Malik Jackson: Jaguars are going to win the Super Bowl this season

Posted: 31/07/2017 in NFL, Sports
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It’s been nine seasons since the Jacksonville Jaguars last experienced playoff football, and they’re one of 13 teams who’ve never raised the Lombardi Trophy.

Jaguars star defensive tackle Malik Jackson believes both unenviable streaks will end very soon.

Jackson told “The Simms and Lefkoe Podcast” that he’s confident of adding another ring to his collection this campaign after winning the Super Bowl in 2015 with the Denver Broncos.

“That’s what I believe and, until we lose, that’s when I’ll believe different,” Jackson said, according to’s Marc Sessler.

“The Panthers did it. If the Panthers can do it after the season they had (going 7-8-1 in 2014) … But we’re going to win the Super Bowl. If they can do it, why can’t we?”

Jackson believes the Jaguars’ positive changes will stem from improved leadership.

“I’m very confident. It truly feels different … I think it’s a lot of guys coming in here and coming to Jacksonville saying, ‘I’m gonna change this. I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna do that,'” Jackson said. “We have leaders. We have a lot of great players. We just need to be consistent, and that’s on all three sides of the ball: offense, defense, and special teams.”

He added: “I think having that and being who we all are, it should be a great year. After the Super Bowl, we’re going 16-0, we’re going all the way.”

The offseason lull before training camp is a time for optimism, with many players expressing their confidence that they’ll enjoy a successful 2017 season.

So while Jackson shouldn’t be ridiculed for the prediction in a time when all players are feeling hopeful, the Jaguars need to prove there’s substance to go along with the hype.

Last offseason, after an impressive year for the offense and with the addition of Jackson, many expected the Jaguars to finally make good on their potential. Instead, the Jaguars finished 3-13.

Another impressive draft and free agency have caused some to jump back on the bandwagon, but with questions about Blake Bortles‘ ability to be an effective NFL starter and how the defensive talent will gel, the Jaguars should probably learn how to walk before they take a run at a championship.


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