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Cesaro was interviewed by The City Pages to promote this Friday’s RAW live event at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Cesaro & Sheamus will defend the RAW Tag Team Championship at the show against Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns. Below are a couple of highlights:

Destroying a beach ball in the crowd at last year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view:

“Excuse my language, but fudge beach balls. Seriously. That’s absolutely disrespectful. We were wrestling for the Tag Team Championships, and you want to play with a beach ball? Get the hell out of here. Go. Leave the arena, and don’t come back. I think every person that brings a beach ball into a WWE arena should get ejected for life.”

Advice for wrestlers who feel they aren’t getting the credit or booking they deserve:

“First of all, nothing happens overnight. Everyone thinks you become successful overnight or you get good overnight, but that does not happen. It’s always a long road. I came to the WWE after a long time on the independents, traveling and wrestling all over the world for 12 years. I’ve been in WWE for six years now. For some people, that success happens fast, but for some people, it doesn’t. It takes a while. You just have to be consistent and work hard. And you have to believe in yourself.”

Cesaro also discussed possibly reuniting with Kassius Ohno, his chemistry with Sheamus, his in-ring rivalry with Seth Rollins and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


With only four-and-a-half years as a pro wrestler and less than two on the main roster, Alexa Bliss has exhibited a meteoric rises in WWE. Not even five months after her main roster debut, Bliss defeated Becky Lynch to become the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. She held the title for two months, but regained just over a week after she lost it to become two-time champion.

Just three weeks after she was drafted to Raw, Bliss defeated Bayley for the Women’s Championship, becoming the first person to win the title on both brands. Bliss lost at SummerSlam to Sasha Banks, but won it back just eight days later on Raw and has held the title ever since.

Bliss was able to outlast Mickie James, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose to win the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match. In addition to her other accomplishments, Bliss will walk in this year’s WrestleMania as the Raw Women’s Champion, and walked into last year’s WrestleMania as SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

During her promo following her win at Elimination Chamber, Bliss was able to completely turn the crowd around from cheers to boos with one single line, proving to everyone how good of a heel she is. This was one of many times that Bliss was able to elicit jeers from the crowd after initial cheers.

Bliss was recently interviewed by The Detroit News to promote her upcoming Rawappearance at the Little Caesars Arena. Bliss explained that she was very shy before playing the character that the WWE Universe see in the ring.

“Before I was portraying the character Alexa Bliss, I was very shy, very uncomfortable with playing a bad guy or showing any emotion, really,” said Bliss. “Now when I’m in the ring or doing a speaking segment, I get so wrapped up in the character that I don’t even notice I’m doing it. It’s a natural feeling for me.”

Being inspired by NXT General Manager William Regal on how to be a heel, Bliss was taught how to use real-life observations to add layers to her character. Bliss explained, “[Regal] would sit and watch people in airports and out in public and he would study their mannerisms, and he’d say if they bothered him, chances are they’d bother other people.”

One observation in particular helped her go to a deeper level of being an obnoxious heel, and to know how to turn a crowd around to jeer her.

“I saw how other people were looking at this child, screaming his head off, kicking and screaming in the store, and the poor mother was just mortified and trying to get her son to stop,” said Bliss. “I was like, ‘that’s gold. I’m using that.'”

This temper-tantrum character that Bliss displays has assisted her in being one of the top names in the women’s division, and head to her second straight WrestleMania as champion.

Source: The Detroit News

Magnum TA was recently a guest on The Ross Report podcast and he spoke about his stepdaughter Tessa Blanchard. TA had a feud with her father and Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard in the 1980’s when they wrestled in NWA and said the best quality Tessa shares with him is her positive attitude.

“Tully [Blanchard] and I can sit together in front of a crowd, doing a Q&A today and just be right back in synch to where we were 30 years ago. He is such a professional and we just had great chemistry all around,” TA said. “Tessa [Blanchard] inherited that quality, that intangible thing that you either have or don’t, and she also has a passion for this thing called wrestling that her Dad, Grandfather and I are in love with and she is destined for great things. She really tries to stay positive, focused and always tries to be the best that she can be and bring out the best in others. I am just really proud of her as well as her mother is too.”

Tessa Blanchard wrestled in the Mae Young Classic over the summer, losing to eventual winner Kairi Sane in the first round. TA said he was very proud of how well she performed in the tournament. He believes she will only continue to get better as she moves forward in her wrestling career.

“The match I saw her do at the Mae Young Classic was the best piece of work that I had seen her do to date. I know the person she was in the ring with was a seasoned pro, but I know Tessa was assertive, believable and charismatic that I always want to see come together for her,” TA said. “She comes from the right sheet of cloth and I think that she has her days when it is hard with her patience because she looks around and is hungry, but she just continues to fine tune this machine. She also knows that she can get much better than she is today. She knows that she will only improve with time, she is just anxious for it.”

Blanchard is currently dating widely-popular indie wrestler Ricochet. TA said the use of social media is one of the biggest differences between wrestling today and wrestling in the 1980’s. Ricochet has successfully used social media to grow his popularity among wrestling fans to allow him to make a good living while working the independent circuit.

“Ricochet is doing well, I can tell you, he is doing really well. He is probably on top of the indie scene on the pay scale of what he is able to yield,” TA said. “Tessa, for the length of time she has been in the industry, makes a living, and she doesn’t have to go out seven days a week like we were having to do back in the day, but it’s such a different era with social media and social networking and being able to market yourself and using these tools that they have available to them is genius, and if you don’t believe it’s mainstream, that is one of the reasons why The Rock is one of the most popular actors in the industry because of his ongoing push of the projects he is involved in, he is networking it all around the world because of his social media and everything that he works on is the golden touch before the studio advertises it.”


Laurel Van Ness spoke with McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights via Uproxx:

The origin and evolution of her character in Impact Wrestling:

“Well, everyone asks me that. It started out basically where, yes, when I was left at the altar, everything that happened after I was left at the altar, so me dropping down to my knees and being the most dramatic human in the world, that was me. Then when I got to the back, everyone was leaving, that was the last day of tapings, and Dutch [Mantel] came up and said, ‘I just want you to cut a quick promo. We don’t know if we’re gonna use it. You’re gonna sit, and you’re gonna cry.’ So as I was doing this promo, drinking champagne, which was real champagne, it was like my second bottle of champagne.

Oh yeah. I’m drinking the champagne, and he’s kind of shouting ideas at me, like, ‘Oh, sing. Sing ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.’ Do you know that song?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, sure.’ He’s like, ‘Act crazier. One more take, but do it even crazier.’ When that aired, it kind of took off in this weird way I never thought it would. So then when I came back for the next set of tapings they were like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna roll with this crazy bride. I think we’ll keep you in the dress.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’

From there on it was them saying to me, ‘Do whatever you want and be as crazy as you want, and hopefully we have to tell you to dial it down.’ So every time I went out there I did something crazier. You know, more outlandish than the last time I went out there. But I can’t just say it was only me, because what I loved about Laurel, and I still love about Laurel is that every time I was kind of going through a match someone random in the locker room, it could have been Dutch, it could have been Abyss, it could have been EC3 or Spud. Random people have always had ideas. One idea, Pat Kenney was like, ‘Oh, you should do an airplane around Kong.’ I was like, ‘Sure. Done.’ He said that as I walking out, and then that became Laurel’s thing.

Someone else was like, ‘Hey, I saw this funny spot where you take the girl down, and then you pin her like Cameron from WWE. Pin her on her stomach, and you think that that’s real.’ So then I’m like, ‘Easy. I’ll do that,’ as I’m going out there again. And the next time it’s like, ‘Oh, you should get tangled up in the ropes, that’s funny. And then you should get hit with this move,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay. Sure.’ So it’s kind of like this weird character where it doesn’t matter what you tell me to do, I can go out and do it because I am the most unexpected kind of random character. Nothing that I do you question and be like, ‘Wait. Why?’ You know what I mean? Because it’s fun like that.”

Her smudged makeup look:

“Oh my gosh. It’s my favorite thing ever. It’s so funny, because I go in in the morning and I get my makeup done. I’m looking good, I take selfies. Then they’re like, ‘Okay, Chelsea. You’re on in three matches,’ and I’m just like [smearing] makeup all over my face. My lipstick’s going everywhere, and smudging my makeup.”

Winning the Impact Knockouts Championship:

“It’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s so crazy. Bound for Glory week was such a whirlwind. With it being filmed in Canada, it was really exciting for me. Although it was on the East Coast and I’m from the West Coast, still felt like I was kind of in my hometown, I don’t know. It felt like this wrestling world had come full circle, and for it to come full circle and then for them to be putting the title on me was also really overwhelming. I wrestle Rosemary for the title, which you’ll have seen by now I guess. She could tell you the same thing, and Gail would say the same thing. They told me three times that I was winning that match. I didn’t realize that that match was the finals at the tournament for the title.”


As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Sting attended the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham last weekend and took part in a Q&A session. Here are the final set of highlights from the session from @paperchampions :

When you first got into the business who were the guys you idolized?

“When I first got into the business I knew nothing about pro wrestling. By the time I got it, I looked at guys like Randy Savage. I likes the way that he was so over the top. The gestures, the voice, the colors, the glasses, the jackets. He was so bizarre and I was drawn to that.”

What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out in the wrestling industry?

“Be slow to speak and fast to hear. Keep your mouth shut, just listen and learn.”

What is your favorite match that you were not involved with?

“Just about any match Shawn Michaels has had has been incredible. Shawn could have a match with a broomstick and it would still be entertaining.”

Who would be on your Mt Rushmore of professional wrestling?

“Andre the Giant, gotta have him there. Hulk Hogan, for sure. The Rock and [Ric] Flair.”

What is next for The Stinger?

“I’m trying to get back into real estate. Back in the day I made real good money from it and my wife and I are getting back into that.”


The tenth episode of the School of Morton podcast co-hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express is available for download right now. On the podcast, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair discussed his hospitalization, his health today, advice for the future, plus stories of partying with Ricky Morton, Dusty Rhodes, Road Warrior Animal, Chuck Berry, and Dan Aykroyd. They sent us these highlights:

Being hospitalized:

“I got a really sharp pain in my stomach. I knew the pain. That was very similar to the pain I had the last time. Wendy took me to the hospital and my intestine had broken open and that’s the last thing I remember. I don’t remember anything else. On Monday they put me in an induced coma. I stayed in that and on life support for 11 days. I don’t remember any of it. I just dreamt… I had to learn how to walk again. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t twist the top off a Gatorade bottle or open a diet coke I lost forty-three pounds.”

Falling off a boat that was in motion and Ricky Morton rescuing him:

“I was trying to figure out my way. It was about a mile to the shore each way… maybe a little less I was trying to figure out which way was closer when you guys found me.”

Ricky Morton talks about pulling Ric Flair into the boat:

“This is true… this is Ric Flair, he had a $2,000 suit on… I pulled Ric in the boat. He had a necktie on, one sock and his underwear. That’s all he had on”.

Matt Lauer getting fired by NBC:

“$25 million a year salary. Are you kidding me. Who could blow that deal?”

His advice for living life:

“For me I would say make the most of every day. When you come close to losing that opportunity it makes you realize all the more how lucky you are to have that opportunity. So make the most of every day.”


Having played two decades in the purple and gold, Kobe Bryant understands Los Angeles Lakers fans always expect greatness.

In an interview with Chris McGee on Spectrum SportsNet’s “Connected With,” Bryant urged the young, rebuilding Lakers – Lonzo Ball, in particular – to approach each game with the mentality of being great immediately.

“He needs to get better now,” Bryant said of Ball, according to Josh Martin of USA Today.

The five-time champion added that other youngsters, such as Julius Randle and Kyle Kuzma, must also take the same approach toward being great. That mentality would presumably also apply to last year’s No. 2 pick, Brandon Ingram.

Bryant compared the rebuild to his own situation when he joined the Lakers in the late-’90s. He was just a teenager out of high school, but developed quickly and won his first title by age 22.

“We never thought, ‘OK, we’re gonna win four years from now.’ We really thought, ‘This is our year. We’re gonna get this done. We’re gonna push, push, push, push, push, get better now.’ And in the process of having that kind of impatience, you develop. If you’re just patiently going about it, you’ll never get there. For players, it’s a kind of patient impatience,” Bryant said.

He was realistic in his expectations of this roster, though. They’re hardly in a position to challenge for the playoffs, and he urged fans to patient.

“This team here is not a contending team. They haven’t won anything. … So patience has to be required. That day will come. These young players will grow, and then everybody will look up and marvel at the amount of talent that we have.”