Osweiler hints Texans’ coaches messed up his fundamentals

Posted: 19/06/2017 in NFL, Sports
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It’s no secret that Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans did not have a happy marriage. Now that the divorce is finalized, it appears they may be playing the blame game.
Osweiler raved that his new coaching staff with the Cleveland Browns are helping him improve on fundamentals Wednesday, making a strong argument that it will have a major impact on his performance.

“The best part is I’m getting coached hard on my fundamentals,” Osweiler said Wednesday, according to Nate Ulrich of Ohio.com. “And I believe firmly that when your fundamentals and your feet are right as a quarterback, you’re going to make great decisions and you’re going to throw accurate footballs.”

Osweiler famously was not very accurate in his single season as the Texans’ starting quarterback. While he didn’t necessarily name names or point fingers, Osweiler said that his fundamentals – which he previously credited to coaching – were the reason for his poor performance in Houston.

“I think that’s something that slid last season. I’m not going to go into great detail on that, but they did,” said Osweiler. “My fundamentals slid, and because of that, you saw some poor decisions and some poor throws.

“If you go back to 2015, I feel like my fundamentals were pretty tight.”

If Osweiler wins the starting job, he’ll get a chance to show his old coaches his new fundamentals Week 6 in Houston.


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