Austin won’t speculate on job security following ugly loss, 0-5 start

Posted: 31/07/2017 in CFL, Sports
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Things haven’t gone well for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats so far this season, but Kent Austin isn’t hiding from anything.

The Ti-Cats’ head coach and vice president of football operations addressed the dire state of the franchise a day after a 60-1 blowout loss to the Calgary Stampeders and wasn’t willing to confirm that the entire team played its hardest for the full 60 minutes, according to Drew Edwards of The Hamilton Spectator.

“I can’t speak for the entire team,” Austin said. “I’ll know that better when I talk to the individual coaches and when we watch film.”

With a record of 0-5, Hamilton is the only team in the CFL without a win following Week 6. It has also given up a league-high 201 points while only managing to score 90 points, 51 fewer than any other club.

Austin understands these realities, and seems willing to take everything head on. What he isn’t about to do is speculate on his job security.

“I understand that. I can’t focus on that. I told the team, ‘we always start with ourselves first as a staff. I look at myself first, hold myself accountable,” Austin said. “I’m pretty honest and self aware and I’m not going to hide behind anything. I’m going to be very honest in evaluating that, getting better and doing right by our team.”

“This a pretty low point but I have a strong belief in our ability to overcome those things.”


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