Triple H On Intergender Matches In WWE: “Never Say Never”

Posted: 26/01/2019 in Sports, WWE
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Whilst WWE’s (big breath) Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative Triple H was answering questions during an event at Royal Rumble Axxess this morning, the subject of intergender matches within the company was brought up.

Hunter had a pretty interesting response.

Making reference to his superb mixed-tag match alongside wife Stephanie versus Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey at last year’s WrestleMania, he said they were best reserved for special occasions, but didn’t want to rule the possibility out:

“I never wanna say never, with that. If it’s the right thing and the right manner, it can be done.”

Triple H further explained that for the most part, they were happy presenting women in matches against one another, as it has proved the most interesting and exciting use of their talents.

Several of WWE’s current roster have been involved in intergender matches on the independent circuit. For example, current SmackDown superstar Ruby Riott was a regular in such matches during her time in Chikara, but a combination of PG rating and general distaste means it’s highly unlikely we’ll see them in WWE anytime soon.

The WrestleMania match Triple H referenced exclusively involved him taking offense from Rousey, and absolutely not the other way around. Where intergender matches fall on the spectrum of equality vs. glorifying male-on-female violence is a lengthy debate – and one the company will probably continue to sidestep for the now.

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