WWE Reportedly Asking For John Cena To Return Soon

Posted: 12/05/2017 in Sports, WWE
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John Cena could be poised to make an earlier-than-expected return to screens if WWE get their way, according to fresh reports from The Spotlight and Gerweck.net.

The typical ratings sag occurring post-WrestleMania has hit SmackDown Live harder than WWE expected, and officials believe the best way to remedy this is by bringing Cena back into the fold for a handful of appearances.

Even promoting non-wrestling appearances from John Cena could have a big impact on SmackDown’s TV ratings over the next few weeks. All signs point towards any segments he does appear in being largely throwaway, although they could be used to set up a fresh feud once Cena does return properly later this Summer.

The rapid departure of Cena immediately following WrestleMania 33 was no coincidence. Currently shooting scenes for The Wall, he told Metro.us that the movie’s producers were a little funny about him continuing to wrestle during filming for insurance purposes.

It’s believed that WWE may well ask one of their franchise players to cut short his outside projects and return sooner than planned to help them slow the ratings decrease.


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