Jeter: Marlins will allow ‘well-groomed’ facial hair

Posted: 17/02/2018 in MLB, Sports
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The Miami Marlins will allow players to have beards or mustaches in the upcoming season, but on one condition from team CEO Derek Jeter: Facial hair is “well groomed.”

Jeter, who spent his entire career under the no-beard mandate with the New York Yankees, will continue a policy set forth by the Marlins last season, but emphasized some rigidity by adding the caveat it be maintained in a conversation with Tim Healey of the Sun Sentinel.

Former Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria imposed a ban on all facial hair during the 2016 season, though it was entirely rescinded for the 2017 campaign after players voiced their concerns to manager and former Yankees great Don Mattingly.

“You want people to look professional,” Jeter added. “I think if you look professional, you act professional.”

“I know with the Yankees, obviously, we weren’t allowed to have any facial hair with the exception of a mustache, which never worked for me, but I think you do want players – they’re individuals, they have their personalities, you want them to be able to represent themselves and their families and the organization, but you want them to do that in a professional manner.”

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