were in Puerto Rico. El Patron discussed his reaction to the proposal, saying it caught him off-guard.

“I turned around and was thinking to myself, ‘What the f***?’ I was like, we were having a fantastic time because it was just us, there was nobody involved; my family was but my family was always taking care of us, nobody from her side was there so we were having a great time, so when I turned around and saw her on one knee, and the whole crowd is chanting Si! Si! Si!, including my brother,” he said. “My brother had the Mexican flag and he was pounding on the canvas, and I was like, seriously bro? We were in love; it was real, it was us always taking care of each other, but you know, I don’t know why people just started messing with us and never letting us be.”

El Patron and Paige’s relationship was constantly scrutinized by the internet community. From Paige’s suspension from the WWE for wellness policy violations, to El Patron’s suspension from Impact due to a domestic violence incident, it was hard for them to quiet the noise caused by trolls and gossip sites. El Patron opened up about the overreactions people had over their relationship.

“It was just the internet overreacting. We are passionate in everything we do. We have strong tempers, and she is just like me with being a hot head, and reacting in a different way when she is mad, just like me, but we were always taking care of each other. I never talk about any of this before, but I’m going to tell you why; #1, I was protecting my wife, I was protecting the woman who was going to be my wife. She works for a company that has zero tolerance. That company fires you for no reason, sometimes they don’t need a reason to fire you. Of course people were talking and making assumptions, which includes her family, or in this case her brother,’ El Patron said. “Also because when that crap in Orlando happened, which was completely fake. I never once hurt her, she never hurt me, it was just internet BS and people believing it and the reason why the Orlando incident had affected my life so much – I hadn’t said anything about this, but #1 because I was already suspended, because of the company and its zero tolerance, I assumed they were going to fire her. For female wrestlers it is nearly impossible to exist, especially in WWE. I have proved that I don’t need WWE and WWE doesn’t need me. I am making a fantastic living, pretty much the same amount of money for when I was there, but it is not the same for girls, and when that stuff happened and the brother went crazy and started saying stuff, Paige said that she is going to say something that happened in Orlando. I insisted that she doesn’t because, just wait, I am already suspended, just wait. Once the police report comes out everyone will know the truth, and will know that everything your brother is saying is completely wrong. The stuff he said never happened, but I will be fine, so don’t worry.”

El Patron also discussed his relationship with Paige’s family. He said he always respected her father, but he had a contentious relationship with her brother because he didn’t believe he had his sister’s best interests at heart. Paige’s brother made some disparaging remarks about him on the internet in an attempt to bury him.

“The whole family is always on the internet; reading what the internet is saying, believing what the internet is saying. When that happened, the brother went and decided to say something. Not because he was really caring about Paige, or trying to protect her, because he knew the real situation. He just had a personal agenda against me to say the things he said. He said that he posted those things on Social Media because he cares about his sister, but he never called her before or after Paige had surgery. It was me that was in the hospital with her. No family with her, just me, day and night, holding her hand before and after surgery. The same brother that never called her after those videos were posted, when she was devastated; it was me, not him,” El Patron said. “We’re talking about the same brother that a few weeks before the whole drama happened, he was screaming to the world how I’m the best man, he’s my brother in law, and nobody was better than Alberto. Of course this was when I was working for free for his dad’s company. They said that WWE was trying to ruin their anniversary show in Norwich, England, when WWE was going to be there, and the dad was devastated he was crying, and really depressed. I said to them, you know what, you are my family now, I will take care of it. I ended up calling my great friend Rey Mysterio and I got Rey Mysterio for free to work the same show with me. We packed the place, and let me just say something, I have a lot of respect for her dad, Ray Knight. He was giving us some money, but I mean, not close to what we normally make, not even close, but because he is an honorable man and was doing it from the heart, it was like he was giving us a million dollars, and with all honesty, I miss the dad. He was always a good guy.”


Controversial wrestling couple Paige and Alberto El Patron made headlines for an alleged confrontation at Orlando International Airport last week. The duo reportedly engaged in a public altercation involving a third party, with police stating that El Patron was being investigated on battery charges.

According to a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Orlando PD have now confirmed that detectives have determined that Paige should also be charged with battery, but the State Attorney’s office will make the final decision.

Paige initially claimed that she, not Alberto, was the one held on potential charges, but police later noted that El Patron was the only suspect at the time. The investigation into the current GFW Champion is still ongoing.

According to WWE’s domestic violence policy, Paige will be suspended if an arrest is made. A conviction would result in her contract being immediately, with WWE reserving their right to suspend, fine, or fire a wrestler if presented with “incontrovertible evidence of such illegal misconduct.”

The former WWE Divas Champion has been absent from television since June 2016, following a string of injuries, suspensions, and other controversies. El Patron, meanwhile, was recently suspended by GFW pending the investigation’s outcome.


Zak Bevis, the real-life brother of WWE superstar Paige, noted on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning that he’s “very worried” about his sister.

“I’ve got too say I’m very worried about my sister,” Bevis wrote (sic). “Please keep a eye on her, she had one Prick Known as brad Maddox who took advantage of an 18 year old girl. Physically and mentally abused her. And now she’s with a control freak who think he’s a tough guy cause he’s beats my sister and has money too cover his tracks..”

News broke on Monday that Alberto El Patron was detained by police at the Orlando International Airport on Sunday following a domestic incident. Paige claimed the incident was not between herself and Alberto but rather with an angry fan that allegedly threw a drink on the GFW Impact World Heavyweight Champion. Audio of the incident revealed Alberto telling someone to “call the cops” and Paige crying. A witness claimed the wrestling couple were arguing at a restaurant in the airport.

“I love my sister she will end up like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse,” Zak wrote on Facebook. “….please share this,,I want the world to know that i care about my lil sister…..everyone keep an eye on her …you’ll be argry at me but I love you, I’m writing this on behalf of all the Knights.”

Zak also noted that their father, Ricky Knight, will weigh in later, noting, “Thanks for all the messages. Yes this is very hard to do. Ricky Knight is the head of this family and will have his say later.”

Knight has been an outspoken critic of Paige’s relationship with El Patron, something that has even boiled over into a wrestling match between them.


Although it’s been almost a year since she’s performed inside a wrestling ring, Paige has managed to remain one of the most talked about performers in the entire industry, mostly for reasons potentially damaging to her career.

During her hiatus she was hit with two Wellness Policy violations shortly before undergoing and rehabbing from a neck surgery that WWE was allegedly not in favor of.

The former NXT and WWE champion also began a highly-scrutinized relationship with Alberto El Patron, who frequently hurls public insults at her present and his former employer, which can’t sit well with the brass at WWE. And to top all that off, during filming of the Dwayne Johnson-produced biopic on her family’s adventures in pro wrestling, she was victimized by a leak of private photos and videos to the internet.

With all the controversy surrounding ‘The Anti-Diva’, it began to feel as if we’d seen the last of Paige on Vince McMahon’s programming. Not so, according to the English superstar, as she recently updated her social media with messages that indicate her return is on the horizon.

Paige tweeted that she was undergoing her final x-rays along with the word “comeback”, and PWInsider claims to have spoken with company sources that confirmed she will return to action if medically cleared by the results. Photos posted to her Instagram account reveal she appears to be in great shape physically.

It seems there’s no bridge burned between WWE and talent that’s incapable of being rebuilt, so perhaps all is well between the two parties and we’ll see Paige back in action sooner than expected. Surely ‘The Rock’ and everyone involved in the production of Fighting With My Family would prefer her to help with the film’s promotion, and it’s well known if there’s money to be made with someone Vince is willing to overlook any bad blood that might exist.

In regards to the WWE product, the brand split has weakened the women’s division, highlighting a top heavy lack of depth on both Raw and SmackDown. Paige’s ability and star power would go a long way in strengthening whichever show she ends up on.


Despite the fact that her real-life boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, was just released from WWE – and despite rumors that Paige was doing her best to join him – the former Divas’ Champion will not be leaving the company just yet.

In a message released on her official Instagram account today, Paige mentioned that the rumors of her departing WWE were false, and that she looks forward to getting back in the ring once she heals from an injury. As reported earlier in the summer, Paige was suffering from issues with her neck and potential nerve damage.

She also went on to explain that her Wellness Policy suspension (which ends on September 17) was not doled out because she failed a drug test. According to the star, she took the test and passed it, but since she was not at home when she was contacted for it, she had to drive 200 miles in order to be tested. Aegis, the company that apparently administered the test, allegedly told Paige that she did not take it within an acceptable amount of time from her notification, so it was deemed invalid.

There is no word as to when Paige will return to Raw but PWInsider did report earlier on Thursday that she is due to report back with the company on Monday and has a full schedule of WWE events ahead of her.


With Alberto Del Rio’s WWE career appearing to come to a lackluster and underwhelming end, news has come out that things should have gone quite a bit differently for him.

The Wrestling Observer has reported that upon Del Rio’s return to the company last year, he was originally supposed to be pushed as a huge babyface. Ever since Rey Mysterio Jr. left the company, WWE has wanted a top Hispanic star in that role. Del Rio was promised he would be given this slot, which of course, never came to fruition.

Despite being paid as a top star, Del Rio was pushed as a mid-card talent in the League of Nations, and never did anything of consequence after beating John Cena.

But to get Del Rio over in that planned role, they were going to pair him up with Paul Heyman, instead of Zeb Colter.

That certainly would have been an interesting route to go. We haven’t seen Heyman play a babyface since his days in ECW, so it would have been a big transition. Perhaps it could have worked out well.

Even though Heyman didn’t do much for the careers of Curtis Axel, Ryback and Cesaro, his alliance with Del Rio still would have likely worked out much better than the confusing mess of Colter and Del Rio.

Wherever Del Rio lands next, hopefully he’s used better than he was in WWE this time around.