LeBron: Battling dynasty teams is ‘part of my calling’

Posted: 08/06/2017 in NBA, Sports
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Cleveland Cavaliers v Houston Rockets

Whether it’s Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce over in Beantown, Tim Duncan‘s San Antonio Spurs, or the sharpshooting core of the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James always seems to find himself squaring off with teams hoping to string together multiple NBA championships.

The Warriors, who own a 3-0 series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers after a comeback victory in Game 3 on Wednesday, have the pieces in place to not only win a title this year, but for the next several years as well – a fact James is well aware of.

“It’s just part of my calling to go against teams in the midst of a dynasty,” he said during a media session Thursday afternoon. “This has been the best team in our league the last three years. They won a championship, and last year they were the greatest regular-season team we had played, and probably one of the best postseason teams that everybody has ever seen, as well, but we were just able to overcome that. They’re playing like one of the best teams once again.

“Like I said, there’s been times throughout my career where I’ve just played teams that was just in the midst of something that can last for a long time. Obviously this team is built to be able to do that with the talent that they have. We’ll see what happens. Obviously you never know what’s going to happen. As it stands right now, they’re looking pretty good as far as the future.”

James has been vocal about his desire to not only win as many championships as possible, but also how he’s “chasing the ghost” of Michael Jordan in his personal quest to be the greatest of all time. This brings into question what kind of future he has in Cleveland. While he’s signed through the 2017-18 campaign, he’ll be eligible to leave next summer should he feel he has a better chance at another ring or two elsewhere.

His Finals record stands at 3-4, and, considering no team in history has overcome a 3-0 deficit in the postseason, it’s just a matter of time until the number in the loss column grows.


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