In a move that has many hardcore fans mortified, Baron Corbin is now in possession of the Money in the Bank briefcase.

This year’s match consisted of amazing workers, fan favorites and heavily-hyped newcomers, yet the man with the least amount of experience and fan support – with the exception of maybe Dolph Ziggler on that latter point – was able to ascend the ladder and claim a guaranteed championship shot at the time of his choosing.

‘The Lone Wolf’ made his presence felt before the opening bell when he attacked Shinsuke Nakamura as the Japanese sensation was making his way down the ramp, eliminating him for what seemed to be the remainder of the match.

After the usual amount of breathtaking spots WWE stars deliver in these types of bouts, and just as Corbin was about to go for the case, Shinsuke’s theme kicked in to a monster pop and ‘The King of Strong Style’ returned to the ring amidst a fan-led chorus of The Rising Sun and proceeded to clean house, delivering hefty kinshasa knee strikes to take out the entire field of combatants.

Just as ‘The Artist’ set up the ladder for what appeared to be the winning climb, former rival AJ Styles returned to the ring to halt his ascension. This led to the most electrifying standoff of the night, with the crowd going absolutely berserk as the two men stared each other down before going to war.

Two of the world’s best workers engaged in a thrilling sequence that saw them both atop the ladder attempting to grab the briefcase – as the crowd showered them with dueling chants – when out of nowhere Baron Corbin reentered the fray, knocking both men to the ground and scaling his way to glory, grasping the case to become Mr. Money in the Bank 2017.

While not the most popular guy in the match and certainly not the most seasoned, Corbin’s win makes the most sense from a booking perspective. It creates the opportunity to continue to build the relative newcomer as a threat while he gains seasoning working with the more experienced veterans that surround him on the SmackDown roster.

With the reports that WWE is even higher on Baron than Braun Strowman, this is the ideal way to establish him as a credible main eventer before the inevitable cash-in.


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