Bruins expect Marchand to act like leader, cut out antics

Posted: 17/05/2018 in NHL, Sports
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The Boston Bruins want Brad Marchand to let his game speak for itself.

The winger has come under fire for a pair of incidents involving licking opposing players during the playoffs, and was officially put on watch by the NHL as a result of the odd behavior.

Speaking at a year-end press conference Thursday, Bruins general manager Don Sweeney said he believes Marchand’s remorse is sincere.

“… I think he realizes the impact,” Sweeney said, per Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald. “We spoke a little about his family and how it reflects on him as a person, more so than him as player. I think he’s gained a tremendous amount respect around the National Hockey League, worldwide as a matter of fact for him as a player. And I think that’s where the attention needs to be 100 percent focused on, his impact as a hockey player … and as a leader of our hockey club.

“The things that he does to take away from that really don’t need to exist anymore. And it’ll be up to him. The proof will be if he can find that line and never really cross it anymore. Because he doesn’t need to. He’s accomplished things as a hockey player and now hopefully he wants to accomplish things as a leader and quality person.”

Head coach Bruce Cassidy echoed his GM’s sentiments.

“Brad’s an elite player in the National Hockey League so when I have conversations with him, it always starts there,” he said. “Then it goes to ‘Well, what do you want your legacy to be?’ He’s at a stage in his life and maturity where he understands, he truly gets it that he doesn’t need the other stuff to make him to truly be an elite player.”

Marchand, who recorded 34 goals and 51 assists in 68 games this season, remains under contract with the Bruins for the next seven seasons at a cap hit of $6.125 million.


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