Golden Knights will give teams every opportunity to keep rosters intact

Posted: 18/06/2017 in NHL, Sports
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So far, so good.

The Vegas Golden Knights have released a statement to express how pleased the organization is with how the expansion draft process has gone so far as the NHL trade freeze took effect Saturday at 3 p.m. EST.

The other 30 teams had until 5 p.m. EST to hand in their protection lists, and Vegas will keep the phone lines open with a view to helping make the selection process as painless as possible.

From the official statement:

Now, general manager George McPhee and his staff will continue to have discussions with the other 30 NHL clubs.

Vegas has indicated that they will give all 30 clubs every opportunity to keep their rosters intact if they’d like.

This means that before the Golden Knights claim a player off a team’s unprotected list, McPhee and his staff are willing to negotiate deals so the other clubs do not lose a player they would otherwise like to keep.

As a reminder, the protection lists will be made public on Sunday at 10 a.m. EST, and Vegas’ final selections will be submitted to the NHL exactly 72 hours later.


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