Mayweather: McGregor’s racial comments ‘totally disrespectful’

Posted: 17/07/2017 in Boxing, MMA, Sports
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Conor McGregor made a bad situation worse on Thursday, answering claims that he’s racist by making more controversial comments.

McGregor claimed to be “black from the belly button down” before thrusting his hips for all his “black female fans,” and Floyd Mayweather took offense to the Irishman’s remarks. The 40-year-old reflected on comments he made when he was younger, but made sure to let McGregor know he had crossed a line.

“He disrespected my daughter, disrespected the mother of my daughter, disrespected black women, calling black people monkeys – it’s totally disrespectful,” Mayweather said in his post-event press conference. “When I was young, I may have said some things that I shouldn’t have said when I was young, but we live, we learn, and you don’t say those things once you get to a certain age because it’s all about growth and maturity. But it’s total disrespect …

“You do not disrespect – I don’t care if it’s white women, black women, white men, black men, Asian, Latina, or Latino – you don’t disrespect people. To get respect, you must give respect. We live and we learn.. when he get’s older, he’ll probably look back and say ‘I shouldn’t have said that.'”

McGregor, still shirtless, responded to claims of his perceived racism after the event, claiming that his comments were intended to poke fun at how “stupid and ridiculous” he felt the accusation was to begin with.

“It doesn’t really sit well with me,” McGregor told media about accusations that he is racist. “I’m a very multicultural individual. I don’t have any ill feelings towards anyone. I don’t even see color.

“I just wanted to say something and have a bit of fun with it … I just wanted to play with it and address it in my own little way. It’s stupid and it’s ridiculous is basically what I was getting at.”


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