Jeter to run Marlins’ baseball operations if bid successful

Posted: 03/05/2017 in MLB, Sports
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The Miami Marlins haven’t even completed their sale yet, but members of the new regime are already shuffling the deck chairs, and eyeing their prospective offices.

New York Yankees legend and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter has been tied to the bidding group led by Jeb Bush for awhile, and the former shortstop will oversee the baseball operations department, Bush told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

With reports of Bush’s optimism over his group winning the right to purchase the Marlins, the team may want to begin preparing this nameplate: Derek Jeter: President of Baseball Operations.

All of Jeter’s 20 years in the big leagues were spent with the Yankees, where he won AL Rookie of the Year and five World Series rings, including a World Series MVP in 2000.

What this all means for the Marlins’ current president of baseball operations, Michael Hill, remains to be seen. While new regimes tend to replace certain members of the front office with their own preferred employees, especially at the top, it’s still feasible that Jeter could oversee the baseball operations department in a supplementary role to Hill, at least in the interim.


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