Kurt Angle Convinced Doctors To Pass Him Fit During His Original WWE Run

Posted: 08/05/2017 in Sports, WWE
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Kurt Angle repeatedly convinced doctors to clear him in order to return to the ring during his first WWE run.

The 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee admitted this during an interview with Addiction Professional, before going on to say he wished the Wellness Policy had existed in 2003 because it may have helped him remain healthy instead of rushing himself back to action.

Suffering through serious neck injuries that year, the multi-time World Champion and current GM of Raw went on to claim that WWE were happy to use talent if a doctor was willing to vouch for them. Things are different now, to the extent that the company require assurances from their own internal medical staff before talent return from injuries.

Angle takes full responsibility for putting pressure on his own doctors and duping WWE into letting him wrestle.

Injuries mounted until Kurt left the promotion in 2006, and Angle believes Vince McMahon made the right call to terminate their working relationship. It’s no secret that Angle was in a terrible place mentally, although he believes things may have been different had the Wellness Policy been in effect.


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