Report: LeBron ‘will never be a Clipper’

Posted: 03/07/2017 in NBA, Sports
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Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

LeBron James‘ future as a Cleveland Cavalier has garnered much speculation over recent weeks as the organization undergoes a tumultuous offseason.

Considering LeBron has a 2018 player option, talk of The King bolting west has gained some traction with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers being mentioned as potential landing spots.

However, ESPN’s Mike Wise appeared on the “Freddie and Fritz” show and said the latter franchise should be ruled out entirely.

“I got from a very good authority – a very good authority. I can’t tell you who, but I’m going to tell you it’s somebody that knows,” Wise stated. “He’s never going to be a Clipper. I’m just telling people right now, for your edification.”

Considering Wise didn’t offer concrete details on why James is so against the notion, his certainty is surprising.

But since the claim projects far into the future – and an array of NBA offseason moves have yet to be made – LeBron fans may want to scratch the Clippers off the list in pencil, rather than pen.


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