GSP talks potential final fight: ‘If I come back and I lose, this is it for me’

Posted: 01/06/2017 in MMA, Sports
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The long-awaited return of Georges St-Pierre could be a brief one.

During an appearance on “The MMA Hour” on Tuesday, the 36-year-old welterweight legend announced that if he fails to pick up a win in his comeback fight, he will retire.

“One thing I can tell you for sure, is that if I come back and I lose, this is it for me,” said St-Pierre. “If I come back and I lose, it’s finished.”

St-Pierre took a break from competition in November 2013 following his ninth consecutive defense of the 170-lb championship, citing the need for rest. During his hiatus, St-Pierre never committed to hanging up the gloves for good and this past February he signed a new contract with the UFC after months of speculation.

A prospective bout between himself and middleweight champion Michael Bisping was quickly put together by the organization only for it to be canceled when St-Pierre recently revealed that an eye injury will keep him out of action until the end of the 2017. UFC president Dana White said the organization is planning to move on from that matchup for now.

St-Pierre has stuck to his guns on wanting to fight Bisping, an experienced opponent that he believes will elevate his legacy, but even if that fight materializes and GSP is victorious, he’s only going to stay active as long as he keeps getting his hand raised.

“(I don’t want to hang around) to become a punching bag for the younger people,” said St-Pierre. “I do not believe I’m going to lose, I think I’m at my best, my trainers think I’m at my best. I put a lot on the line and I know that if I come back it’s because I believe I’m a much better version than what I was and I want to go back to another (title) shot and rewrite history.

“But if down the road, I lose, I pass the torch. It’s over.”

St-Pierre’s career record stands at 25-2 and he hasn’t lost since being upset by Matt Serra at UFC 69 on April 7, 2007.


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