Report: Raiders sell out season tickets despite looming move to Las Vegas

Posted: 29/05/2017 in NFL, Sports
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A looming move to Las Vegas may not be doing much to impact the level of fan interest the Raiders are able to generate in the Bay Area.

Despite official plans for relocation by 2020, the Raiders still managed to sell out their season tickets in Oakland for the 2017 season, according to Matier and Ross of The San Francisco Chronicle.

Concerns about the awkward dynamic of the club sticking around while the new stadium is built remain entirely justified. Should the up-and-coming Raiders team begin to struggle, for example, fans could very well be less inclined to fill the stadium.

And all parties will have an interesting decision to make in 2019, as the organization’s current lease on the Oakland Coliseum only runs through the 2018 season.

For the time being, though, the potential for a deep playoff run seems to be enough to maintain the support of a passionate fan base. Bringing hometown hero Marshawn Lynch out of retirement likely doesn’t hurt, either.

Avoiding any sort of tension with the fans would certainly be a positive for the Raiders’ efforts to bring Oakland a Lombardi Trophy before they leave town.


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