Vince Carter plans to play 2 more seasons before retiring

Posted: 11/05/2017 in NBA, Sports
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Vince Carter won’t call it quits just yet.

The 40-year-old swingman revealed after the Memphis Grizzlies‘ first-round defeat to the San Antonio Spurs that he has no plans to retire, and aims to play another two seasons before ending his career.

“I said to myself ‘I want to play 15 years.’ I don’t know where I got that from. And then I got to 15 years and I kept going. I never capped it, but at the same time I’ve had a lot of players remind me of things I’ve said. I’m still saying ‘two more years and I’m done,'” Carter said, according to

Despite never winning a championship throughout his 19-year career, Carter says he isn’t looking to latch onto a contender, and will consider re-signing with the Grizzlies this offseason.

“I hear people say all the time, ‘Go chase the ring.’ That word ‘chase’ is tough for me,” Carter told Geoff Calkins of The Memphis Commercial Appeal. “I’m comfortable here, my family is comfortable here, we’re building something exciting and great and I enjoy going to work with these guys every day.”

Carter averaged eight points, 3.1 rebounds, and 1.8 assists on 39.4 percent shooting for Memphis this season.


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