Roethlisberger evaluating future ‘year by year’ after weighing retirement

Posted: 14/05/2017 in NFL, Sports
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Ben Roethlisberger is making sure not to get ahead of himself, one way or the other.

Questions about his future are understandably following Roethlisberger as he sets out in preparation for a 14th season after admittedly contemplating retirement.

But it appears the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback truly doesn’t have any more information than the rest of us. Understanding the number of factors that can go into a major career decision, he says he plans to evaluate his future on an annual basis going forward.

“I’ve got to take it year by year at this point,” Roethlisberger told Ron Cook of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m never going to look past any year because I want to give everything I have to that year. I’m not worried about next year. I have to win now. I think we can. I believe we have just about everybody back. I want to see what we look like as a team that’s a year better.”

Making reference to the case of Steelers teammate James Harrison, who is entering his fourth season since returning from a brief retirement, Roethlisberger also cautioned that giving thought to walking away isn’t necessarily a telltale sign that it’s time.

For now, the 35-year-old is still all in for the Steelers.

“I hope the people of Pittsburgh know me well enough to know I love football, I love Pittsburgh and I love the Steelers,” he said. “My teammates and Steelers fans are going to get 110 percent from me. They don’t need to worry about getting anything less.”

Roethlisberger has continued to play at a high level when healthy over the past few years. With his presence under center, and a talented roster that was recently bolstered through the draft, the Steelers should remain a Super Bowl contender in 2017.

Whether he walks away at the end of this season, or at some point down the road, a third ring would certainly be the cherry on top of what’s already a Hall of Fame-caliber resume.


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